This is a continuation of another story, which was a Germany/Kagome one-shot. But if you haven't read it, don't worry, you don't have to read it to get what is going on. This is a Prussia/Kagome story, which takes place after the other One-shot ends.


Germany sighed as he continued writing down signature after signature on the documents that was piled on his desk. The sun was high into the sky, as it beamed down through the window, illuminating the room.

He sighed, placing the pen down on the desk, after writing his name down for the hundredth time that day. There was a soft knock that caught his attention, and he slowly rose from his chair. Calmly he walked down the hallway, before another knock vibrated throughout the house, which became louder the closer he got to the front door.

Reaching for the doorknob, he raised his other hand at the same time and scratched his head in frustration, as another knock thumped against the hard wooden frame.

"Vhat!" He yelled out in annoyance while swinging the door open widely. Yet once he saw who it was, his anger immediately deflated. "Bruder?"

"West!" His brother Prussia smiled brightly at him and held out his hands in the air, happy to see him. He then reached out and wrapped his arms around his neck, laughing. "I'm so glad zhat you decided to let me stay vith you like this!"

"Vhat?" He turned and looked at Prussia as if he didn't know what he was talking about. Which he didn't. "I never said—"

"And here I vas just thinking: You know who I haven't been awesome vith lately? West!" He then extended his hands out again and laughed. "Then here ve are!"

Prussia paused, seeing the confused look on Germany's face and his eyes narrowed at him. "You don't know? You are supposed to be Germany, keep up vith vhats going on, Brohas."

"I've been busy…" Germany made an excuse and Prussia sighed.

Reaching into his jacket, Prussia pulled out a rolled up document, which the seal as not been broken yet, and he handed it to West. Germany took it, broke the seal on it, and rolled it out so he could read it.

Prussia found himself both sad and amused as he watched Germany's expression slowly morph as he continued to read the parchment till the end. Confusion, anger, regret, guilt, then finally understanding with a hint of pity locked in the blue pools of his as he looked away from the paper and back towards him.

"Bruder, I'm so—" He quickly interrupted him, not wanting to hear whatever pity words he wished to give to him at the moment.

"Vhy za sad look West?!" He laughed. "This is a good thing!" He placed his arm around Germany's shoulders. "Zhat is, unless my awesomeness is too much for you to handle and you don't vant me around?"

Germany took a deep breath, and he looked as if he was thinking over something, before finally moving to the side and motioning for him to come in. "Of course you can stay, isn't 'dat vhat brothers are for?"

"Thanks, West!" Prussia smiled brightly and walked inside.

Germany closed the door behind him, then paused. "Didn't you bring anything vith you?"

"Uh?" He looked down at his empty hands, then swatted at the air as if it was no big deal. "Vhen you are as awesome as I am, you don't need anything else!" He laughed it off, even though he was truly upset by it. The fact was, he has lost everything, and didn't have anything left…

Deep down, he believed his brother could tell, so he didn't push it, only giving him another look of pity. He hated that look.

"So vhere is mein room?"

"Ve have an extra room upstairs you can use." Germany then turned and started up to walk towards the stairs—He paused in his steps and Prussia spoke up.

"Vhats za hold up—" Prussia leaned past him and he paused when he saw a figure on the staircase, slowly walking down towards them.

The first thing he noticed was that they were short, very short. Long black tresses flowed behind them as they slowly descended the stairs. Wearing only a buttoned up dress shirt, they also were carrying a stuffed fox toy in their arms, while tiredly rubbing their eye with the other hand. Prussia couldn't help but find his cheeks heating up at the sight, his thoughts playing the word 'adorable' over and over again in his mind.

He has never seen such a cute looking boy before. He glanced over at Germany, who was smiling at the boy with a soft expression in his usual ice cold eyes. He chuckled. "I didn't know you vere into zhat kind of stuff, Brohas."

Germany blinked, before looking at him. "Just because Kagome is Japanese doesn't mean anything."

He was Japanese? Now that he looked at him more closely he did look like it, even though his blue eyes didn't seem normal, if he remembers. "Did you ask Japan permission?" He asked him. Having a human living with him that wasn't from your country could cause problems.

The question caused Germany's face to flush slightly. "Yes, I did." He did? "He said it vas alright."

Seriously? He paused, looking at West. He knew West had a questionable relationship with Italy, but that's just because Italy was weird—but this… He didn't know that Germany really swung that way!

"Who is this, Germany?" The boy was now standing before them, and released a large yawn, rubbing his eye again while still holding the fox close to his chest. So cute—Prussia shook his head to rid himself of the thought.

"This is Prussia." Prussia resisted the urge to correct him. 'Ze Awesome Prussia' would have been the right way to introduce him. "Prussia, this is Kagome-"

"Are you two sleeping together!?" He bluntly stated, causing both Germany and the boy's cheeks to become flushed red.

"N-no." The boy whispered looking at the ground, but then Germany spoke at the same time.

"Nein." He raised his hands in the air and shook his head. "I mean…" He scratched the back of his head. "Ve have separate rooms." He told him. "Still." He added, as if that upset him.

He looked between the two as they both became embarrassed by his question and he raised an eyebrow. "So you haven't # $)!" His comment caused their faces to become ten different shades of red, and Prussia huffed.

"Of course not!" The boy sighed.

Germany then looked to the ground and scratched the side of his noise with his pointer finger sheepishly. "Not yet, anyvay…"

"Germany!" The boy shouted and swung the stuffed animal at him, hitting him in the chest and West just laughed.

Prussia looked between the two. Well if that is what West wants—Hey, who is he to judge… Prussia paused, his eyes quickly focusing in on something he didn't notice before. Or should he say, a pair of something's. "…Boobies." The word slipped from his lips as he stared at the girl's chest, easily visible now that the fox was no longer covering up the opening in her shirt. The boy was a girl!

The woman hugged the stuffed animal against her breast, pushing them up a little as she looked back towards him. "So you are Germany's brother? I have heard a lot about you."

"Ja." Was all Prussia could say as he continued to openly stare at the woman's chest, unable to look away, as if in a trance.

"Do you like my fox?" She asked. "You can have him if you want." She reached the fox out to him and he paused, finally snapping out of his hypnosis. "I noticed you staring at him."

"Umm." He reached out and took the stuffed animal. "Thanks?"

"You're welcome!" She flashed him a beautiful smile, her cheeks having a slight rose hue to them.

Prussia's cheeks instantly became hot as the word 'cute' kept replaying in his mind over and over again as he looked at her. His heart skipping a few beats, unable to control his reaction.

Damn… Now that the boy is actually a girl—he could admit that she was really cute.

"No running or screaming. Vhen I am in my study, I expect it to be quiet so I can vork." He named all the rules of the house he wanted him to obey while he was here. "Don't talk to strangers, and don't open the door vithout looking." Finally nearing the end of the tour, he reached out and gently turned the doorknob to the last room.

Does he really expect him to obey all those rules? Lame…

Prussia walked passed Germany, deeper into the room. If the other two rooms were the girl's and West's then this room-"So this is mein room, huh?" Prussia placed the stuffed fox on the nightstand beside his bed. "Za bed is rather small." He complained, looking over at Germany, who stood at the doorway.

"Vell you can't have my room." He huffed, knowing what he was trying to imply. "Kagome's is across from mine, and yours is just down the hallvay. It's the only thing left." He crossed his arms over his chest. Just as Prussia was about to speak he interrupted him. "And nein, you can't have Kagome's room either."

"Vell then." Prussia held out his hands and shrugged, walking over to his blonde brother and placing his arm across his shoulder. "How about ve go to za bar and celebrate, Ja?" He needed a good drink…

Germany frowned. "Not now, I have a lot of papervork."

Prussia frowned. "Oh come on Brohas!" He tried to convince him. "It's beer! You know—Beeah!" (Beer, but with empathies on the Ah-) "You have never turned down beeah!" He shook his brother's shoulders, wondering if something was wrong.

"Knock it off." He swatted his hands away with a huff. "I have been busy all veek." He admitted. "After I finish, I promise ve vill go drinking." He must have saw his disappointment for he reached out and placed his hands on either side of his shoulders, giving them a rough pat in encouragement. "It von't take long, I promise." He smiled at him. "Just have a little patience, Ja?"

Prussia took a deep breath and sighed, wanting to object, but he didn't want to go and drink by himself—only to be unable to drink until he passed out because no one was there to hold him up so he could drink some more. (and later, carry him home.)

"Alright, I'll vait."

The beer would be worth it.

Prussia was sitting in the kitchen, writing down in his diary. The first page in his new diary, to be exact. As he stared at the page, reading the words written down over and over again:

Dear Diary,

Today was awesome.

And that was it.

As he continued to look down at the paper, a darkness started to form within him and he took his pen, scratching out the only line he had put, because he knew better then to put down lies. Because he knew deep down, even if he never thought it would happen- ever- for once in his life, he was not having awesome day.

With a huff he placed the pen between the folds in the diary, and leaned back against his chair, closing his eyes. A small chirp came from on his head and without looking, he reached out to the table and picked up a seed from the pile of seeds on a dish he had lying there, holding it gently between his pointer and thumb. He raised his hand above his head, and with another chirp the seed left from his grasp.

Gilbird then hopped down from his usual perch on his head, and landed on Prussia's shoulder. With a sad smile he reached out and scratched behind the birds head. He then took another seed and handed it to his feathered companion.

"Man, I needed a drink." When was West going to get done already—

"What are you doing?" A soft voice whispered in his ear, causing him to almost jump.

"Vhat za hell!?" He gave a small shout, snapping his eyes open and raising his hand up to his ear.

He found himself staring into deep blue, an amused expression on her face as her soft laughter filled the kitchen. "I didn't mean to scare you."

"You didn't scare me." He puffed out his chest. "I heard you vith mein awesome ears, coming into za kitchen before you even vent down za stairs. Zhats just how awesome I am."

Yet she still continued to laugh at him. "Really?" She finally lowered her hand from her lips and smiled at him.

"Really." He snorted.

She placed her hands behind her back and hummed. "What are you doing down here?" She leaned down and looked at his diary. "You writing something—" He quickly reached out and slammed his book shut, causing the girl to jump.

"It has nothing to do vith you." He told her.

The girl looked at him for several moments, before she finally spoke. "I see." Her eyes finally turned away from his own, and went down to his shoulders. "Oh!" Her smile quickly returned and he raised an eyebrow at her. "So cute!" A blush went across his nose as she leaned down. He pulled away from her when she was getting a little too close for comfort.

"Vhat are you doing voman—" Yet his comment was put on hold when she began to make cooing noises and she raised her hand up to his shoulder.

"Come'ere little one." She held out a single digit, trying to entice Gilbird to hop onto her finger.

When he realized what she was trying to do, he just laughed. "Kesesese!" He couldn't help but be amused by her. "Gilbird is only attracted to awesome people like me." He continued to laugh at her. "He vould never-" He had to swallow his words for she pulled away from him, and he noticed a familiar yellow fluff ball sitting on the woman's fingers.

She had a smile on her face as she petted him happily. He glared at the bird. Gilbird just chirped, his body becoming bigger as he puffed out in enjoyment, loving the affection the girl was giving him. Prussia mumbled under his breath as he leaned on the table and placed his hand against his cheek with a huff.

"Oh." The girl paused. "I forgot to mention. I was here to tell you that Germany is done with his paperwork and can go to the bar with you."

"Vhy didn't you say so!" He quickly got to his feet with a smile on his face. Finally! "Beer!" He paused and turned towards the woman. He held out his hand. "Come on Gilbird, let's go." The bird paused for a moment, and looked between the girl and his awesome self. "Vhat are you doing? I said lets go." Gilbird gave a small chirp, then it hopped and within a few flaps found its rightful spot… on the girls shoulder.

Prussia was left standing there, staring at the bird with betrayal written all over his face. The girl just giggled and gave Gilbird a small pat on the head. "Don't worry Prussia, I'll look after him while you are gone." She smiled.

Prussia just huffed with disapproval, as he watched the hearts floating around the birds head. Traitor…

"Is dis a good idea or vhat!" Prussia held up his glass, his entire face feeling rather warm at the moment, and his body feeling even better as his mind was all a buzz of nothing. "I told you! Beeah- solves- everything!" He wrapped his arm around Germany's shoulders with a laugh, not really sure what he found so funny.

His brother was less enthused as he just continued to sit with him, drinking quietly. "It is pretty good." Prussia couldn't tell if he meant the beer, or the fact that it was a good idea to drink tonight, but the sliver haired country could tell that Germany was in the same shape as he was, judging by the dark red splotches across both of the blonde's cheeks.

Feeling the conversations had been one-sided all night, Prussia decided to turn the topic more towards Germany, to get him to 'spilling his guts' an expression Prussia enjoyed using. He lifted his mug up to his lips and chugged it all down, before giving a loud sigh of enjoyment and slamming the glass down onto the table.

"So tell me Brohas." He looked over at him with a grin. "Vhat is za deal vith zhat girl?"

"Vho?" Germany looked over towards him and raised an eyebrow. "Kagome?"

"Ja!" He found himself laughing again. "How come I'm only finding out about her now?"

"Vell…" Germany cleared he throat a little. "I vould have told you sooner, but ve just got together not too long ago."

"Doesn't matter." Prussia laughed it off. "She is just another human voman anyway." He reached out and grabbed another mug of beer that was already placed at the table, and put it up to his lips. He paused, seeing Germany looking down at his mug with a deep look in his eyes. "Hold on…" He placed his mug back down as he stared at him. "You're not serious about her… are you?" He saw Germany's grip on his beer tighten and Prussia narrowed his crimson eyes at him. "You know humans are—"

"She is different."

Prussia continued to stare at him. "You didn't tell her about us, did you?"

Germany shook his head. "No."

Prussia gave a small sigh of relief. "Good." That would be another mess he didn't want to deal with right now. With that thought he began chugging his new mug of beer—

"Japan did."

"PshHhTtt!" Beer spewed forth, getting all over the empty chair on the other side of the booth. "Japan!?" He gave his brother a questionable look, beer still drizzling from his mouth.

"Vhy did you think she vas calling me Germany and I introduced you as Prussia?" He in turn, gave him an odd expression.

"I don't know." He shrugged. "I just thought you made something up. Hell she could have been into zhat sort of stuff. How was I supposed to know!?" Prussia sighed, feeling his buzz going away.

"She is a very important human to Japan. Saved him more than a few times, he tells me."

"Really?" Prussia tried to picture that small, dainty, cute female being powerful enough to save even Japan.

"Yeah." Germany nodded, lifting his mug up to his lips.

Prussia sighed. Well if she was actually an important human, and not just someone off the streets, then he guessed it was alright. Normal humans usually can't take such things and at the end most of them go crazy or even try to harm the countries when they are told the truth.

"So." Prussia, being curious, asked. "How did you two meet?"

Germany smiled softly, looking down at his almost finished beer. "Some men vere after her. Japan came to me for help, to look after her until the men vere taken care of."

"Kesesesese." Prussia laughed. "You vere her babysitter! Keseses."

"Maybe it vas like 'dat at first…" Germany's already flushed face made it hard to tell, but Prussia believed he saw the redness become even darker. The usually tough male looked down at his beer with a gentle expression, stroking the outside of the glass mug with his thumb and a smile on his face.

Prussia's laughter quickly died down as he looked at the man sitting beside him. Aw shit! That guy was serious! For a human! Having one around for a short time to, well…fulfill some needs is alright, but actually caring for one and being together? Thats a blow to your man pride! He could feel his manliness going away just by being around him—

He could just imagine how this would end. He shook his head, knowing that moments like these would probably be filled with nagging and pestering from the woman, along with other unnecessary things that they tend to do—Chaining rugged and wild me like us, trying to tame them. Putting men like us under spells so we could obey their every word and control us! It was just not right! No one was ever going to seduce him- Ze awesome Prussia!

He glanced back over at Germany, seeing him still staring at his beer, and Prussia sighed. She already has him wrapped around her finger. Prussia shook his head in disappointment for the second time. He lifted his mug up to his lips. "I'm sorry West." Giving his apologizes was the best he could do, as he quickly chugged the last of his beer, trying to wash away the bad taste in his mouth.

Kagome was in the living room, waiting for the boys to return. She was reading a book while lying on the couch, the small bird she was to look after was resting on her head, being very good all night and not causing her any trouble. Kagome paused and looked at the time, it was very very late. She reached up and scratched the tiny bird on the head with a worried look on her face. After she was done, she moved her hand down, and instead began rubbing the tag on her collar, a habit she has started to form when she gets nervous.

"They should have been back hours ago—" Several loud thumps stopped her comment and she sighed in relief. She closed her book with a snap and placed it onto the coffee table beside her. She then got up and went to the front entrance—"What happened?" Kagome found herself questioning as she stared at the slouched over form Germany was trying his best to carry. "Is he alright?" Kagome walked over to Prussia, who was currently had his arm slung over Germany's shoulder, being held up, while Germany's other hand was around his waist, trying his best to keep him from falling over.

"He just drank too much." Germany told her as he shifted the man beside him to try and hold him up better. Glancing at Germany's face, she could tell he might have had a few drinks too many as well—but at least he wasn't passed out…

Kagome reached out and lifted his head, sighing when she saw his cheeks were blood red, and his eyes were closed, passed out. Even so he looked like he was happy…

The miko sighed and got on the other side of the drunk, putting his other arm around her shoulder. "Let me help."

"Thanks." Germany grumbled. After a few steps while carrying him, they both paused and looked at the stairs.

They both looked at each other. "The couch." They both nodded, and brought the passed out country over to the living room so he could sleep it off.

Prussia was sleeping peacefully, but then something jarred him awake and he snapped his eyes open. Reaching for his attacker, he rolled over, pinning them below him while his hand was at their throat.

As he laid on his attacker, choking them, his blurred vision slowly started to come back. "Prus—sia!" A soft grunt came blow him as they gave a small cough in pain.

"Huh?" He shook his head and blinked, finally getting a look at his attacker. "You?" He found himself staring at he watched the girl wheeze and struggle below him. His hand was around her throat, above her collar she always wore, cutting off her air, while his other hand had a tight grip on her wrist. "Vhat vere you doing?"

She was pushing on his chest with her only free hand, trying to get him off of her, while her legs were trapped beneath him. "Can…you… stop—choking me!?"

"Oh." He released his hold on her neck and she inhaled a large gulp of air, before coughing most of it back out, turning her head to the side and struggling to regain her breath. "Now tell me, vhat vere you doing?" His hold on her wrist tightened as his crimson eyes narrowed at her. "Trying to kill me?" He laughed. "You can't kill ze awesome Prussia so easily, little girl." His nose gave a small twitch. What's that smell?

"What?!" She looked at him as if he were crazy. He tried to pay attention to what she was saying, but that smell was distracting him. What is that smell? He looked around, trying to pinpoint it out. He finding the smell was coming beneath him. "I was just—" The girl paused when he suddenly bent down and placed his nose just below her ear and inhaled deeply. "What are you doing?"

"It's you." He voiced nonchalantly, feeling the girl beneath him shiver as his lips brushed against her neck. He closed his eyes and try to savor the aroma that was around him. Damn she smells delicious. No wonder Germany was taken in by her spells of seduction.

"Get off me!" She growled out, snapping him out of his trance.

"Ah-ha!" Prussia rose up a little and shook his head. "Trying to seduce me vith your whimsical scents uh!?" He huffed. "But your spells von't vork on me so easily! I am ze great Prussia!"

"What are you talking about!" She huffed. "You have been sleeping all day and all night! I came in here to wake your lazy ass up so you can eat dinner with me and Germany."

"Dinner!?" Prussia smirked. "How cunning of you." He hummed, narrowing his eyes at her. "You know my weakness." He quickly got off of the girl, and removed himself from the couch, standing up. "You may have von this round, enchantress, but unlike Germany, I vill not fall for your tricks so easily." He laughed. "Kesesese"

Kagome just sat there, staring at his retreating back as he left the living room. "He is crazy…" She huffed, rubbing her throat with a sigh, the collar around her neck shifting from the movement.

"Hey West!" Prussia burst into his office, a pleased look on his face. "I'm bored! Let's go hunting!"

He spotted Germany sitting at his chair behind his desk, looking over some documents. The seductress was beside him, giving him a cup of tea, putting it on his desk for him.

Germany sighed, putting down the folder on his desk and looking at him. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

The girl paused, and looked between the two of them. "It might be fun." She placed her hand on his shoulder. "You should go. You have been working hard."

"I guess it vould be a nice change from vork." Germany quickly changed his mind.

Prussia growled, his hands balling into fists by his side. "I know vhat you are doing! Putting your spell on him to make him do vhatever you vant!" Prussia pointed at the girl and shouted, causing both of them to pause and look at him. "I vill allow it this time." He told her. "Because it let West go hunting vith me, but any other time…" His eyes narrowed in warning at her. "I von't let such vile acts go vithout punishment!"

"So in other words…" The girl huffed. "You don't mind if I tell him to do something, as long as it's for your benefit?"

"Yes!" Prussia huffed, placing his hands on either side of his hips and grinning. "I'll be vaiting for you West. Ve'll go to our usual spot in za forest!" He laughed. "If you don't hurry up I'll get all za kills before you even decide to show up! Kesesese."

With that he ran off to go prepare.

"Vhat vas 'dat about?" Germany paused and looked over at Kagome for answers.

She just shrugged. "I think he believes I got you under some kind of spell."

"Oh?" He chuckled, then reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist. She gave a small squeak in surprise when he pulled her to him, and she found herself plopping down on his lap and she laughed. "I vas vondering vhy I have been having these urges lately…" He bent down and placed his nose against her neck and gave it a delicate kiss, above the collar that Italy gave her, and she still wore. He hungrily ran his hand up her smooth leg, causing her to squirm under the touch. "So it vas your doing?"

"Germany." She giggled. "Stop it." She playfully pushed on his chest and he just laughed.

"I can't, you gotten me under your spell." He teased, placing a soft kiss upon her lips.

"Vhat is she doing here?!" Prussia huffed, pointing to the girl with a frown on his face, his rifle resting against his shoulders.

The girl sighed, holding her bow in her hand, and a quiver full of arrows on her back. "I thought it would be fun."

"It was only supposed to be for us bros!" Prussia huffed, looking over at Germany.

The blonde just shrugged. "I didn't see any harm in it."

"Of course not! You are under her spell!" He huffed. "She vill scare away all za animals vith her constant voman chattering and nagging!"

"Excuse me!" She huffed. "You are just mad because you know I am going to get more kills then you." She challenged.

"Oh?" He snorted. "Vith vhat?" He pointed to her bow. "Vith zhat!? You couldn't hit France's big ass vith zhat outdated thing!" He laughed. "Kesesesese~!"

A few hours later…

"Key-she-she-she~!" The girl was making fun of him and his laugh. (And doing it wrong)

She was walking ahead, a long line full of several animals strung up and placed across her shoulders. The biggest, a large buck, was currently being carried by Germany, who had no quarrel doing so, but had the same defeated look on his face as Prussia. The arrow was till sticking out of the buck's side, one shot-one kill, directly in the heart. Damn she was a good shot…

Prussia held up his small rabbit he was able to get. At least he did better than West. He looked back over at Germany who was carrying the girl's kill—He had no real kill of his own.

Prussia looked over at the girl, watching her back as she walked ahead of them. Damn, she was a good hunter. It was rather impressive really. His eyes soon found their way lower, as he watched her hips sway back and forth as she walked. Her ass was rather nice too… He shook his head, getting rid of the thoughts and growled, mumbling under his breath.

You win again seductress, but next time—He held his fist in the air and huffed. Ze awesome Prussia will win!

Prussia was bored, so he decided today would be a good day to walk around the city. So here he was, Prussia, taking in the sights and sounds of the city in Germany. He took a deep breath and sighed. He hated being around people. People in groups are nothing but a bunch of weaklings.

"Maybe I should get an awesome hobby?" But what could possibly be as awesome as himself? He stopped in his walk and raised his hand to his chin in thought. He looked over and saw a motorcycle parked beside him on the street, and he had an idea. "The next thing on my to-do list is to start a motorcycle gang!" He finally decided, giving the air a fist pump. "Vith just me!"

Prussia hummed, feeling satisfied with himself, and smirked confidently. He looked beside him and saw a large display window with several stuffed animal all around it. He realized he was standing in front of a toy store. (Who parks there motorcycle in front of a tory story?)

He was about to move on, but one of the animals caught his eye. It was a yellow bird, which oddly enough resembled Gilbird. He reached up and grabbed his feathered companion and held him up against the glass to compare. "Looks just like you, buddy." The bird gave a small chirp in response and pecked the glass. "You're right, not as awesome as you are though." He hummed, placing his hand onto his chin as he sat Gilbird on his shoulder. As he stood there, he couldn't help but think that the bird looked rather cute.

And Prussia always had a weakness for cute things…

Prussia is walking down the hallway, holding the stuffed bird in his hands with a pleased expression on his face— "Oomphf." He gave a small grunt when something hit him and he looked down.

"I'm sorry." The girl reached up and rubbed her head, apologizing.

"You should vatch vhere you're going." He told her with a huff, putting one of his hands on his hips. It was in that moment he noticed just how short she was. He practically towered over the small girl—Heh. He found himself smirking, enjoying that fact.

"Yeah, Germany tells me that a lot." She confessed with a laugh. She stopped her laughter when she spotted what he hand tucked underneath his arm. "What is that?"

"Vhat does it look like, silly girl?"

"Like a stuffed animal."

"Congratulations." He resisted the urge to roll his eyes at her.

"What are you doing with it?"

"I don't know. I just bought it because I vanted it." He shrugged. He noticed she was staring at the bird with interest and he hummed.

"Do you like my fox?" She asked. "You can have him if you want." He remembered the day he first meet the girl and sighed. Now that he thinks about it, he still has it in his room…

"Here." He reached the bird out to her and she looked at it with confusion. "You can have him if you vant."

"Really?" She looked up at him with permission and she had a slight rosy color to her cheeks.

Why does she look so cute? He couldn't help but question as his own cheeks became stained with pink. "Yeah, just take it." He shoved the bird at her and she paused, holding it to her dumfounded for a moment.

She lifted the bird up and looked at it. She smiled brightly at him. "Thank you!" Her cheeks became darker as she showed her gratitude. Prussia felt his heart skip a beat at the adorable sight she was giving him.

"N-no big deal." He huffed and waved it off, turning his head away from her. "It's just a stupid stuffed toy." His words were frozen when he felt a gentle kiss against his cheek. His mind went completely blank as her giggles filled his thoughts.

"Thank you anyway, it was very sweet of you." She hugged the bird to her chest and smiled, before walking away from him.

Sweet? Him? He almost laughed at the thought…

He reached up and touched his cheek where she kissed him moments before, and his already flushed face turned a darker shade.

Prussia was taking a small stroll outside the house, once again bored. He turned the corner, going around to the back of the house, when he stopped in his tracks.

"Vhat in za vorld?" He couldn't help but tilt his head as he found himself staring at a nice looking rump, which was starting to get oddly familiar to him. He huffed and walked up to her. "Now zhat's just sad. Lowering yourself so much just to seduce me? Your plan von't vork on me! Kesesese." He laughed at her measly attempts. "I am so awesome, I can resist even mein most primal of instincts against your vomanly tricks!"

"Uh?" She pulled herself away from the ground she was digging into and rested her butt on her legs as she stared up at him. "I have no idea what you are taking about." She sighed, wiping away the sweat from her brow with her forearm, her hand holding a small spade.

"Don't try to deny you vere trying to seduce me just then. Vhy else vould you be hanging your ass out like zhat other than for me to stare at it?"

"Don't look at my ass like that you pervert!" She growled, her cheeks stained red. "I know you have a huge ego, but everything I do isn't just to try and seduce you, idiot!" She huffed, blowing away a strand of hair that was in her face.

"Then vhat vere you doing?" He snorted, putting his hands on his hips as he looked down at her. He then looked at the freshly made dirt on the ground and strange vines coming out of it.


"Trying to make a love potion from theses vild herbs, huh!?" He grinned. "So zhat is how you put Germany under your spell!" He pointed to her and growled. "It might have vorked on West, but I am up to your schemes! I always double check my food before I eat it, just in case there is poison in it—HA! So you can never trick me into eating your poisoned concoctions!"

"I didn't trick Germany into drinking any love potion. I'm not a witch!" She argued with him.

"Could have fooled me." He laughed. "Most of the time you are nothing but a bitc—"

"Why are you so mean to me!" She huffed, standing on her feet and glaring at him. "I did nothing wrong to you." She took the spade in her hand and began poking him in the chest. "I was trying to be nice to you, because you are Germany's brother, but you keep saying I'm trying to seduce you—Why is that? Are you attracted to me but won't admit it?"

Her words caused him to release a large snort in objection. "Of course not!" He laughed. "You're not mein type!" He told her.

"Oh? Then what is your type!?" She crossed her arms over her chest and he paused.

He put his hand under his chin as he tried to think. "An awesome cook, like me." A figure appeared in his mind, holding a freshly made pie. "Someone who is good at cleaning, like me." A picture began to form in his mind of a short girl with an maid outfit on. "Who is cute, like me." She had a cute smile on her face. "Who smells very good and who's hair is really soft, like me." Her hair was very long and dark, and you could tell that just by looking at it, it was softer then silk. "Who was good at hunting, fishing, and gardening, like me." She suddenly had a gun in her hand, along with several dead animals and fish, her outfit changing to that of a hunters. "And she has to be—" He looked down at his hands, and made a nice curvy shape to them—He paused, noticing that his hands went in exact motion and shape, following the girl's curvy body. He looked back up at her face, and realized that the woman he was picturing was …

His face became completely red and he coughed.

"So you are telling me you want yourself, but with boobs?" Kagome had a different picture in her head. She quickly shook her head, trying to get rid of the image. Prussia sighed in relief, glad she didn't catch on to what he was picturing was in fact her... "Wait a minute." She paused and he looked down at her. "You are good at all that stuff?"

"Of course." He huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Gardening too?"

"I am awesome Prussia."

"Do you think you could help me?" This caught his attention and he raised an eyebrow at her. "I'm not very good at it, but I really wanted to make a nice garden." She looked down at the patch of dirt she was working with early and frowned. "But nothing will grow."

"I am not going to help you make any love potions—"

"It's not for love potions!" She huffed. "I was just trying to make some roses."

"Roses?" Prussia hummed, and bent down. He reached out and touched one of the withered plants that was barely hanging limply, already dead and brown. He then reached out and sampled the dirt in the ground, testing the dryness and density. "Roses von't grow in this dirt." He told her. "You are better off doing another kind of flower." He then reached out and pulled out the plant. "It's suffocating, see." He pointed to the roots. "It's not going anyvhere, za dirt is too thick, try and soften it up more and get rid of za veeds better." He then pointed to all the insects. "And those are not good for za plants either, but some can be used to vork vith za plants, you have to know vhich ones, because just killing everything vill do more harm than good."

"I see." Her voice was very close to him, and he turned his head, not sure when she bent down next to him.

He continued to give her some advice on what she was doing wrong, watching her face as she soaked in all his knowledge he gave her easily. "You tried to do this all by yourself vithout knowing anything about plants?" His voice held a lot of amusement in them as he picked on her slightly.

"I was just trying something new." She sighed—He reached up and patted her head in encouragement.

"You'll get it. It just takes practice and some knowledge." He laughed. "Vith mein help it vill be the best garden in all of Germany!" He boasted.

For a seductress, she was a pretty hard worker when she put her mind to it. He could respect that…

Prussia was once again trying to write in his diary. He was sitting on the couch, his back placed against the armrest while his ankles were crossed rather comfortable as he laid there. He placed the pen against the paper and started writing.

Dear Diary,

Today I was so cool—

A loud scream caused his writing to drag, his pen scrapping across the entire page and ruining the paper.

"Vhat za hell vas zhat!?" Prussia sat up, looking behind the couch and out of the window. What he saw made his eyebrow raise slightly.


"France?" Prussia mumbled the name of the familiar country, as he watched him run across the yard, something slung over his shoulder. "Is zhat-?" He watched in slight amusement as a very familiar woman was kicking and screaming, being carried away by the blonde. An upset look on her face as she growled out and said several choice words to the blonde kidnapper that Prussia couldn't quite make out.

"FRANCE!" He watched as West suddenly appeared in front of the window from above—He must have jumped down from the second story—and he had his rifle in his hand as he chased after the blonde kidnapper.

Prussia just rolled his eyes and gave a small chuckle at their antics, before going back to what he was doing before, writing in his diary.

Prussia was minding his own business, taking a nap in the kitchen, when suddenly he was jerked awake when the chair he was sleeping in got knocked over and he tumbled onto the floor.

"Vhat za—" He looked around, scratching his head, before he looked up and spotted Germany. He was standing there, his leg still in the air from where he kicked his chair over. He was wearing a pink apron and a wooden spoon was in his hand. "West? Vhat vas zhat for?"

"How about you make yourself useful and stop taking a nap, and go get Kagome." He huffed, lowering his leg. "Dinner is almost done." He grumbled beneath his breath, but obeyed his brother's command and stood up, leaving—"She should be in the library." He told him where he might find her.

"Vhatever." Prussia huffed, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he went to find the silly woman.

Prussia did as Germany asked and checked the library first. It just so happens that West was right, and he found the girl in the library. She was sitting at one of the tables, quietly reading a book. Prussia tried not to laugh. He always found books so boring—He could never read one and not end up passing out and taking a nap due to sheer boredom.

Prussia walked up to the girl from behind, and as he stood over her, she was so engrossed in the pages that she never noticed him. He was about to get her attention, when his foucs went to her long black tresses that was cascading behind her. It looked so soft, he had to resist the temptation of reaching out and running his hands through it.

The girl had her head down, some of the locks falling over her shoulder and was blocking her face from his view as it hung down. He reached out and gently hooked her hair with his finger and tucked it behind her ear so he could see her face. A small smile appeared on her expression as she continued to read the book. Unable to resist anymore, he continued on and allowed his fingers to trail down her long and smooth strands. Damn it was so soft

He almost wanted to growl in jealousy at it, but instead just continued to run his hand through it, realizing in the soft feel beneath his touch. As he stood there, he began to wonder why she was allowing him to do this—The sweet smell of her scent invaded his senses and he couldn't help but take a deep breath and sigh.

He moved her hair away, exposing the back of her neck, and he bent down, placing his nose close to her flesh as he breathed in her delicious aroma. Fresh vanilla—It was so intoxicating. He began to wonder if she tasted as good as she smelt. He reached out and touched her neck gently, above the strap of her collar, and she shivered beneath him.

"Germany." She mumbled his brother's name and he smirked.

"I'm not Germany." He whispered against her pale skin, causing goosebumps to appear.

With a small gasp she pulled away from him and turned around. She had a confused and surprised look on her face as she reached up and placed her hand onto the back of her neck, rubbing it. Her face turning several shades of red. He decided she looked rather cute like that.

"Vhy za shocked look? You know you liked it." He leaned against her chair with a sly grin on his face. "Isn't zhat vhat you have been vanting this whole time?" He bent down close to her and—A powerful blow smacked across his face and he had to whip his head to the side from the force.

"Jerk!" She gave a huff and stormed out, slamming the door behind her.

He stood up and sighed, scratching his redden cheek with a single digit. What is the point of seducing him, only to slap him? He grumbled. Women are always such a mystery to him.

Prussia and Kagome was both standing in the front doorway, Germany was standing before them with a sad look in his eyes.

"It vill only be a few veeks, I promise." Germany reassured them. "They just need me to go check out a few meetings vith some other countries."

Prussia snorted. "I don't care." He shrugged. "I'm more vorried about za voman. I don't vant her crying all day and night vhile you are gone." Kagome gave a huff and smacked him in the arm, yet Prussia just laughed at her weak attack, finding it funny.

"Kagome." Germany's call made her stop glaring at him and look back over at his brother. Germany reached out and gently captured her chin and bent down. He placed a delicate kiss upon her lips, and Prussia snorted, looking away from the scene with a growl. "I'll miss you."

"Be careful." Kagome reached out and cupped his cheek, then placed her own kiss upon his lips, wishing him farewell. Prussia tried not to stick out his tongue and gag-

"Bruder." Prussia looked back over, and he grunted when a powerful hit landed on his shoulders, almost making him fall over. Germany was standing before him, looking down at him with all seriousness as his hands were on his shoulders, patting them roughly. "Take care of her vhile I am gone, Bruder." Germany gave his shoulder a small squeeze, and also shook him a little, showing what he would do should he fail at the task he was given.

"S-sure, Brohas." He laughed, patting his brother's shoulders as well. "She is mein little sister after all~!"

"Good, 'cause I vill rip out your throat if she is harmed vhile I'm gone." He had a happy smile on his face as he said this, making a chill go down his spine. With that exchange, Germany picked up his suitcase, leaving. He turned and waved to them one final time. "I'll be back."

Both Prussia and Kagome waved back to him, both smiling, but while the girl's was a happy smile, Prussia's was filled with dread. It wasn't until he heard the door giving a small click as it closed behind Germany's departure, that he finally released the tension in his shoulders and swallowed the lump in his throat. He didn't know West could be so scary… It reminded him too much of Russia.

"Little sister, huh?" He heard a teasing voice from beside him and he turned towards her. "I didn't know you cared." She laughed.

"Of course." He huffed turning away from her. "You are West's voman, that practically makes us family—" He paused when he suddenly had arms wrapped around his neck in joy.

"Please look after me, Bruder!" She laughed, hugging him tightly.

A deep blush appeared on Prussia's cheeks, and he wasn't really sure what to do in that situation. So he did the only thing he could think of, he wrapped his arms around her small from, returning the hug. After being with her for so long, he will admit that he has started to warm up to the woman…

He placed his nose into her hair and inhaled her sweet scent deeply. His heart skipped a beat and he cursed beneath his breath. It was also taking all of his power not to allow his hands to stray any lower where they currently rested on her lower back. Just a little lower and…

It was in that moment he realized that he was going to be with his brother's woman for several weeks in his brother's home—alone…

Dammit Bruder! He tried not to curse at his brother for doing this to him. What the hell is he going to do?

The night after Germany left, Prussia took it upon himself, unable to take the small size of the bed in his room anymore, and decided that since he was going to be gone for a while, he could sleep in a bed more suited to his size. So he was now sleeping in Germany's room, in his large king sized bed.

"Ah…" Prussia laid there in his boxers, stretched out with his hands above his head and a contented look on his face. "This is more like it."

And so from then on, Prussia has been sleeping in Germany's room, in his bed.

Prussia walked into the living room with a large yawn escaping his lips. He screeched the back of his head and walked over to the couch, wanting to take a nap—He paused, seeing a small lump already occupying the furniture.


Standing above her, he watched as she gently slept without a care in the world. The book she was reading was lying on her chest, opened to the page she was reading last, before she passed out.

Prussia was about to turn and leave her, but then a flashback of West appeared in his mind.

"Take care of her vhile I am gone, Bruder."

Ah, damn. Prussia cursed and scratched the back of his head again, turning back toward the sleeping beauty on the couch. He couldn't just leave her here, if she gets sick or something Germany would kill him.

Reaching out, he gently grasped the book in his large hands, and slowly pulled the object from her loose grip. As it slipped out, she gave a hum and shifted in her spot, which caused him to momentarily freeze, to see if she would awake. Yet after a few more seconds, he sighed, and relaxed, standing straight with book within his hands.

Closing the book, he placed it onto the table behind him, he then started to unbutton the jacket of his uniform. He swiftly removed the cloth, revealing the black dress shirt underneath. Carefully, he spread it over her resting form, and pulled it up to her chin to keep her warm.

He paused, seeing the collar she always wore during the day. He reached out and grabbed the tag, inspecting it. He read her name that was printed on the front, and he flipped it over, snorting when he saw Germany's name on it along with the address. Does she get lost often or something?

"Germany…" She gave a sigh in contentment, snuggling up to the makeshift blanket. A small frown appeared on Prussia's face and he sighed. Of course she would be dreaming of him

"Sweet dreams, Schwester." He leaned down and laid a gentle kiss upon her forehead.

It was close to three in the morning, normal people would be asleep at this hour, but he felt a small tug on his covers and he groaned, wondering who in the world would wake him up at this hour.

"Germany?" What the-? "Germany?" Who-? He turned his head and in his blurry vision saw Kagome standing above his bed, half asleep, holding the yellow chick that he gave to her close to her chest. He quickly sat up.

"Vhat do you vant?"

"I can't sleep again…" She told him, her eyes mostly closed as she rubbed them tiredly. "I feel lonely."

Prussia took in her appearance, with the only outfit she had on was her underwear and dress shirt. She was holding the toy to her chest protectively with a dash of color into her cheeks and a sleepy look in her eyes.

Damn why is she so fuckin' cute! It was unnatural!

He had a smirk on his face, about to say: 'Well you can sleep with me then' but he held himself back. "Kagome, you are half-asleep." He told her. "It's me, Prussia. I'm not Germany."

"Prussia?" Kagome reached up and rubbed her eyes, before her cheeks turned a darker shade in embarrassment. "Oh! I'm so sorry Prussia, I—" A sad look appeared on her face. "I didn't mean to disturb you. Did I pick the wrong room?"

Prussia shook his head and scooted to the edge of the bed, letting his legs dangle off the side. "I have taken West's room. I like his bed better." He admitted and Kagome sighed.

"I'm sorry, I'll leave…" Kagome turned and began walking away and Prussia reached out, grabbing her by her arm and successfully stopping her.

"Did you forget that West is gone?" He asked. She reached up and scratched her head and sighed. Probably why she felt lonely and didn't even know it—"Do you normally sleep together vith him like zhat vhen you can't sleep?" He had a smirk on his face, and she must have saw it for she blushed. "You two are not as innocent as I thought then, hmmm?" He teased and her blush deepened.

"If you are just going to make fun of me." She huffed pulling her arm away from his grasp. "I'm leaving."

"Hey, now don't be zhat vay." He reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her harshly to him, which earned a surprised cry coming from the woman. He chuckled as he held the girl tightly from behind as she sat on his lap. "If you are lonely, you can sleep vith me." He placed his lips against her neck, glad that she took the collar off at night, and it was no longer blocking him. She shivered beneath his touch and he enjoyed it.

"Let go of me."

He sighed and loosened his hold on her. "I know you miss him." He turned serious as he talked to her. He could feel her body become defeated as she looked down at the ground sadly. "Zhat is vhy you came into this room, isn't it? You are lonely." He gave her a small squeeze in comfort, before completely opening his arms and allowing her to leave. It took her a few seconds, but she did get up from his lap, standing once more on her feet. She turned and looked at him and he saw the sad look in her eyes as she held the animal to her chest, as if to comfort herself. "If you are really having trouble sleeping"—He reached out and pulled back the covers.—"You can join me." Seeing the look on her face he smirked. "I promise I von't do anything to you."

Instead of instantly rejecting his offer like he thought she would, she actually seemed to be thinking it over. Even more surprising enough she crawled into the bed on the far side and got underneath the blanket. Prussia raised an eyebrow at her, taken back.

"Good night." She spoke, snapping him out of his daze.

"Hmph." He too got beneath the covers, their backs facing each other. " Night."

Prussia paused and looked over his shoulder, spotting the raven tresses peeking out from the covers. She must really miss him…

His heart gave a small twinge at the thought, but he ignored it and turned back around, easily enough falling back to sleep, even with his brother's woman sleep in the same bed.

Prussia found himself stirring, too comfortable to want to move. He felt a warm body against his and he sighed in contentment. His arm that was around her waist pulled her closer to him and curled tighter around her tiny form, not wanting her to escape.

He mumbled beneath his breath into her soft hair. "Hungry." He started to doze into a deeper sleep-

She gave a small moan in response, wiggling beneath him and he grunted, her ass rubbing against his groin causing a reaction in him. It was in that moment the he began to become conscious of what was going on. Slowly he opened his eyes, and he found himself staring into dark black hair. What the-? He wasn't dreaming!?

He tried not to make any sudden movements, for fear of waking the woman up. What is going on! He tried to wrap his mind around what happened, and then last night's events replayed in his head and he tried not to curse at his own stupidity.

Yeah, awesome idea Prussia, invite your brother's woman to sleep with you because she felt lonely… Moron.

In that moment Prussia figured he had two choices. One: Move his arm and away from her, which would probably end up waking the girl up and her slapping him or Two: Lay still, and try to go back to sleep, where she ends up waking up later, and she either slaps him and leaves, or just gets embarrassed about the whole thing and leaves without slapping him.

He decided to go with option two, where a slap might happen, but was far less likely than option one.

With that in mind Prussia just continued to lay there, with his sister against his body and him trying not to move or think about anything other than trying to go back to sleep or hoping she wakes up soon.

Believe it or not, he was very comfortable like this, so within a few minutes found himself dozing in and out of sleep rather easily—The girl gave a soft sound beneath him and he tried not to react to it. Is she waking up? Damn, he hopes so…

His question was soon answered when he felt her stir a little, before several noises that he couldn't recognize came from her mouth. He felt her turn her head and look behind her—Her body instantly tensed up beneath him when she realized who she was spooning with and he tried not to laugh, finding it rather funny, knowing what was probably going through her mind at the moment.

Slowly she turned her head back around, and she didn't move for several tense seconds, probably trying to figure out what to do. When she finally moved again, he felt her soft hand on his, and she carefully lifted it up and away from her waist, trying to remove it without waking him.

Prussia smirked, unable to control himself and wanted to tease her just a little. He gave a small groan and shifted a little. She immediately tensed up, but then he pulled his hand away from her grasp and placed it back onto her body, pulling her closer to him once more. Just to add to it, he also buried his nose into her hair and breathed deeply. Damn, she still smells good—He released a pleased sigh, enjoying the scent.

After waiting a little while, Kagome tried again, this time moving much more slowly as she peeled his arm away from her waist. This time he let her, his amused smirk never leaving his face. When she was free, she scooted away from his body. He felt the bed shift, and he quickly made his expression neutral, knowing that she probably could see is face now. She put his arm back down softly, and quietly crawled away from him and out of the bed. After a few more quiet seconds, he heard the sound of the door opening, then finally closing shut once more.

Prussia chuckled, glad his plan worked. He might have been pushing it, if she found out he was really awake he would have been toast, but at least in the end it worked out and he didn't get slapped.

Prussia walked into the kitchen still only wearing his boxers. He released a large yawn and scratched the back of his head. He paused when a delicious aroma filled his nose.

He turned and saw Kagome still in her sleepwear, but with an apron on, cooking breakfast. "Mmm." He hummed in delight as he walked up to her, his stomach instantly growling. "Breakfast."

He saw her cheeks become stained with red when she noticed him and he smirked. "Good morning."

"G-good morning."

He walked over to the table and sat down. "You vern't there vhen I voke up." He casually mentioned, and he enjoyed watched her face become even darker.

"I didn't want to wake you up." She told him, not mentioning the indecent position they were in when she woke up. She turned the stove off and removed the skillet. She placed whatever meal it was she fixed onto a plate and sat it in front of him. His mouth instantly started drooling at the sight of the food. "Thank you for letting me sleep with you."

"Uh?" He looked away from the food and back towards her. He shrugged. "No big deal." He reached out and with his fork started to dig in. "Thanks for the food."

He started to stuff his face, and he almost had a heart attack. The food tasted even better then it smelt! Damn she was a good cook! He glanced over at her—He better not say that out loud, don't want her to get a big ego or anything…

"Don't want that, then we will have two people with ego's bigger than their heads." She spoke up.

Holy shit! He cursed. He said that out loud! Ooops. Made him question what other things he has said without him knowing it…

"I'm glad you like it." She smiled at him and he huffed, stuffing another bite of food into his mouth.

"It's good." He finally decided to give her a compliment on it.

She flashed him a beautiful smile and the food almost got stuck in his throat at the sight.

Fuck. Why is she so perfect? He couldn't help but let the question go through his mind as he put another bite of her good food into his mouth.

And why does she have to be in love with his brother?

Prussia was in the garden, tending to the flowers that were now blooming rather nicely. She has done rather well on her own, but every so often he would come into the garden and do a few trimmings and check on the plants, to make sure she didn't do anything wrong to kill off all the plants again.

He glanced over at the woman who was currently sitting in the yard a few feet away from him, reading a book. She is always reading. He noticed with a shrug, before going back to his trimming.

Reaching out with his garden tool, he began cutting several branches off of the bushes, to allow the plant to grow better, so it wasn't suffocating itself and allow more light to go through.

He hummed to himself, proud, when he spotted a beautiful blooming rose and he reached underneath of it, expecting it. He smiled, before taking his clippers, and reached out, placing it beside the flower to cut an opening around it so it could breathe better- A loud scream of surprise pierced the air and his hand slipped, cutting off the beautiful rose. A frown appeared on his face as he looked down at the flower, now laying helplessly at his feet.

He stood up and glanced over where the scream came from, spotting a figure quickly getting smaller and smaller. "Oh-Honhonhon~!"

"France?" Prussia's eyes narrowed as he watched the blonde run away while laughing tauntingly.

The strange country had Kagome slung over his shoulders like a wild hog, her legs hanging behind him while she kicked his back and punched his chest. Prussia found himself tilting his head, trying to get a better look. From that position, thanks to the short skirt the woman was wearing—He could almost see her-

"Take care of her vhile I am gone, Bruder."Germany's words replayed in his mind while sending him that creepy smile again and he felt a chill go down him.

He reached down and picked up a nice stone that was sitting at his feet, beside the forgotten rose. He tossed it in the air a few times, catching it and testing its weight, before looked back towards the fading country, who was now a small dot in the distance- France laughed again and gave her a kiss on the cheek a heart appearing around his head in delight.

Something boiled within him as he watched France run off with his brother's woman, treating her so. That bastard-!

Prussia cursed inside of his mind and reeled his arm back, and threw the rock as hard as he could. The stone sored in the air with a high pitched buzz, the power of the throw beyond normal human strength. His aim was true and the rock hit—

"Oww!" Kagome gave a shout of pain when the stone hit her smack in the butt cheek, causing to her squirm in Frances hold even more. "Something hit my ass!" She complained loudly, rubbing her injured tush with her hands.

"Really?" France looked over at her, as if thinking 'it wasn't me' but then a sly smirk appeared on his face and he suddenly stopped in his tracks and sat Kagome down on her feet. The girl huffed, still rubbing her butt with her palm. "I should take a look." As France said this he lifted up her skirt, a perverted grin on his face as he got a good look at her ass—A loud smack followed by the scream of rage roared out as Kagome hit the pervert as hard as she could. Even though France was hit so hard he was almost knocked off of he his feet, he still had a creepy/happy look on his face, as if the pain was clearly worth the reward.

France looked back over at her, and had his hands in front of him in a grabbing motion, drooling coming down from his mouth as he laughed. "Honhonhon~!"

Kagome gave a small squeak, her blush still staining her cheeks and she reached down with both hands, covering her butt to try and protect herself from his perverted clutches—A powerful fist came from nowhere and slammed into the blonde's jaw sending him sprawling onto the floor several feet away.

"Get away from her!" Prussia's cheeks was red with anger as he still held his fist in front of him, warning him of a second hit should he try something like that again. "No one touches mein Schwester like zhat!" He snorted through his nose. "Except me!"

He could hear France mumbling several things beneath his breath, but he got the hint and quickly took off in a blur of speed, leaving only a cloud of dust in his wake before Prussia could even react. He was about to chase after him, to make sure the country never tries another stunt like that again, but then a powerful hit slammed into his chest causing him to stumble backwards a few steps.

"You hit my ass with a rock!" Kagome was glaring at him. "How could you miss his fat head and hit me instead!? Idiot!"

He smirked in amusement. "Vell, in mein defense it's easy to get za two confused since they are za same size—" She shoved him again and he stumbled a second time. "Vhat!?" Now he was losing his temper. "You don't like mein plan?" He huffed crossing his arms over his chest. "It saved you, didn't it?!"

"You mean to tell me you hitting my ass with rock was part of your plan?" She snorted through her nose and matched his stance, arms crossed, frown on her face.

"Of course!" He snorted as well, as if I was obvious. "I am ze awesome Prussia!" He rolled his eyes. "I knew France couldn't resist to stop and look at za vound I caused."

"You are such a liar Prussia!" She placed one hand on her hip and pointed at him. "Just admit that you missed!" She growled. "And even if that was your plan—" She punched him in the chest and this time he planted his feet and he didn't stumble. "That just makes it worse!" Her expression changed from one of anger, to one of pain and a small pout appeared on her face. "Not only did you're 'great plan' let France get a peek at my ass"- She reached behind her and rubbed her butt with a sigh. "It hurt…" She looked over her shoulder. "I'm sure I will leave a bruise." She was mumbling to herself as she continued to rub her butt cheek.

"Vell then." A sly smirk was plastered onto his face as he suddenly appeared behind Kagome, crouching. "I should take a look—" He chuckled in a creepy way as he lifted up her skirt and got a very nice view of her plump rear end. His eyes spotted the sexy black underwear she had on and a whistle escaped his lips right before she let lose a squeak of surprise followed by a powerful punch to his jaw. He stumbled backwards from the blow before finally falling over onto his back in a daze from the powerful hit.

His world was spinning as he watched her form storm back towards the house, yet his position still gave him a nice view of her ass, along with her black lance panties. The goofy grin was still on his face as he laughed.

Prussia was sitting on the couch, looking at the book in his hand with mild curiosity. "Vhy does she read so much?" He couldn't help but wonder as he continued to examine the book. He found it sitting on the coffee table. He was going to take a nap on the couch, but then he recognized the cover as one of the books the girl was reading earlier that evening. "Vhat is so interesting about books?" He finds them boring and dull. There hasn't been a book that he hasn't gotten through the first chapter without falling asleep. (Battle strategy and war tactics does not count. To him they are not considered the same as books.)

He recalled in his mind all the times he watched her reading by herself while Germany has been away, and he hummed, leaning further into the couch and relaxing. Could they really be all the interesting? He couldn't help himself as he began to open the book and flip through the pages quickly, as if testing it out.

She must be really smart to read all those books. He went back to the front of the book and glanced over the cover again. He recalled his brother, West, who also reads books all the time. He use to read a lot of battle strategies like himself, but he noticed since he has been living with Germany, the blonde has been reading other material as well. Has he been trying to find some kind of common ground with the woman? He huffed, finding a strange feeling stirring within him knowing at they shared something in common with one another like reading.

He was smart too. He found himself frowning as he opened up the book and stared at the first page for several seconds. He was Prussia! He can do something like read a silly old book…

Prussia groaned, blackness surrounding himself as he slowly regained his thoughts from the haze. Before he even opened his eyes, he could smell the sweet scent of vanilla all around him. He slowly revealed his crimson orbs to the world and he groaned, sitting up from his lying position on the couch.

What happened? Movement below him caught his attention and he noticed the blanket that had been lying on him fell from his chest and landed on his lap in a heap of folds. He fell asleep? Was he taking a nap? He looked around, seeing he was in the living room and he paused, spotting the book lying on the coffee table. He reached out and grabbed the book, looking at it with a frown.

He must have fallen asleep. He looked down and took the blanket in his other hand, examining it. He didn't remember getting a blanket—Hell, he didn't remember falling asleep!

The sweet smell of vanilla caused a familiar image of a certain seductress, and he found his cheeks becoming warm. Did she find him sleeping on the couch and put this blanket over him? He began replaying different images in his mind of the woman taking advantage of him while he was sleeping—The thoughts quickly turned a more adult fantasy then reality and he shook his head to rid himself of them. He shouldn't be having such ideas in his mind about his brother's woman, even though she is a seductress.

Hold on- If his memory is right, and his awesome memories is always right, (He could always just double check is dairy if he had to, but that isn't necessary) didn't he do this exact same thing to the young woman soon after his brother left the house? Of course he used his jacket instead of a blanket, but that's not really that big of a difference. Was this some sort of repayment? He sighed trying not to think of the complicated thoughts of how a woman's mind works and just went with it and moved on.

He looked and the book and began flipping through the pages where he last remembered leaving off before he passed out.

Chapter three, a new record. He smiled to himself and snapped the book shut.

Prussia was sitting at the kitchen table, writing in his diary. Every so often he would pause and glance over, seeing a nicely curved figure standing over the stove and stirring a pot. The pink apron, while it made his brother look laughable, made the girl look cute as she continued to cook dinner while mixing the ingredients together. She was whistling a happy tune to herself and Prussia turned away from her cheery mood and snorted.

His brother was coming home tonight.

He continued to write in his diary for several more minutes, before a soft touch against his hand made it slide across the page, ruining the paper. He turned towards the girl, yet all he saw was the curiosity in her eyes as she leaned down and smiled at him.

"I didn't know you were left handed." She casually spoke, her thumb going across the back of his hand as if it were a natural thing to do.

He tried not to twitch in reaction to it, and he frowned. "So?"

"I just thought it was strange that people could live in the same house for so long, but never know something like they are left-handed." What is she trying to get at?

"Vhat is your point?" He huffed, wishing to pull his hand away from hers, but the warmth of the contact was reaching to his fingertips and it felt rather nice.

"Well, we have been living under the same roof but I don't know much about you, I guess is what I'm saying." She turned her head away from him, then finally took her hand off of his.

He immediately missed the warmth, and his hand twitched, a sign he was resisting to reach out and grab her hand. "Are you saying zhat ve are strangers?" He gave a small laugh at that. "Are you saying zhat I know nothing about you?" He snorted and leaned back in his chair. "Za fact zhat you enjoy za color green. Your favorite food is Oden. You are fond of foxes. You enjoy reading girly things, but vhen no one is looking you also read a lot of history books. How about za fact zhat you alvays touch zhat collar of yours vhenever you are nervous?" He glanced over, noticing that she was doing that very thing—Her finger stroking the metal tag of her collar.

"Y-you know that much about me?" She asked, her cheek taking on a cute shade of pink.

"Of course, I am ze awesome Prussia." He snorted, his nostrils flaring. "Vhy wouldn't I know those things?" He reached out and grabbed her hand that was still fiddling with the trinket. He gave it a small squeeze of reassurance and pulled it away from her collar. He smile at her as his thumb unconsciously began rubbing circles on the back of her hand. "You are mein Schwester."

He took great pride in seeing her pink cheeks become darker at his words and his smile turned into a smirk. His heart gave a small thump against his chest, and he released her hand from his after giving it another squeeze. She turned around and went back to her cooking, no longer nervously touching her necklace. He hummed to himself and went back to writing in his diary.

Prussia was finishing the rest of his diary entry for the day, up till that point at least, and he paused, the delicious aroma almost making his stomach growl in anticipation. He glanced over to see what the girl was doing, but he raised an eyebrow when he spotted her standing on her tippy toes, trying to reach something from one of the cabinets above the countertop. He watched in amusement, resting his cheek on his knuckles. She groaned, straining and stretching as far as she could reach above her, her right leg then lifted up, as if it would somehow help her reach farther. She then gave up that idea and instead started to hop, reminding him of a bunny, and he chuckled. He then hummed when he watched her lower her arms back down and huff. She looked down at the countertop, as if trying to decide something, then back up at the cabinet.

Prussia knew that she was thinking about climbing the countertop to stand on it—He sighed and slowly stood up. Kagome placed her hands on the counter top, about to lift herself up, and he stood directly behind her, so close that he could feel her body form against his and she tensed up. He leaned down and whispered into her ear. "Don't do zhat." He warned her, placing his right hand beside hers, on the counter, before reaching up with his left and easily grabbing the bottle of spice that she was trying so desperately to reach. "You might fall and hurt yourself." He now had the bottle placed in front of her teasingly, a smirk on his face.

A blush was starting to form in her cheeks from embarrassment, and he chuckled. "Thank you." She reached out and took the bottle, but then he grabbed her hand.

"Vhy didn't you ask me to get it for you in za first place?" It would have been a lot easier.

"Because." She shifted, her body moving against him and he stifled a groan, the fingers in his right hand curled tightly into a fist. "You were busy writing and I didn't want to bother you." He snorted at her answer, finding it stupid, and released her hand. He took a step back, and now that she had room, she turned around to face him. "I know some things about you too." She confessed, which caused him to raise an eyebrow at her.

"Oh?" He leaned towards her once more, placing both arms on either side of her, his hands on the countertop.

"Yes." She was now nervous again and turned her head away from him, looking to the side.

"Then vhy don't you tell me vhat is it you know about me?" His smirk returned, and he leaned down close to her face. Her delicious aroma filled him, and he held back a groan. Between that and the Worst she was cooking, it was making him really hungry. Of course the kind of hunger he was feeling from the food, and the kind he felt from the woman standing before him was much different. Yet both gave him the distinct feeling of wanting to reach out and take a taste...

"Why should I?" She asked.

"Hmm?" He looked back at her, the question snapping him out of his thoughts for a moment.

"Why should I tell you what I have noticed about you?" She repeated so he understood what she was referring to.

"I guess"—He reached from behind her and moved her hair away from her shoulder and neck. "I could give you some kind of reward." He leaned down and placed his nose just below her earlobe, his lips close to her jugular. Her breath was becoming ragged by his closeness and he was enjoying her reaction.

"You like beer." Duh, who doesn't?

"You vill have to do better then zhat." He teased, enjoying how she shivered as his breath went across her skin.

"You like to fish and hunt, but you also like to garden and clean. You also like eating way too much and taking naps afterwards, which I probably why you take too many naps too." He snorted in amusement at her comment. "You like cute things, and though you will never tell him, you respect and love Germany very much." Though he couldn't see her, he could hear her smiling as she spoke those words. "I also know that you try to act cool and rough but deep down you are actually a very kind and caring person." He huffed in objection and pulled away from her. He looked down at her with a frown. He wasn't trying—he wascool. "I also know that" She turned her head and looked into his eyes, a sad look deep within her blue pools. "You have been hurt before, by someone you deeply cared about." His eyes widened a little bit and he almost took a step back—What the? He paused for a moment, as many faces appeared in his mind of all the people that hurt him that she could be referring to. How did she-? She spoke very vaguely—she was probably just guessing. After all, in general, everyone has been hurt by someone they care about at least once in their life. There is no way that she knows who or which one. "I heard you call out 'Hungry' the night you let me sleep with you in Germany's bed."

Dammit. He cursed under his breath. She was awake when he did that? He turned his head away, unable to look into her eyes as a pain hit him hard in the chest. He took another step back—He paused when a small hand was placed onto his chest and he looked down.

"I'm sorry if I brought up anything painful." Her words were sincere.

He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the images of a certain country that now, thanks to her, were floating around and jumbling up his thoughts. "It's nothing." He cleared his throat that suddenly became dry. "There is no pain." Just one-sided stupidity on his part. At night, even now, he would catch himself thinking about her and wondering what she is doing.

"Of course there is pain." She was looking up at him with pity. He never did like that look—he hated it even more when they were looking at him with it. "Sometimes I catch you staring off in the distance with an upset look on your face."

"It doesn't upset me." He found himself snapping at her. "I don't care about her anymore. I …" He couldn't finish, for the words caught in his throat as doubt began to settle in his stomach. Was that true? Did he really not care about Hungry anymore? Was there any other reason for him to think about her unless he did?

"You never stop caring and thinking about your first love." She smiled up at him and placed her hand over her heart, a knowing look in her eyes. "I loved him very much, but he loved another and didn't return my feelings." He felt something stir within him and he reached out, cupping her cheek in reassurance. That sad smile was still on her face, but he was glad she wasn't crying, and his thumb began to gently caress her, and she closed her eyes in content and leaned into his touch. "Thank you." She had the strange need to thank him for whatever comfort he gave her.

Prussia felt warmth in his chest, almost boiling over at the sight of her standing before him with her eyes closed like that—as if she was waiting for something. In that moment, thoughts of Hungry disappeared, replaced with the blue-eyed dark-haired human that was in front of him. "You're velcome." The gruff and deep voice that came out of hi mouth sounded different, as if they came from someone else.

She tried to speak, to have sound amidst the tense silence between them. "I-I umm." She suddenly started fidgeting, stuttering with her words. "I know you will find someone you deeply care about again someday." He hummed in agreement, his other hand reached out and tentatively stroked his knuckles up her arm, testing the smoothness of her skin and enjoying the shiver it produced. His rested his hand on her neck, his fingers lancing through her hair on the back of her head and he almost sighed as the silky locks melted in his touch like butter. His tongue went across his dry lips, wetting them, and he leaned down to her—"Just like how I found Germany."

At the mention of his brother's name, he instantly pulled back, and his hand that was resting on her cheek flung away from her, as if brunt. His eyes were widened, mostly by shock, as the image of West appeared in his mind.


My god, what was he just about to do? He took another step back and placed his hand onto his face, successfully covering up half of his guilt ridden expression. He was going to betray his brother.

He looked back over at the girl, and saw she was watching him with a look of concern. "I will be in the living room." Without another word he turned and left the kitchen, going into the living room and putting much needed distance between them.

He was going to kiss his brother's woman…

Prussia was sitting in the living room, feeling a little agitated. He had his diary in his hand, the only one left. All the others that he has been writing in since he was born were all gone—everything was gone. He took a deep sigh as image after image of Kagome filled his thoughts. He shook his head as if to expel them from his mind. Deciding to try and distract himself long enough to stop thinking about her, he opened his diary and began reading the entrees.

Dear Diary,

Today I was so cool.

A smirk appeared on his face. That's right, he was cool…

West accepted me into his house, like I knew he would. Strangely enough he has a human woman staying with him—

He growled and quickly turned the page, not wanting to read anything about the woman he is currently trying to forget.

She must be a seductress! She has West under her spell!

He huffed and this time flipped several pages—

I am an awesome hunter, you know this diary, but it seems that the woman isn't half bad either—

His growl almost turned into a roar as he desperately flipped through each page, but every single one had at least something written about the girl. Near the end he noticed that it was all he ever talked about—With an angry snarl he snapped his diary closed and threw it across the room. It slammed into the wall and fell onto the floor with a thud.

What is wrong with him!?

"Prussia?" Hearing her sweet voice call his name he instantly tensed up. "You alright?"

"Fine!" He shouted back in rage.

"You sure?" He jumped at her voice and turned, seeing her standing by the doorway. "I heard a loud sound."

"I said I vas fine." He tried not to seem as pissed off as he felt, but the moment he saw her his heart did several flips in his chest.

Why is he reacting this way!? She must have put that love spell she has been feeding to Germany in his food too… Damn witch.

"You sure? I—"She jumped when a loud ringing sound blared out. She sighed and turned, looking beside her. There was a telephone placed on the nightstand beside the doorway. It rang a second time. She reached out and picked it up on it's third ring. She placed the black receiver to her ear carefully and spoke softly. "Hello?" Her expression instantly brightened and a smile appeared on her face. "Germany!" Prussia snorted and turned away, feeling something bubbling in his gut. "I was just making your favorite, for when you showed up tonight…" There was a pause. "…Oh…" Prussia instantly caught the wavering sound in her voice and he turned to look at her. He saw that her once bright expression was slowly turning sad and her shoulders were deflating. "No. I understand." She put on a fake smile, even though West couldn't see her from the other line. "I…" She glanced out of the corner of her eyes, staring directly into his. Prussia tilted his head, and she looked away again, down towards the floor. "I-I love you too."

He heard a soft click of the receiver being placed on the base once more and she released a sigh. Without another word she left the living room and went back to the kitchen.

"I love you." Prussia felt his heart sink at those words.

Those words are words that will never be spoken to him—they are for his brother's ears and his brother's only.

Prussia and Kagome are sitting at the kitchen table, in dead silence. Prussia took a bite out of his worst, and he glanced over, on the opposite side of the table, watching the girl just pick at her own food. He then looked at the end of the table, between the two of us on the small square table, only big enough for four chairs. At the end was another plate, but it was empty, just like the chair. He looked back over at the girl and saw her still picking at her food and he sighed. He reached out and took another bite of his food, allowing the flavors to consume him.

"It's good." He spoke up, trying to make her feel better.

"Are you saying that for real?" She voiced her thoughts and looked up at him. "Or did I just hear you say that by accident again?" He could hear the hurt in her voice. He reached out with his right hand, placing it onto her left and giving it a soft squeeze.

"I meant it." The food was good.

A small smile appeared on her face, and she finally took a bite out of her food. "Thank you." He felt himself sigh in relief and stroked her knuckles gently with his thumb. They continued to eat their dinner while still holding hands on top of the table. They ate in silence for several minutes until she spoke again. "Can I…" Her fingers curled around his hand in hesitation. "Can I sleep with you again tonight?" The question caught him off guard and he looked up, seeing her staring at him with a dash of pink going across her cheeks.

He knew the answer to that question: No. It was his brother's woman, who, by some magic spell the witch has casted on him, has now gotten feelings for. He squeezed her hand just as tightly as she was holding his. No. He spoke the answer again in his mind. No. Them sleeping in the same bed was not a good idea. Just because she was upset and wants the company— fully trusting him not to do anything to her- doesn't mean he should agree to it—He looked into her blue eyes and saw the lonely and sadness in them, due to the fact that his brother wasn't going to show up tonight—in fact, he was delayed coming home for another week or two.

His mouth opened and he spoke his answer: No. "If you vant." Dammit! That wasn't what he was supposed to say!

"Thank you!" The bright smile she gave him made his heart start to flutter.

Aww, fuck…

Prussia picked up his empty plate, walking over to where Kagome was standing in front of the sink, washing the dirty dishes. He placed his dish in the soapy water, hearing a plop sound as it dropped and submerged. He stared at the girl, as she held a plate in her hand, moving almost in slow motion as she rubbed the sponge in circles over and over again without any strength behind it. He noticed the dullness in her blue eyes as she was deep in thought and he sighed.

He rolled up the sleeves of his black dress shirt, and picked up the towel on the counter, tossing it over his shoulder to rest casually. He turned on the warm water and picked up the first of the dishes, a pot, and began rinsing it off. After the suds were gone, he grabbed the towel that was hanging off his shoulder and used it to dry the pot, before setting it aside in the drainer. He tossed the towel over his shoulder again and repeated the process for the other dishes left in the sink.

She washed, while he rinsed and dried. "Thank you." He noticed she has been saying that to him a lot lately.

She really shouldn't be thanking him. After all, he is nothing but a selfish and jealous person. He would like nothing more than for her to leave his brother, just so he could have her all to himself—A knot grew in his stomach and he tried not to outwardly show his feelings. He heard a small sound come from beside him and he glanced over. He paused in his drying when he saw tears falling down, leaving wet trail down her redden cheeks. She tried to pretend like she wasn't crying, and continued to scrub at the grim on the silverware, even as the salty tears were falling into the pool of water in the sink, the sound of dripping echoed in the otherwise quiet kitchen.

He reached out and with his knuckles brushed away the trail from her cheek. She gave a small hiccup, unable to hold it anymore and turned towards him. He used the opportunity to wipe her other cheek and he sighed. He was never good with tears.

She dropped the fork and sponge into the water. "I-I don't know what to do!" She reached up with her hands to wipe her eyes but he quickly caught her wrists, stopping her. She looked up at him questionably.

"You have soap on your hands." He tried to tell her, and let go of her wrists. "It vould burn your eyes." It would only make her cry more—He took his towel and began to carefully clean her hands and removing the suds.

She gave a small sniffle. "Thank you." There she goes again- Thanking him.

He sighed and after he was done, placed the towel on the counter. He looked back over at her and saw her rubbing her eyes to try and get rid of her tears, but it wasn't helping. He found himself sighing for a second time, his chest feeling constricted at seeing her fallen from, while he struggled with himself if he should help her or not. He reached out and placing both his hands on either side of her wet cheeks, pushing hers out of the way. Without speaking he began to use his thumb to try and brush away her tears from the corner of her eyes, yet his effort wasn't helping much. The large drops was overpowering and easily falling down and going over top of his hand.

"I don't know vhy you are upset." But he could take a good guess. "But the first step is to stop crying…" He tried not to let his tension reveal itself as he lifted her head up so she could stare into his eyes.

"I'm sorry." She sniffled, blinking a few times. It took a few seconds, but she was able to control it and the tears finally stopped falling. He sighed in relief and used the opportunity to rub away the left over stains on her cheek and tears still hovering around her eyes, threatening to fall. "Thank you." He could feel himself almost groaning at the way she tosses that word around. Why does she always say that to him, as if he actually deserved it?

When her cheeks were no longer soaked, he ran his fingers through her hair, enjoying the softness. His other hand was placed onto her chin, holding her head up so he could look at her face, to check and make sure he got them all. She closed her eyes, allowing him to look her over. He saw her flushed cheeks, tension in her face and body. Her relaxed eyes and soft lips, set into a small frown.

His eyes continued to stare at her pink lips, her sweet scent flowing around him and making him feel compelled to taste her. His brother appeared in his mind as he bent down towards her face, and guilt hit him. This was his brother's girl. He had to remind himself, even has his fingers curled into her long locks, his hand supporting her head gently. He shouldn't even be thinking of kissing her—He used his thumb and brushed it across her bottom lip, she responded out of reflex by parting them just a little bit.

"Prussia?" She slowly opened her eyes back up. The sadness that was in her blue pools was now completely gone, replaced by confusion and now seeing how close his face was to her own. "What…?" Her voice was soft, barely above a whisper as her eyes was searching his face, as if to find answers. He can't. She loved his brother, and he loved her. Yet he couldn't deny that he was in love with her too. He knew—He knew he shouldn't do it.

"What are you…?" Yet she knew the answer to that as he slowly lowered himself even more as she spoke those words, until his lips finally touched hers.

Can't he just be happy? What was so wrong with wanting to be happy even for a moment? Would that be selfish of him? The answer was: Yes.

His moment of happiness was just that, a fleeting moment, before he pulled away from her. He searched her face, to see the disgust and hate, yet he didn't find any of that, just shock and confusion. He didn't allow time to let her react, and he turned away from her and left the kitchen.

Regret and guilt hitting him hard after it was much too late.

I'm sorry, Bruder…

For being so selfish, even just for a moment.

Prussia stirred in the bed, the warmth of the sun shining on him made it much too comfortable to move. The scent of vanilla surrounded him and he tensed up, opening his eyes. He sat up and looked around, releasing a sigh of relief when he didn't see anyone else in the bed with him. He laid back down—He groaned when something poked him in the back and he reached behind him. He raised an eyebrow when he was staring at a familiar stuffed yellow bird.

Prussia walked down the stairs, wearing only is boxers and the stuffed bird in his hand. The wonderful smell of breakfast entered his nose and he started heading towards the kitchen, knowing that's where he would find her.

The moment he saw her he hesitated, but just for a second, then he approached her as she was placing the last pate of food onto the table.

He held the stuffed animal out in front of her face. "Vhy vas this in mein bed?"

"Because I was sleeping with it last night." She spoke as if it was the most obvious answer. "What? Did you forget?" She looked over at him questionably.

"But you said I could…" He should his head of the images that were slowly coming back to him and he huffed. She slept with him last night, even after he kissed her? He watched in a slight daze as she placed the silverware down on the table with a hum. She is acting like it never happened—that he never kissed her…

Then another thought came into his mind. Did kissing her really not bother her? Did she not care? He shook his head. Of course it didn't bother her, she doesn't have feelings for him. She loves Germany.

"Are you going to eat with me?" She pulled out her chair and sat in it, look up at him with a smile.

If she wants to play it that way, fine. He snorted and plopped down in his chair. He sat the stuffed animal in the chair beside him. Besides, when has he ever passed up food? As he began to fix his plate, he glanced over at the woman who was doing the same.

Maybe pretending it never happened was for the best…

As long as West never found out, everything can go back to the way it was—He was reaching out to grab a roll when his hand touched hers—They both pulled away quickly, and he found himself looking down at his hand. He glanced over and saw her looking down at her lap.

It was then he realized that things would never be the same between them, no matter how hard they tried to pretend. It was awkward—He reached out and grabbed the roll. He saw that she was watching him- Maybe she did care after all, and kissing her did have some kind of reaction? He flashed her a sexy grin, which caused a cute pink to appear on her cheeks and look away from him. His smirk of confidence remained a he took a bite out of the roll with a chuckle.

It could be our little secret, just between the two of us.

Kagome was in Germany's office, dusting. It has been several days since… A blush appeared on her cheeks and she shook her head to try and get rid of the image. Ever since that day Prussia has done nothing but tease her about it.

"Come on, you know you liked it, how about another?" He would joke as he touched her arm and whispered into her ear.

And he would continue his joke until she found herself turning red in embarrassment, and he would laugh at her and walk away. He could be so mean…

She sighed and went over to Germany's desk. Why is he treating her like that? She reached out and picked up the picture that was placed onto the blonde's desk. She turned it over and smiled, seeing it was a picture of Germany, her, and Prussia. She took her rag and wiped the surface, even though it didn't really have any dust on it. When she removed the cloth, she found herself staring at the picture. All three of us were smiling.

She reached out and touched Germany's face, running her fingertip over his bright blue eyes—her favorite thing about him. (Not including his strong muscles and deep voice)

She missed him very much, but he wouldn't be home for another few weeks…

Her hand moved to the other man on the photo, and her eyes dulled over at the sight of him. Her cheeks took on a rosy tint as her fingertips went over his lips—Her body tensed up when she felt strong arms wrap around her from behind.

He placed his nose into her hair and took a deep breath sighing. Kagome relaxed in his hold, but she had a sad smile on her face. He moved her hair, placing it over her shoulder so he could have access to the back of her neck. She couldn't help but shiver when light kisses were placed upon her skin in the sensitive area. Why is he doing this to her? She couldn't help but think as she closed her eyes and sighed.

"Prussia…" Her voice was filled with sadness. Why does he tease her like this?

"Prussia?" The deep voice caused her to gasp in surprise and she quickly turned around, only to come face to face with a very angry germen.


"I felt bad for not coming home the other night, so I returned home as soon as I could to see you, only to find you calling out my brother's name?!" He started speaking German at that point, and Kagome couldn't understand him, but she did understand his body language and rage filled look on his face. He slammed his hands down on the desk behind her and she squeaked, jumping, and the picture in her hand slipped out of her grasp, falling onto the floor. His arms was on either side of her trapping her.

"I-I'm sorry!" She couldn't think of anything else to say, her mind a jumbled up mess of thoughts and emotions, filled with confusion and fear.

"Vhat have you two been doing vhile I've been avay!?" She tried to back away from him, but he had her trapped, her butt pressed against the edge of the desk. She could hear the creaking of the wood as he gripped the desk edge with such force his knuckles was turning white. He was leaning over her, easily done with his superior height, glaring down at her with rage as he demanded answers.

Yet all she could do was draw a blank.

Prussia was walking up the stairs when he heard a loud slam which caused him to turn his head towards the noise. What was that? As he walked down the hallway, he heard loud shouting accompanied by several curses in German.

"Germany?" His eyes widened a little and he opened the door to the blonde's office. The sight before him caused anger to boil in him and his grip on the doorknob tightened.

"Don't try to lie to me! Vhat have you two been doing!" Germany slammed his fist onto the desk, causing the girl to jump at his rage. His already towering height caused the girl to look incredibly small a she was cowering before him beneath his temper.

Without thinking Prussia marched up to him and shoved him off of the girl. He stood protectively between them, glaring at his brother.

"Prussia!" Germany's hands were balled into fists by his side at the sight of him, as if he were about to swing at him.

"Calm down, West." He tried to reason with him before it became a brawl. Prussia was always in a mood to fight, but not this time- "I don't know vhat you are so pissed about brohas, but control zhat anger of yours!" He stood up to his brother, the action causing his brother's blind rage to halt long enough for reason to start kicking into that thick skull of his. "You are scaring her." He motioned to the girl who was now hiding behind him.

That got his brother's attention and his blue orbs widened slightly, and he looked at Kagome with a guilty expression. He then looked back at him, and his anger returned. "I told you to vatch over her." He growled at him. "If you didn't, I vould kill you." His tone was deadly serious, yet Prussia never backed down.

"Ja, I remember."

He seemed to be looking him over, trying to see something, but then the blonde just snorted. "Get out of here—both of you!" He waved them away and turned his back on them.

Prussia glared at his brother's back, but didn't argue with him anymore. He took Kagome's hand and walked out of the office, slamming it shut behind them in their retreat.

"Vhat happened?" He questioned her after they were several feet away. "Did you tell him?"

"No." She shook her head. "He came up behind me and I called out your name, thinking it was you." Oh, is that all? She huffed, pulling her hand out of his and shoving him. "It's your fault!" She poked him in the chest. "If you hadn't been playing those cruel jokes on me…" She turned her head away from him, her anger quickly evaporating. "Now he will never forgive me."

Prussia's mind began turning, working out a way to solve this. "He vill forgive you." He told her. "He is just a very jealous person." He knew his brother well. "Just apologize and give him zhat cute look you have, and he vill turn back into mush in your hands like always."

She looked back over at him. "Really?"

He was about to open his mouth and agree, when he paused, a thought popping up in his mind. Should he really tell her how to make up with West? If he lets this rift come between them, this might be his chance to swoop in and take her away from his brother. He sighed. He knew deep down, he wasn't that evil—

"Yeah." He nodded. "He just needs time to cool off—vhy don't you go make some of zhat love potion of yours or something and talk to him?" The spell is probably just wearing off, causing a bad side effect—like jealousy and extreme rage.

She hesitated for a moment, as if she was about to say something, but then shook her head, deciding not to argue with him. She nodded and smiled. "Thank you, Prussia."

She then turned and left, going down the stairs and probably into the kitchen to cast her love spell like he suggested.

Prussia was standing in front of West's office. He didn't have to wait long for Kagome to appear again, a cup in each hand as she ascended the stairs. "I see you've made za love potion."

"It's tea, not love potion." Kagome corrected him with a huff. He just chuckled at her, and seeing that her hands were full, he reached out and opened the door for her so she could go inside. She mouthed the words 'Thank you' before she entered.

Prussia closed the door behind her, but left enough just so he could peek through a small crack, his curiosity getting the better of him.

"I thought I told you to leave." Germany had a picture in his hand, and he looked away from it and towards her.

But the girl ignored his comment. "I brought you some tea." At that point she was now standing beside him, and Prussia could no longer hear what they were saying to one another.

Germany put down the picture, laying it onto his desk. Kagome offered the love potion to him, and with a nod West took it. The girl was talking to him, and West took a sip of the tainted drink. After he was done, he nodded and said a few things as well. The conversation continued for several more moments, before Germany had a soft expression on his face, a slight look of guilt in his eyes as he lowered the cup from his lips. He reached out with is free hand, gently capturing her chin so she could look up at him. West bent down and kissed her, which she gladly returned— Prussia's heart felt like it was stabbed and he pulled away from the door, no longer interested now that he knew everything was back to normal…

Something in him wished that there was a slight chance that they wouldn't make up, but he knew that the girls love potion was just too strong to fight. After all, even the great and awesome Prussia was no match for it.

Besides, if Germany and her broke up, just so he could have her, in the end that would make both his brother and Kagome sad, just so he could be happy. He really didn't want that—

Then again, he already proved once that if he wanted it, he could be a very selfish person…

The next day, Prussia finds himself groaning, rubbing his back. Now that he was sleeping in his smaller bed again, he was having a hard time sleeping—His bed wasn't half as comfortable as West's. He went into his brother's office, not bothering to knock.

"Hey, West, vhy don't ve go drinking at za bar to celebrate!" He called out to him with a smile—He paused, seeing his brother on the lounge chair, his feet propped up on the foot rest. Kagome was sitting in his lap, curled up, asleep. His brother had a book in his hand, easily reading it even though he had the girl sleeping on him. Prussia felt his heart throb but he pushed it aside.

"Can't you see I'm busy?" He questioned him, looking up from his book.

"I can vait till later tonight." He continued, even though he could feel the jealousy coming up from within him like vomit. "Come on brohas, you know you vant to drink some beer vith me." Kagome shifted in his brother's lap, sighing in contentment, and Prussia tried not to gag as he felt it get stuck in his throat.

"Alright." Germany reluctantly agreed. "I'll have a beer vith you at the bar later."

"Good." Cause now he needed something to wash down this bad taste in his mouth…

Prussia and Germany was at the bar, in their favorite booth, drinking like there was no tomorrow. Prussia glanced over at his brother, noticing that he was in a lot worse of a shape then he was at the moment. He has been drinking too much—"I luv juu bruder!" Germany slurred badly as he put his arm around him with a smile, laughing. Yeah—way too much. He watched as his brother took another large swig of his beer, enjoying himself. Prussia shook his head and sighed, finding his thoughts on other things, and unable to enjoy the beer tonight, like he wished. "Juu no, I luv Kagome 2." His brother confessed as he lifted up his drink and smiled at his beer, his already dark cheeks becoming flushed at the thought of the young woman. Prussia looked away from his beer and at his brother when he mentioned the very object of his thoughts that's been going through his mind all night.

"Kagome." Prussia repeated, his body becoming filled with jealousy as he looked at his drunken brother. Why does he get to be the one to have her? Why couldn't it be him? "Hey, West?" Germany paused in his drinking and looked over at him. Prussia raised his arm, placing his hand on the wall beside of West, trapping him as he leaned close to him.

"…?" West paused, looking at him questionably.

A serious look in his eyes as a sly smirk appeared on his face. "Vhy don't you give her to me?"

Prussia stumbled through the front door, Germany's arm slung over his shoulder as he tried to support the drunken germen. "What happened?" The voice made him look up and he found himself starting into concerned blue.

"He just got a little too drunk."

She gave a small huff, seeing Germany's beaten up and redden face, along with his clothes covered in dirt, no better off than Prussia's. "Reminds me of the first night you came here." She sighed and put Germany's other arm over her shoulder, helping him to hold him upright. "Let's take him to the couch."

And so they both carried the dead weight, plopping him down on the couch with a grunt, leaving him there for the night, because they didn't feel like carrying him up the stairs.

Prussia was standing in the warm shower, allowing the hot water the flow over him as he stared blankly into the showerhead. Images replayed over and over again in his mind. Blue eyes- Raven hair- A kind smile- A good cook and an excellent hunter- A sexy figure. Damn was she perfect? He growled and raised his hands, rubbing his face in frustration.

He reached out and turned the hot water off completely. He gave a small hiss through his clinched teeth as the ice cold water went over him. Hoping that the cold water will cool his head and his thoughts.

Prussia was standing still, the dampness of his hair making his head feel chilled and his body cool. He sighed, finding himself staring down at her sleeping form, unable to keep away from her. It felt rather awkward, being in her room, but he had hoped she would be awake and he could talk to her, but when he got out of his shower she was already asleep, and here he was, standing over her bed like a strange shirtless stalker.

But he couldn't help it. After the bar, he couldn't stop thinking about her, and so he found himself in her room. The cold shower not really helping him like he thought it would. As he continued to look at her peaceful face as she rested, a flashback of the bar appeared in his mind again.

A serious look was in his eyes as a sly smirk appeared on his face. "Vhy don't you give her to me?"

Germany, seeing that he was serious, had a stern look on his face. "Sorry, Bruder, but I von't hand her over to anyone, not even you."

He paused for a moment. Seeing West's glassy eyes were quickly becoming sober Prussia smiled. "It was a joke, Bruder! A joke!" He patted his brother on the back harshly. "Kesesese!" He laughed at him. "You have fallen for her hard, huh?" He continued to laugh at West's expense.

Germany's already flushed face turned darker in embarrassment as he took another sip of his drink.

Prussia reached out and brushed away a stray hair that had fallen onto her face, tucking it behind her ear. "So have I…" Gripping the top of the headboard tightly to hold himself up, he leaned down and laid a delicate kiss upon her soft lips.

"Germany…" He pulled away just as she spoke his brother's name in a moan, and heat rose up within him.

Why is it always him? Why couldn't she for once say his name instead?

Jealousy consumed him and he placed his hand beside he face to hold her head still, his lips crashing into hers. The harsh kiss quickly woke up the sleeping beauty and she released a small cry and pulled away from him.

"Prussia!" She called out to him with a surprised look on her face. So she finally says his name now, huh? Is that what she wants then? Something rough? "What are you—" Her words were cut short when his hungry lips slammed into hers again and she cried out in his mouth. "Germany!" She pushed against his chest and turned her head to the side so she could scream out his brother's name. "Germany!" She called again, yet Prussia just chuckled.

"He is passed out." He reached out and grabbed her wrists, holding them above her head as she squirmed beneath him. "He on't hear you." He placed his lips close to her neck and enjoyed the sweet scent she always gave off.

He placed a kiss upon her flesh and she shivered. "Why are you doing this? Stop!" Starting at her jawline he began kissing down her neck, only to find something stopping him and he paused. "Prussia!"

Yet he ignored her calling his name and placed both of her wrists in one of his hands, so he could free one of his own. He reached out and grabbed the object blocking him and snorted, seeing the collar she always wore around her neck. She must have fell asleep with it on this time. He turned the tag over and once again saw his brother's name on the back of it and he growled. He reached behind her neck and pulled at the strap unclipping it—With a harsh tug he slung it off of her neck and threw it across the room. He found great pleasure in hearing it give a powerful crack as it hit the wall before falling onto the floor with a weak thud.

"Zhats better." He bent down and kissed her now bare neck and slowly moved downward. With his only free hand he reached out and grabbed her shirt while still ignoring her cries. He easily enough ripped it open, hearing the sounds of the buttons popping off along with a surprised gasp from the girl beneath him. He touched her hip, and slowly moved his hand up her body.

She tried to pull away from his touch—"Please stop…" Something in her trembling voice caused him to pause and he looked up at her.

Large tears were releasing from her eyes, and her cheeks were already stained with the salty drops. His heart ached at the sight, unable to take the sadden look she was giving him. Did he do that? Aww, fuck, of course it was him, who else could it have been? He cursed inside of his head.

He reached out with his hand and rubbed his palm against her cheek to wipe away the tears, yet more just replaced them. What the fuck is wrong with him? "Shhh." He tried to sooth her. "Stop crying. I'm sorry." He kissed the tears away from her eyes and did his best to comfort her. She gave several sniffles and hiccups, her breath slightly ragged. It took her a moment, but she finally stopped crying, and he sighed. Now that she wasn't a crying mess, he finally released her hands, freeing her—A powerful hit forced his head to the side and instantly his cheek began to sting painfully. "I deserved zhat…" He then got off of her, and decided to instead sit at the edge of the bed, his hand over the red mark on his cheek.

"You bet your ass you did." Anger was now in her tone and he tried not to flinch at it. He glanced over, see her now sitting up. One of her hands was holding her shirt closed with a pissed off expression on her face. Tears were still in her eyes, but he couldn't tell if it was from sadness or anger at this point.

"I'm sorry."

"What were you thinking?!"

"I vasn't, really…" He admitted, looking away from her in guilt. "I just"—He sighed in frustration and reached up running his hand through his damp hair with a growl. "I love you, Kagome." He chose that time to confess in probably the strangest situation he could have ever picked. "I don't know vhat to do." He looked back over at her—a familiar blow slammed into his cheek for a second time that night and he was left dumbfounded staring at the wall as he cheek became red hot with pain. "Vhat vas zhat for?!" He snapped, his anger rising up at he glared at her while holding his stinging cheek.

"To snap you out of whatever self-pity hole that you buried yourself in." Prussia just continued to look at her, confused. "Looks like it worked." She sighed, lowering her hand and stared at him in all seriousness. "The Prussia I know wouldn't mope around and cry like that— Boo-hoo, I'm in love with my brother's girl and I don't know what to do, boo-hoo." He didn't sound like that! "I don't know who that man was, but I don't want to ever see him again."

He just continued to stare at her for a moment, then a smirk appeared on his face. "Kesesese!" Laughter filled his lungs and he grinned. "Amazing…" What a woman. He reached out and took hold of her chin. "He doesn't deserve you." A sly look was sparking in his eyes and he placed a passionate kiss up on her lips. He paused when he noticed something and pulled away from her. She doesn't kiss him back but—"You don't push me away." He voiced his thoughts out loud. "Vhy is zhat?" He hummed, staring into her eyes. "Have you fallen for ze awesome Prussia after all?" He teased.

She didn't answer him, and instead looked out of the corner of her eyes, since she was unable to turn her head, breaking eye contact with him. His crimson orbs widen a little at her reaction. There's no way…

He leaned to her again, yet this time he softly kissed her, his lips barely brushing against hers. He pulled away, only to go back for a second, then a third—that time her lips moved against his and a jolt of heat went up his spine. He wasn't sure how it happened, but it quickly escalated as his hands went into her black hair, and hers were roaming his bare chest. Moans were filling the room, and he couldn't tell which were his and which were hers as his body reacted to her touch. When he finally was able to pry himself away from her mouth and her skillful tongue, they both were almost breathless. He was once again on top of her as they were lying on the bed.

He was looking directly into her eyes, trying to gage her reaction to what just happened and he found guilt and regret swimming in her blue pools. "Prussia." Tears started to form beneath her lids once again and he cupped her cheek, kissing her softly.

"I understand." After all, he has been struggling with the same thing himself all this time. "Boo-hoo, I'm in love with my boyfriend's brother and I don't know what to do, boo-hoo." He teased.

"Shut up!" She hit him in the chest and he huffed.

Even though he tried to cheer her up, he could still see the doubt and guilt in her eyes as she looked at him. "I know." He laid another kiss upon her lips. "You can't love me." Knowing this, a sad smile appeared on his face.

"Prussia I—" Yet he stopped her words with another kiss.

"I told you I understand." He isn't so heartless to have her make such a choice as to who she should love. "It's alright. You deserve to be vith mein brother, and he deserves a seductive witch like you." He then got off of her yet again. "I better leave now, or I won't be able to hold myself back from taking vhat I vant." And he didn't want that. "I don't vant to see you crying again." He removed himself from her bed and got to his feet—Her hand reached out touched his arm, causing him to stop, but he kept his back to her. "You better sleep vith West from now on. I can't guarantee vhat I vill do at night."

With that warning hanging in the air, he left the girl alone. That night his small bed felt more lonely and uncomfortable than ever. He barely got any rest.

Several days have passed since that night, and Kagome has taken his advice. She has been sleeping with his brother, West, in his large bed at night. Due to this, the blonde country has been in a particularly cheerful mood…

Prussia glanced over and spotted his brother cooking breakfast while wearing that silly pink apron again. He tried not to roll his crimson eyes at his brother's humming as he flipped the pancakes in the air like a pro.

Unlike his brother, he was not in such a good mood, because ever since that night, a strange sort of awkwardness has been around Kagome and him. Seeing movement, Prussia glanced up and he found himself staring into blue— A blush appeared on her face, and she quickly ran back out of the room. Prussia huffed and placed his head onto his knuckles for support. The moment she sees him she runs away. He hasn't once been able to talk to her, and he was starting to feel like she hated him…

A few days after that, Prussia found himself at odds as he watched his brother pacing back and forth in front of him

"Vhat's vrong West?" Unable to take his own curiosity anymore he asked his brother what was bothering him.

"She hates me, I just know it."

"Vho hates you?"

He paused in his pacing at looked at him. "Kagome."

"Vhat?" Prussia snorted through his nose. "Kagome doesn't hate you." Just thinking about it sent a feeling of both hope and regret in him. (Hope for himself in all his selfishness, and regret for his brother, not wanting to see him heartbroken) The clash of emotions made him feel sick so it wasn't something he tried to consider. Besides, he knows for a fact that Kagome loves West.

"You know how I have been saying that Kagome should be sleeping vith me at night 'cause… vell… ve are together?"

"Ja?" Prussia raised an eyebrow at his brother's suddenly flushed cheeks.

"I'm not complaining or anything, but the past few days she has been sleeping together vith me—nothing has happened but…" His cheeks became darker. "Vaking up in the morning vith her in my arms… it vas nice."

"And?" Was there a point to this other than his heart feeling like it was splitting in two?

"She has gone back to sleeping in her own room again." He frowned. "Did I do something vrong? Did I push her too hard? She must hate me now, right?" Germany was looking at him for answers and Prussia just shrugged, not really having a clue what to say.

"Vho knows how vomen really think, West? It's a mystery." Like magnets. He sighed and got to his feet. "But you know vhat vould be a good idea in this situation?" He gave his brother several rough pats as he laughed. "Beeah!"

The mystery that is woman might elude the two brothers, but one thing was for sure, beer was one thing they knew about. It was the one cure-all for everything.

"She hates me. I just know it." A buzzed Germany slurred out, his cheeks starting to become red from the beer they have been drinking. "She is mad at me, and I don't know vhat I did." He groaned, placing his head in his hand and seeming defeated.

Prussia sighed, his buzz going away. He never thought he would says this but: "Maybe beer vasn't a good idea after all…" The only thing his brother has been doing is moping around and crying about Kagome moving back to her room and that she hates him and is mad at something he did. In fact, Prussia was more than certain that Kagome hated him, not West.

He raised his beer to his lips, chugging the whole thing down. With a sigh he slammed the mug down and raised his hand, ordering several more. He didn't care that his brother was in a rut. He will try his damnedest to ignore him and do what he came here to do: Get drunk.

"Sshe doesn't hate you, West." Drunken Prussia wrapped his arm around his brother's shoulder. After more than a few mugs of beer (too drunk to even keep count at that point) Prussia was now drunk enough to try and make his brother feel better about Kagome.

"You think so?" Germany was looking at him, his cheeks probably as red as his own. "But vhy else vould she leave?"

"Vell I don't know the answer to zhat." Prussia raised his glass up and took another drink. "But I do know that she probablah—" He smacked his lips and tried to say the word again. "She problahblah." He huffed, deciding to forget that word. (He can never say the word probably when he is drunk) "She is mad at me, not you, so zhat should make you feel a little better, right?"

Germany huffed. "Vhy vould she be mad at you?" The blond rolled his eyes at his brother, trying not to laugh. West then took another swig of his beer.

"Vell, it might have something to do vith za fact zhat I told her zhat I loved her and kissed her."

"PshHhTtt!" Beer spewed forth, getting all over the empty chair on the other side of the booth. "You did VHAT!"

You could hear the two brother's approaching before they even stumbled into the house, laughing their asses off. When they finally got the door open Prussia crumbled onto the floor, holding his sides.

"My ribs-! Don't make me laugh!" Tears were now in his eyes from both pain and laughing too hard.

"Your ribs?" Germany huffed and reached up, wiping the blood that was dripping from his spilt lip. "My jaw hurts." He then reached his hand out and helped his brother up. "You have a mean uppercut."

"Thanks, you have a nasty right hook." Prussia accepted the help and his strong sibling lifted him up without any trouble. "Vhere's Kagome?"

"I don't know." They both began looking around for the raven haired woman. "Usually she stays up vhen ve are drinking."

Prussia sighed. "Ve probablah shouldn't stay out this late vhen ve drink and vorry her like zhat then."

"I never thought about it before. Kind of took it for granted." Germany scratched his head, a guilty look in his eyes. "But you're right—"

A loud crash caused both the men to jump at the sound. They quickly ran/stumbled towards the kitchen, only to pause and look at each other questionably at the sight that was in front of them.

Kagome was sitting on the floor, a bowel placed onto her head. There was flour everywhere, along with chocolate chips. Kagome's face was flushed bright red, and there were two bottles of wine tipped over on the kitchen table. Kagome must have found the whole thing funny for she was now laughing, and unable to stop herself to the point where she was almost snorting.

"Kagome? You alright?" Germany was by her side and took off the bowel from her head. Prussia lifted one of the wine bottle and tipped it over—it was empty, not even a drop left. Germany saw her flushed face and hummed. "Are you drunk?"

"No~" She giggled.

"Did you drink the vine I cook vith?" Germany asked.

Kagome pouted a little and looked down at the ground with a guilty expression. "Sorry…"

"It's alright." He sighed. "Not the best choice to get drunk vith…" He mumbled.

"At this point I don't think it matters. She can't taste anything right now." Prussia voice his opinion. She looked plastered. In that far of a state she could probably drink cooking oil and she wouldn't notice.

Both of them could probably agree at that point, that after seeing Kagome in her state, feeling the reasonability to take care of the drunken girl they quickly lost their buzz. "You should get to bed." Germany reached out and gently scooped her into his arms. As if it were nothing, the strong blonde lifted her up. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. Without complaint from the girl, Germany carried the girl back up to her room where she could sleep it off. Prussia walking in step behind him.

On the way up the stairs and to the girl's room, the trip was completely quiet, which Prussia was rather glad for. His mind was working overtime as he tried to wrap his thoughts around what he just saw and what was happening. By the time they arrived at the girl's bedroom, Prussia was left with more questions than when he began.

Prussia stood behind his brother as he placed Kagome gently down on the bed. The girl tried to tell them she wasn't tired, and was rather stubbornly sitting at the edge of the bed. West was kneeling beside her on the floor, trying to convince her just to lay down, and that she wasn't going to sleep. Yet they both knew that in the state she was in, the moment her head was lying on a flat surface, she was going to black out.

"I don't think I have ever seen her drunk before." Prussia voiced his thoughts out loud, hoping to get some insight from his brother since he has known her longer. "Does she normally drink like this?"

West shook his head, staring up at the girl with a concerned expression. "No. She doesn't like the taste of alcohol."

What? Prussia looked back at the wasted girl and he frowned, crossing his arms over his chest, now wearing the same concerned expression his brother had. "Then vhy did she drink zhat vine?"

Germany turned his head to look at him over his shoulder. "I don't k—" Kagome reached out and ran both her hands through Germany's hair and she giggled.

"Germany~!" She then had both her hands on either side of the blonde and turned his head so that he was looking at her again. Without warning the girl leaned down and kissed him. When she pulled away she had a smile on her face, her eyes half-closed. "I love you so so much~"

Prussia's heart began to break and he sighed in defeat. So she chose West after all, hmm?

West's cheeks were flushed red, taken by surprise with such a blunt show of affection towards him. "Kagome…" The tough male paused when he noticed something—The girl now had tears silently streaming down her cheeks and both brothers were left standing there dumbfounded. Germany looked over at him, as if asking if he knew what was happening, yet all Prussia could do was shrug and shake his head. West then reached out and tried to sooth her, wiping her cheek with his knuckles gently. "Vhat's vrong Kagome? Vhy are you crying?" The usually strong man had a painful look on his face—seems both he and his brother share the same weakness: Tears.

"I don't know what to do!" She clamped her eyes shut and shook her head. "I didn't mean to, I swear! It- It just happened!" She then opened them once again and looking into Germany's eyes with a painful expression.

"Vhat?" West tried to keep his voice calm.

"I am in love with Prussia." He finally heard them, the words he has longed to have her say to him— She really said that she loved him- not Germany- Prussia. His heart started to flutter and he almost stumbled, his drunkenness suddenly returning.

"Prussia?" Germany repeated. "My Brother, Prussia?"

She nodded and she glanced over at him. "Yes." When their eyes met he found his heart soaring up into his throat and he had to stop himself from running to her side and kissing her. "I love both of you." The tears quickly tripled in amount, accompanied by soft hiccups and sniffles. "I'm s-sorry." She reached up to rub her eyes. "You must think I'm so awful and selfish."

"Shhh." Germany tried to calm her down again and he pulled her hands down from her face, so he could try and wipe away her tears again. "I vould never think 'dat of you." He placed a delicate kiss on her cheek.

Prussia found himself standing in front of her with his brother, and he leaned down, placing a soft kiss upon her lips. "We vould never think zhat." He corrected his brother, looking at him. West gave him a nod, agreeing with him.

The actions of the two countries must have really surprised her for her tears almost instantly stopped flowing and a confused look was placed upon her face. The expression along with her flushed cheeks, made her look rather adorable. Prussia hummed to himself and reached out, capturing her chin and rubbing his thumb across her lower lip, a sly smirk on his face.

"You have gotten strong, West." Prussia found himself smiling as he leaned against his brother.

"You haven't lost your strength either." Germany was also smiling.

If the fighting doesn't end soon, they might just punch each other unconscious.

"Hey brohas?"


"Isn't this kind of unfair? To Kagome I mean."

His brother sighed and scratched his head, wincing when he hit a knot. "Vhat do you suggest ve do then?"

"Vhy not let her decide vho she vants to be vith?"

Germany nodded. "That might be best…"

In the end she picked them both. That could cause a lot of problems and heartache for all of us.

She didn't chose Germany, but then again she didn't chose to be with him either. Prussia was a selfish being, without a doubt, and wanted her all to himself. He stared into her tear-filled eyes and knew that was not going to happen. In the end either it was going to be his heart or hers that got broken. All the options he had, both of them he ends up losing the one girl he cared about.

Prussia was selfish but- "I don't mind sharing." This time he will make an exception. "Do you Bruder?"

"You live vith me now, Bruder, so 'dat makes us technically one country." Germany reminded him, which caused Prussia's grin to grow. West felt the same way as he did.

"I don't understand—" Germany's soft kiss interrupted her.

Having her choice between the two that she loved, would have just caused her more pain and tears. There was two things the brothers could agree on. The first being: Girls looked ugly when they cried…

"Stop crying, Kagome." Prussia placed a loving kiss in the corner of her eye, just as his brother did so on the other side.

The other was that they both were deeply and madly in love with a frail human girl, and losing her was not an option to them…

That love potion she made must be some strong shit…

A few days later…

The sun shining on his body, caused him to groan, waking up. Yet as he moved, something heavy on his chest shifted, which caused him to freeze, not wanting to wake the girl up. Once the squirming stilled again he sighed. Prussia got more comfortable and almost chuckled at how her hair was tickling his bare chest beneath the covers. He turned his head to the side and slowly opened his eyes. His brother's sleeping face was close to his and he tried not to snort.

Ever since that night, all three of him have sleeping in Germany's King sized bed.

"Brohas, vake up." He used his free arm, the one she currently didn't have pinned to the bed, and used it to smack his brother in the face.

"I'll slit your throat!" Germany called out in surprise as his eyes snapped open and he looked around, one of his fists held up to his face, ready for an attack.

"Make me breakfast." He ordered his brother from his position on the bed.

"Vhat?" He huffed. "Vhy?" Germany growled, their faces still an inch apart.

"I'm hungry." West just shook his head and closed his eyes again, pulling Kagome's body more against him as he lowered his hand back down around her waist, spooning the girl. "Get your own bedmate." Prussia placed his forehead against his brothers in a snarl, pulling Kagome back against his side instead.

"Stop hogging her, she's not just yours." Germany scooted closer, their three person sandwich becoming even more compact.

Prussia placed his free hand against Kagome's head, holding her closer as he bent his head down so he smell her sweet scent, while at the same time, glaring at his brother in warning. What little tuft of hair that was poking from beneath the blankets tickled his nose and he inhaled her relaxing aroma. He paused when the usual scent of vanilla didn't hit his senses, but instead the odd smell of spaghetti…

"Vhat za-!" Prussia quickly reached out and slung off of the covers—

"Pa~" Italy released his usual snore, a smile on his face as he slept, sandwiched between the two brothers peacefully. "Pa~" He buried his face into Prussia's chest, while rubbing his butt against Germany's groin and his smile grew bigger.


Kagome paused in her cooking as the rage-filled roars erupted throughout the entire house. She smiled to herself, before going back to the pan while shaking her head in amusement. She reached up and touched the tag that was hanging from her collar.

The front of it had her name: "Kagome"

While the back of it read: "If lost, please return her to Prussia and Germany. Address xxx—xx."


ShadowFoxMoon: Hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it!

PRUSSIA: Yeah, thanks for reading! Actually… you know what? I not going to thank you for reading. You read it because I'm Fuckin' Awesome! I thank myself for being so awesome, you just couldn't look the fuck away.