The Redone Chapter. Main things will be kept while others will be change.

I Do Not Own Naruto

"Goukakyuu no Jutsu" – jutsu's being announced

"Brat" – demon/being speech

'What an idiot' – thoughts

"Dobe" – speech

"Son of a -" back-round voice


Contains: Incest, rape, brief sex, blood, gore, violence, foul language, and many other things

Certain Important Details: A Uzumaki Clan in Konoha (Alive), Main character has multiple siblings, alive mother, Uzumaki clan is a noble and popular clan like the Senju's and Uchiha's, main character has a semi-dark heading towards dark personality, Uzumaki Clan has Doujutsu evolved from the Rinnegan like the Uchiha's along with the Uzumaki regular abilities.


The Yondaime had sealed the nine tail fox into Naruto but the surrounding charka from the remains of Kyuubi latched onto nearby places corroding life away which forced him to seal it in his twin brother Arashi. Uzumaki Kushina the wife of the Yondaime staid single as clan head raising not only them but there older siblings. It was rough on her but she was a Uzumaki after all and she could handle this with no problem. Plus she had help from her clan, The Uzumaki Clan.

The Uzumaki Clan were a direct descendent of the Rikudou Sennin gaining the sage's body, eyes and soul unlike the Uchiha's who only gained the sage's eyes and the Senju's who gained the sage's body. The doujutsu they gained evolved powered down version of the Rinnegan and charka bodies like the Toad Sage Nature power.

At first it was thought that the bloodline only allow the wielder to specialize in Fuuton, Suiton, and Hyouton type jutsu as well as improved certain parts of a body which was completely random but as they increased and strengthen themselves in it, it changed allowing the members even more power to do more abilities with their bloodline. Even though they had the ability to use their bloodline to another level not everyone could use it or handle the full power of it. The clan is a large clan like the Uchiha's, Hyuuga's, and the Senju's due to Uzumaki Mito saving most of them during the second Shinobi War. (Due to that none of Konoha's uniform had the red swirl in the back but had it was on other places in the village to show their sacrifice)

After the sealing was over the next topic was who was going to be Hokage. Danzou a elder council member was going to step up and be Hokage but with the persuasion of Kushina (and a bet) she made the Godaime Hokage be no other then Senju Tsunade. Questions were brought up why she couldn't be Hokage but the simple answer was her family and clan needed her at the time.

9 Years Later

Naruto was 9 years old by now. He had blonde and red hair and was a spitting image of his father Namikaze Minato the Yondaime Hokage. He had 4 older sisters, one older brother and a younger twin brother. The oldest brother and sister being a 16 year old Jounin named Kikyo and Kira, next a 15 year Jounin named Sora, a 12 year recently made Chuunin named Agara, Miko a 10 year gennin, and his twin brother Arashi. In the family he was the scape-goat for everything possible making him to be a dark and secluded child. Training in secret, hating everyone in public including his clan and family except for Kira who acted like the way a true older brother is suppose to and Arashi who was completely oblivious to what's going on.

The family got into the secret of putting him down, beating him, and as years went on they would secretly from everyone else including each other in the family of touching him in ways they shouldn't(excluding Arashi and Kira on all accounts). They were practically begging to do other things with him but couldn't until he got older. The sisters and mother didn't know the other was doing it for their own different reasons like for Kyuubi would be giving him amazing stamina to outlast them and always healing him which he learned of taking full advantage of it in training. They continued it to the point where they would do it every chance he was alone with anyone of them. While incest was practice in clans they mostly used it to justify their part on their actions.

Naruto's hatred for them grew but he was not strong enough to do anything to oppose them. Kushina was almost as strong as the Yondaime for Kami's sake. She was known as the most powerful kunoichi or better yet "known" person alive with only Salamander Hanzou of Ame posing a challenge to her.

4 Years Later

(The Yondaime's Legacy had passed on well with them:)

Naruto – 13 years old gennin rank - level unknown due to him training in secret but not lower than Chuunin

Arashi – 13 years old gennin rank – high Chuunin level

Miko – 15 years old Chuunin rank - high jounin level approaching Kakashi's level

Agara – 17 years old jounin rank - low sannin level

Sora – 20 years old jounin rank - sannin level

Kikyo – 21 years old jounin rank - high sannin lower than Jiraiya's level

Kira – 21 years old Anbu Captain – high sannin Jiraiya's level

Kushina – jounin rank - kage level (the Yondaime's level)

Naruto was finally a gennin and it was his time to shine or better yet get more free time from his hell-hole. He wore a orange shirt with a black long sleeve, with a long hood shirt over it. On the back was a red swirl, the Uzumaki clan symbol. He always kept his hood on which covered up to his eyes halfway (Hood never comes off unless told so). He wore simple black pants and black sandals for the bottom half. On his left arm he had the Konoha head band wrapped around it. He was now laying down on the desk as Iruka talked about what's ahead of them before he went over team assignments. Arashi sitting next to him had red hair with blue eyes and whisker marks on his face wearing an orange long sleeve shirt with the Uzumaki clan symbol in black on the back and black pants. Around his head was his forehead protector in a black cloth and he had on black ninja sandals. Naruto for his part was ignoring Iruka's lecture as he thought to himself.

'The missions and extensive training should allow me to keep away from my clan, especially my family. Maybe even this damn village. I should even start to train in using the fox's power….but that will attract too much attention. I'd probably going to have to learn how to use it when I'm outside the village' thought Naruto. He knew of the fox for a few years now when he met it in his mindscape. Going back to laying head down on the table he released a sign. It's been a year since the females in his family had started changing their activities on him. He cursed the Kyuubi knowing it was his fault he went through puberty faster.

"Team 7 and the following teams are going to be special group that the Sandaime wanted to test for the future teams. In it are Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Arashi, and Hyuuga Hinata. Your jounin sensei's are Hatake Kakashi, Mitarshi Anko, and Yuuhi Kurenai" finished Iruka

"Crap I'm with my stupid brother, a Hyuuga girl, a girl who has a spilt personality, and the revenge obsess Uchiha" muttered Naruto

"YEAH! I'm with nii-san and Sakura-chan" shouted Arashi in joy

"Yeah, I'm with Sasuke-kun! Take that Ino-pig" shouted Sakura "Shut it forehead" yelled Ino

"Quiet! Now Team 8 will be Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, Uzumaki Karin, and Senju Toshiro. Your jounin sensei's are Inuzuka Hana and Genma

Team 9 is still in circulation so the next team which will be Team Ten will be Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Chouji, Yamanaka Ino, and Yamanaka Anoichi. Your jounin sensei's are Sarutobi Asuma and Yamanaka Inoichi. Those are the teams and they are final. Your sensei's will be here after lunch. I wish you all luck." finished Iruka as the color drained from Ino's face

'Crap I'm with my cousin and tou-san, crap, crap, crap' thought Ino

Everyone left for lunch going into their own separate groups being knowing the person really well, trying to learn more about their new teammates, stalking a person (Sasuke), or plain just went alone for the simple reason of wanted to be alone which still ended up being unsuccessful on all accounts (Naruto and Sasuke).

Naruto was walking down the street alone until he found out he wasn't alone because of the figure next to him. It was no other than Hinata. Naruto looked at her cursorily for a brief second before continuing on his way with Hinata still following. They had walked around in silence until Naruto spoke up.

"Why are following me?"

"We are teammates now so we have to stick together. Plus I want to know more about you" she smiled

"I see" he responded neutrally, entering the ramen stand. They had ordered something to eat while Hinata talked to him about little things which he replied in small and short answers. Paying for their meal they headed back to the academy to see everyone heading back in with Arashi catching up to Naruto with a grim look on his face.

"I'm guessing now. You got into a fight with Sasuke and Sakura denied you a date again" said Naruto to Arashi as Arashi only responded by turning his head a different direction.

'Baka needs to give up on her' thought Naruto as they headed in and took their seats. In small groups the sensei's came in to take their new students until only Team 7 remained. A few minutes later after the last group left a women with purple hair in a pony tail wearing a long brown trench coat with a brown skirt and fish net clothing underneath it revealing a lot her body, another women wearing a white with a red sleeve lose but at the same time firmly fitting battle dress having long black hair and rare red eyes, and last a man wearing a regular jounin outfit with gloves and metal plates on them having gravity defying white hair with his head band over his left eye came in.

"I'm assuming you are team 7. Meet us at the bridge outside to start are meeting" said the red eye women as the group of gennin stood up and followed them outside.

Outside on the bridge

Kurenai were leaning against the railing right next to Anko who was sitting on the rail with Kakashi a few steps away from them. Sasuke was leaning against the railing across from Kakashi as Sakura tried to be as close to him as possible, Naruto was leaning against the railing in front of Anko as Hinata following Sakura's lead tried to be as close to Naruto as possible, and Arashi sat on the rail like Anko between Naruto and Sakura.

"Ok let's start off by getting to know each other" started Kurenai "I'll start it off. I'm Yuuhi Kurenai. I like music and hanging out with my friends, I dislike those who say women can't be a ninja as good as a man and those who pick on my friends. My hobbies are learning new genjutsu and my dream is to make you all successful ninja's" finished Kurenai as Anko decided to pick it up from there.

"Ok brats I'm the great Mitrashi Anko. I like dango and snakes. I dislike a certain snake and my hobbies are installing fear into people. My dream is to kill that little fucking snake and have something removed" she finished rubbing her shoulder which Naruto noticed immediately. Naruto eyes turned teal for a brief second with a swirl in it before going back to their original blue. Within that second he saw a black mist coming from her shoulder and how it leaked foul purple charka. Even though it's being repress by a seal, it was still damaging her charka coils and body weakening her slowly.

'I see' thought Naruto as Kakashi then spoke up

"I'm Hatake Kakashi. I have likes and dislikes. I don't really have dreams but I do have hobbies" finished Kakashi as everyone either glared at him or sweat-drop at the lame intro.

'We only found out his name' thought everyone

"Well my name is Haruno Sakura and I like (looks at Sasuke), my hobbies (looks at Sasuke), and my dream is (looks at Sasuke and squeals)"

'Damn Kami hates me with passion' thought Kakashi

'I will beat the fan girl/living shit out of her' thought Anko and Kurenai

'Fuck' thought Naruto

"And what do you dislike?" questioned Kakashi "ARASHI!" she yelled as Arashi drop his head down in depression

"Ouch" muttered Naruto

"Well my name is Hyuuga Hinata and I like making medical herbs and a certain someone (looks at Naruto). I dislike it when people judge you before they know you and a certain family tradition. My hobbies are making different medical herbs and my dream is to change the Hyuuga clan for the better and to get someone to notice me (looks at Naruto)"

'At least there's some hope for this team' thought Kakashi

"Well my name is Namikaze Uzumaki Arashi. I like ramen and training. I dislike the 5 minutes it takes to cook the ramen, when my brother starts to be his mean self again, and when my elder sisters pick on me. My hobbies are pranking and training and my dream is to be Hokage!" he shouted at the end to which Naruto and Sasuke snorted at

"Uchiha Sasuke, I don't have many likes and I have too many dislikes to name. I don't have a dream but an ambition that will come true. I want to kill a certain someone and restore my clan to its former glory" finished Sasuke

"Yeah very awkward" said Anko breaking the silence

"Last but not least" said Kurenai motioning Naruto

"I'm Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. I have no likes and I dislike everyone in this pathetic village. My hobbies are none of your concern and dreams are for the hopeless who can't get up and do it their damn self. I make things happen, not dream of it like all of you pathetically do" glared Naruto

"Cold" muttered Kakashi

'That was just a colder version of Kakashi's' thought Kurenai

"Well now that we know each other it's time to inform you on your true test" started Anko "True test?" questioned Sakura "Yes now as I was saying the test you did before was to only state you were qualified to take the real gennin exam. It will take place tomorrow at 8 at training ground 7 so don't be late" she finished

"Oh and don't eat, you may puke" warned Kakashi as the 3 jounin's Shushin off. Naruto turned away and walked off.

"Well bye everyone I'll see you guys later" waved Arashi running to catch up with his brother while only Hinata waved back. Sakura, Sasuke, and Hinata following their lead went their own ways back home to get ready for the exam

At the Uzumaki Clan Compound

Naruto and Arashi walked into the house to see everyone doing something or moving around in the house. Kushina was cooking with the help of Sora, Kikyo was lying down on the couch reading a magazine, Kira was on another couch balancing his katana on the tip of his finger, and Miko was doing her toe nails with Agara.

Kushina had long red hair with brown eyes wearing dark blue pants and a short sleeve dark blue shirt. Kikyo was a spitting image of Kushina having long red hair with brown eyes wearing a white battle dress kimono. Sora had blonde hair reaching up to her shoulders and brown eyes. She was wearing the typical jounin outfit but with her clan symbol on the back of the vest. Kira looked much like his father but had pure red hair and blue eyes wearing clothes similar to his father but instead had his cloak dark blue with green flames. Miko had long red hair with blue eyes wearing a dark blue battle dress uniform (Like Ten-ten from the time skip in the anime but all completely blue) and had a summoning scroll on her waist. Finally Agara had a mixed of blonde and red hair having blue eyes and wearing something similar to her father's uniform but had a black cloak with sky blue whirlpools on the bottom.

Naruto not even telling anyone he was home blended into the shadows and dash to his room closing the door behind him quietly. Arashi on the other hand was completely different.

"Kaa-san, Nii-san, Nee-san, were home" shouted Arashi as Kushina turned to face him

"Oh your home, welcome back! I assume Naruto left to his room" started Kushina as Arashi nodded and sat at the table. Kushina had gone to stand in front of the table as she started questioning him. "So who is on your team and what do you think of it?"

"Well…" started Arashi as he explained his whole team and their habits making Kushina and the other siblings who were tuning in on their conversation think.

"So Tsunade and Sarutobi decided to do something new huh" smirked Kushina as she walked away towards Naruto's room. Opening the door she stepped in to see the lights off and his window open.

"Damn brat always off" muttered Kushina looking at the window before signing and closing the door.

Outside Naruto stood above his window leaning against the roof on the compound house. Hearing the door close he released the breathe he was holding until he felt a hand on his shoulder. Stiffing up he slowly looked up to see Kushina laying against the house with her body sticking to the house using charka and her head leaning on her other hand.

"So you really think you could hide from me? Don't insult me by trying. Not even Minato could hide from me" stated Kushina wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck.

"You know you can't do this. There are too many people around and someone will catch you" warned Naruto as Kushina only smirked at him. She started leaning in closer to his face not caring until.

"Hey, Naruto Kaa-san! Dinner is almost done" said Kira poking his head out the window looking at them before disappearing into the room again

"You got lucky this time but don't think this is over" smirked Kushina moving away from Naruto and going back into the house using the window. Releasing a sign at his luck he went into the house following after her. Reaching the dining room he saw everyone putting the food on the table so he kept quiet. Ignoring everyone there he semi helped them before everyone started to eat with small discussions here and there which Naruto stayed out of. Finishing up his dinner he called it a night before heading into his room, locking the door and windows with seals.

Kushina seeing he locked up his room with seals only smiled at him and let him think he was safe from her. After all who do you think made those seals.

Next Day

Naruto and Arashi arrived at the training ground to see Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura already there. Arashi ran up to them waving his hand yelling "Hey guys, hello Sakura-chan!" while Naruto completely ignored them.

"Hello Arashi-san, Naruto-kun" responded Hinata while Sasuke only replied with an "Hn" having other things on his mind and Sakura just ignored them.

'Well I'm on a team with a annoying fan girl called Sakura, a Hyuuga who goes shy a little when her crush is near with the said crush on the team, a complete idiot of an Uzumaki who even though stupid and head over heels in love with the fan-girl Sakura but is my level in strength, and last the only person I know I can semi rely on Naruto who even though is very dark is not stupid or annoying but has the Hyuuga crushing on him' thought Sasuke when in a swirl of leaves Kakashi, Anko, and Kurenai appeared.

"Ok let's get this show on the road" started Anko as Kakashi held up four bells. He gave one to Anko and one to Kurenai as he kept two. "Your goal is to capture a bell in order to pass. The one who doesn't get a bell gets sent back to the academy. You won't get a bell unless you come at us with the intent to kill. You have until this afternoon" started Kakashi

"Begin" announced Kurenai