Another sunny Sunday afternoon was slowly passing by in Colorado Springs. Most of the townsfolk were enjoying their meals over at the meadow in front of the Church.

"Mrs. Brown should come this afternoon for a check-up", said Colleen, taking another biscuit and looking at Dr. Mike.

"Yes, thanks for reminding me, Colleen", Dr. Mike smiled at her daughter "I reckon it shouldn't be long before the baby comes now."

"I better get going, prepare everything for the check up" said Colleen, getting up from the blanket.

"I'll be right there, Colleen" replied Dr. Mike. Colleen got up and started to walk toward the Clinic. As she passed the bridge and took few steps further, she head Horace calling her name and stopped.


"I received a letter for you this morning, Colleen", said Horace, trying to catch his breath from running. Colleen's eyes went wide open.

"For me?" she asked in disbelief, accepting an envelope from Horace "Thank you, Horace."

Colleen looked at the envelope form both sides as she unlocked the Clinic's doors. It was addressed to her, there was no doubt about that. But, who would write to her from…

"London?" she spoke out loud, quickly opening an envelope and taking out a piece of paper.

"Dearest Colleen,

I know that it has gone a long time since I wrote to you. Life has been so chaotic, especially in last few months that I couldn't make myself to sit down and write to you. I am so sorry for that. I really hope that my letter finds you and your family in good health.

I hope that you managed to go to the Medical school, just like you planned. I bet that you already have your own practice! Please, let me know what is new in your life, I wanna hear absolutely everything!

Lots of things happened here since I wrote my last letter to you. I have a beautiful baby boy. He is already three and half years old. Things with his father didn't work out… I am still dealing with that. My son and me are better of without him, that's for sure. Heart lives close to me, she is such a big support and help to me through these hard times.

How is ? Thank her one more time for what she did for me, my hands are perfect now! How is she, Sully, Brian, Matthew? I bet that you are already an Aunt!

Send my love to everybody and write me as soon as you can. I miss you a lot and I often think about you.

Forever your friend