Title: Perseus and Hara's Second Year

Rating: K

Summary: Perseus and Hara start their second year with Albus and Rose starting their first. If the twins think that their going to have a normal second year then their sadly mistaken especially with James plotting to try and get them expelled.

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Chapter 9: James At It Again

Neither Perseus nor Hara were looking forward to the return of the students which would include James. Albus was worried that James was going to start something but Rose still held onto the belief that she was still wanted.

"I feel sorry for her when she goes home and finds out that her disowning is complete," Albus said.

"What do you mean?" Hara asked.

"She might not be allowed inside the house," Albus said, "I'm hoping the Ministry will put Ron right."

"I highly doubt that," Perseus said, "But I'll have a talk with dad."

Albus got a letter from Hugo the day after term began which Rose took from him the moment that he had gotten it. Albus glared at her as she read it and then said, "And why is Hugo writing to you?"

"Because he wants to," Albus said, "Gods, Rose, why are you acting like this?"

"Because it's your fault that dad won't talk to me anymore," Rose told him, "You wanted this to happen all along."

"No, I haven't," Albus said, "Gods, you think that your dad still cases about you. Well I hate to break this to you but he doesn't. If he cared then he wouldn't have disowned you."

"Well I see that your dad hasn't disowned you," Rose said.

"Because he doesn't believe in all that stuff," Albus said. "Now let me have my letter back."

"Fine but I still hate you," Rose said and she left the Great Hall.

During their Charms lesson they were working on whatever the Professor wanted them to do but Perseus and Hara both worked hard but their mind was on Albus and his problems. However they knew they would have to wait until they saw him at lunch before having a talk with him.

"I hope that Rose words didn't affect him," Hera said.

"Me too but she'll soon find out the truth about her dear old dad," Perseus said.

However at lunch they didn't see Albus and both of them hoped that Albus hadn't done anything wrong to get himself into trouble. They both knew that he had Transfiguration before lunch and so they went to see if he had been held up. When they turned the corner they saw James yelling at Albus.

"I don't know why you don't leave, you filthy snake," James hissed, "No one wants you around and your friends only put up with you because of who dad is."

"Hay, leave him alone," Hera told him.

James turned and pointed his wand at them, "Stay out of this, Slytherin Bitch." And he cast a spell. Hera cast a quick shield so that the spell wouldn't hit her.

"Perseus," Hera said and her twin nodded.

He cast a charm using non-verbal spell work and his uniform went up in flames. He screamed and shed it before it burned him.

"Your in trouble now," he said, "Dad will make sure that you pay for my uniform."

"Go to hell," Hera snarled, "I'll tell your dad that you've been bullying him. I'm sure that he'll just-."

"Leave it," Albus suddenly said and Hera saw James grinning.

"What, he did wrong," Hera said.

"No, you did wrong," Albus said, "You shouldn't have burned his uniform."


"Let's go," Albus said.

"Ha, now you know who the Master and slave really are."

Despite what Albus said Hera was going to write to his father.


"He just is letting his brother get away with it," said a Slytherin second year.

"Yes but I'm not letting it go," Hera said, "What James did was wrong and his father needs to find out about it."

"Good luck with that happening," she said, "But I agree that his father needs to know."

"You know that Albus is going to hate us for this," Perseus said.

"True, but I'm not having him bullied by his own brother," Hera said, "I've seen enough of that to go around."

Hera took out a piece of parchment and wrote:

Dear Mr. Potter,

I'm writing this because I'm Albus friend and don't care about his famous last name. I and Perseus were worried about Albus when he didn't show up for lunch and so we went o check on him. We found him being bullied by James and when we went to defend him he told us to leave it alone. I'll admit that I did set fire to his uniform but that was only because he case some hex that I don't know what it does. Albus doesn't want you to know that he's being bullied by his own brother.

He called him a slave and everything. I just thought you needed to know the full story. Also Rose still thinks that she's part of the Weasley family. Could you help her, please? I know that she hasn't been very nice to us but she's a Slytherin and we defend each other. Thanks for your time.

Hera Snape

She then gave it to her owl who flew away.

"I hope that this doesn't blow-up in our faces," Perseus said.

"Me too," Hera said but she felt that she had made the right choice.


"Can you even believe this," Snape told his wife.

Hermione looked at him, wondering what he was talking about.

"I'm having more problems as Headmaster then I did as a teacher," Snape told her.

"What happened?" Hermione asked him.

"Neville is stating that Potter is bullying his brother," Snape told her, "Potter didn't see him, which we can be grateful for, but that's what he's saying from his report."

"Should I tell Harry," Hermione suggested.

"That would be a good idea," Snape told her.

"Then I'll write to him in the morning," Hermione told him.


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