I just wanted to do this because hey, it's October, and I thought it would be fun, so…let's consider this Johnny's Halloween after the seal broke in "Orders are Orders".

It's fun, fluffy and short.

WARNINGS: Not really any this chapter.



I took a deep breath as I rubbed my head, Dean in the living room with Johnny as I put some Ibuprofen into my system. Sam and Kate had decided to head out to a bar with Annie and Penn in not too elaborate costumes, and Jen and Kevin were going to meet us for some Trick-or-Treating. Dean didn't want to dress up and neither did I really, even though every once in a while a thought would drift there. I didn't think I was too old not to dress up yet…I could still have fun…but we were cutting things close—the hunt had cut into time already.

"Oh my God…is he supposed to be a cat?" I asked Dean, looking at the whiskers and the nose that Dean had drawn with my eye pencil. "My poor son."

Dean looked at me and then back to Johnny in his stroller. "What? It seems to me that he likes it."

"Does it really look like he likes it?" I asked him with a laugh, shaking my head. "Whatever, we don't have the time for this—there's Jen, Kevin and the girls."

"Come in!" Dean called out.

Dean and I both smiled up at Jen and Kevin as they came through the front doors, the girls dressed as a lady bug and a bumblebee. Then we had our little 'lion' as Dean was now correcting me and I just laughed and let it go. The kids were still a little too young to actually Trick-or-Treat, but we were going on a walk with them all dressed up, showing them off and catching up. It was a just a way to get to enjoy the holiday without staying at home all night—Dean wanted the rest of the candy that was left at home so it wasn't like we could stay home and hang out when we needed the lights off so the Trick-or-Treaters wouldn't keep showing up.

"So how are you holding up, Lan?" Jen asked me, linking her arm with mine as Kevin and Dean pushed the strollers and chatted on their own.

I shrugged a little bit. "I think I'm doing okay, Jenny…honestly…at the same time I'm incredibly worried because you didn't see the look on Uriel's face, Jen…he was pissed that we let a seal break."

"And what about Castiel? Where has he been?" Jen asked me, both of us saying 'Happy Halloween' and smiling at a group of Trick-or-Treaters that passed us on the sidewalk.

I just shook my head because I really didn't know what to tell her. Mom had told me not to tell anyone and so had Castiel—just in case Lilith suspected anything, the people closest to me had to be convinced that I had switched sides. In the long run it was going to hurt them when they found out that it was all just a ploy, but at the same time I had been told that there was no other way. How was I going to come back from this though? This was going to be the most hurtful thing that I had ever done.

It suddenly occurred to me that nothing in my life was going to be the same when I came back from this. Somewhere along the way my husband and my friends and my family were going to feel like they couldn't trust me—even when the plan was revealed to them in the end. What if once I came back none of them wanted to have anything to do with me anymore? What if Dean wanted a divorce and they all felt like they didn't know me anymore? Would they understand what it was that I had to do and why?

"Cas shows when he wants to show." I told her lamely.


Dean's POV

"So you seem more agitated than normal even though you're trying to pretend that everything is okay for the wife and kid." Kevin told me.

It was strange that Kevin understood me so well when he and I really didn't get to hang out as much as we wanted to. We wanted so badly to be the kind of buds that had barbeques and shared beers every Sunday watching the games with our wives—who strangely were into sports—and to be honest it felt good. There was someone else in this world that understood what it was I was going through and most days I wished I could be the kind of Dad that Kevin Newton was.

He was so brave and so generous, and he had cared about his family enough to get them out of harm's way. Yes, he and Jen still had to hunt sometimes, but they had gotten out of the business as best as they could and other people who cared about them fought for them—like Lana and I. To be fair though, I hoped that someday there would come a time that Lana and I wouldn't have to do this either…a time where she and I could settle down and have more kids and get real jobs.

"The hunt just didn't go the way that we planned…a seal broke." I explained to him.

Kevin nodded slowly. "Oh, I see…that's definitely a setback…but you guys have more chances to stop this right? Do you need Jen and me to help?"

"No, no—you guys are fine." I told him quickly, shaking my head.

"I love that you care, Dean, but just remember that you guys aren't alone in this." Kevin said with a smile on his face. "Jen's a research guru and it's not like I can't handle my own in a fight if I absolutely have to…you're not alone, Dean."

"I have a feeling you're not just talking about hunting here." I told him slowly.

When I gave him a look he just laughed, and then the two of us pushed the strollers along in silence a little, our wives ahead of us talking and occasionally laughing. Kevin and I knew that we'd gotten lucky in life with them, and we knew even more that the two of them had come into our lives to stay whether we wanted them there are not. Even if we wanted to push them away to spare them pain, we were too selfish to let them go, and they were too masochistic to let us let them go.

"I feel like a terrible person about not putting my foot down sometimes." I admitted to Kevin finally, Jen and Lana stopping and talking to someone they knew, fawning over the kids and their outfits, and then pointing out Kevin, the kids and I. "Hi."

The blonde woman smiled. "I can't believe I haven't even met, Dean yet! And Johnny's so big now!"

When she said that, I was pretty certain that that meant that Portia had seen Johnny while I was in Hell. I didn't mind that, and it was nice to know that Lana really did have so many people looking out for her, but it also made me wonder a little bit about how much Portia actually knew. Was she a hunter? Did she know about the supernatural? Did she, Jen and Lana go to High School together or something?

"I feel bad for not bringing him around more!" Lana told her. "Dean, Portia—Portia, Dean. They live about a twenty minute drive away but with a five year-old who wants to get two pillow cases full of candy, what can you do, right?"

"I honestly don't mind—it gets us all some exercise and once I hide it, the candy lasts us so long I don't have to buy any for a while." Portia told us, laughing and hugging Jen and Lana back as they hugged her. "Oh my, the twins are getting big, Jenny."

Jen nodded and smiled at her girls. "That they are…we should push on though because Kaydee is getting restless all stopped like this."

"I understand—don't be strangers now, okay, girls?" Portia asked, hugging them again. "You guys are coming to the reunion right?"

"We wouldn't miss it." Jen informed her. "But since that's a long time from now, let's plan a barbeque or something."

Lana smiled and nodded. "Yeah! That's a great idea, and we have your number. Bye, Brett! Get those two pillowcases, Buddy!"

Brett gave us a thumbs up and then we continued walking, Jen and Lana slowing down to inform me that they went to High School with Portia. She'd gotten married pretty soon after graduation and then she knew that she wanted to have a family—she knew she wanted to be a stay at home Mom. She wasn't a hunter but she knew about monsters and kept her house charmed—she was a witch.


Lana's POV

Every time I brought up witches and High School, Dean always got that look on his face and it made me feel like I was going to have to explain myself or something. Instead, Kevin changed the subject and we all just started talking about how cute the kids' costumes were and eventually when Johnny got fussy about the cold we all called it a night. Dean and I got home with Johnny before Kate, Sam, Annie or Penn had come home, and we gave him a warm bath and then got him into his footed Thor pajamas and got him into his crib.

"Did you only get him Superhero pajamas?" Dean asked me with a soft laugh.

I smiled a little. "Not only…but mostly, yes."

He nodded, and then he left the nursery, heading straight to bed. I knew that he was upset with me for letting Sam use his powers, and I knew I'd have to face him about them eventually, but I didn't want to. Sam wanted to be true to who he was and yes, it was a little scary, but I didn't feel like it was a bad thing. Sam was doing what needed to be done and he felt like he was helping people…he felt like he was making a difference.

When Dean was dead, Sam had felt like he was only half of a hunting team—he felt empty and incomplete. Sam just wanted to prove that he could hold his own because without Dean he had been aware that he had had to step up his game. He felt like Dean was the one that always carried us and even though Kate and I tried to tell him that wasn't true, Kate and Dean were the ones that did the majority of the fighting and so I understood.

Sam and I had always been the 'good' and 'timid' ones and now that we were aware of the demon blood coursing through our systems we wanted to act. If we could learn to control it, then it wasn't controlling us and that was the main thing we were trying to accomplish. Kate was standing by us, but Dean…Dean was scared of what we could potentially become if we crossed the line and couldn't come back from it—and he had every right to be.

I just nodded and kissed Johnny's forehead, turning his mobile on and then turning out the light, heading to the bedroom I shared with Dean. He was already dressed in his boxers and gray t-shirt, snuggled up in the bed, the overhead light on and I sighed, stripping down and putting a sport bra on, then my own boxers and t-shirt, turning off the light and climbing into the bed. Dean let me wrap my arms around him and pull him close to me, me knowing that he wanted me to know he still loved me even though he was upset and I was grateful for that.

"I know you're mad, and I know we'll talk later, but…I love you." I whispered, nipping at his ear and running my toes along his bare leg. "I love you very much."

Dean nodded and kissed my hand a moment, his back still to me. "I love you too."

Note: So just a little fluff and a Kevin/Dean moment that I hope you all enjoyed! Feedback is always appreciated!