Prompt: 5. Discovery

Rating: G

Summary: Just a fluffy fic with some humorous inopportune timings.

Sabin's eyes opened slowly as the very first light peered its way in the room through the sheer curtains. His first instinct was to stretch out on the bed, but as the first twitch went through his leg, he stopped it quickly. Without moving anything but his neck, Sabin managed to look over to Terra. A soft sigh of relief came from him that she was asleep.

As softly as he could, he rolled on his side toward her. He brought his hand up to idly play with a couple of curls. He wanted to wake her - have some time alone with her before the madness of the morning began. But he thought better of it. She had been pushing herself too hard lately and it was obvious the stress was wearing on her. Every morning for the last week and a half or so she hadn't been able to keep her breakfast down. Of course, then she wouldn't give her body any time to recover before going back to her duties. It was a wonder none of the children had gotten sick yet.

Maybe today he could force her to stay in bed and take a sick day already. Although he did really need to fix the stables since the recent storm off the ocean forced a tree through the roof. Thankfully there were no injuries, but he did need to fix it before the next spring storm rolled through. Maybe if he got up now and did the heavy work before breakfast he could leave Duane in charge of the rest.

Sabin rose quietly out of bed and stretched his arms to the ceiling while yawning. He looked over his shoulder to make sure that Terra was still sleeping, then changed into his most comfortable work clothes, figuring he had the work of two to do today. Very quietly he left the room and walked down the stairs.

None of the children were up yet, at least in the common area. But if any of them were up, it would be Ilia, and she was probably just harmlessly reading in her bed still. He went outside just past the barn where he had left the wood and tools late the night before.

An hour or two of work saw most of the heavy cutting done, which surprised him. Then again, he normally was monitoring several children at the same time, so he had that advantage so far. He peeked at the main house and saw a couple figures run by the window. Sabin tucked his tools away, his stomach agreeing that it was time for breakfast.

"Papa!" Sabin was greeted immediately. "Mama was looking for you!"

"She was? Do you know where she is now Andrew?"

"Mama's in the kitchen making breakfast! She said she's makin' pancakes."

Sabin smiled and thanked Andrew. He walked past him and into the kitchen, stepping over a couple of wooden toys on the way. Sure enough, he walked in to see a very pale-faced Terra standing over a mixing bowl. "Good morning," he said, making Terra aware of his presence.

"Morning," She answered with a smile as he kissed her forehead.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay," she said half heartedly.

"You got sick again, didn't you?" He asked, dropping a bit of butter onto the large cast iron pan on the stovetop.

Terra offered a weak smile. "…Yeah."

Sabin took the bowl and spoon from her. "Then you shouldn't be preparing food," he scolded.

"It needed to get started," she insisted.

"Well you started it, now you can rest." Sabin glanced and saw that she was coming up with something to say in protest. "If you don't get better soon, I'm going to drag you to Nikeah to find a doctor."

"Sabin the ground's finally thawed! We need to get the seeds sown."

"Then I'll get it done." For a few minutes the only sound in the kitchen was sizzling from the pan. "Eat," He said as he flipped a couple pancakes onto a plate once they were done. "Then you're on bed rest."

"Okay," Terra finally agreed as she took the warm plate.

Just before noon, Terra sat at the edge of her bed, clutching her stomach. Once again, breakfast didn't stay down. Despite how adamant she was about doing work she was worried about her recent health problems as well. She knew Sabin was right about their luck that no one else had gotten sick.

But that made her keep thinking. Illness always spread really quickly through the kids once one of them got sick. She thought back on other times where just one of them was sick. At first all she could think of was the time they realized Delilah couldn't eat walnuts.

Then Terra remembered when Katarin was pregnant and would get violently ill in the mornings. Terra's heart raced for a second as she wondered about the possibility. At first she tried to convince herself it wasn't possible. But as she went through Katarin's other symptoms in her head and realized that hers matched to what Katarin experienced. Her body had changed over the last couple of months. And she had been craving blueberries randomly - which Sabin found a way to get them for her even though they weren't in season. The final realization was that she hadn't had a normal bleeding cycle in months; something she hadn't even realized until then.

Quickly Terra dashed to the window and peeked her head out. "Sabin!" She yelled upon seeing him carrying some shovels and hoes. "Sabin! I'm pregnant!"

Sabin gasped and dropped all the equipment so it made a terrible noise as it rattled to the ground. She couldn't help but smile when she saw him smile and run towards the main house. She heard the door slam against the frame twice, a clear sign it had been swung upon with a great force that caused it to bounce before closing.

Terra had wanted to meet him in the hallway and throw her arms around him to share in the excitement. But her stomach lurched and she had to dash back into the bathroom.

"Terra! This is amazing!" Sabin exclaimed as he ran into their bedroom. He threw his arms up and was about toe celebrate more, but suddenly stopped mid-cheer when heard her vomiting again. "Oh, Terra…"

Terra came out of the bathroom, wiping her mouth. That was when she noticed Sabin was grinning ear to ear. "Sabin, you're bleeding!" She said, touching his bicep gently.

"It must've happened when I dropped the tools…" He said sheepishly.

"Terra, I celebrated while you threw up," he answered. "Besides, it doesn't matter." Sabin threw his arms around her. "You're pregnant! You're sure?"

The smile came back to her face. "I'm pretty sure. It's the same symptoms Katarin had…"

"It makes sense. We're having a baby!" Sabin said excitedly. "This is the greatest day!"

Terra stood on her tip toes and kisses his cheek. Her hand slipped over her stomach and his met hers there and clasped over it.