Title: Seize Fire
Author: Sage SK
Date Started: 12/23/09
Date Finished: 12/23/09

Comments: It appears that I've joined the infamous "Chapter 102" bandwagon. Personally, I do think that things will make a turn for the better. Arakawa's just awesome like that. ;) Oh, and if you haven't gotten that far into the manga, you may want to turn back.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Hiromu Arakawa.

Roy couldn't see.

His breath was ragged. His hands throbbed from the cold steel of the Fuhrer's deadly sword that'd penetrated them.

Blindly, he stumbled his way around, Fullmetal's voice insistent that he was in front of him, that there was enough light.

He couldn't see. He. Couldn't. See! The horrible realization had him desperately rubbing at his eyes.

He ignored the snide speech by the one called Father, the emotionless man droning on and on about the Promised Day, about why Roy and the Elric brothers along with their teacher were needed for sacrifice.


He began to shake, promises he'd made shattering, vows he'd taken no longer valid. Everything he'd worked for, everything carefully calculated to bring him closer to his goal, gone.

Was he scared?

No. He wasn't scared. He'd seen more than his share of terrifying things during the war. He didn't need sight to see what he was up against.

Roy Mustang wasn't scared. He was angry. He was downright furious. All he could see were the faces of the men and women he trusted, the very ones who'd risked their jobs and even their own lives to get him where he was.

He wouldn't fail them. Not now.

"Don't underestimate me," he growled, picking himself from the ground. "You think that just because you blinded me that I can't take you on?!" He pointed a determined index finger towards the darkness. "You think you've rendered me helpless?!"

Next to him, Edward wordlessly spun him around so his speech was directed towards Father.

"Well, I'm not helpless," he continued, his voice now lowered to a dangerous baritone. "I am the Flame Alchemist." His mouth twisted into an eager grin. "Thanks to you, I've seen the Truth."

A sharp clap of his hands brought the fire back to life within him... and around him.

Musical Inspiration:
"Justitia" - Lesiem
"Patientia" - Lesiem