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Loving a Stranger-Epilogue a.k.a. LAS-EP

He was dead, and history was repeating itself. The other pilots were all at his funeral, though she didn't know them that well. Three hour after the funeral service only a few people still stood by the grave. Hotaru hugged Alishia sympathetically. Looking sorrowfully at Hotaru, she quietly spoke. "You should tell him how you feel before it's too late." The violet-eyed girl's roommate looked one last time at his grave, and then left the cemetery and joined up with a group of 16 others. Hotaru looked up at Seiya, Yaten, and Taiki. Each was bidding their farewells to the group. She bit her lip and drove towards the café 10 minutes away, hoping to find him.

They were friends with obvious attraction, as Duo labeled them. Heero's eyes narrowed slightly at the brunette and then focused on his cup of coffee. It was raining outside and the pilot of Wing Zero found himself thinking of Hotaru, and hoping she was safe.

The purple-haired senshi stepped on the brakes, causing the car to come to a screeching halt. Relief flooded though her, glad that Haruka had put on better brakes for her car. However, that feeling was short lived as the car next to her swerved out of control, hitting her car with so much force that it caused her head to come crashing to the side.

Ami was working in the hospital that day, hoping to be able to get a break. But, she couldn't, not with so many injured and ill that still needed her help, she reasoned. She grabbed her bottle of water and let the cool liquid calm her tired throat. She had been shouting out commands most of the day to inexperienced nurses in training.

The moment Hotaru was rushed into her care, Ami found herself breathless. Sending out all the other occupants in the room briefly, Ami shut the door and pulled out her communicator from her pocket. "Usagi! Makoto! Rei! Everyone! Hotaru's injured and she needs planet power to boost her healing! Hurry!" Silently, Ami added that if they didn't their frail senshi might not be able to make it.

The rules behind using planet power were complicated and difficult, but it was necessary. Vaguely, a sudden image crept into Ami's mind, an image long forgotten, but welcome. She ran to a pay phone.

Trowa's cell phone rang, and after he recognized the caller ID to be the hospital that Ami worked at, he picked it up. "What's wrong?" He listened briefly to Ami's rapid speaking and then handed the phone to Heero. Another moment passed in silence, the only noise coming from the other end of the phone. "I'm on my way." He confirmed.

His reckless driving scared the other drivers on the road away from his way, leaving a clear path for him to reach the hospital. Leaping out from the ice cream truck, Heero dashed into the building and ran to the lobby where he saw some familiar faces pacing around. He stared unbelievingly. "We can't go in?!" He cried out, disbelieving. Haruka snorted. "That's what I said." Her hands balled into fist as she hit the wall again. "She needs her rest." Ami once again recited, as if not entirely believing.

Suddenly, another figure burst into the room. She blinked in surprise at the small crowd already gathered there. Quickly, she strode towards Usagi, whom she knew could be in complete control over the rest. "Get her out of this hospital." Alishia commanded. Minako stared at her as if she was crazy. "What are you talking about?" Cried Ami. "Just get her out of here!" Alishia demanded once more. Sending one last look at Usagi who still hadn't made a move, she glanced over at Seiya. "Fine. You can her die. But I'm getting her out." With that last statement, she burst through the doors and proceeded towards Hotaru's room. Taiki and Seiya followed, eyeing down any person foolish to get in their way. By the time they reached Hotaru's door, it was already open with a full view of Alishia hoisting the sick girl into a helicopter out the window. Above them, an angry monster was throwing fireballs on the roof. "Stay out of this." She commanded. Taiki gave her one desperate look. "Don't tell Usagi anything about us and what happened to Hotaru." Just as she was about to leap out the widow into the helicopter, Seiya peeked into the cockpit and got a glimpse of another person from the future. Hotaru would be safe.

Seiya and Taiki hesitantly made their way back to the lobby where the rest had gathered. "Uh." stammered Seiya, before running out of the hospital, Taiki in tow, away from the questioning Haruka.

*** Violet eyes opened weakly, before closing tightly again. The pain in her head had lessened greatly. A ruffle of sheets was heard outside her room before a girl appeared. Hotaru stared openly at the young girl. She smiled slightly at Hotaru and then called out to another acceptant of the house. Quickly, Alishia entered the room. "Thank you for your help." She acknowledged, before closing the door. Hotaru locked eyes with her former roommate. "It's such a surprise to see you again. I didn't know we would ever cross paths again." Hotaru slowly got up from her bed, but stumbled slightly. "Be careful!" she warned, worried.

"I know her, don't I?" Questioned Hotaru, glancing at her brunette friend. "She seems very familiar to me." Alishia bit her lip nervously. "I promise you'll see her in the future." 'Very far in the future.' She added silently. "Just in case you were wondering, after the car wreck, you were taken to a local hospital, but they didn't have the proper medications and instruments to help, so we took you to another place. You can go home now. Haruka is waiting outside."

The moment her feet touched the hard pavement outside the house, Michiru and Haruka swept her into a large hug. As they drove back to the city, Hotaru listened contently to her parent's conversations. "But, I'm so glad that you are back safe and sound!" Concluded Haruka, positively beaming with delight. They reached their own house and she tiredly walked towards the door. However, a certain young man was waiting for her outside, on the porch. Energy suddenly flowed through her and she quickened her pace. Smiling, she threw herself into the open arms of Heero. Pulling him close, she whispered into his ear, "I love you." He stiffened and for a split second, she felt as if she would cry. She quickly withdrew her arms and proceeded to enter the house. He spun around and grabbed her left arm. "I love you too." Her heart stopped as the words sunk in.

"You.you." Disbelief was suddenly pushed out of the way by happiness and her eyes lit up with happiness. He leaned down, and their lips met. Both felt utterly complete.


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