Once upon a time, there was a group of three that lived on a chain of islands. The two boys competed for the affections of the girl; the silver-haired one came up with the idea to build a raft so they could go to the other worlds. His friends agreed, and they built it. They were but fourteen when a tragedy occurred: Their home was attacked by monsters. The silver-haired boy succumbed to the inviting darkness; the red-haired girl was lost; and that left the brunet to go on a journey to save them.

On the way, he made many friends and companions, and in time, he was famous for wielding the Keyblade. After a year, he was able to defeat the evil, but his silver-haired friend and the king stayed in the dark, helping the hero close the Door to Darkness, and the girl returned to the islands. However, she was without her comrades. The hero promised her he'd come back, and so she waited for him.

The hero went to a great castle and when he and his companions entered, they began losing their memories. The brunet started to believe that he needed to save the blonde girl at the top of the tower, the girl he was convinced was his childhood friend; the blonde had replaced the redhead in his mind, by no fault of his own.

He defeated the enemies and managed to get to the top of the tower. The girl explained to him that she was not the one he made a promise to, and swore to restore his memories. He stepped onto a pedestal, and was encased in a strange material that seemed to form a flower around him.

There was a boy and a girl and another boy who lived in another world. Another boy joined them, with his spiky blond hair and eyes of the sea, who didn't know how important he truly was. They were together for just a short time; by the time their summer vacation was nearly over, things began to unfold, and the boy started seeing and hearing things they couldn't.

He fought a red-haired man who used to be his friend and smashed the computers to pieces before confronting the terrible man who had started it all.

The man in red told him things he didn't want to hear and when he finally seemed to accept his fate, the man was gone, and the blond stared at his hand, which was becoming transparent. He turned his gaze to the hero, and uttered, trying to come to terms with the fact he was going to disappear, "Looks like my summer vacation is... Over."

He became one with the hero.

The brunet had to start another adventure. It was mandatory that he saved the worlds, and who cared if he just wanted to get his friend back from the dark and go back to the islands, where his other friend was waiting so patiently? He was told things that were meant to aid him in the paths of right and wrong; as a consequence, people who had done nothing to him were condemned to death.

The first one to go was a man with a mullet who played a blue sitar. He didn't want to fight, he wasn't a fighter, he was a coward, he was afraid of death, but the hero fought, and fought, and fought, and the musician had no choice but to fight back because he didn't want to die.

The hero struck the killing blow, and the musician cried out in horror as darkness enveloped him, and he dropped to his knees as he began to fade, yelling out in pure terror as he truly, finally, became nothing.

This went on until the hero came face-to-face with the last of his foes.

And when he won, he was reunited with his friends, and all was well until he received a letter from the king, and the hero had to steel himself for yet another adventure.


A/N: ... I was bored, lmao. I forget whose writing inspired this, but I remember someone wrote a one-shot beginning the portions with, "Once upon a time." I just made one part that explained everything I remembered OTL.