Author's Note: I saw Avatar, and had difficulty sitting through it. The natives were portrayed as perfect to the point of parody, something that really annoyed me. I found myself rooting for the evil humans, right until the end. This fic is the result, and is probably a crackfic. Feel free to tear it a new one.

+++ Thought for the Day: The form of man is pure and must never be tarnished. +++

Segmentum Tempestus. Subsector Gaius. Unnamed System (Inquisitorial Classification -Anomalus Immaterius Gaius 13)

The alien let out a blood-curdling shriek as it lunged, crude spear in hand. Brother-Sergeant Sevac turned and swung in one fluid motion, chainsword blades whirring through the air. There was a brief buzz, and the long-limbed warrior fell in two parts, red-orange blood gushing over its body and washing away its painted tattoos. Sevac sneered, lowering the snarling weapon even as he brought up the bolt pistol clutched in his other massive fist.

"Hate is my weapon." the Marine snarled, then opened fire. Two blue-skinned warriors were thrown back by direct hits, their torsos vaporized. The ground shook under Sevac's boots as he advanced through the remains of the glade. Crushed trees were twitching in regular intervals, almost as though they were broken limbs. The clearing was filled with smoke from half-burned trees, vines burning where they dangled.

The xenos were deathly afraid of flame-weapons, something the Imperial forces had exploited many times since the invasion had started. Flamers were now standard issue special weapons for the stormtroopers engaged on this world. They were necessary.

For primitive xenos, the natives of Gaius 13 were incredibly resourceful and resilient. There were millions of them, and they were more than a match for guardsmen in hand to hand combat. Their inhuman toughness and usage of Gaius's bizarre wildlife had led to heavy casualties in the first waves of the invasion.

Had the mission's commander been a Marine Brother-Captain or a Naval officer, the planet would doubtless have been subjected to orbital fire. Indeed, several Guard officers were known to have worked up the nerve to ask the commander just that. None had asked twice. When an Inquisitor gave an order, he expected it to be followed.

For all the xenos's advantages, they were still no match for a squad of the Deathwatch, the Ordos Xeno's own chapter of xenos-exterminators. Brother-Sergeant Sevac had fought in three long campaigns against the Tyranids and countless others against the Orks. He had survived the Scathing of Zerian and witnessed the Miracle of Terias Hive. Compared with those events and countless others in the service of his Chapter, a rabble of spear-wielding primitives was nothing.

Another spearman charged, this one's face scarred with ritual markings. It's unnaturally wide eyes seemed to bulge from their sockets, feral rage evident in its snarl. Sevac saw all this in the moment it took for one ceramic-encased finger to tighten, just for a moment. The bolt pistol twitched, and the xeno's head vanished. More appeared from the trees, whooping and shrieking debased warcries.

Xenos scum.

"Advance, battle brothers! Purge these vermin!" the Sergeant roared, flames licking at his boots. The other marines of Tactical Squad Ferian clunked forwards, thrown spears shattering uselessly against their ceramite armour. A line of bolters roared in unison, tearing ragged holes in the latest wave of natives. Yellow eyes glinted in the darkness, watching. Long limbs rustled through the undergrowth, moving to surround the isolated Marine Squad.

Under his helmet, Sergeant Sevac, once of the Shields of Yeris and now a member of the Deathwatch, smiled grimly.

"Now, Brothers."

Frag grenades flew through the air, and explosions blossomed around the circle of Marines. There were alien shrieks of pain as shards of metal flew everywhere, tearing through unarmoured flesh. Abandoning all attempts at stealth, the dozens of xenos charged as one, heedless to their losses as bolter rounds tore into their massed ranks.

"Cleanse and purify!" Sevac roared, and then they were upon him.