The Slayer Academy Series: Prologue

"Into every generation a Slayer is Born

One girl in all the world

She alone will have the strength and the skill

To battle the Forces of Darkness"

Before mankind was born demons plagued the earth. They made it their playground where death, torture, and madness bloomed like creeping ivy. Eventually their dominion was lost as humankind rose as the prevalent species of the planet. The pure demons were killed and expelled into the various levels of hell but before one demon was sent away it fed on a human being's blood. A dark magick occurred and the essence of the demon poured into the corpse as their blood was mixed. At nightfall the corpse rose from the dead and retained the memories of the person but a demon lived inside instead of a soul. This was the first vampire and as the years passed these creatures increased in number. Living off of human blood, these vampires terrorized the humans who often could not fight back due to the undead creature's supernatural strength and reflexes.

Until three wise men of a tribe realized how to create what they needed against all the demons and vampires: A Protector. All the magick required was the essence of a demon which they acquired through magick and trickery. When they were ready they took a teenage girl from their tribe and chained her to the cave floor. She cried out in fear but they explained that they would be giving her the power to fight back the forces of darkness. Inserting the essence of the demon into the girl she changed irrevocably. Her body knew strength, agility, stamina, and she possessed great healing powers. The three wise men sent her into the world to defeat the demons and vampires in order to protect the humankind.

She was the Slayer.

Upon her death the magick of the wise men lived on to choose a successor whose body received the same gifts as the First Slayer. For thousands of years this chain of sisterhood continued as young women were called to protect and to slay.

For thousands of years it continued until the Slayer Buffy Anne Summers, the Last Guardian of the Hellmouth. This Slayer disrupted the chain twice. The Master Vampire drowned her and left her for dead, yet a valiant friend named Xander Harris revived her and brought her back to life. This act called a second slayer named Kendra. Upon Kendra's quick demise at the hands of the vampire Drusilla, a new slayer was called to fight with Buffy: Faith. Then Buffy Summers died to save the world from an apocalypse and the chain of power was set back to its original intentions.

But it was not meant to be. A Witch named Willow Rosenberg extracted Buffy Summers' soul from heaven and resurrected the Slayer. Once again the line was terribly disrupted. The magick that held this line of power began to fall apart and the First Evil took this opportunity to begin eradicating the Slayer lineage. However, numerous different forces ensured that the First Evil lost its war to regain Earth as its demonic enterprise.

One force involved the Witch Willow Rosenberg harnessing the power of the Slayer line from its great heirloom, the Scythe, that was forged by the ancient Guardians of the Slayers. Through a great spell she was able to distribute the power of the Slayer into all Potential Slayers. Each girl who could be a Slayer became a Slayer. Hundreds were called and the Forces of Good rejoiced at their surge in power.

Only one problem remained. How do the Forces of Good ensure that those hundreds of newly formed Slayers are properly trained for their life of battle?

Enter the Slayer Academy, founded by the Head of the newly formed Watcher Council, Rupert Giles. Located in Great Britain inside an ancient castle, the Slayer Academy has been named as the starting point for all Slayers and was founded two months after the closing of the Sunnydale Hellomouth. A coven of witches that worked with the Council found each Slayer that was called and then other Slayers brought her to the Academy. The teenage Slayers arrived from different countries, spoke different languages, and had lived entirely different lives, but they had one thing in common: Destiny.

Here are the stories of these Slayers as they embrace their newfound destiny and learn just exactly what it means to be a Vampire Slayer.

"From now on every girl in the world who might be a Slayer will be a Slayer.

Every girl who could have that power will have that power

Can stand up, will stand up.


Every one of us"


As my faithful readers of 'A Vampire Slayer in Middle-Earth' may know, I am quite curious as to what happens after season 7. Sure, Joss Whedon has his comic book series but I'm not a stellar fan; I can't really get into the Big Bad that is Twilight, Xander/Dawn freaks me out, the almost Buffy/Xander, & I dislike the weird relationships amongst the Scoobies; plus I'm broke so I've only read a couple issues.

In my previously mentioned story I explore the life of one Potential (an OC of mine) 5 years after the finale. In this series I would like to explore the lives of more the Scoobies and Potentials after season 7. Enter the Slayer Academy.

Here I will explore their lives, singling out several Potentials and of course our Scoobies. As to what will happen to them and who all I will be focusing on, that is still being worked out.

I wanted to post this to get some feedback. I love feedback and I love bouncing ideas off of people so please review :) I would definitely appreciate it!



As always, Joss Whedon (a God amongst Men) and 20th Century Fox own all the Buffy Universe. I only own the pain, happiness, and hijinks that I inflict upon those wonderful characters. Although… I would be sorely tempted to give away my first born if only Mr. Whedon would give me the rights to Buffy… Kidding! (kind of ;)