This is my first Story. I don't know, why I tell you this, but maybe it explains a little bit??!!^^

He waited. He had been waiting for an hour. Slowly he began to worry.

What if something had happened? Would someone inform him?

He doubted it.

Maybe he should look for him. But what if he would finally come, while he was outside.

Concern has been growing. What if he would not come? No. He would come. He had to come.

Anthony DiNozzo slowly paced his living room. He had phoned him and asked to hurry. But he was still not visible. The streets were much too quiet. No cars, no people.

Tony had a feeling he would go crazy. One hour. A damn hour. And nothing. No trace, no sign. Not even a phone call.


He could wait no longer. He had to do something. Tony DiNozzo has never had much patience and the little bit that he had was put straight to a hard test.

Five minutes. Just five more minutes and if he had not heard anything by this time, he would go and search.

He had never been this late. He could go out and look for him. But what if he would come out while Tony was looking for him? No, he had to remain in place.

Maybe he should just call. Call and ask what was going on. Yes, that was definitely his best idea this evening.

Tony had just put the phone in his hand when he heard a noise from outside. An engine. And as always in the last hour, he immediately ran back to the window.

And there it was. His object of begird.

As fast as he could, Tony ran to the door. He opened it and waited.

Only seconds, and finally he could hold it in his hands. That was what he had been waiting for the whole evening.

He could hear the footsteps. They came closer. His heart began to beat wildly.


And then he came around the corner. Tony grabbed it as soon as he stood before him, inhaling the wonderful aroma, while a smile spread on his lips.

He took the money from his pocket, pressed it into the man's hand and closed the door.

"Finally you're here.", He said, smiling, before he bit into the first piece of his pizza.



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