So here are the "Untold Chapters".

This chapter takes place right in between Episode 1.10: Asylum, and Episode 1.11: Scarecrow.

I figure that's more Christmastime since Route666 aired in January and honestly it's a little more snowy in Missouri in January than December so…yeah, this is where I'm putting it in timing with Season One.

It's pretty much just Jen and Lana and it's not incredibly long but has some flashbacks to their past as little kids.

WARNINGS: None in this chapter.



I really couldn't get over the fact that it was Christmas Eve and I still hadn't heard from either Dean or Sam. Dean, I knew wasn't really into the whole keeping in contact thing, but Sam was my boyfriend so how could he not call? CHRISTMAS!!

"I'm walking into your house!" Jen called from the front door.

I laughed and came out into the hall, handing her come cocoa. "Well Merry Christmas Eve, Jennifer."

"Merry Christmas Eve, Alana—now never call me 'Jennifer' again, all right?" Jen asked me, her face completely serious as she took the cocoa cup from me. "I don't like being full-named."

"Me neither." I admitted and then sipped the cocoa and we headed out into the kitchen.

Christmas was one of mine and Jen's favorite holidays and this was our tradition—spend Christmas Eve and Christmas together. We made cookies, wrapped presents, watched some movies, and sang some Christmas Carols. The two of us pulled out the cookbooks and started to flip through them, decided on chocolate chip oatmeal cookies—they sounded good to us.

"I can't believe you're honestly going to save some of these for Santa." Jen told me with a chuckle, breaking some eggs into the large mixing bowl.

I rolled my eyes. "Well forgive me for not having a reason not to believe."

"Where's the oatmeal?" Jen asked me and then laughed and got it out of the cabinet and I smiled at her.

She knew where everything in my house was, but at the same time you never knew what was and wasn't stocked in my house. I wasn't around as much anymore, but I had taken a break to talk to my parents and so I had some things stocked. Besides, it was Christmas, and Christmas meant some cookies so I was stocked with all kinds of cookie making things. Jen was glad too, because it beat always having to go to her house to get things done. I was feeling like I was starting to impose on her a little too much, even though it had always been like this—us two were like two peas in a pod and we were practically attached at the hip…even with the boys' new roles in my life.

"Beater or wooden spoons?" I asked her.

Jen rolled her eyes. "Wooden spoons—Vanilla…perfect."

"Just use a capful—don't measure it out." I told her and she rolled her eyes but did as I asked.

We both mixed the batter and looked over at the oven when it made a sound to signal that it was preheated and ready to be used. Jen laughed and started to drop spoonfuls of the cookie dough onto the cookie sheet and I got some on my finger and stuck it in my mouth. That made Jen reach out and hit me with the spoon and I faked a look like it had hurt and how dare she do that.

"Stop eating the cookie dough! That's not the point!" Jen exclaimed.

I laughed loudly. "It is for me. As long as we get some, and there's some left over for Santa, who cares?"

"I care! I like getting the amount of cookies out of the dough that the recipe says you can get. I went out on a limb to not measure out the vanilla!" Jen told me.

"You are so OCD." I said with a laugh and ate another finger full of cookie dough. "Seriously, you're missing out."

Jen rolled her eyes. "There is a time and a place to eat cookie dough."

"This is Christmasdo it!" I egged her on.

As I said it over and over again, Jen sighed loudly and then nodded, eating a finger full of cookie dough and then when the cookies went into the oven, we made sure the stockings were set up and I peeled some of the big carrots for the reindeer and then Jen went home. I still believed…it was just something I did. Maybe someone came in and ate the cookies and the carrots and put things in the stockings and drank the milk that wasn't Santa…but I didn't believe that. I never had a reason not to and besides…I liked having something to believe in, and this was my thing…Christmas was just my thing.

"Merry Christmas Eve, Lana." I told myself as I turned the lights off, the tray of cookies and carrots and the milk by the fireplace next to my note to Santa:

I love you.

Thank you.

I will always believe.

I checked my phone one last time, and then I realized that there was definitely not going to be a call from the boys. I was worried about them, but I was certain they could take care of themselves. Still…they couldn't just pick up a phone and call me? It was Christmas…it was yet another Christmas that Jen and I were spending together except for Christmas Eve…Christmas Eve we spent alone.


Since Jen actually had parents, she spent the afternoon and evening with them, but I always spent the mornings with her. Sometimes I even spent the beginning of Jen's family's Christmas with them, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do that this year or not. I really needed to get a hold of Sam and Dean and I really thought that Christmas could make that happen…I really should tell them that Christmas was my favorite holiday…

"Merry Christmas, Lana." I said aloud, looking up at the ceiling as I lay there in my bed.

Honestly every time I woke up Christmas morning, I thought about my best Christmas ever…a Christmas with my real mother when I was five. It was the last Christmas I had with her, and Annie was still there…Annie had still been alive. I closed my eyes and tried to picture it, knowing that since the boys weren't calling me back and I wasn't ready to head to Jen's yet, it was the only thing that would keep me sane.

"Mommy! I wanted chocolate chip cookies!" Five-year-old Lana protested, stomping her foot on the ground.

Three-year-old Annie looked up at them. "Yeah!"

"Oh great, you've gotten your sister started." Florence told her, smiling at Bethany as she and Marcus came in wearing Christmas sweaters.

"Lana, listen to your mother." Bethany said, laughing at her adopted daughter and ruffling her hair. "Santa will eat whatever cookies he wants to."

Lana pouted and then she smiled at her sister when Annie tugged on her shirt. They held hands and went out into the Living Room, getting stories read to them and then they were tucked into bed. Annie and Lana talked about Santa and about what they wanted for Christmas, falling asleep and waking up in the middle of the night swearing they heard sleigh bells and footsteps on the roof. They hurried downstairs and found presents under the tree and went to wake up the parentals.

"Santa came! He really came!" Lana exclaimed, spilling the contents of her stocking onto her mother's bed.

Florence looked at her and smiled sadly, knowing this was the last day she was going to spend with her daughters…this was the last day she could afford to be in their presence…she had to protect them.

I smiled sadly at the memories and then I took a deep breath and threw the covers off of me, heading down to the Living Room and smiling—crumbs on the plate, no more carrots and the milk was gone. There was a little note next to the plate and I opened it up and I smiled at it:

Thank you.

Merry Christmas.

I recognized the handwriting from Christmases past, but not from anything else—it was part of what helped me to believe. After making sure I had Jen's and her family's presents in a pile, I grabbed a package out from under the tree addressed to me and I smiled at it. I'd open it up later—for now I was just going to go over to Jen's and have Christmas breakfast with her.

So I got dressed, headed over to Jen's and I smiled when she opened the door, both of us wearing Christmas sweaters. We smiled at each other and then I helped her to make some eggs and some bacon—hers pork and mine turkey—and she asked me how my morning was and I told her. I explained to her that I was worried about Sam and Dean, and that I had been thinking about my biological mother and my sister…that I was still pretty messed up about what happened to Annie.

"Hey…have you told the boys about Annie yet?" Jen asked me.

I shook my head. "No…that's why I'm pretty sure neither of them are going to call me. They don't understand how much Christmas means to me, and I haven't explained to them anything about Annie."

"Well then…put the phone away—I don't want to see it out again this morning unless they actually call you, all right? It's Christmas, Lan…Merry Christmas." Jen told me, squeezing my hand.

"Merry Christmas, Jenny." I replied with a smile.

Then we sat down to eat some breakfast and talked about a lot of things—about what we had been up to, about the boys…everything. Jen was doing well in her college classes, and I was pretty happy to have a boyfriend—I felt rather lucky with Sam. He treated me well, he cared about me, he trusted me…and for some reason…he wasn't calling me.

"So I have a gift for you." I told her, getting up and helping her clear some dishes. "I think you're going to like it."

Jen smiled and handed me a package. "I might have gotten you something too."

"Oh, you shouldn't have!" I told her, both of us grinning at each other.

We nodded at each other and then opened up the packages—Jen had given me some new attachments for my laptop, and I had gotten her the photography items she had wanted. Then we'd each gotten each other the CD we had wanted, and we smiled at each other, putting in her CD first and sitting on the couch with some hot apple cider. She had been visited by Santa too…even though I was pretty sure Jen didn't believe in him anymore, and she had gotten everything she had wanted…I had gotten almost everything I had wanted and that was good enough.

"Are you going to be mopey the whole day?" Jen asked me.

I smiled at her. "No…no…I'm going to be fine."

"Good…because I don't want your favorite holiday ruined." Jen explained, and then squeezed my hand again and we decided to watch a Christmas special: Jack Frost.

I ended up staying at Jen's all day and when I finally got home, I took a deep breath and slid my phone out of my back pocket—no Sam or Dean. What the Hell were they doing? Where were they? I just wanted to know that they were safe. They'd let me go, I was sorting through my feelings and now they weren't contacting me? Something was wrong…

So I went and packed a duffle, then got on my laptop and tried to figure out where they were even though I couldn't exactly track them. I didn't know them well enough yet to know everything about them, so I didn't know all the names that they used yet. All I knew was that I was worried about them…that they were my family and I needed them.

"Why don't I focus on something else and recollect my thoughts?" I asked myself out loud, and then I went to the present from earlier, opened it up, and smiled at the necklace. "Well…thank you, Santa."

I went to go and put it with the rest of my jewelry, and then checked my phone one more time…nothing. I was worried about them, but I needed to go to bed and then I would go to my parents' graves and then I could go back and find them. By then, I'd have more information, I was sure of it. For now…for now it was just me and my memories.

"Goodnight." I said aloud to no one in particular, and then I closed my eyes and fell asleep rather peacefully.

Note: Hope you enjoyed that! It was just something fun and fluffy, and I wanted to write something that showed how close Jen and Lana really are. Feedback is always appreciated!