This fic is written in homage of the closure of the David Tennant era of Doctor Who. Admittedly, I wasn't the biggest fan of the 10th Doctor in the beginning (Christopher Eccleston will always be MY Doctor), but I have come to appreciate and love his portrayal in the last four-plus years.


Sarah Walker versus David Tennant

By Liam


"What the hell is up with the Nerd Brothers?"

Sarah looked up from her paperwork to find Casey staring at one of Castle's surveillance monitors. It was a view of Chuck and Morgan's living room. Both men were fastened to their seats, riveted by the TV.

"They're watching End of Time, Part One," Sarah said simply, as if that should explain everything.

"What the hell is that?" Casey grunted.

"The penultimate episode of David Tennant's tenure as The Doctor. It also features the return of John Simms as The Master."

Casey stared blankly. "I understand what all those words mean individually…"

"Doctor Who. It's a British sci-fi show," Sarah said, continuing to fill out her STR-8477 form. It was a real pain in the ass keeping track of everyone she shot in the past week. "It's actually the longest running genre television show in history. It centers on a renegade time traveling alien called The Doctor, who is now – along with The Master – the only survivor of an ancient and powerful race called The Time Lords, from the planet Gallifrey. Now Gallifrey and its people were destroyed in an epic confrontation with the Daleks called The Time War, which effects rippled throughout all of time and space.

"The Doctor travels about in a 1960s London era blue police box and saves Earth and various other planets from total destruction at the hands of races such as the Daleks, Ice Warriors, Sontarans – who are my personal favorites – Cybermen, Autons, Silurians, Sea Devils and some funny looking rhinoceros looking guys called the Judoon, but they suck."

Casey blinked. "What the hell did you just say to me?"

"It's an exceptional series," Sarah defended. "Russell T. Davies did a wonderful job resurrecting a kinda campy children's show into a mainstream British drama. Yeah, maybe as the seasons went along he got a little carried away with making "epic" special effects laden stories, but Tennant and then Catherine Tate did an incredible job keeping things grounded with excellent characterizations. And with Steven Moffat assuming showrunner duties in season five, the future looks quite bright. Though I have reservations about the actor portraying the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. Did you know that I'm actually older than him? But I think his new companion, Amy Pond, played by Scottish actress Karen Gillan will be amazing. Because, really, you gotta love Scottish girls. I know I have on occasion."

Both Casey and Sarah paused to reflect on her last statement.

"When the hell did you become a nerd?" Casey asked.

"I've watched Doctor Who since the early 1990s, when local PBS affiliates aired old Tom Baker and Peter Davison episodes. The Fourth and Fifth Doctor, respectively, so you know. Did you know that Baker was actually married to the actress who played the second regeneration of the Time Lady, Romana? Which I kinda get, because he was sexy in a foppish kind of way. Chris Eccleston was really sexy, with the whole tragic, survivor's guilt he had going on. Plus, he had this great leather jacket. As for David Tennant, well, if you haven't noticed, geek chic really makes me hot."

Casey stared. "I'm suddenly regretting this conversation."

"Oh, so you know," Sarah advised, "I acquired the pirated feed of End of Time, Part Two. After we finish our paperwork, I'm going over to Chuck's apartment to surprise him with it. We'll go to his bedroom so there will be snuggling involved as we watch it. And if we're not too overcome from watching Ten regenerate into Eleven, I plan on us having sex. Two, possibly three go-arounds. So fair warning, you might wanna turn off surveillance."

Casey shuddered, "Yeah. Definitely regretting this conversation."

Sarah kept on writing. "Yeah. I gotta hurry. Chuck's sonic screwdriver isn't going to turn to setting 3471-A by itself."

"I don't even want to know what that means."


All viewpoints expressed by Sarah Walker in this fic reflect my own opinions. Especially the part about Davies going a little too epic with his storytelling, the Sontarans being my favorite enemy, and Christopher Eccleston being sexy as hell. What? I'm entitled to man crushes. Don't judge me.