A/N: short ficlet, it's Holiday themed, sorry it's a little late.

December, 2007

Tony grabbed Ziva's hand and they ran after McGee and Abby, Tony almost knocking Jenny over in the process.

"Sorry, Madam Director!" He yelled over his shoulder, and he saw Ziva press her lips together to keep from laughing as Jenny's eyes narrowed at the use if that particular title.

A few people watched the two pairs run out of the annual Holiday party, but no one was really surprised by the childish display of enthusiasm. The MCRT had a reputation for being an offbeat bunch, always being spotted doing weird things to each other ranging from minor pranks to public assault.

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas…" Tony sang aloud and Abby joined in as all four of them piled into the waiting elevator. McGee pushed the down button.

Once outside, they ran down the steps and into the small grass covered area that separated the building from the parking lot. It was the first snowfall of the year and they'd just noticed it coming down as they were doing shots and swapping stories. Maybe it was the liquor talking, but running outside to experience said snowfall seemed like the only option. It was shaping up to be more than a light dusting, small wet flakes were pelting towards the ground in rapid succession and already a few inches had taken up residence on the ground and it showed no signs of stopping.

Tony breathed in the cold night air and whooped, he kicked the ground and sent snow flying. He turned to find the others and saw that McGee and Abby were doing some kind of uncoordinated two-step and nearby Ziva leaned against a tree watching them, she was by far the most sober of the group. Tony smiled as he watched them, and for a moment was silently thankful that he was with his friends tonight. Without them, he was just another crazy drunk in the streets who couldn't feel his feet. But together, they were a group of people having a blast, celebrating the first snowfall and blissfully ignoring the fact that they would have to dig themselves out tomorrow and for the next few months to come.

Remembering the last Christmas Eve was painful, he had ditched them all to spend the Holidays with Jeanne, giving everyone some lame ass excuse about visiting his family. He'd used some of the vacation he'd been saving up and even with late notice at a season when time off was in high demand, it wasn't hard to get the Director's approval. When he'd told the team he was leaving on the 23rd and wouldn't see them until next week he remembered Ziva looking at him skeptically. She'd been very suspicious of his random absences and taking a week off, even if it was Christmas, didn't help. He felt a prang of guilt and turned his head upward instead to watch the show falling from the sky, letting himself he hypnotized by the patterns.

When he looked back to earth he smiled as he saw Abby encouraging McGee try and catch snowflakes with his tongue. The normally buttoned down Probie didn't need much prodding and soon joined her.


He turned around came face to face with Ziva. She was looking at him with such a serious expression on her face that it actually sobered him up a bit.

"Yeah, Zeeee-vah?"

"I have been thinking," she declared. "This 'no gifts' rule between us is silly, we have known each other for over a year now…and, well, I actually do have a present for you this year."

"You do?" he asked, excited and a bit wary at the same time.

"Yes, I do. Now, close your eyes."

"Ummmm…" He hesitated

"Come on," she encouraged and moved a step closer to him. She looked so innocent with those big brown orbs staring up at him that he reluctantly complied and shut his eyes.

He felt her move, was she bending down? He heard scraping. What was she doing?

"Ziva…what are…"

But the rest of Tony's sentence was halted when a mass of wet show hit him square in the face.

"Happy Hanukkah."

Tony spit out a mouthful and cringed as his teeth stung like he'd just chugged a fresh slushie. He shook his head back and forth and wiped the snow out of his eyes with his hand. He heard the sound of Ziva's musical laughter and opened his eyes to see she had already scampered away to put a tree between them, anticipating his retaliation. Tony couldn't believe he had fallen for her trick, he blamed the alcohol.

But nothing wakes you up like a snowball to the face.

"You're dead meat, David!"

Tony wasted no time scooping up a handful of show. He ran and threw the snowball at his ninja nemesis, but she was too quick and ducked, scooping up another handful of snow while she was crouched. Her small hands swiftly formed a tight ball and she hurled it in his direction. He swerved to the right and hid behind a tree. As he ducked down to make another snowball he felt another one of Ziva's come dangerously close to his head. He popped out from behind the other side of the tree and caught her in leg with his snowball. He was pleased to hear her admit a small squeal as the snow came in contact with her bare knee. He'd just been aiming in her general direction, catching the few inches of exposed skin between her boots and dress was pure luck.

Too busy laughing, he didn't have time to dodge the ball that struck him dead center in the chest.

"Ooof." Tony groaned, she had quite an arm. "Hey, aren't you from the desert?"

"I'm good with projectiles," she said, smiling. And before he knew it she'd hit him in the head again, right in the chin, snow splattering his upper chest. He shook himself off like a dog.

"That's it!" He yelled and ran towards her.

Ziva threw the last snowball she had in her hand, it struck him in the chest but did not deter him from his course. He grabbed her around the middle, not caring if she flipped him on his ass with one of her crazy kung-fu moves. His coordination was more than a little off that night and he caused them both to topple into a patch of yet undisturbed snow.

"Okay, truce?" he asked between panting breaths.


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