Turns out, I had to write a second part to this story. I was just so moved by David Tennant's departure I felt I had to do something to acknowledge his brilliance in "End of Time, Part II". (Seriously, I haven't had that visceral reaction to a TV show in ages. Probably not since, funny enough, "Parting of the Ways", the last time a Doctor regenerated.) So here it is.

I hope this story makes sense. I only spent about 20 minutes on it.

Sarah Walker Versus David Tennant, Part II

By Liam

The next morning, shortly after 11 am, Casey entered Castle's unisex bathroom. He was nearly at the urinal when he heard soft sobbing coming from one of the stalls.

"Christ," Casey muttered. "Gotta take a leak and Walker's having lady issues."

Very quietly, Casey re-zipped his fly and tried to beat a retreat. But when Sarah softly called out "Casey?" he knew he wasn't going anywhere.

"Yeah Walker?"

Sarah emerged from the stall, eyes red, makeup smeared. She quickly crossed the room and wrapped her arms around Casey in a surprising and needy hug. Casey shuffled anxiously, trying to figure out how to slip from this situation.

"He's gone!" Sarah wailed, sobbing into his shoulder.

As a sticky stain began to grow on his green Buy More jersey, Casey realized the escape from that Afghani prison in 2002 seemed less difficult that slipping from Walker's grasp.

"Who's gone?" Casey asked.

"The Doctor!" Sarah proclaimed.

Casey's brow furrowed. Hold on, she was getting all weepy over a TV show? "You mean that TV character you were jabbering about yesterday?"

"Mmm hmm," Sarah whimpered into his shoulder.

"Walker, you are bona fide nuts, you know that?"

Sarah apparently wasn't listening. "He died alone! He saved someone he loved and went off to die alone! He deserved so much better! Now what if the same thing happens to HIM?"

Sarah looked up at Casey with wet, pleading eyes, begging him to understand, to soothe her. Unfortunately, Casey had no idea what the hell she was talking about.

"Him? Walker, you need to work on clarifying your pronouns."

"I mean Chuck, Casey! What if the same thing happens to him?"


Sarah broke away, which instantly made Casey feel much better. But she began to anxiously pace the bathroom. "The Doctor was brilliant! He was a geek! And he died because he wouldn't sacrifice one silly, old man. Some old man who'd lived his life and was no longer important. What if Chuck does the same thing?"

Again, Casey could only say, "Wha-huh?"

"You know he would," Sarah exclaimed. "He'd give up his life to save me. Hell, he'd give up his life to save YOU!"

Okay. Casey was starting to see the picture.

"Well he shouldn't!" Sarah insisted. "We're expendable. We're replaceable. In the grand scheme of things, we're unimportant. But Chuck is The Doctor! He's got all this important stuff in his head! He has so much more good work to do! But The Doctor pissed it all away because he didn't know when to stop. He had to be all freakin' noble! He could never take a life, and he could never not save one, even a life that doesn't matter."

Sarah collapsed against the wall and slid down to the floor. She pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs. She continued to cry freely.

"He deserved so much better," she continued to whimper. "He should have gotten his reward. But he didn't. He won't. Because he is who he is."

Yeah. She really needed to clarify her pronouns.

"He can't be anything other than what he is. If he was, I wouldn't love him. But I don't want him to be that way."

Okay, he was reasonably sure she was talking about Chuck here.

"He's brilliant and remarkable and noble. And he'll always try. But what if that gets him killed?" Those pleading blue eyes looked up at him. "What if I get him killed, Casey? Chuck doesn't get thirteen lives. He can't just regenerate."

Casey carefully considered his words. "That's why he has us Walker. We can make the choices he wouldn't make. We can do the jobs he wouldn't do. And we're the ones who can protect him. Even if that means from himself."

Sarah sniffed and wiped her nose on her knee. "Promise me you'll keep him alive. Promise me you won't let him be noble."

Casey nodded. "I promise."

Somewhat assuaged, Sarah just sat there quietly. And not knowing what else to do, Casey stood by, keeping her company.