Introduction (2nd Revision)


I dedicate this to anyone whom has tried or succeeded at writing something creative.  Whether it is a short story, poem, or novel, they are the ones that take the time to explore their creative sides; something that is widely absent in today's society.  And to the friends and fans who have been supportive of this project since the very beginning as it started from less than a 20 page short story and turned into a novel beyond my wildest expectations.  Your support has helped me to continue writing this story, and you deserve thanks.


Ok, here we go…I don't own the Rocket Knights or anything related to them.  I don't own Sparkster, Axle Gear, princess Sherry, king Zebulos, etc.  Rocket Knight Adventures and the Sparkster game series is property of Konami inc. and I in no way am claiming any parts of what they have copyrighted.  According to some informative sources, the name Mifune Sanjulo is NOT copyrighted (phew!) as well as all of the other characters in "The Story of a Traveling Swordsman" not related to the games. If anyone wishes to use any of my own characters in their artwork, fanfics, or other productions, all I ask is that you contact me first before doing so.  In fact I'd love to see some great artwork of some of my characters, so please don't be afraid to ask! Not sure if I missed anything here…basically if I can be sued for it, I automatically turn all property of the debated characters or places over to Konami, and upon request will have it removed from the story immediately. 


This fanfic was written as a prequel to the Rocket Knight series, taking place 26 years before Rocket Knight Adventures.  It details the life of Sparkster's foster father and master, Mifune Sanjulo during different intervals and is broken up into 4 acts and 12 parts (when completed).  I have decided to rate the story in the PG-13 category, mostly because it can be violent in nature at times, but usually symbolically.  It also includes some mature themes, which are best read by a more mature audience of course.  Some of the nations, people, and races of Elhorn may be invented or altered to better fit the storyline.  Since Konami never felt a need to go into better detail (and shame on them!), I had to improvise in some parts of the story to keep a general flow. (In other words, I'm making Elhorn history!).  I do hope this doesn't hinder your outlook of the story, as I tried to make it as accurate as possible to work with the original storyline.  To those who don't have a problem with it, please enjoy The Story of a Traveling Swordsman…