Same disclaimer applies. Love ya guys!

"Careful," says Smitty as I hop down the stairs into the Think Tank. Dave is piling some throw pillows on the coffee table, Scott is making lemonade on the countertop, and Rich is over by his drum kit.

"I'll be okay. This isn't my first sprain," I say as I make my way to the sofa and put my foot on the pillows. I take off my backpack and root around inside. "Scott, I hope you didn't put sugar in that yet. Ah, here it is!" I pull out a bag of sweetener and toss it his way. "I add 10 packets when I make a pitcher of lemonade." I also hand a black case to Smitty, which he places in the fridge for me.

"What's in there?" asks Dave.

"Insulin," I explain. "I'm a diabetic."

"I'm heading to the bathroom to clean up," said Smitty, running his hand along his jaw to feel the stubble.

"Rough night?" asks Rich. "I saw you were calling from Katie's phone."

"I stayed with her last night in case she needed anything," explained Smitty.

I giggle a little as I pull him down next to me. "Well, that's what boyfriends are for, or so I'm told!"

"BOYFRIEND!" everybody shouts at the same time in disbelief.

"When did this happen?" asks Rich.

"Yesterday in the Forest Room, while y'all were getting the wheelbarrow. Actually, it's been building up for a while now. We just finally admitted it to ourselves," I say as we hold hands. A tender kiss follows and we hear aww's from the the other guys.

I slowly let his hand slide out of mine as he gets up to go. I watch him walk down the hall and give a content sigh.

A few minutes later he returns, showered, shaved, and in fresh coveralls. A knock on the door soon follows. "A CUSTOMER!" holler all four Movers at once. Rich goes to open the door and the other Movers line up at the foot of the stairs, smiling broadly. "NINA!"

"Hi, guys. Hey, Katie. How's the ankle?" says Nina as she comes through the door.

"Sore," I say, "but I'll live. Having Smitty wait on me hand and foot is a big help too." With that, he brings me a glass of lemonade as look through my pack for the Vicodin. "Thanks, babe."

"Babe?" asks Nina, giving us a sideways glance. A light bulb lit up in her head as she realizes what's going on. "Are you two...?" she says, flipping her finger between us.

"Since yesterday," says Smitty.

"It's about time," she sighs. "I was wondering which one of you I was going to have to club. It's so obvious you were in love with each other."

"Was it really that obvious?" I ask.

"YES!" says everybody at the same time.

"OK, sheesh!" I pop a pill and get out the poker deck I carry for when I'm bored. I start shuffling and ask, "Anybody want to play? I can do Gin, Poker, Blackjack, and Euchre."

"Poker and Blackjack?" says Rich, arching an eyebrow.

"How do you think I got the money to start my shop?" I say, giving a sly grin.

"Great, I'm in love with a card shark!" jokes Smitty. I throw one of the pillows on the sofa at him and laugh when he catches it and throws it back.

"I'm up for some Blackjack," says Nina, sitting in a nearby chair.

"Me too!" squeaks Warehouse Mouse, sitting on my good leg as I deal.

After a good run of bad luck on my part, my cell phone rings with my business tone. "Hello? Hackers On Demand," answers Smitty. "I'm sorry, but Katie can't take any house calls for a few weeks. Uh, huh. OK, thanks."

I wish I didn't have to miss calls like that," I say, kinda down.

"Two weeks isn't so long," says Scott, trying to cheer me up.

"If I could finish the jobs I have on the bench already, I'd worry a lot less, but a certain guitarist won't let me work on them," I say, whining a little.

"I have an idea," chimes in Dave as he sits next to me. "If you give me a list of what needs repaired and the key to the shop, I bet I can finish them for you."

"That would be perfect! Thank you so much!" I say, giving him a big hug.

"Well, that problem's solved," says Rich as he heads to the phone. Who's ready for lunch?"