I have finally returned from my long hiatus to continue "when life gives you lemons". Now from the title, you know this one is about strip poker. I know, I know, it's been done before... but it's my turn damnit! Anyway, enjoy the new chapter, but be warned, this one is very graphic lol.

Nineteen year old Garfield Logan enjoyed a lot of things in life. He liked playing videogames on the couch with his best friend Cyborg. He was quite fond of waking up in the morning and fixing himself a nice tofu breakfast.

He loved the feeling of Raven's warm wet mouth moving up and down his cock. And he LONGED for the feeling of her hot tight entrance gripping his member and-

Beast boy shook his head vigorously.

"Come on Beast boy, the shower is definitely not the place to be thinking about Raven's tight pussy." The green teen thought to himself as he became aware of his quickly engorging member.

It was currently around 9:00 P.M. in Jumpy City, and Titans' tower was completely empty except for Beast boy and Raven.

Robin and Starfire were off on a date as was Cyborg, who was on a date with Jinx. The pink haired girl had dumped Kid Flash a couple weeks ago for apparently cheating on her.

Raven and BB loved it when they had the tower to themselves; it gave them so many opportunities to be extremely naughty, and loud.

The teenaged changeling was currently in the shower washing his body.

As hard as he tried however, he couldn't stop fantasizing about his pale skinned girlfriend. By now his cock was fully erect and he was tempted to just reach down and jerk himself to orgasm, but thought better of it.

Afterall, he didn't want his seed to go to waste, he needed to save it for his Raven.

So he finished washing up and exited the shower as he dried himself off and wrapped the towel around his waste.

By now his penis was flaccid again and feeling content, he walked through the hallway and into his room as he shut the door to his bedroom and redressed himself.

Once he was finished, he anxiously walked down the hallway to Raven's door as he knocked on it a few times.

"Who is it?" Raven asked in her usual monotone voice.

"Duh, who else? We're still the only ones here, Robin and the others won't be back for a long time." Beast boy said with a grin as Raven slowly opened up her door.

"Your point?" Raven queried, raising one of her eyebrows.

"That gives us plenty of time to, you know." Beast boy said, wiggling his green eyebrows suggestively.

Raven just sighed in response. "Beast boy I'm really not in the mood." The purple haired teen said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Beast boy frowned, but he wasn't giving up just yet.

"Fine, but would you like to play a game?" Beast boy asked her innocently. Raven rolled her eyes. "What kind of game?" She asked, feeling a bit curious.

"It's called strip poker." Beast boy said simply, trying not to grin like an idiot.

"I don't want to play." Raven stated immediately as she turned her back on him and started to head back to her room.

Beast boy grasped onto her shoulder gently. "Wait, you didn't even let me explain, I think you'll like it." Beast boy said with a small smirk as Raven turned around to face him once more.

"Alright fine, explain." The empath said as she let out another sigh.

"Okay it's simple, you pick from a deck of cards and if you get a one through a four, you have to remove an article of your clothing." Beast boy said, pausing and looking at his girlfriend. Raven just nodded for him to keep going.

"If you get a six through a nine, you don't remove anything and it's the other person's turn to pick. "Also, if you get a five, you have to draw again. First person to have all of their clothing removed loses."

Beast boy then frowned and scratched his head.

"Atleast I think that's how you play it." He said, not quite sure.

"So anyway will you play?" Beast boy asked her hopefully.

"Fine, if it'll shut you up." Raven said, glad that she had her hood up because she was blushing lightly.

"Sweet, let me get the deck of cards." Beast boy said happily as he flew to his room to get the cards, Raven waited outside in the hallway as he did.

"Oh Raven darling, quit acting like you don't want his glorious hot body, because you know you do." If you didn't, you wouldn't let him cum in your mouth and drill you wildly when the two of you have sexy time." Lust's voice said from within Raven's head.

Her emotion's voice just made her blush even more.

"I've got the cards!" Beast boy yelled, waving the deck in his hands as he left his room and headed into the hallway.

Raven followed him right into the empty main room. Beast boy then removed his shoes and socks as Raven removed her boots before taking a seat across from Beast boy on the floor.

The green hero then layed the deck of cards in between them and shuffled the deck.

"Alright Raven, you go first, remember the rules?" Beast boy asked her eagerly.

"Yes, I do." Raven said, wanting to get the whole thing over with, although deep down she knew she was really anticipating it.

"Okay I'll go first."

Beast boy drew a card from the deck. It was a three, so he removed his gloves and layed them down besides him.

"Your turn." The changeling said with a smug grin.

Raven drew from the deck and got a seven, making her safe for now. Beast boy just grumbled before drawing from the deck once more. He got a five so he drew again. This time he got a two, so he grabbed at his shirt and pulled it over his head, exposing his green sexy muscular pecks and abs to Raven's wondering amethyst eyes.

Raven tried to ignore the fluttering in her chest as she pulled a card from the deck and got a one.

She felt her cheeks heat up as she grabbed at her cloke and undid the knot that was holding it on her.

It then slowly slid from her body and fell down in a heap next to her.

"Nervous Raven?" Beast boy said with a grin.

"Shutup." Raven said, upset that she could no longer hide her red cheeks from her boyfriend.

Beast boy drew again and got a two.

He gave Raven a wink as he grabbed at his belt and undid it as he slipped his pants down his legs slowly, trying to tease the girl as he was left in only his boxers.

Raven began to feel herself becoming horny as she stared at Beast boy's body, and it wasn't long before she became moist in her most sensual spot. Hesitantly, Raven grabbed another card and examined it, it was a one, and she could practically feel Beast boy grinning at her.

Two could play at the seduction game, so Raven grabbed at her leotard and unzipped at a very slow pace as she gave the green boy a small sexy smirk as she pulled it off, now she was only being covered by her bra and panties.

Beast boy felt the blood rushing to his cock as he stared at his girlfriend, and within about five seconds, there was a massive bulge beneath his boxers.

Raven noticed this.

"Getting horny already are we Beastboy?" Raven said teasingly with a smirk on her face.

Beast boy responded by pouncing on her and crushing his lips so roughly against hers, it practically caused a bruise.

He immediately slid his tongue into Raven's wet wonderful tasting mouth as Raven kissed back, letting their tongues fight furiously with the other, no doubt a battle for dominance.

During the sensual French kissing, Beast boy began to grind his hard on up against Raven's damp panties, creating a delicious friction that they both enjoyed very much.

"Oooohhh Beast boy, that feels nice." Raven said in between the heated kisses they were sharing with each other. Their tongues wrestled and played hotly with the other as the two incredibly horny teens made soft moans into the other's mouth.

After what seemed like ten hours of sucking face, Beast boy pulled away from the mysterious beauty as he grabbed at her bra and sliced it off with his claws, making Raven's panties completely drenched in her sweet juices.

"Oh Beast boy, I love it when you get savage." Raven moaned as Beast took her breasts into his hands and began rubbing and squeezing them, very much enjoying Raven's sighs of delight as he did.

"Beast boy mhmh." Raven groaned happily as Beast boy continued to massage her tits in his hands, even teasing by rubbing his claws gently over the delectable pink nipples.

"You like that don't you Raven?" Beast whispered to her in a hazy lust filled voice that made her so aroused.

"Yessssss." She hissed as Beast boy began sucking, licking and even biting both of her tits like one of the many feral animals he could change into, much to Raven's enjoyment.

As Beast boy continued to suck on her bossom intensely, Raven used one of her hands to reach into Beast boy's boxers as she took his cock into her hand and began stroking it, moving her hand up and down the steel hard base as her palm slid over the engorged mushroomhead that was leaking with his sticky pre cum.

"Ravvvvven oh, you're making me so hot." He moaned sexily as he slid her purple underwear down her long pale legs, showing off her wet and swollen pussy to his forest green eyes.

"Oh Raven, look at how wet you are." Beast boy said as he placed one of his hands tenderly on her womanhood and began rubbing it up and down, which made Raven's body shoot up in delight.

"Beast boy! Oh God yes!"

Her screech of delight encouraged Beast boy to alternate sucking her tits as he fingered her dripping entrance simultaneously.

His reward was to be pumped by Raven even faster, as she used her other hand to slip his boxers off of him, revealing his naked green luscious body to her.

Beast boy began to finger her vagina and suck on her boobs harder and faster, once she began fisting his cock so hard he felt like his balls were going to explode.

The two Titans continued the mutual masturbation for a good while before pulling their hands away from the others genitals as they embraced in another steamy kiss, their wet muscles finding solace with each other as Beast boy and Raven pressed their nude aroused bodies up against the other.

They moaned loudly as they practically sucked the other hero's face off, and after a few more minutes of this, Raven parted from BB's lips as she took his green testicles into her hands and fondled them, making the green man groan in hot needy pleasure.

"Raven, I need you so badly." Beast boy shrieked.

"Good things come to those who wait Gar." Raven said with a seductive smirk as she leaned down to his package and took his left nut into her mouth, sucking slowly at first but then faster once she decided she very much enjoyed the fresh clean taste of Beast boy's newly showered skin.

"Ugh….Oh yes…" Beast boy sighed happily as Raven sucked on his left testicle even harder before switching to the right one, wanting to make sure to give each one equal attention, which made Beast boy moan even louder than before.

Raven sucked his balls for a little while longer before switching to his cock, taking it deep into her wet mouth as she slid her tongue over the opening and began sucking it.

"Mhhmmm yeah Raven, suck it babe ah." Beast boy hummed as Raven continued to titillate and stimulate his green anatomy.

The shape shifter's moans of thankfulness prompted Raven to continue sucking on him like a lollipop, only much rougher.

The empath sucked on the green stud like a true porn Queen, and Beast boy released his pre ejaculatory fluids onto her tongue, seasoning it with his delicious flavor.

Raven closed her eyes and moaned onto his dick as she bobbed her head up and down while fondling his green twins a second time.

Beast boy felt his climax coming up as he let out a loud shout. Raven continued the magnificent blowjob on her green lover, wanting and needing to taste Beast boy's delectable hot seed.

Raven began deepthroating him, and Beast boy let out a high pitched squeal when he felt the head of his cock hit the back of the female's throat.

She began sucking the very hardest that she could and seconds later, Beast boy came as he shot his white hot manjuice into her mouth, completely filling it up.

Raven pulled away from the male's tool but Beast boy was aware she hadn't swallowed yet.

Raven opened up her mouth wide, giving Beas boy a nice view of his cum in her mouth before she swallowed every drop of it and licked her lips. "Oh Raven, that's soooo dirty." Beast boy said with a smirk as Raven crawled up his muscular form.

"God Rae, you're so good at giving head." Beast boy proclaimed as he ran a hand over his sweat covered grass green hair.

"And I love giving it to you." Raven purred as she straddled him, pressing her soft perky breasts up against his chest as she prodded her tongue into his mouth. Beast boy's tongue immediately responded to Raven's horny tongue, and the fact that he could taste his semen on her tongue made him hard all over again.

They remained locked in the passionate embrace for a few moments before Beast boy grabbed at Raven and pinned her down to the floor benath him, making her yelp in anticipation.

"Your turn Raven." Beast boy said as he began kissing up and down her neck, and then down to her stomach before eventually reaching her hot pulsing slit.

"Beeeeeast boy!" Raven yelled, grabbing onto her boyfriend's shoulders as he slid his cat like tongue inside of her moist entrance.

"Oh yesssssss." Raven groaned, closing her eyes tightly as a smile slid over her face, losing her self in the satisfaction that Beast boy was administering on her.

He slid his tongue in and out of her with an even greater force as let his hands wander all over her soft petite body.

"Mhhmmm Beast boy I'm gonna come soon if you keep that up." Raven stated as she started bucking her hips against her lover's mouth.

Raven's words only made Beast boy eat her pussy faster and harder, his tongue stroking and caressing every inch of her honeypot.

Beast boy loved gulping Raven's honey, it was one of his favorite activites.

He even let out a few moans as he practically devoured her slightly hairy pussy.

"Beast boy B-b-bb east boy yes!" Raven screeched, Beast boy was so good at giving her oral pleasure, it made her go nuts.

After what seemed like an eternity, the changeling ate her out at such an intense speed, it caused Raven climax and spill her sweet exquisite juices all over his mouth as he drank them up and swallowed them as if he were dying of thirst.

Once he was sure he downed all of Raven's liquids, her spread her legs and positioned his iron hard love muscle over her slightly hairy sticky sex organ.

"Beast boy, I'm ready to be fucked hard." Raven moaned loudly.

Her words made Beast boy slam into the girl roughly, her hot soft entrance embracing his erect penis was such a wonderful feeling. Beast boy thrust into her harder, making Raven shriek in ecstasy.

"Oh god…yes…" Raven could barely elaborate, she just loved letting Beast boy's cock fill her tight snatch. She loved giving herself to him; his was the only cock she wanted to let fill her pussy.
Beast boy and Raven started fucking even faster. Raven started to take control, bouncing up and down, letting Beast boy relax and feel the pleasures of a horny teen chick losing all her inhibitions on his dick.

AAhh! Yeaaahh! Rae…Raven you're..so good…god damn…" Raven smiled more than ever before, loving the fact that she knew her boyfriend was building an incredible orgasm from her tight little pussy. She felt his hands play with her flailing tits as he banged her harder, her head tilting up and down as she moaned noisily.

Beast boy switched Raven around, so she faced the same direction as him. Beast boy did the work this time, hip thrusting into her pussy as Raven looked skywards in delight, rubbing circles on her own nipples as she screamed in pleasure. Beast boy pulled her hands away from her rack however, as he started sucking on them once more, while thrusting into her at an even greater momentum.
"Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh yeah, more! More! Oh my god!" Raven screamed in a euphroic bliss, and Beast boy almost came just from hearing his lover scream in such a horny euphoria.

"Nngghh! You like that Rae?" Beast boy asked her after he got done sucking her tits.
"You have no idea…! Oh BB!…don't stop..don't stop..!" her tits flailed up and down, gripped by the green male's busy hands.
"Ughh..fuck yeah..do you want me to cum inside of you, Rae?" Beast boy asked.

"Please! Yes! I'm cumming too…Garfield, do it!" Some of the best words Beast boy had ever heard.
"..Unnghh..OOOhhh! Rae! Aahhhh…!" His cum splurged forth, a huge stream filling Raven's horny cunt as ecstasy racked his body.

Raven came seconds later, her entrance contracting widly as she reached her own orgasm, pleasure engulfing her.

Beast boy remained inside of her as the two cuddled up against the other on the floor up against the couch in the main room.

"I love you Beast boy." Raven said with a serene smile as she kissed him once more.

"Love you to Rae." Beast boy replied.

The two teens then examined the floor around them, it was covered in ther sex fluids.

"We better clean this up before the others get home." Beast boy said with a smile.

"Agreed." Raven replied with a grin of her own.

The other three Titans definitely needed to leave the tower more often.

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