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Happy whatever it is you're celebrating! I don't have much to offer you yet... I was hoping to post the first chapter of Dissillumination; but, alas, it is not done yet. Instead, you get a fancy prologue…

A tall form dressed all in black stood above a ruined city and sighed.

"How boring," his deep voice said and he kicked the edge off the crumbling building, causing it to shudder and collapse beneath him. Before his body could tumble down with the stone, he sprouted strange green wings from his back and hovered, enjoying the rush of dust that hit his body and the sound that echoed against the structures that had yet to fall. He strained his ears to hear the sound continue on into infinity but it soon faded and the man with a fallen cross on his chin frowned at the dead silence.

Nothing left alive was worth killing. All the challenges had died with the bodies that brought them. The thing Kevin Ethan Levin had become was bored.

Oh my, oh my. Things are looking a little bleak, yes? I wonder what will happen! Seriously… I don't know how this is going to end. The first (real) chapter will (hopefully) be posted soon. No, it doesn't take place in the distant future and yes, it is a lemon.