Chapter 1:

It had come quickly: The thick, rolling gray clouds and the heavy winds were upon the passengers travelling to Venezuela.

"Passengers, we will be hitting some turbulence here, so I am going to turn on the seatbelt sign..."

The pilot's young voice was hardly audible over the heavy rains and wind. The large droplets pelted the windows. It was impossible to see the sky, which was very dark, only to be illuminated by the lightning that occasionally streaked in front of the clouds.

Dominic Moore was frankly, very bored. His mp3 player had died about an hour ago, and he had brought nothing else with him. Dominic was 15, athletic, and somewhat bright. He was rather thin and lanky, and thick, mousy hair covered the top of his head, it dropped down almost past his neck. He was unaccompanied, as he was visiting his father in Maracaibo.

He had been living in Hawaii for a few years with his mother, his parents were divorced, and now they were flying somewhere over an ocean, probably a ways off the coast of Costa Rica.

Dominic sighed. He didn't want to visit his dad, he just wanted to go home and play with his new PS3...

The plane jerked so suddenly that Dominic's stomach nearly did a somersault. He tried to look out the window, but again, he only saw dark clouds blurred by the sheets of rain.

Another violent, large jerk caused the plane to shake. Dominic looked to his right. Across the aisle, he saw a nervous looking woman, and her small child was still asleep through all of the turbulence. More shaking from the plane, and the lights began flickering constantly. Now, Dominic was feeling uneasy. Not even the flight attendants were around.

"Probably up front," He thought simply. The plane dipped so suddenly that some people screamed. Even Dominic's eyes widened at the sudden dive of the plane. The plane struggled to straighten out, but it didn't seem to be able to. Dominic unbuckled his seatbelt and stood up, firmly holding the backs of his chair and the ones in front of him. Other passengers had stood up as well, and many were muttering in panicked tones.

Dominic could've sworn he heard a mysterious, creaking noise somewhere right outside the plane, but it was hard to distinguish it from the howling winds. His green eyes narrowed, trying to make out the noise. It grew louder, and Dominic realized it was the tearing of metal. The shrieks and squeals of it grew louder, and some of the passengers were beginning to scream.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm, but I'm afraid we're going to have to evacuate the plane..." the pilot didn't do a very good job masking his fear. Several people gasped, and small children started to cry. Dominic's eyes widened. The shrieking had come to complete halt, and a loud, thundering series of clunks arose from outside as the plane suddenly dipped so severely that several people fell over.

Dominic abandoned his things and made his way towards the emergency exit, where some other people who weren't as panicked had gathered, and were now fastening parachutes around them. A flight attendant helped Dominic with his parachute, as several more people scrambled towards the exits. The door swung open, and Dominic and many others were caught by a large spray of rain. Some people had already jumped into the rain, lost in the darkness of the sky. Soon, Dominic had come to the door.

Dominic screwed his eyes shut, leapt into the freezing air, and vanished.