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BRM: Adam wanted an Ikarishipping fic for Christmas. :I This is for you, man. You better like it even though I made it in, like, ten minutes or something.

... This could be considered the continuation of my other Ikarishipping fic, mistletoe. Except much shorter. And Dawn and Paul aren't dating.


It was Christmas, and it was absolutely great. Everyone had exchanged presents.

Dawn looked out the window with a soft smile on her face. Even Paul had joined the festivities. Then again, she thought, her lips twisting into a slight frown, he hasn't given me a present yet...

She turned around at the touch on her shoulder, and came face-to-face with Paul. "Yes?" she asked, hoping he'd give her a really nice present.

"Mistletoe," he replied in a monotone, jerking his chin at the plant.

Dawn's face turned red. "Again?!"

"Yes, again," sighed Paul. "You gonna kiss me or not?"

"... Ughhh! Fine!"

Dawn leaned forward and pressed her lips to his.

When she pulled away, her face was as scarlet as a tomato. "Th-there!" she stammered, incredibly embarrassed. "Now go away!"

"My, my," Paul murmured, raising an eyebrow at her, "are you really that eager for me to leave?"

"... Yes!"

"What's with that pause, Dawn?"

"... Stop making fun of me!"

"You sure are hesitant."

"So?! That doesn't mean I like you!"

"Eh, I bet it does."

Paul moved toward her and captured another kiss.

Dawn sighed, running a hand through her hair. "You and Ash made a bet, didn't you," she accused half-heartedly.

"How'd you guess?" he hummed against her lips.

"In my experience, you two always make bets about me, and you always win."

"Well, actually, Ash won this one," Paul admitted, taking a step away from her.

"Oh, yeah!" came the distant voice of the aforementioned trainer. "You owe me five bucks, Paul!"

"Shut up!"

Dawn had to smile. "It's about time Ash won, huh?" she giggled.

"In another way, you could say I'm a winner, too," Paul said lewdly, raising an eyebrow at her with a smirk.

The blue-haired girl blushed heavily. "Pervert!"