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Harry Potter stood in his usual spot, staring at her like he always seemed to be doing for one reason or another. Even if he doesn't mean to, he would often catch himself looking at her as he passed. Even when he was in the middle of a conversation with someone, if she looked his way, his mind would go completely blank and all he could do was stare deeper into her blue orbs.

He wasn't completely sure what first attracted him to her, compared to all the others that were around her--

Maybe it was her raven tresses that seemed to cascaded down her body, flowing like water whenever she would move.

Maybe it was her fair skin?

Maybe it was her dark blue pools that seemed to look into your very soul when she locked eyes with you.

Maybe it was the fact that she wasn't like the other 'Picture Perfect' beings around her.

Maybe it was all the above, and much more… 1,000 more-- no, 10,000 more things he could mention as he stared at her.

He always has kept his distance from her, so she would not notice him watching, would be rather embarrassing if she caught him like this-- She gave a sigh, he knew this, though he could not hear it from his regular hiding spot.

Though he was so far away from her, he could always see the small movements she made, and by now he has watched her long enough to know what each movement means-- He saw how she exhaled, her chest deflating slightly, along with the lonely expression adorning her face, and that's how he knew she sighed…

She seemed bored and alone, and after all this time watching her, he just now realized that she hasn't really talked to anyone.

The idea that she spent her time all alone, made his chest tighten, and before he knew it, a frown appeared on his face. After giving it some thought, he smiled to himself and left-- off to find something that she would enjoy…

"I don't see why you can't give it to her yourself--"

"Hermione." He interrupted her. "Please…?" His voice softened into a small whisper.

"…" After looking into his eyes, trying to figure him out he guessed, she took a deep breath and sighed. "Alright." She finally agreed.

"Thank you!" He couldn't stop the bright smile that appeared on his face, and hugged her out of gratitude.

She blinked in surprise by his sudden embrace, before coughing and gently pushing him away. After dusting off the imaginary dirt from her robes, she shifted and then strolled away from him.

He could only watch and fidget in nervousness from within the shadows as she approached her, his gift in her hand. Without wasting time Hermione got straight to the point and started a conversation with her.

Of course the girl was taken back by her sudden appearance, but then he watched as Hermione held up his gift for her to take. After a few tense moments for Harry, his heart almost jumping out of his chest in worry she would reject it-- He breath caught in his throat when he saw her smile before reaching out and gently taking the gift.

Hermione bowed to her before retreating, probably going to class--

He witnessed the girl look down at his gift, before gently trailing her fingers across the engravings on the cover. A soft smile appeared on her face as her eyes seemed to light up with joy. She hugged the book to her chest lovingly, and her smile only grew as she closed her eyes, humming.

His nervousness completely vanished, and he turned his head away, as a rush of heat started to go into his cheeks from the sight. He couldn't help but smile to himself, as a weight lifted off his shoulders at her happy expression. He then quickly took his leave, with a lighter step in his walk-- but not before stealing one last glace at her…

Harry wasn't sure what came over him when he didn't spot her in her usual place. His heart stopped beating, dropping down into his stomach. His body went numb with worry, and without thinking clearly, he started to frantically look around the entire castle for her.

Even after spending the entire day searching, he was unable to find her, which left a sour taste in his mouth at the thought. Maybe Dumbledore knew where she was? Just as soon as the thought reached his mind, he shook his head. He shouldn't bother Dumbledore with such questions like that-- Maybe Hagrid? Yes! Hagrid would definitely know where she was, he was the grounds keeper after all--

"Wait, wasn't he gone today?" He questioned to himself. Yes, now that he thought about it, Hagrid said something about buying some more flesh-eating slug repellant…

Harry gave a deep sigh as he started to slowly drag his feet, continuing his way around the castle one more time. He felt disheartened, not being able to see her today, and the fact that he might not ever see her again… made his heart sink even lower into his stomach, and he felt oddly sick, until his body started to tingle with heavy sorrow--

"Hello, Harry…" A soft voice called beside him as he passed.

"Hello…" He greeted in a half-hearted attempt, slowly turning his head to face the person who called to him-- "..!!" His eyes widened with surprised and his heart jumped up into his throat, taking a step back from her in shock. "K-Ka--!!" He wasn't able to form complete words as he stared into her deep blue pools, while she looked down at him. "You… You know my name?" Was his ever brilliant reply.

"Of course." She replied, a soft expression over took her face. His heart stopped beating, and he found himself unable to breath at the sight. He was so close-- "I might be a portrait, but I do notice when someone stares at me for such long periods of time…" She stated, smiling at him.

"I… umm…" He could feel his cheeks heat up from her words. So she knew he was watching her…?

"I requested they place me into the library after finishing the book you gave me." His face turned an even darker shade of red if possible. "That was very thoughtful of you Harry…"

Suddenly the world went into slow motion, as he slowly watched her extend her hand. She reached out, passing the barrier that separated her painted world with his, and her soft and delicate hand gently brushed away the hair from his eyes, before caressing his cheek softly. The contact made his whole body start to melt with warmth, as a tingling sensation flowing through his veins, and his heart started to flutter, pounding in his chest. Her deep blue pools sparkled with new life and she smiled kindly at him.

"Thank you…" The whispered words escaped her lips, before she slowly pulled her hand away from him, back into her secluded 'picture perfect' world.

"Welcome…" He found the words slipping from his own lips.

His body moved on its own, and he reached out, gently placing his hand onto the painting-- Yet he was disappointed as the rough feel of the paper and dry paint touched against his finger tips, instead of the inviting feeling of her warm skin yet again. He, like all other outside forces who tried, was unable to pass the barrier.

He wasn't sure why Kagome has encaged herself inside that painting of a large tree, a rusty fang-like sword trapped within its huge trunk, but one thing was for certain-- No matter how long it takes, he was going to make sure that she finds a reason to live in this world yet again…

With him…


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