The first in my series of sexy oneshots, enjoy

Beast boy examined the settings around him; he was in a very fancy mansion. The walls were decorated heavily, huge beautiful chandeliers hung from

the ceiling, and everybody around him was dressed up in fancy suits and dresses .Beast boy still couldn't figure out where the hell he was though, was

he at some party? If so whose? Just then a pale hand grabbed Beast boys'. Beast boy looked up, it was none other than his fellow teammate and

girlfriend; it was none other then Raven. But why the hell was she here with him at this party? Before Beast boy could even think about it any longer,

Raven pulled him towards her. "Follow me, Beast boy, let's get out of here and have some fun." She said in a velvety voice as a small mischievous grin

came over her face. Beast boy didn't ask questions, and he followed the half demon as she practically dragged him with her by his hand. Once the two

had exited the mansion, Beast boy examined his settings outside. They were in front of a huge forest and there was a full moon in the purplish black

night sky. The two of them were also in front of a large fountain that was in the courtyard of the mansion. Raven then grabbed Beast boy and smashed

her lips up against his and she immediately thrusted her tongue into his mouth, making him groan in shock and delight. The empath's pale delicate

hands grabbed at the changelings shirt as she tore it off him. She pushed him to the ground as she ran her hands all over his chest as she continued to

french him. Raven then let one of her hands wander and she slipped it into his boxers…, just as she did this though, everything faded and Beast boy woke up.

Beast boy shot out of bed and looked at his alarm clock, it was about 3:00 in the morning. The Titan was sweating profusely as well as breathing

heavy. The whole thing was just a dream, but it felt so REAL. Beast boy pulled his covers off of him and he looked down at his lap, where a huge

bulge beneath his boxers made itself known. "Great, maybe I should take care of that now." Beast boy thought. He then got up and decided to

pleasure himself in the privacy off his bathroom, and maybe the sleepiness that jerking off provided would lull him back to sleep. Just as he got

up though, he heard a knock on his door. A confused look came over Beast boy's face as he opened the door, it was Raven. "Couldn't sleep

either?" she asked with a small smirk on her face. Beast boy gave another confused look in response. "I heard you get up just now. "Jeez Rae

you must have really good ears." Beast boy said, a smile now coming over his face. "So how come you couldn't sleep?" Raven asked raising an

eyebrow in question. "Ugh I- well… Beast boy stuttered. Just then however, Raven's eyes lowered themselves to his groin where she saw the

huge bulge that was still beneath his underwear. "Oh were you having some good dreams?" Raven asked putting a hand to her mouth and

giggling naughtily. Beast boy flushed. "Kind of…" he said lowering his gaze to the ground. "Was it about me?" Raven asked, her huge naughty

grin turning even bigger. Beast boy's face turned blood red. "Yeah sort of." Beast boy said completely embarrassed, even if she was his girlfriend,

it still made him feel like a fool. "Well you know Beast boy, I can take care of that problem down there for you." Raven said lowering her voice to a

very suggestive whisper while she lowered her eyes to his groin. "That is, if you want me to." Raven said frowning slightly while making puppy

dog like eyes. "I want you to." Beast boy whispered with a solemn expression. "What was that?" Raven asked, her devious smile coming back full

force. "I want you to." Beast boy said a bit louder. "You want me to what Beast boy?" Raven asked grinning and putting her hands on her hips.

"To take care of my erection." Beast boy said, a huge naughty smile, now taking over his face as well. "See Beast boy? All you had to do was

ask." Raven said grinning evily as she shut and locked his door with her powers. The two embraced each other and their lips connected. Their

tongues played with each other for awhile before Raven eventually pushed Beast boy onto his bed. She grabbed his T shirt and pulled it over his

head as she ran her hands all over his chest while simultaneously frenching him. Then, just like in his dream, Raven slipped her hand into his

boxers; she wrapped her fingers around his length and ran them up and down it slowly. "OH RAVEN!" Beast boy moaned closing his eyes and

throwing his head back in pleasure. "Shhh Beast boy, I know this feels really good but try and be quiet, we don't want any of the other Titans

waking up and hearing us, especially when were doing something like THIS." "You're right, sorry." Beast boy said, his eyes still shut tight in

pleasure. Raven then pulled her hand away and slid his boxers down his masculine legs. "Beast boy?" Beast boy moaned again. "Yeah Rae?" A

huge grin appeared on her face. "You think about me when you masturbate don't you?" She asked leaning closer to him. "Ahhh yes of course

Rae." Beast boy said matter of factly. Raven beamed in delight and she then placed her hand back on his manhood and continued to jerk him off,

as Beast boy continued to moan in delight. Beast boy got that feeling that you get when you know you're close to climax, but Raven pulled her

hand away, which now like Beast boy's member was soaked in pre cum. "Jeez, look at all this." Raven said rolling around some of the sticky

substance in between her fingers. "Let me clean this up." Raven said licking it off her fingers while smiling sexily. Beast boy let out a soft moan

which soon turned into a large one as Raven engulfed his man hood into her mouth, sucking all of the pre cum that was on his member into her

mouth. Once, his member was sucked clean of the fluids, she pulled away and took her white tank top off. Exposing her breasts which were only

covered by a small purple bra. Oh how Beast boy wanted to see them again, whole and uncovered. Beast boy (who was now completely naked)

decided to work on getting Raven naked. He grabbed her purple and blue striped pajama shorts and pulled them down her long skinny feminine

legs exposing her purple underwear. Beast boy smiled as he got on top of Raven and slowly reached around and undid her bra, finally exposing

her beautiful breasts to him. Beast boy placed both of his hands on them and gripped them gently, making Raven close her eyes and gave out a

soft moan. "Did the twins miss me?" Beast boy asked licking his lips as he continued massaging her breasts, a bit rougher now. Raven simply

moaned louder in response. As he did this, he pulled a hand away from her breast and grabbed her wet underwear and pulled them off her legs,

making Raven completely naked as well. Beast boy pulled away from her and examined her body up and down, his smile turning even bigger.

"God Rae, seeing you like this really gets me off, I mean, you look good enough to eat." Beast boy said licking his lips and placing his hands back

on her breasts again. Raven blushed and smiled. "Ohhh Beast boy I love you so much." Raven said smiling even more. "I love you to babe, now

and always." The changeling said smiling back and placing a kiss on her right breast which made her squeal in delight, Beast boy then did the

same to the left and he got the same response. Beast boy then ran his tongue teasingly over her nipples, which were already fully erect. Raven

decided she had enough of him pleasuring her and she decided to return the favor. Raven then suddenly made a rope appear with her powers

as she smiled seductively up at Beast boy. "Where the hell'd you get that?" Beast boy asked anxiously. "I have my resources." Raven said in a

soft purr. She then pinned Beast boy down beneath her making him gasp in pleasure, and she then tied his arms to his bed posts with the rope.

"That should hold you down now, so I can take control." Raven said licking her lips. Raven tying him up like this, and Beast boy being at Raven's

total control was to overwhelmingly sexy for words, he felt as if he could orgasm right then and there. Raven then stroked his chest some more,

as well as his penis and testicles, which made Beast boy, close his eyes and moan her name. "Ohhhhhhhh god Raven, do you have any clue how

hot you get me?" He asked closing his eyes and moaning even more. "I have a pretty good idea how much." Raven said smiling and palming

Beast boy's testicles which were now resting in Raven's hand. Finally. Raven pulled away and positioned herself over Beast boy while staring at

his erect member which was ready for her. "Are you ready?" Raven asked looking at her boyfriend in the eyes. "Of course my one and only love."

Beast boy said giving her a sweet smile. Raven beamed and then she came down on him as she screamed in passion. Raven then thrusted

herself on top of him even faster. "Oh yes that's right, ride my you dirty little girl." Beast boy said howling and moaning in pleasure. "Ohhhh Beast

boy!"" Raven screamed, riding him as fast as she could. Eventually, the two of them could feel their climaxes coming and Beast boy could feel

Raven's juices dripping down his member which aroused him even more. Raven howled and moaned even louder, Beast boy's cock was doing a

magnificent job at massaging and stroking her G spot. Just as they were both about to climax, Raven leaned down to Beast boy and whispered in

his ear. "Do you want me to make you cum?" Raven whispered seductively. Her hot breath on Beast's boy's ear felt wonderful. Beast boy then

leaned in and gave her a big smile as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips, Raven knew exactly what his answer was. Three and a half more

thrusts later, Raven orgasmed and her cunt felt like a vice around Beast boy's member. Beast boy closed his eyes and screamed. "RAVENNNNNN!"

He then shot his white hot seed into her as his whole body seemed to clench in pleasure. Sweat poured down Beast boy's face and Raven pulled

away as she undid the ropes holding Beast boy to the bed. Beast boy then pulled Raven under the covers with him and held her in his arms. "I

need to wake up in the middle of the night more often." He whispered to her. "I agree." Raven said a content pleased smile coming over her face.

"Goodnight Raven, I love you." He said placing a kiss on her cheek. "I love you to Beast boy, and good night." The two of them then fell into the deepest, happiest sleep of their life.