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"The Boxing Day"

Arthur was sitting on his bed. There was night. Almost all castle was sleeping in a peaceful dream.

Young prince was looking at the little box on his bedside table. He could not sleep. It was first Christmas without Merlin since he had come to the Camelot. That young, dark haired boy, had appeared in his life in spring over three years ago. And Arthur's life had changed forever since that day. He didn't understand it but he liked it.

The blond man took a box. The next day was the Boxing Day. All lords and ladies gave little presents for their menservants and maids then. Arthur had a gift for his servant too. However there was no his servant. Not that one.

Arthur closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip. He wouldn't allow himself for crying. But it was hard. It pained him to admit it but he missed his servant, his Merlin, very much.

The prince gave up. A little tear ran down his cheek. And then he felt the next tear... and next... He started sobbing.

Merlin had had to go away. The king had discovered that his son's goofy and clumsy manservant had magic.

Arthur had helped him leave the castle. The young prince did not care about the consequences. He didn't care that Merlin had magic and that he hadn't told him. All that Arthur cared about was to make sure that his friend was safe. The secret could not erase the bond between them.

The blond man knew that he would not forget the day of Merlin's escape. It was the worst day of his life. It was the day when he felt how it is to be broken.

Arthur was in love. He loved the dark haired, magic and poor boy. But he had to be far away from him.

"Where are you?" he whispered.

The blond prince put the little box on his pillow and he lay on the bed.

He hadn't even said his friend that he loved him. He had no idea if Merlin could feel the same. But he hoped that his past servant could.

Arthur kissed a box. He was not going to open it. The box was for Merlin. It belonged to the dark haired boy. And the prince knew that this little gift was going to wait for his magic owner.

The whole castle was sleeping. No-one supposed that the heir of the throne was in pain. Big pain.

When he finally fell asleep, someone appeared in his chambers. No. It was not Merlin. That boy would wake prince up. It was Arthur's mother ghost. She appeared in her son's chambers every year. It was always between two days of Christmas.

"Don't worry my boy," she whispered softly and smiled. "One day you'll meet your friend and you'll be happy again. He loves you as much as you love him. I know that..." She sighed.

She would see her only son just once a year. But everytime she came, Arthur was a bit sad. Only that three times, when Merlin was by his side, she saw her son really happy. Igraine knew that this magic boy was a blessing for Arthur.

"When the time comes, you will be together again. But you have to be patient, Arthur. After all... you're like two sides of the same coin."

Then the ghost of Igraine disappeared.

Arthur slept in his bed. He was dreaming about the day when the little box with the gift would be opened.


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