Chapter 2:

Dominic tumbled blindly through the freezing air, not having a clue which way was up or down at this point. He feared if he pulled his parachute now he would be yanked around so hard he would surely have the wind knocked out of him. He was tossed around like a ragdoll through the clouds, he was soaked to the bone, and was now uncontrollably shaking.

The rain whipped his face, and it stung horribly. He couldn't breathe; he was choking on the rain and the weight of the air rising up while he was falling pressed against his chest. He gasped for air, and wet sprays of water rushed down his throat. He choked and spluttered.

He passed through a cloud, and realized he could scarcely see the ground. It was gray and blurred, and Dominic didn't realize that it was miraculous he would see the ground at all. It was coming up fast, and Dominic fumbled behind him for the chord. He eventually found it, and tugged as hard as he could, although his arm was numb. The chute flew out and immediately jerked upward, and Dominic felt the breath forced out of his lungs as he felt himself violently jerk upwards.

Dominic regretted the decision almost instantly. He was tossed around like a ragdoll, and the parachute had a very hard time trying not to crumple under the force of the wind. Dominic focused to see the ground, but the parachute was moving to rapidly to see, although it looked like something was rushing up-

Dominic hit the ground hard. Pain shot through his legs and continued upward, feeling the shock of landing so suddenly. The parachute was still flapping violently in the storm, and he was being pulled with it. He slid the pack off his shoulders and watched his parachute fly off into the gray blur of the rain. He sighed a little. Now what? He was alive, despite being at the mercy of the storm, but now he was stranded on a deserted island.

At least, it seemed deserted. Dominic looked down at his feet, and saw the outline of a path. He followed it with his eyes and saw to the left, that there was a remarkably high hideout. He looked beyond, and saw the tall grass that covered the island for miles. He heard a loud, whale-like call in the distance. Dominic thought it could be a whale, but it was coming from the direction of the grass. Dominic made his way towards the high hideout, hoping to somehow get a better look at what made the noise.

He walked about ten paces and stopped. He head a faint thrumming of footsteps, at a running speed, coming down the path: Impossibly fast for a human. Dominic ducked down in the somewhat tall grass, a few paces from the high hideout. He stayed perfectly still, and tried not to gasp or cry out when he saw what was running.

The stood on their hind legs, about six feet tall, with long tails and extremely long claws, especially for a particular claw on each foot, which to Dominic, looked like it could've been nine inches. They were extremely agile and quick, jerking their heads in bird-like motions. They had almost leathery looking skin, which was a greenish shade, and despite looking like lizards, their posture was almost bird-like. They had hungry yellow eyes, that stared straight forward, and the continued to run down the path, not noticing Dominic. Dominic relaxed a little, but stiffened up when one of them stopped and sniffed the air, then the ground. It cast its glare over the grass, trying to see Dominic. It snarled in frustration, and to Dominic, it was one of the most terrifying things he had ever heard. More of them came over to find him, and soon, they were all there, heads bobbing, jerking, and sniffing. Dominic wished he could vanish. He was rash in some cases, but he knew better than to try and fight these guys. One of them looked his direction, locked eyes, and with a horrible realization, Dominic thought:

"Oh my God, it's found me."