Author note: I felt a bit sorry for Lucy after watching The End of Time (there are no spoilers, this is purely the year that never was, I assure you!) in that, and this popped into my head not long after. Hope you like!

Small Victories

"So," said a quiet voice. "You're Harry's pet."

Jack rolled his tired eyes around. A woman by the doorway. The unguarded doorway? He pulled at the chains that kept him spread-eagled, grunting a little. No luck. Trapped and stuck as ever.

The woman walked through the steam leaking from pipe after pipe, coming up right in front of Jack. Appraising him.

"You don't look like much," said Lucy Saxon.

"I don't feel like much," Jack returned evenly. "And if I'm the pet, does that make you the dancing monkey?"

She almost slapped him, restraining herself at the last moment. Jack grinned.

"Get back to your organ grinder, little monkey," he told her. "Don't you have havoc to wreak, or some nefarious deed to commit? Business as usual in the Saxon household?"

"I was curious about you."

"How sweet."

Lucy sniffed. "I wouldn't be so sarcastic if I were the one in chains."

"No?" said Jack. Both his eyebrows went up and he tilted his head, mock curiosity hardening his grimy features. "What would you be, then?"

Lucy said nothing.

"Seems to me you're as trapped as I am." Jack closed his eyes, mind drifting. "We're all trapped."

"I'm not—"

"Lucy Saxon. Everything's in the name. A Rose by any other would still smell as sweet." Jack laughed at himself. Was this what madness tasted like? Time to focus. "Your world begins and ends with him, doesn't it?"

"I don't see—"

"No," said Jack, cutting her off again. "You don't."

Tish arrived then, carrying Jack's midday tray of sludge in one hand, a fork in the other. He shuddered. When Tish caught sight of Lucy, she froze and almost dropped the tray.

"Carry on," Lucy told her, sweeping out of the room. "Pets need good care, after all."

Jack could tell her heart wasn't in it.

Small victories.