Well, you all demanded a happily ever after ending..damn you all, I wanted to kill someone...naw just kidding...I'm a sucker for a HEA ending...I know I'm a few days late posting but I hated the first draft I wrote. This story deserved better so I rewrote the chapter and I hope you like it...Plus it's a little longer than usual...Let's read...

A New Life

Chapter 23


I was barely coherent enough to realize she had came. My entire body was engulfed in flames as I took in her blood, draining my la tua cantante. This would be the last time I would taste her like this. My fucking dick was hard again. I hadn't even pulled out of her so I started moving again. She writhed beneath my body and I took it as unbridled passion when I felt all her muscles clench again. She let out a high piercing shriek and then she stilled beneath me.

I stopped all movement and released my hold on her throat.

She still wasn't moving. Fear and utter panic filled my body. What had I done?

"Bella," I screamed and shook her hard. There was no reaction from her. No screaming, no moving. I couldn't even tell if she was breathing. In reality I was too scared to check. I pulled out of her and grabbed for my pants. I ran in the bathroom, almost slipping on the fucking wet floor and grabbed a towel. I raced back to the bed, hoping Bella would give me some sort of reaction but she was still as stone. I wiped the fluid from between her legs and covered her with a sheet.

"I'm so sorry," I muttered against her cheek. I wanted to yell for someone to come help us, but I also wanted a few more minutes with her. If her death or the death of her human existence was going to take her away from me I was going to selfishly keep her with me for a few more moments.

I climbed into the bed, sliding under her and bringing her into my arms. Her skin was on fire and her body was totally limp, like a rag doll.

"I know you said you wanted this but now I'm wondering if you did it more for revenge and me, well, I went along with it because I love you and would do anything for you. I'm a fool Bella," I kissed the top of her head and leaned back against the head board.

"I can't believe this is happening. I don't know what to do. We should have talked to Carlisle first. We should have planned this out more...Oh god," I moaned. Was I seriously feeling sorry for myself while Bella was laying in my arms fighting for her life or her new life.


I couldn't think about losing her or the pain she was in or anything else, so I shut it all down and concentrated all my efforts on just holding my Bella.

Because this could be the last time...


The darkness enveloped me, closing around me like a shroud. I couldn't feel or see anything, not even Edward's touch. I tried to scream but no sound came out of my mouth. I tried to move but my body no longer belonged to me. Was I ceasing to be me? Was I dying? Maybe I was already dead.

Hmmm, it really wasn't so bad.

Well, that was a surprising reaction if I really was dead. I wasn't scared or relieved. I didn't know what I was anymore. I don't think I went into this with a death wish...er...did I, but it was rather peaceful here and I didn't feel like I was crazy anymore. There was no one fighting with me about my life choices. God, that's what the past two years had been...Everyone was always yelling about the direction my life was taking. It was maddening. I still can't believe that Charlie would rather see me dead than as a vampire. My own father hated the idea so much that he risked ending my life and it wasn't even the vampire thing that was important to me. It was Edward. It had always been Edward.

Speaking of Edward, the fucking dumb ass, how could he question this love between us. What a dork to think he couldn't love or didn't deserve to love. His little epiphany had been so endearing. You really do love me. I mean what the fuck did he think? How could I not love him. I think I was born to love him and I was damn good at it.

Thinking about Edward made my soul hurt. The idea of never seeing him again after it took two long painful years to find him again, it was hard to imagine a life without him. I think I always knew he existed. I just couldn't make myself believe there was actually someone in this world who could love me like that. I was the one who didn't understand why he loved me. There was nothing special about me except him. He made me feel special. Oh god, he made me feel like I could do anything or be anything.

How could Charlie think that was wrong?

Man, I feel hot.

The dying question popped into my head again. Would dying be that bad? Who would miss me? Well, I knew Charlie would probably throw a party because his daughter was dead and not a member of the undead. Renee would be sad. Not that I talked to her a lot anymore. The occasional phone call was all I could handle. She asked too many questions. Alice would miss me and probably Rosalie, but they would move on with their lives and I would become a distant memory. Alice said she wanted to change. Would Jasper be willing to do that for her? I bet if I died his reluctance would magnify,but I'm sure Alice would win out in the end. She had a habit of not giving up. She could wear a person down with her relentless attacks and she wasn't ashamed to throw in a little old fashioned begging. Rosalie had never expressed interest in changing, but she seemed to spend an awful lot of time with Emmett.

I'd miss Alice. She had been my rock during this whole ordeal. I don't think I would have survived without her, even if she had all those freaky visions which would drive any normal human crazy. It was her idea to come to Portland. Don't tell Renee, but really Arizona State would have been fine with me. Alice kept shoving Portland in my face until finally I relented and decided I needed to get away from Renee. It took awhile to convince Charlie. I wonder if he knew Edward lived in Portland? It wasn't important anymore.

So, my death would truly only devastate one person. It was Edward's reaction that concerned me. However, he had survived our two year separation intact. I'm sure he could survive eternity if I didn't come back to him. The fool would probably blame my death on the whole I couldn't control myself and I drained my la tua cantante. Did I just giggle. That's not very nice, but it was kind of fun to tease Edward.

Unf...my heart hurt and I was burning again.

How long was this whole change or death thing going to take? This was not high up on my really fun things to do list.

Hey, I hear music. My mind whirled. Music had almost driven me to the brink before, but this was comforting. I suppose it was music that reminded me of Edward. He had used his music to express his feelings. Maybe I was standing at the gates of heaven and this was music to welcome me home. But this wasn't home for me. Home for me was with Edward, lost in his embrace. The coolness of his touch could ease my discomfort. I heard someone calling my name, but it was far away and I was tired. I didn't know if it was possible to bridge the distance.

I'm sure no one would mind if I rested for a bit. What is that noise? Obviously someone minds that I needed to sit for a spell. Ooooh, why is it so hot in here?

"Bella...Bella...I'm so sorry. I should have stopped sooner. Bella..."

That was Edward talking and he sounded like he was losing his shit again. I didn't want to have to convince him all over again that I loved him. Talk about an insecure vampire. We were going to have to work on that once I changed.

"Oh my god, shut the hell up Edward," I rasped.


"Bella," I shouted. "Are you okay?"

"Do I look okay?" She shifted in my arms, groaning with each movement.

"Well, no not really, but you do look better than you did a few minutes ago."

"You need to call Carlisle. I would fell better if he were here with you. Also, I would really like Carlisle to call Charlie because I'm feeling really vindictive and bitchy. I'm sure he won't, but if you could gently remind Carlisle that he was in on the deception as well and the asshole owes me."

"Er, sure Bella. Remind me not to piss you off," I said.

She whimpered and clawed at my chest. "Oh god, Edward, the burning is getting worse and I don't have the strength to keep talking to you, but please stop second and third guessing yourself. It really drives me nuts. Oh, and could you at least find my underwear and get me a t-shirt."

"Anything else," I asked before I gently brushed my lips against hers.

"Hey, no more of that shit right now. Look what happened last time," she chuckled softly. "I'm going to close my eyes now. See you on the other side."

"Yeah, see you on the other side," I murmured. I could feel a surge of heat rush through her body. I almost felt like I was burning. I sat holding her for a few more minutes, stroking her hair and talking softly to her before I decided to heed her advice. I needed Carlisle here to insure her safe passage into the world of the undead and Alice and Jasper should know what the fuck is going on as well.

I had promised to dress her before anyone came in so I searched around for her underwear. Unfortunately I found two pairs both laying on the bathroom floor soaking wet. And I'd ripped her shorts to shreds.

She was going to kill me, but at least she wouldn't be naked. I rummaged around in my drawers, dragging out a pair of my boxer briefs and a clean t-shirt.

"Jaz, could you get in here," I shouted. I didn't really need to yell, but it had the desired effect when Jasper and Alice came crashing through my door. Alice skidded to a stop and stared from me to Bella's lifeless form. Jasper was ready to start shouting but Alice put a hand on his arm to quiet him. She calmly walked to the bedside and picked up Bella's hand.

"She's still alive Edward," Alice said. "But the change has started. I think it would be wise to find Carlisle. We may need his help."

"I know she's still alive, but yes, I would like to call Carlisle. I've never seen anyone change and it's freaking me out a little bit," I stammered. "Jaz, how long does a change usually take?"

"Uh, two, three days. Depends on the venom really," he mumbled.

"I don't know if I can handle this shit for three days."

"Edward, Bella will be fine and so will I," Alice said. A cocky little grin slid into place as she bounced around the room. I wondered how much caffeine the girl had drank today.

I wasn't sure how Alice knew Bella would be fine but for now I was going to cling to her words. "Oh thank God...Wait, what do you mean you will be fine?"

I looked from her to Jasper. Jasper looked like he wanted to become part of the wall.

"What the hell is going on," I asked.

Alice smirked at me and moved her hair aside so I could see the small holes in her neck. They were still dripping blood.

"I can already feel the burning starting," she said as she gazed lovingly at Jasper.

"Jeezus, Jasper," I hissed.

His head snapped up. "Fuck you Edward. I didn't know you were going to change Bella tonight. A few days ago you weren't even sure you wanted to be with her."

I growled. "I was always sure I wanted to be with her, I didn't think I should be with her. There's a fucking difference you asshole."

Jasper went to speak but Alice put a finger to his lips. "Look you guys can have a pissing match later okay. Right now it's about Bella and I suppose me. Jasper call Carlisle and tell him we need him here."

"Yes Ma'am," Jasper said.

Alice rolled her eyes. "And quit worrying. I've seen this before. At the time I didn't know what it meant, but everything is going to be fine. I remember the vision freaked me out because Bella and I looked dead but we were talking and laughing so I figured my dream just had bad lighting or terrible makeup," Alice snorted and then winced.

Jasper's hand shot out and grabbed her. "You should rest," he said tenderly.

She shook her head and moved closer to Jasper. "And you my sweet vampire, should finish what you started."

Jasper gave me a quick look. I just shrugged my shoulders. What was the difference between one girl changing or two? I'm sure Carlisle would be so proud of both of us. Actually I was pretty sure he was going to kill us, but what's done cannot be undone. The undead will rise again. Oh my fuck, I've turned into a silent horror film.

"Carlisle's on his way," Jasper said.


"And nothing, he's coming home. He's not sure there's a lot he can do, but he would like to monitor their progress." Jasper shrugged his shoulders and helped Alice over to the bed.

Alice crawled across Bella's legs, settling in next to her and lacing her fingers with Bella's. Bella sighed and scooted closer to Alice.

"Bella's wearing some interesting night clothes," Alice giggled.

I chose to ignore her. Jasper walked around the bed, kneeling at the side and started to stroke Alice's arm.

"Edward, I need to ask a favor," Jasper said.


"In order for the change to happen, I'm going to have to er, bite Alice again. I want you to pull me off her so I don't kill her."

I closed my eyes, shuddering a little. "Fine."

"I will do the same for you, "Jasper said quietly.

I knew I was going to have to drain more out of Bella. Obviously I hadn't taken enough since she had been able to talk to me minutes ago. The thought of taking more from her scared the shit out of me.

"Edward," Jasper's voice broke through my nerves, calming me. "It will be okay."

"Maybe we should wait for Carlisle," I said.

"No, he said the sooner the better. Prolonging it will only make the change worse."

I grunted. "Fine, but you go first."

Jasper raised Alice's head, whispering what I assume were sweet nothings into her ear. "Are you ready, darlin" he asked tenderly.

"I've been waiting for you my whole life and you're asking me if I'm ready?"

Jasper chuckled. "This may hurt a bit." He moved quickly, slicing into her tender skin. He groaned and I could smell and hear the blood pouring out of Alice. A few more seconds and I knew I had to stop him.

"Jasper," I growled, putting my hand on his shoulder. He snarled at me, clutching Alice tighter.

"Jasper," I shouted. "You're going to kill her. Jasper, let go!"

All I got was a muffled groan.

"JASPER, ENOUGH!" I shouted and yanked him off her. He glared at me, lost in his blood lust. I thought he was going to attack me, but I kept saying his name and telling him how much he loved Alice. Gradually the anger in his eyes faded and soon the crazed vampire standing in front of me was replaced by my brother.

"Holy fuck," Jasper said as he slid down the wall, licking his lips. "Sorry about that."

Jasper looked flushed and very sated.

"Uh, your turn, Edward."

"I-I don't know if I can do this," I hesitated moving back against the wall.

"Edward, Carlisle said you can't leave her like this. It's now or never. Plus you gave Bella your word."

I nodded and slowly moved to the bed where Bella lay. I bent over her, brushing my lips across her ear, whispering how sorry I was for the pain I was going to cause her.

"Just do it," she whispered hoarsely. "Bring me home Edward."

Yes, finish what I started.


Edward was being a pain in the ass but finally we arrived at the moment where I was going to give up my human existence. As his fangs dipped into my skin, I thought about all the things I was giving up. Food, breathing, er...oh god that feels...hot...my back arched and my memory seemed to fade away. I was heading down the black scorching hole again. I heard a loud scream and realized it was me. It sounded like an echo. All I could hear was the beating of my own heart and the thrumming of my blood being pushed around my body. Only I knew it wasn't my blood being shoved through my veins, it was Edward's venom and son-of-a-bitch it burned. I wanted to shriek but I decided that Edward was freaked out enough and didn't need to hear my cries for mercy. Instead I folded into myself and found a safe place in my head far away from the fire that was now consuming my flesh.


Carlisle made it home right as I finished with Bella. Jasper did not have to pull me from her, I knew when I had taken enough from her. Carlisle did not know if it would help the suffering Bella and Alice were in store for, but he quickly injected morphine into both women. I kept my fingers crossed that this would ease everything for Bella. I barely remembered my own change but I did remember the burning and I didn't wish that sort of pain on anyone, not even Charlie.

I told Carlisle about Bella's wish to contact Charlie, but Carlisle didn't think would be wise on our part. Both Bella and Alice would be terribly vulnerable for the next few days and he didn't want to do anything to risk their safety.

"So, what happens now," I asked.

Carlise pulled up a chair and sat down. "We wait."

Waiting...it was agonizing. Both Jasper and I spent several hours pacing until Carlisle glared at us and tried to throw us out of the bedroom.

"I will ban both of you from this room if you cannot keep it together. Alice is incredibly sensitive to her surroundings. I'm sure she can feel your apprehension. And you," he pointed at Jasper. "Are not helping at all. Instead of calming vibes I feel fear and self doubt."

"Sorry," Jasper muttered.

"Look I understand how important Alice and Bella are to you both. Changing isn't easy. Never has been, but this is what they chose, so either sit down or leave." Carlisle folded his arms over his chest almost daring us to do something stupid. Jasper dragged a chair to the bedside and sat down. I did the same and ran my fingers over Bella's hand. She was so hot. I bet she felt like her entire body was engulfed in flames.

This was going to be a long two or three days...

I lost track of time. The only movement from Bella and Alice was an occasional clenched fist or a grimace would float across their faces. It was hard for Jasper and me to watch the slow transformation. Every few hours Bella's heart would beat so fast and hard I thought it was going to pop out of her chest. Alice squeaked a few times and poor Jasper looked like her wanted to scream. It was incredibly frustrating not being able to do anything. I didn't enjoy sitting on the sidelines.

Eventually, I put some music on again. I knew Bella used to enjoy Muse so I thought maybe it would soothe her. Jasper cocked an eyebrow at me.

"You do know that Bella refuses to listen to music anymore."

"What? No...I mean I played piano for her the other night and she seemed to enjoy herself. She also turned on my stereo and we listening to Debussy."

"Really? We couldn't even have the radio on when we were driving up here from Portland."

"She seems okay for now, but I'll keep on eye on her and if she starts reacting to the music in a bad way, I'll shut it off."

Jasper nodded and went back to staring at Alice.

I chanced another quick touch of Bella's arm. Her skin felt colder, but I didn't dare leave my hand on hers too long. Any contact seemed to make her flinch and I didn't want to be the cause of any more pain. I'd put her through enough pain.

Carlisle came in every hour or so asking if we had noticed any physical changes. He was impressed that neither woman was screaming or writhing in pain. He was hopeful the morphine he injected was helping them cope with the pain. Only time would tell.

The days were morphing into one another and I was starting to get worried that Bella would never wake up again. Jasper was still sitting in the chair by Alice. His upper body was folded over the edge of the bed. He was as close to Alice as he dared be without actually touching her.

"Edward, something's happening. Alice's heart is freaking beating out of her chest." Jasper stood up. "Carlisle," he shouted.

"Calm down Jasper," I said. I doubt it helped.

Carlisle rushed into the room. It looked like he was going to start questioning us, but it would be hard not to notice Alice's erratic heartbeat. The sound had taken over the room.

"It will be over soon," Carlisle said quietly, going to stand by Alice. "She's dying."

I know it was necessary but it sounded so terrible, so final. I had to keep chanting in my head that it was only her human parts that were dying. She was transforming into a vampire. I let my eyes focus on Bella. Nothing had changed for her. Her heart, though not as strong, still beat in her chest. Her breathing was shallow but I could see the rise and fall of her chest. Her fingers clutched into tight fists and then her breathing stopped.

"Carlisle," I panicked. "Bella's quit breathing."

Alice's heart was going crazy and Jasper was beside himself.

"Bella," I shouted. "Carlisle what the fuck is wrong with her?"

"Edward calm down," he shouted.

To make matters worse we heard the front door open and Esme was arguing with someone. I zeroed my hearing in on the intruder. Holy fuck! I didn't think this could get any worse. We all stared as Charlie Swan tried to get into my bedroom. Jasper had jumped away from Alice and was blocking the door, growling at Charlie.

"Where the fuck is she," Charlie hissed.

"You are not welcome here Swan. I think it would be best if you left," Carlisle bristled.

"Where is my daughter?"

I didn't know what to do. Alice had curled up into a tight ball and Bella was still not breathing. This was not how I pictured Bella's change. I leaped over to the bed and pulled her into a possessive hold. She was mine and no one was going to take her from me. A low rumble started deep in my throat as Charlie made his way passed Jasper over to the bed. Jasper hissed and took hold of Alice who whimpered into his chest. Alice was slowly waking up and would need blood soon. This whole thing could turn really ugly with a newborn in the room.

Alice whimpered again. "Jasper you're crushing me."

"Uh, sorry darling," he said letting go of her. She slowly got off the bed taking in all her surroundings. She crouched and growled when she saw Charlie.

"You bastards changed Alice," he shouted.

Alice rolled her eyes. "It was my choice, dickhead."

Charlie sneered at her and turned back to Bella, slowly moving toward her. I jumped off the bed and blocked him.

"Get the fuck out of my way Edward," he glowered.

I pushed him and he flew into the wall.

"It doesn't take much to get a monster like you revved up. I only wish Bella were here to see you kill me."

"I have never nor will I ever want your blood on my hands, Charlie," I growled.

"Maybe you don't want my blood on your hands, but what vampire wouldn't want a little shot of fresh blood."

Charlie reached into his pocket withdrawing a small knife. He opened the blade and ran it down his arm. The smell of fresh blood filled my nose. I felt Jasper stiffen and Alice squeaked.

The only sound in the room was the thud of Charlie's blood as it dripped on the carpet. Before I could blink my eyes, Bella flew out of bed and pinned Charlie against the wall, her hand wound round his throat.

Holy fuck, that may have been the hottest thing I had ever seen. Bella as a vampire, growling and wearing nothing but my t-shirt and underwear. I had to force myself to think of the gravity of this situation or I would be sporting a full on woody. Not a good time for that.

"You dare come to this house and threaten my mate," she hissed.

So much for keeping that hard-on at bay. She just called me her mate.

"I came here to save your soul, but I see I'm too late," Charlie snarled.

"Your timing was never that great," Bella said. "But I have one question for you...not that it was your choice or anything but you must have known Edward was in Portland and yet you still let me come here...why?"

He squirmed a little under her grasp, but finally choked out a few broken words. "I didn't have a choice."

Bella stepped back, letting her arm fall to her side. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Perhaps we can help with that." Everyone in the room turned to see Esme and Renee standing in the doorway. Esme's arms were folded across her chest and Renee had her hands on her hips, glaring at Charlie. I watched as Bella's mother looked past Charlie and lovingly gazed at her daughter. Renee looked a little nervous, but Esme put a hand on her shoulder and pulled her into the room.

"You two were destroying our children," Esme hissed at Carlisle and Charlie. "I couldn't handle watching Edward suffer anymore and when I spoke with Renee all she could speak about was how lost Bella seemed."

Charlie made the mistake of opening his mouth, but Renee was in his face so fast it almost seemed she was a vampire. "You have no right to speak. You almost killed my daughter."

"Bella was all I had left and I couldn't protect her when she lived with me. When you left, you destroyed me. I was a broken man, Renee." He lowered his head. "You left me and I didn't understand why," Charlie was crumpling before our eyes. .

"I wasn't happy and neither were you. I was just in your life to fill a space. I don't think you know how to love anyone. You deserve to be alone, Charlie."

Bella stared at her mother. "But Mom, you fought me tooth and nail about this move."

"Well, at first I didn't know why you would want to go all the way to Portland, but then Esme called me and told me the whole horrible story. I felt so bad for you, but I didn't want you to be suspicious. I couldn't change my mind and agree with you all of a sudden. You would have known something was up."

"But...surely you didn't set all this up."

"No, Esme and I were trying to figure out how to bring you two back together. Fate intervened for us. You found each other on your own. I believe you were meant for each other."

Charlie snorted. "How can you believe that. He's a monster, he feeds on blood..."

Bella snorted. "Yes, Charlie and so do I and if you don't leave now I may be forced to make a snack out of you."

Jasper snickered, but quickly snapped his mouth shut when Esme shot him a look of disdain.

"If that's the best you can do," Renee growled. "And please wipe the blood off your arm. It appears no one is interested in snacking on you."

This time everyone laughed.

I was too stunned to say anything. Alice and Bella were amazing. I had never witnessed such control. I caught Jasper's eye and he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. He had been around countless newborns and this was not how they were supposed to be reacting. There were currently two humans in the room and really, Bella and Alice should have attacked by now. Although I felt the anger and a bit of hate coming from Bella, I did not feel the driving hunger in her. Instead she radiated confidence and a calmness that was very eerie and a little unnerving. I could tell Carlisle was also in shock over their control.

Renee turned to Charlie again, jabbing him in the chest. "I feel sorry for you. You will never know true love. Call me pathetic, a hopeless romantic, but love is not meant to be so clinical. You can't control who you fall in love with. Bella didn't fall in love with a vampire, she fell in love with Edward and if you can't see that then you're dumber than I thought," Renee huffed.

"Look," Bella said. "This is weird and uncomfortable. Charlie your little scheming plan could have killed me, you ripped my world apart and I should kill you for what you put me through, but seriously, I'm not going to waste my time and effort on you anymore. I'm sorry you hate me for my choices, but it's over. You made it clear when you started all this two years ago that my life is not important to you, so let's just pretend your plan succeeded and I died. You are not a part of my life anymore," Bella shook her head. "Edward, I'm tired of this."

"Yes love," I said following after her. Bella placed a hand on Renee's shoulder and mouthed the words thank you.

"Be happy, my child," she said softly.

"I am, Mom."

Bella smiled shyly at my mother. "Esme, thanks for watching over Edward when I couldn't."

"No, thank you, for finally making him happy." Esme smiled and gave Bella a quick hug.

Esme held out her hand for me to take. I embraced her, whispering words of thanks for everything she had done for me.

"C'mon Alice, let's go see what or who's on the menu." Bella burst out laughing and disappeared down the stairs.

I would have to say this had been the weirdest afternoon in my entire life. It had taken us over two years to get to this point. The journey had been excruciatingly painful at times, but the reward was definitely worth it. I would have her until the end of my existence. The realization of that fact was slightly overwhelming and for a minute my legs felt like they were going to betray me.

"You okay, man," Jasper asked.

"Fuck yeah," I said. "Let's go catch them."

Jasper grinned at me and took off.

"Hey Bella, wait up," I shouted. I bounded down the stairs and out the door to catch up with my mate, my equal, my life...

The End

And so we come to the end of this journey. Thank you to everyone who stuck with the story. I was quite an interesting ride. As most of you know I do not write with an outline and I had no idea how I was going to end this story. Most of the time I know how I want the story to end but not this time. I hope I did the story justice. Thanks to everyone who rec'd, favorited and had alerts for this story. There are so many stories in the Twilight genre that I'm amazed anyone found this one. It had been an honor and a privilege to share my work with you. I'm outta here...Drizl