Song of the Leaf Defect

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I was in your elite guard. I fought for you, killed for you, even gave my life to you… And now, you make me babysit this freaking duck ass!

I've had this idea in my head for a while now so I'm typing it out. I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 1:

The start of a horrible friendship

Alright… I thought. I was in leaf village territory. The mission was rather simple. Escort some bitch to Orochimaru-sama. Now, explain why was I hiding behind one of the few remaining trees preparing a Genjutsu?

First, it was a group of them, five to be exact. Slowly, as our four diminished, so did they. I was left fighting some asshole with a ponytail that made him look like a pineapple while his faggot, blonde, orange jumpsuit wearing friend leaped passed me using a cheap ass trick. Pine-ass-pple was supposed to be a chuunin, and to be truthful, he at least had the brains for it. He also specialised in shadow jutsu.

After fighting for some time, which is a fancy way of saying the faggot hid, dodged and then lucked out and caught me with his shadow, I had him. I even had a kunai in my hand and planned how he would die. I was going to slice his throat open and maybe even move some internal organs and then watch his body fall down to the ground, maybe even laugh a few times at his weak ass efforts. As the shadow broke and my plan was about to follow through …. Out of nowhere, a gust of wind blasted through the forest. Its sheer force slammed me away from pineapple and against a tree, as well as tore down some others. In front of pineapple now stood some Suna bitch with blonde hair which was tied in four pigtails and a giant, iron fan. I rotated around the tree behind me, ignoring the pain running through my back. It was actually a miracle that that tree survived, seeing as almost all the others didn't. My eyes squinted at the sun which now shun in. It almost took over the clear, blue sky which was also visible. If I wasn't preoccupied with fighting for my freaking life, I may have marvelled at it. Beats the shitty sky of the Sound Village any day of the week. It only then hit me that she didn't cut down some, but most of them in a twenty-five foot radius. And my flute. Freaking bitchy piece of...

Still, no matter. They're still dead anyway. If they come this way, then with my Genjutsu… A sudden spike in chakra registered in my head. My eyes widened. Eh?

Before I even had time to move, an immense gust of wind ploughed through the area. The wind wasn't just strong, but sharp also. Trees were nothing to it, as it just sliced them and carried them off. A weasel with an eye patch zoomed passed me, and my tree was no more. Flying trees of all kinds and sizes rammed into me as they flew. Pain course through my body as bones broke, body parts moved in awkward ways as I tried to block the trees. It proved futile as it just made my hands and arms break first, sending pain coursing though my body. Finally, one extra large log raced towards me. It was pointless to even try to dodge, for many others like it were just behind it.


"Sh-shit…" Was the only thing able to come out.

My vision began to cloud and my eyelids became heavy. I knew what came next. Maybe this isn't so bad… I thought as the pain began to numb my body. I couldn't even cringe as more logs rammed into me. I can finally get some peace… A pause. If I don't go straight down to freaking hell anyway…

By this time, my body was completely numb and all I could see was a line of light. This was it for me. It was over.

A lone soul leaped through the trees. He probably had the worse job ever. His protector glistened as he leapt through some light which penetrated the thick leaf cover. A single music note said that he was Oto. He was sent just after Kimimaro, to check to see who failed and to dispose of their body, lest Konoha get them and their secrets. He already found and destroyed two of the bodies. Scribbled in a notebook he was forced to carry was,

'Kidomaru, dead and disposed.

Jirobo, dead and disposed.'

Despite the fact that he had done his job, he already knew these two only meant either a hell of a beating or a mess in his pants. To make things worse, he found no trace of Sakon, Ukon or their bodies. None! He pulled out the beaten, red stained notebook and began to write,

'Sakon/Ukon, unknown.'

A grunt came from him. That just means probably a missing limb AND a mess in his pants. Double bummer. Everyone knew Orochimaru was no fan of bad news and neither were those who had to give it to him.

His thoughts ceased as the trees suddenly stopped. He stopped, bewildered at the sight.


The trees looked like a thousand enraged samurai tore through them during a hurricane. Trees were sliced and tossed aside for what was at least a mile. Not a leaf was visible, only the dark brown of tree barks.

"Gotta feel sorry for the person who got hit by whatever caused this." He mumbled as he made his way across, carefully leaping on fallen tree after tree. His feet stopped about half way through the debris. A faint chakra signature radiated off a pile of logs. A scowl formed through his mask as he recognised it. "Of all people NOT to die…" He started towards the logs. "But, I'll probably get it worse if I say she's dead."

He uncaringly threw a tag on the logs. Can't feel if you're unconscious. Within a couple of seconds a blast echoed through the clearing and logs shot into the air. Where the logs once rested, something else did. A girl was now visible. Her long red hair lied on the ground behind her and a trail of blood ran up her face from her mouth. Her body was littered with cuts and bruises, ranging from all shapes and all sizes. For once, a tranquil look was on her usually fiery face.

The Oto ninja knelt down to her. "Well I'll be damned. She actually looks kinda cute when she isn't shouting or cursing her head off." He did a few hand signs and placed his hands over her body. His hands then glowed a weak green and he moved them over her body. "Tck, I can't do much here… Heck, I suck at healing overall." He mumbled to himself. "Looks like all I can do it clear up the bruises, cuts and fix the better off bones. Until we get to the base that is."

After doing the little he could, he carefully placed Tayuya in his arms and set off back to Otogakure. The girl looked much more presentable, with all her cuts and bruises gone, but it was still visible that many of her bones were broken. He didn't bother to go for Kimimaro on his way back. It was well known that he was beyond healing thanks to an unknown ailment and there was no way in hell that he could destroy, of all people, his bones.

The trip itself wasn't that long. Once you cross the Valley of the End, it isn't a three hour's trip til you reach the first base. It took him twice that though. Tayuya needed to be treated every few minutes or things could get worse for her. The scenery in Oto territory was anything but the same as the leaf village. Trees grew denser, making it quite a hassle to travel via walking. Less light filtered down, and coupled with larger forest animals gave the place a darker, creepier feel. Once through the trees, the first base became visible. It was no more than a cluster of buildings surrounded by a grey, uneventful wall. That wasn't all there was to it, each base was developed underground also, but that was mostly for prisoners and experiments. Passed this was more trees, but if you went far enough, the trees would disappear and acres upon acres of rice fields would be found. The ninja never actually saw it though. You'd have to be pretty lucky to get a mission anywhere outside of Otogakure or Konohagakure.

He landed at the entrance of the base. A large gate stood before him, and a guard stood guarding it. Upon seeing him, the guard stood up straight and stopped him from going any further. The ninja flashed moved Tayuya to a better position, and flashed the guard a paper. Without even waiting for the guard's approval, he leaped over the gate and into the base. He rushed through the nearly empty base towards the main building. Honestly, for something that was supposed to be a main building of the base, it looked like a shack. It looked makeshift, with boards placed like they barely fitted together. The shingle roof wasn't helping either. The shingles were loose and many were out of place.

The Oto nin chuckled as he approached the building. "Home sweet home." He looked at the unconscious girl in his arms. "Or as you would say… Home shitty home."

He walked in cautiously. As he entered, a chill ran down his back and a cold sweat came from him. This was the part he hated the most. There were many doors, and corridors, some of which he dared not even look down. After walking for what felt like hours, he came to a pair of unimpressive wooden doors.

He stopped. This better work… He thought as he reached for the door.

"Enter." Slithered from inside.

The ninja froze, barely keeping control of his bowels. I hate it when he does that… The door slowly opened and he stepped in, kneeling almost as soon as he entered. "Orochimaru-sama, the mission is complete. His eyes stayed glued to the ground, not daring to make eye contact with the snake of the sannin.

Sitting on a chair in front of him, was none other than Orochimaru, fresh from the Living Corpse Reincarnation. Bandages covered his body, even going as far as his fingertips. The bandages parted for one, sinister eye to see. Next to him stood the silver haired boy named Kabuto. The room was barely lit, with one two candles providing light. Many corners of the room and even where the ninja knelt were barely lit. The only thing which seemed vaguely visible was a table on the side, but not even half of that was clear. The room just felt like a monster would leap out and kill you at any moment. A monster named Orochimaru.

"What about it?" The monster ordered.

The ninja reached into his pouch and took out the notebook. I hope this thing doesn't get another red stain on it today… "Kidomaru and Jirobo have been disposed of."

A smirk formed through the bandages covering the leader's face. "Well done."

"… However, Sakon and Ukon have disappeared."

The murderous intent in the room rose greatly. Dirt slowly began to rise as the snake let off some of his chakra. The walls even began to crack under the strain. The ninja stiffened, breathing harshly now and he even began saying a prayer in the back of his head.

"But I-I f-found a survivor." He shakily placed the unconscious redhead on the floor in the light in front of him.

The feeling of death lessened, and the chakra lessened also. The ninja relaxed again, well, relaxed to a certain degree. He could never relax fully anywhere near Orochimaru.

A hand rose and waved him off. "Be gone now."

"Hai." And with that, the ninja left the room. Sweet! No beating OR mess in my pants! Thank you Kami-sama! He thought as he walked out of the dark corridor and eventually onto the street.

Meanwhile, Orochimaru looked at the unconscious girl who now lay in front of him. I should kill her. He thought almost glaring at her now. She failed the mission and now I have to wait three years before Sasuke's body is mine. His mind stopped, considered other things. Though, that gives me time to turn him into the perfect host… She also was the only one who didn't slow the Sound Four down…

A figure growled from the shadows. "Quit wasting my time Orochimaru. Just hurry up and give me the power!" He slowly stepped out of the shadows, revealing his black hair and cold onyx eyes. He wore a short sleeve, blue shirt which had a large collar. Also donned was a pair of short, white pants with the holster on the right leg.

"That's Orochimaru-sama to you!" Kabuto yelled. "Show some respect!" He was tired of giving slight warnings. He had long lost patience to quietly pull Sasuke on a side and whisper in his ear to show more respect. Now, he just yelled. The worse part was that they weren't together for even a whole day yet.

"Kabuto," Orochimaru spoke up. His hand led Kabuto's eye to the girl on the floor.

After casting a quick glance, Kabuto examined the body. Within seconds, he nodded. "Ok. It's possible."

A smirk appeared through the bandages. "Kukuku… Don't worry Sasuke-kun; your training will begin soon… But for now, say hello to your new training partner."

Sasuke growled impatiently. "Do you take me for a fool? The girl is half dead and her arms and legs are severely broken. She's not even fit to watch me fight." Sasuke spat. "Stop insulting and wasting my time Orochimaru."

Kabuto almost lunged at Sasuke when he heard that. "Sasuke! Show more respect to Orochimaru-sama!"

"Maybe I will when Orochimaru starts training me."

Kabuto's hands clenched and his eyes closed in frustration. Tension began to fill the air, almost all of it radiating from the Silver haired ninja.


The room silenced and the tension seemed to lessen.

"Kabuto, prepare the jutsu. Use anyone you see fit." Kabuto nodded and disappeared. "And you… Rest for now. Your training will begin tomorrow."

She was never so happy before in her life. She leaped joyously through a meadow of lush, green grass. The bright, blue sky above looked breathtaking. The sun shined magnificently in it, illuminating the whole area as well as providing the right amount of heat. The ankle high grass played with her toes, but also greatly cushioned her steps, making it even a joy to walk. A gentle, cool breeze blew through the area, and her hair flowed slowly in it. Although she never, not even in her wildest, sickest dreams, saw herself in anyway as a 'girly-girl', she couldn't help but frolic and take in the scenery and setting. She didn't even seem to care about her clothes, which was only an extremely long, white shirt which happened to cover everything. For the first time in her life… she had peace. No fighting. No war. No quarrelling. No running. And most importantly… no Sound Four. She never hid the fact that she wasn't fond of her other teammates. In fact, she cursed each and every one of the on a daily basis. Jirobo twice. And that was just because she could. She would actually end up cursing them more for one reason or another. Sakon and Ukon were annoying because of the opposite personalities; the two would always quarrel about something stupid. They didn't even agree on what food to eat and when they wanted to hit the stick, they quarrelled more! Sakon liked it slow while Ukon was a quickie. Kidomaru referred to everything, and literally everything, as a game. The spider even once said, 'King to B5.' and took one step to the table to eat. Another time, after he mastered a new technique, he said, 'I finally levelled up!' Jirobo was just annoying. He ate like it was a freaking holiday every freaking day! If the fatass walked into an all-you-can-eat buffet, they would just put up a 'Closing Down' sign right then and there. Also, every time Tayuya cursed, he just had to tell her something. 'It is appropriate'; 'A young lady shouldn't use such language'. One, simple finger was the only response. That and fatass.

She immediately stopped herself.

No. Hell, freaking, NO. She refused to let those assholes invade her thoughts just this moment of peace. Let sleeping dogs lie and throw kunai at the ones you don't like heads. She continued through the almost never ending field, more or less just wondering around. It was then she saw it. It was just sitting there on a rock. Her body froze when she saw it, and her heart skipped a beat. It shone beautifully in the sun and almost invited her to come. She quickly wiped the drool that escaped her lips and raced to it.

"Holy, freaking, shit!" She held the flute in her hands. "I've only seen ones like this in books…!"

Yes the flute was her weapon for Genjutsu, but to her it was more than that. It was more than a musical instrument. It was more than her weapon of death and destruction. It was her escape, one of the few things she had that could help her get away from it all. In fact, other than sleep, it was the only thing. This however rarely meant peace. The only chances she got to play were during fights, or to stop herself from attacking one of her former teammates.

A smile formed on her lips. Yes, I love the sound of that. 'Former Teammates'. Life will be sweet now that I never have to see those shit-faced faggots again.

Slowly, she brought the flute up to her lips and blew into the mouthpiece. The sounds that followed were amazing. After all, one doesn't use a flute in battle and suck at playing it. She started with a simple scale to get the tuning of it. Her eyes widened as the whole scale came out.

Whoa! This makes mine look like shit! Wait, mine is shit… Damn bastard Orochimaru was too cheap to get me a good quality one.

She started playing a song, one of her personal favourites. Her fingers moved with ease and grace (something she never displayed in front of others) over the holes. Oddly, apart from her Genjutsu and summoning controls, she didn't know many songs. She did know about a handful though. Her face once again took a calmer look to it as she played. It was her escape in an escape. Heaven in heaven. There was no way that she couldn't be enjoying this.

After finishing the song, she allowed herself to fall onto the soft grassy floor. She didn't even feel anything as she landed. The flute was now in her left hand, which lay on the grass next to her. Her smile began to fade as something she said lingered on her mind.

'Life will be sweet…' She thought. Oh, yeah… The mission… That means… She sighed. I'm probably freaking dead. Nice. Finally lose everything that bothered me and I freaking die. Her head turned, looking around. All she saw was lush grass and sky. Even the rock which the flute appeared on seemed to vanish. Wonder why I'm not burning up somewhere… I mean, I barely even said Itadakimasu, so I know I'm not going to heaven. Guess this is the waiting room… She paused. Pretty vicious waiting room for what I'm getting… Get nice and happy and then BAM! Hell.

She began to bring her left arm up, to begin playing again. There was only one problem with that. The flute was gone.

What the freaking hell! I had the thing one minute ago!

The cool breeze which blew through the area turned cold. Almost icy. Goosebumps popped up all over Tayuya's body and she shivered at the feeling.

Sh-shit it's cold… Her arms instinctively came over her body, trying to huddle together for heat.

The wind blew again, this time even colder. She suddenly realised that she felt it somewhere she'd prefer not to. Her eyes went down her body.


Naked. Nothing except her birthday suit. Call it what you want, her shirt was gone. Her hands bolted to her special areas, quickly covering them. Her head turned non-stop now, looking for who was causing this.

When I find the shithead who's causing this…

Something suddenly began to feel different. It didn't take Tayuya long to figure it out. The ground. The soft, lush grass was gone, and now rough, hard stones replaced it. Stones wedged themselves painfully in her back and sides as they just seemed to materialize.

Her eyes looked to the sky. Kami… Just freaking end it already!

Dark clouds now covered the once, calm, peaceful sky. Yellow bolts of lighting could be seen travelling along them, leaping off the cloud and then falling back on. The lightning slowly began to gather in one central location.

Oh shit…


Tayuya barely managed to leap out of the way. The ground where she once laid was now scorched. Black marks almost lining where her heart, head and stomach were. Before she even had time to complain about the pain of the stones on her feet, another bolt was racing to her.

She flipped back, making another thin escape. She could even fell the power, the energy of the lightning bolt.

What the hell did I ever -. She stopped herself from finishing. She knew what she did to deserve it. Oh, what the hell… Still! This isn't freaking funny!

A voice inside of her just told her to look up at that moment. Her head slowly moved up, revealing the large bolt of natural energy rushing towards her.

The energy engulfed her, sending waved of pain throughout her body. Her eyes closed in agony, and a yell escaped her lips.

Her body fell down to the ground, black, scorched and bruised. Black marks lined her arms and legs and even her cheeks. Electricity still flowed over her body even then. Panting, she tried to force herself back up. This only resulted in her falling back down again, only making this worse.

Damn it… At least… I enjoyed some peace…

She blacked out afterwards, losing herself once more.




A groan came from under some covers.

Kabuto smiled. "It seems like it worked. If only it could have worked for Orochimaru-sama…"

He sat at a chair near a hospital bed. Or, at least was what it was supposed to be. It lacked the one detail about hospitals people never really complained about. Being clean and proper. The metal frame had more than enough rust on it for one's liking, and the sheets weren't even near white. The room also shared this trait. The wall was unpainted, but red splats seemed to make up for it. The air was also a bit stale, despite it having a window. Orochimaru made it policy that the window was only opened when needed. All to make you feel right at home… The only furniture was an old, beaten, partly burned and bitten (yes, bitten) table, the chair Kabuto sat on and the bed. There was also the beeping machine, I believe it's called the EKG.

A female figure lay under the covers. Her small figure moved slightly, and another groan came from the sheets.


A hand reached past the covers, pulling them down. Red hair emerged first. The untamed mess led to a female body, in a standard, and surprisingly white, hospital gown, with bandages covering her arms and legs.

"What the fu…" The red head pushed her face out of her hair, to see Kabuto sitting right there in front of her. Her statement immediately stopped. Everyone knew Kabuto wasn't a fan of bad language.

"Konnichiwa Tayuya-san." Kabuto greeted, looking at the clipboard he had in his hands.

Her eyes widened as he spoke to her. She remained motionless for a few seconds, wondering the great question. Am I… alive?

"H-Hello," Tayuya returned. Her attention had now changed to the room. It wasn't the condition that surprised her, nah, she was used to that. It was the emptiness. Usually, if the Sound Four got injured, the whole team would be forced to share a room. This time, the room was empty.

"Hey," Tayuya called, curiosity got the best of her.

"Hm?" Kabuto looked up.

"Everyone else is healed already?" She asked.

"No." Kabuto deadpanned.

"Then where the h-, where are they?" She was more curious than worried.

"Dead." Kabuto deadpanned again. "You're the only one who survived the mission."

Her eyes widened, and she almost started to smile. Whoa! Those shitheads really did die! Guess those Konoha ninja are stronger than I thought. She then frowned. "Wait, that Sasuke, did he die too?"

"No, Sasuke made it." That was the first emotion Kabuto put into anything he said for the whole day. His dislike of the Uchiha was becoming more and more apparent.

Her frown turned to a scowl. That damned Orochimaru… Sacrificing his subordinates just for one person. At least the Konoha ninja survived, but look at us! I bet he didn't even have three seconds of peace for them! What kind of leader is that? Just makes me wonder when Orochimaru will sacrifice me for something.

"Sama." Kabuto muttered, snapping her out of her thoughts.

Her eyebrow rose slowly. So he reads minds too… Or is it just because I 'forgot' my –sama? Pff, like I'm addressing him like that again. Snake faggot can go hump a log for all I care.

"Ok Tayuya-san," Kabuto said, snapping her out of her thoughts again. "Try to stand up."

"…Ok." The girl answered, before swinging her feet over the bed. Hesitantly, she slowly placed them on the ground, and even took longer to actually put her weight on them. The floor was almost unbearably cold, and a shiver went up her spine as she stood up straight. Oddly enough, she stood perfectly straight. Not believing it, she even jumped up a few times, testing its limits.

I feel, different. Not really bad, but just… freaking different. She stared at herself before looking at Kabuto again.

He was already writing on the clipboard again. "Ok, the jutsu worked…"

"Wait, what jutsu?" Tayuya quickly asked. Her eyes widened to white circles and her finger flew towards the medic. "Don't tell me it's the same crap that Orochimaru uses to switch bodies?"

Kabuto glared at Tayuya. She didn't even flinch. His eyebrow rose at this. She would usually, yet reluctantly, apologise and say it again properly but this time she kept her usual stern look on her face.

Deciding to let it pass, this time, he began to answer. "No. Not that. It's a jutsu that heals one's body completely. It requires a sacrifice though."

Great, another sap sacrificed for Orochimaru's goals.

"Don't worry, she was a prisoner. Orochimaru-sama was going to kill her anyway. The jutsu takes the sacrifice's body, and combines it with the person the jutsu is being performed on. The person keeps their form and gains some strength from the sacrifice and their condition. That way, it heals any broken bone, or wound."

"That's stupid. So then why not just do that to fix Orochimaru's arms?" Tayuya deadpanned. "Instead of using the Living Corpse Reincarnation?"

"Don't forget your place." Kabuto warned with a glare, taking notice to the missing honorific. "And, it can't heal more than cosmetic conditions. No disease, sealing or anything in that sort can be healed." He put the clipboard away and got up. "Now, get dressed. Orochimaru-sama would like to give you a new mission."

Freaking already! She looked down, trying to hide the look on her face from Kabuto. "…Hai."

With that being said, Kabuto left the room. As soon as he left, the chair he was sitting on crashed into the door, bursting into pieces but somehow not damaging the door itself.

"As if I freaking care!" She yelled. "Orochimaru should just go hump a freaking rock!" She held up her head, showing the anger written all over. She glanced at the window. If I make a break for it… Her head shook. No, Kabuto would catch me too quickly and it would just be a waste…


Her hand slammed into the wall. Damn it… Yeah I've died before, technically, but what's the point if I die uselessly now? She moved her hand from the wall and stormed to the table, on which some folded clothes rested, waiting for her.

Unknowingly to her, a crack was left on the wall after her punch.

While changing into the clothes left for her, the same as usual, Tayuya noticed a few things… From once she got up, a sensation covered her body. She just felt… different. Not really, 'WTF!' different, but just… different. She got the first part while putting on her shirt.

"Hey…?" She muttered while fixing her shirt. "What the…?" Her hands made their way to her breasts. Sure, she couldn't be called flat chested, unlike a certain pink haired kunoichi but last time she checked, they were smaller. Before, they didn't quite fill up her hands, but now they did, and even a little extra. She then went on to check her rear, and got the same response. It had more shape, size and also seemed to be a bit softer than before.

"What the hell…?" She muttered. Not that I'm really complaining. A picture pushed through her thoughts. In it, she lied completely naked on the hospital bed, Kabuto sat on top of her with his hands on her breasts and a perverted look on his face. A growl made its way out before she muttered, "Damn bitchy piece of hentai shit…" Quickly, she passed her hand between her legs. "Hymen's still there, so at least the pervert didn't try to take me out for a spin…"

She grabbed her tights and put them on. They gave a bit of trouble, but eventually came on.

"Damn, these tights are… tight."

"Ho ho ho, tell me about it." A voice replied.

Tayuya almost launched the table in surprise. Her hand only had enough time to get hold of the object before she saw what caused the sound.

It was the same Sound ninja who found her. This time however, he had his mask off. It revealed him to be around fifteen, and not too shabby looking. He had short, brown hair which fell down messily to his forehead and tanned skin. His dark, yellow eyes stared at the girl who just stared back. He was still dressed in the usual Sound attire and had forced the window open, allowing him to bring half his body through.

"Get lost Akhito." Tayuya immediately said. She turned on her heels and made her way to the door.

"Aww, come on… That isn't anyway to speak to the person who saved you." Akihto grinned.

The redhead froze. Slowly, she turned once more. "So it was you… right?"


Within two seconds, the girl had grabbed the ninja, slammed him down onto the floor and made her way onto him, strangling him vigorously.

"You freaking idiot!" She yelled as the she wrung his neck. "You know what you caused! Do you know what you've done?"

"I thought I was saving your life!" The boy wailed, his face slowly paling.

"Asshole…" Tayuya grunted as she let go of his throat, throwing his head to the ground. The boy gasped for life, with the redhead still on him. "You wouldn't understand anyway…"

His face turned serious. "Try me."

Tayuya's face became a little red. She didn't expect him to hear that last part. Quickly piecing her usual appearance together, she scowled at him. "You took away my peace."

The boy furrowed his eyebrows and began to scratch his cheek. "Eh? I know I'm not the quietest person in the world but I'm not that loud."

Tayuya yelled in frustration, throwing her hand into the air. "Not like that you jackass! I died you know!"

"Really?" Genuine concern could be found in his question.

Her cheeks became a little warm hearing that. She wasn't used to someone caring about her. Usually if someone asked 'Really?' they were being sarcastic or annoying. "Er…" She stumbled for an answer. "Y-Yes. But, when I was happily enjoying the peace of death, Kabuto woke me up!"

"Enjoying yourself how?" A smirk appeared on the boy's face. "Like how you just 'enjoyed' yourself a while ago?"

Once again, the redhead's cheeks lit up with embarrassment. "Why you little! I'll freaking wring your perverted neck!"

"Heh," The boy laughed nervously. "Probably should have said that after you got off me, huh?"

A crack of knuckles assured him of his answer.

She was late. Even Orochimaru would realise that she was late, and he would have been off the wall since he got his new toy. She didn't care however. If he killed her, more her gain than his. She left Akhito in a… reasonable shape. He wasn't going to die or anything, but you wouldn't like to be in his shoes.

She glanced at the cells as she walked by. Person after person sat hopelessly in the dark, deplorable cells awaiting their death or experimentation. Only a few had lost the look of hopelessness, and took up one of strength. She stopped as she saw one, glaring daggers at her. There not a speck of fear in his face. Only determination. It almost surprised her how determined he looked. It was almost as if he wasn't in one of Orochimaru's cells, but in the middle of a battlefield, with an entire army behind him. The tall, muscular man stood in the cell, with a woman one could assume to be his wife sitting next to him. A pain filled Tayuya's insides as she continued to look at the determined man. He slowly stepped to the bars, and growled.

"I will escape… demon girl."

The words seemed to pierce through her. Her gaze dropped to the floor. That's right… I was the one who captured him… Her fists clenched. The memory was all too vivid. She caught this man, for what? For him to rot in some cell for some spineless snake? She killed almost his entire family except for him and his wife. Why? Just for Orochimaru's sake? Shit him! A spineless shit face like him doesn't even deserve a humane death! She looked back up at him.

"Yes you will, and I will make sure of it."

"You're late Tayuya-san" Kabuto said.

The room was dark, as usual. The same two candles lit the room, leaving numerous dark spots in the room. Sinister chakra seemed to radiate off the snake sannin, flowing around the room, and then into anyone standing in it. The air seemed stale, yet at the same time cold. Kabuto stood next to his boss, Orochimaru. With his transformation still incomplete and bandages decorated his body, the snake fanatic sat on his chair, with his hand up on the arm.

"Just get on with it." Tayuya said folding her arms. What crap do they want me to do this time?

A growl came at the back of his head. Is it a frenzy now? Sasuke's disrespect is acceptable, but now her too? He leaned on his fist. "Your mission will place you in a new team. This team raises you rank, and authority." Orochimaru seemed bored saying it. He had better things to do, most of them involving his new host in training. "You're second to Kabuto and me now."

Tayuya's eyebrow rose. What the hell could Orochimaru have planned for me? This isn't any small change, so it must be something good. "So, what's this mission about? Who am I teaming up with? Just spit it out already!"

A figure slowly came out of the shadows. His black hair spiked upwards, and immediately reminded Tayuya of a duck's rear. The emotions seemed to be sucked out of his eyes and only cold and darkness remained in the onyx orbs. He wore a beaten blue shirt, with a high collar and short sleeves. His short, white pants were also beaten and the holster was found on the right. He apparently was in a fight, but hadn't gotten out of the battle scared clothes yet. His leg braces led down to regular blue ninja sandals and white arm warmers were supposed to warm his arms. Tayuya blinked blankly at him a couple of times before it struck her.

A growl came out from her and she pointed angrily at him. "YOU!" Sasuke made no reply. "You're the asshole who four people got sacrificed for!"

"Tayuya-san!" Kabuto yelled. "That's your new teammate."

Her eyes widened to the size of plates. "NANI! You want me to babysit this freaking duck ass!" Sasuke's scowl grew at that statement. "The bitch can't even make it to Otogakure on his own!"

That was it. Sasuke's sharingan blazed as he dashed to her. Next thing she knew, Tayuya's body was slammed against the wall with Sasuke's hand at her throat. The air became thick as Sasuke began to release some of his chakra, sending dark waves throughout the room.

Tayuya pushed herself off the wall with ease, and her hand found its place at Sasuke's neck. "Lucky freaking shot!" She then began to feel the chakra. A growl came from the kunoichi at the defect. "So, you think you're the only one with chakra? I barely even felt that pathetic excuse!"

Tayuya's chakra slipped out too, conflicting with Sasuke's own. The floor began to crack, and dust rose at their feet. The lights flickered, threatening to go off at any and every moment. Still, Orochimaru just sat in his chair and watched. Sasuke increased his amount, trying to scare off the girl now squeezing his throat. Tayuya retaliated in the same way, and even began to squeeze harder. The chakra began to move hair, and even clothes began to flap in its presence.

"Orochimaru-sama…" Kabuto started.

A nod followed. Although he was interested in seeing how it would turn out, there was not the place. "Stop."

At first, they didn't listen. Each one was too preoccupied with the task at hand. Sasuke refused to let this… thing show him up and Tayuya just wanted Sasuke gone. Orochimaru frowned under his bandages. He was not to be ignored like this. He too, began to poor his chakra into the area. Its effect was immediate. It completely overwhelmed the teen's and began to cause more physical damage than theirs. Pieces of the floor itself began to rise, and the chair on which he sat cracked loudly underneath its pressure. The feeling overwhelmed Tayuya. Her eyes widened as it felt like her body was being crushed at all points. Air escaped her lings before she knew it, her legs weakened and her grip on Sasuke began to loosen. Before long, it was pointless and her body dropped it its knees. Sasuke resisted for longer, just so that he could prove he was stronger. Not long after Tayuya fell, he did too, dropping to his knees also.

A mad grin slowly formed on his face. Yes… Yes! This is it! This power… I've never felt anything like it before! It will be mine. It must be mine! Only then, will I avenge my clan and bring Itachi's death!

Tayuya's thoughts, on the other hand, were quite different. What was that…? My chakra wasn't that strong before… What the hell did Kabuto do…? Her hand trembled as she felt her chakra flow even stronger through her veins. What… am I?

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