NOTE: Welcome to my short Christmas fic. This is my first TezukaXKaidou fic, so it's pretty short and sweet. I hope you'll enjoy.

On This Winter Day

It was a cold winter day. The sun rose high in the sky making the white substance, snow, glisten on the ground. A boy that reached about 173 centimeters in height walked down the sidewalk holding onto a plastic bag. He shivered from the chill in the air, and looked up when he heard footsteps coming from in front of him.

"Ah…Buchou," the boy looked up through his dark strands of hair.

"Good afternoon, Kaidou," the person politely bowed his head down. "Are you out doing last minute shopping?"

Kaidou shook his head. "I was asked to buy a few things for dinner. What are you doing out here, Tezuka-buchou?"

"Just taking a short walk," Tezuka fixed his glasses and continued down the sidewalk. "Keep yourself warm."

"Right," he pulled his coat around him and shivered once again. Letting out a sigh, he lifted his leg to get on his way. Though, before he could begin walking, a blue scarf was wrapped around his neck from behind. "Huh?"

"Merry Christmas, Kaidou," Tezuka's voice softly spoke into the younger boy's ear.

Blushing, Kaidou reached his hand up to touch the scarf. "This―"

"You like the color blue, am I right?"


"Here," Tezuka pulled out a small gift out of his jacket's pocket. It was wrapped in a green paper with a rather tiny red bow on top.

"What's this?"

"Your present."

"I…" Kaidou held onto the present with his free hand. "Thank you, Buchou."

"You may open it now if you'd like to," Tezuka seemed to be avoiding looking at the younger boy.

Placing the plastic bag he held onto the ground, Kaidou carefully tore away the wrapping from the gift. Slowly, he revealed a blue bandana with a lighter blue star pattern to it.

"I hope you like it," Tezuka continued to look away.

Without saying a word, Kaidou quickly wrapped the cloth around his head. His cheeks were red from not only the cold anymore. "I do. I just…didn't get anything for you."

Tezuka took Kaidou's frozen chin in his right hand and gracefully pulled it up so he could place their lips together. "This will do."

"Tezuka-buchou…" Kaidou let a small smile form on his face. "Merry Christmas."

"Remember to keep warm," Tezuka turned and began to walk away.

Placing his fingers to his lips, Kaidou picked up his bag. "I will."

Tezuka faced the boy once again to show a crooked grin on his face. Seeing that smile made Kaidou blush even more. It was a rare sight to see Tezuka smiling. Kaidou continued to watch Tezuka as he made his way down the road. After he could no longer see the older boy, he shifted himself and headed home. Indeed this would be a merry Christmas.


NOTE: Forgive me if the seem OOC. I fail…I fail at writing for Tezuka. Kaidou…he…he's not always easy to write for either. I'm sorry~!

Anyways, this is my first TezukaXKaidou fic. I wanted to do a bunch of short fics for some of my favorite pairing for Christmas, but I could only get two done (One was a FujiXRyoma fic that I posted December 23rd that was written for Christmas and Ryoma's birthday.). This reminds me…I forgot to mention Yanagi Kotaro's birthday (He was the first Echizen Ryoma in the Prince of Tennis musicals.). Man, that was on the 21st of December. I feel bad; I keep missing all my favorite actors' birthdays. Wait, wait, wait! If I remember correctly, Shirota Yuu's birthday is December 26th. Happy birthday to him then. Sorry about my rambling.

Well, as I said, I wanted to write a few fics for Christmas, but I just didn't get the time to do so. I decided to do this TezukaXKaidou one because I think they make a cute couple. That's just me though.

I hope that this fic wasn't a complete failure. Thank you for reading~!