I Do Not Own Naruto

"Goukakyuu no Jutsu" – jutsu's being announced

"Brat" – demon/being speech

'What an idiot' – thoughts

"Dobe" – speech

"Son of a -" back-round voice

As soon as the shout to begin was announced Sasuke, Hinata, and Sakura jumped into the tree's to hide while Arashi jumped onto a tree branch that was easily noticeable. Everyone just stared at Naruto who didn't move.

"You know we just started the test right?" asked Kakashi as soon as he finished the sentence Naruto blurred threw a few hand seals at shocking speed. "Oh shit" shouted Anko "Karyuu Endan (Fire Dragon Flame Projectile)"he shouted unleashing a huge torrent of fire at the three forcing them to jump away. From the left side Anko was running at him with Kakashi coming at the right side. Naruto assumed a defensive position crouching a bit with his left hand in front of him and his right hand behind him grabbing something underneath his coat. When Anko getting there faster than Kakashi appeared with quick fast movements he swiped at her cutting her fish net shirt with a slash.

'What the' thought Anko looking at her fish net shirt than at what Naruto had in his hand. It was a tanto. He swiped at her again but Anko quickly out up a kunai to block and kicked him back some. Sliding against the floor on his back he quickly flipped to a stand before pulling up his tanto to block Kakashi's swipe of his kunai. Seeing this Kakashi followed it up with a kick to his stomach but Naruto dispelled leaving a log shocking Kakashi.

'No hand seals' he thought before he put up his kunai to block a swipe from Naruto coming down at him but noticed something different. Naruto had glowing charka wrapping the blade which caused the tanto to cut the kunai clean and almost him if he hadn't kawarimi away with a log. If he would have looked he would of notice Naruto smirked even though he missed. Naruto's tanto cut the log clean in half and into the floor causing a small explosion. Getting up from the attack Naruto noticed a huge fire ball heading for him.

'Shit!' thought Naruto as his eyes turned teal with black swirls in it. 'Uzugan' thought Naruto activating his doujutsu and taking a deep breath and slapping his hands together

"Suiton: Mizurappa (Violent Water Wave)" he said releasing a spray of water as the fire ball extinguishing it in a smoke

"What the hell there was no hand seals for that jutsu" shouted Anko releasing the seal from casting the fireball at him

"As expected of an Uzumaki" said Kakashi landing next to her with Kurenai approaching. From the steam Naruto walked out of it with 5 swirls in his teal eye and his tanto now in his left hand.

"Oh shit!" said Kakashi looking at Naruto's eyes. He quickly pulled up his head band to reveal the Sharingan shocking both Anko and Kurenai

"What's going on?" asked Kurenai as Anko looked at his eyes in shock

"Shit. I have to get serious" muttered Anko removing her trench coat and unsealing brown anbu chest plates, arm plates, and knee plates from her trench coat. She'd quickly put them on before she assumed the Hebi stance

"Can someone please tell me what's going on?" glared Kurenai

"Oh! You don't know much about the Uzumaki clan doujutsu being a recently promoted jounin, so allow me to explain" started Kakashi not taking his eyes off Naruto for a second.

"When an Uzumaki unlocks there doujutsu there eye turns teal. That part is called Rei Uzugan.

The Rei Uzugan gives them the affinity to use Suiton, Fuuton, and Raiton jutsu's. It's the starting stage. The next level is called the Ichi Uzugan.

The Ichi Uzugan makes the eye teal with a single black swirl in it. It gives them better eye and hand coordination, gives them better vision, and a better predictability like the Sharingan but on a much lower level. Next would be the Ni Uzugan.

The Ni Uzugan is the same as the Ichi but has two swirls in it. It gives them everything the Ichi does but its better and more improved version of them. It lessens the required hand seals needed for any Raiton, Suiton, and Fuuton type jutsu. After would be the San Uzugan.

It looks the same as the others but has three swirls instead. This level is one of the big jumps in it. It does everything that Ni does but allows the user to copy any Raiton, Suiton, and Fuuton jutsu of the enemies. Its predictability is as good as the Sharingan and its vision is half that of the Byakugan. Following that would be the Yon Uzugan.

Same as the others but with four swirls. It does everything that San but its vision is good as the Byakugan. No hand seals needed for Raiton, Fuuton, and Suiton jutsu. It now allows the user to use Hyouton type jutsu. The next level is another one of the big jumps and it's called the Go Uzugan.

The Go Uzugan has five swirls in it now. It allows the user to have an amazing sensing ability, gives there user their own type of Nature charka which is different for everyone like Jiraiya sage mode, and gives them three personal jutsu for it but hand seals are required for them. What's amazing about this is that they need to go through an amazing amount of stress, pain, training, and trauma in order to unlock this level. How Naruto even unlocked it is beyond me but it may be for the fact that he receives a lot pain for what he has sealed in him. There are more levels like the Roku Uzugan.

The Roku Uzugan has 6 swirls and has everything the Go has but no hand seals needed for Hyouton type jutsu and unlocks the affinity for Katon and Douton type jutsu.

Next the Shichi Uzugan which has 7 swirls. This is what Uzumaki Kushina has. It gives them everything that the previous has but doesn't need hand seals to do any jutsu except for the 3 personal jutsu, gives them 2 more personal jutsu, improves the predicting and seeing abilities of it beyond the Sharingan and Byakugan. The rest of the levels are unknown since the only person who went beyond that were Kushina's father and grandfather along with Uzumaki Mito. Well that's as far the Uzumaki's will tell us about their bloodline" finished Kakashi

"So basically we have to be serious or he will kill us right?" asked Kurenai

"Pretty much" said Kakashi as Naruto took a deep breath. "Hyouton:Hyourappa (Violent Ice Wave)" said Naruto shooting a fierce spray of snow at them which froze the floor it hit. Kakashi and the others managed to jump away in time before getting hit by it and started to run at him. Seeing Kakashi approaching first he jumped forward and engaged him in taijutsu. Naruto even though having better eyes than Kakashi, Kakashi had more experience with his, and also was better than Naruto in taijutsu so while Naruto lasted a pretty good long time against him, he was flung back when Kakashi jumped over his fist behind him while grabbing his shoulder's and throwing him. Getting up he saw Anko launch a couple snakes from her sleeve an him. Quickly pulling up his tanto he cut them apart as Kurenai appeared from the side with a kick aimed at his face. Without even looking he grabbed it with his hand.

'Shit his sensing ability is amazing' thought Kurenai as Kakashi used this chance to punch him in the stomach which ended up with him substituting with a log. Naruto landed a distance away from clearly out of breath.

'Humph, I guess I have to use it' thought Naruto putting his tanto away and creating 5 Kage Bunshins. He spread his legs apart and clapped his hands together in a praying motion with 2 clones following his lead. Seeing this Kakashi started rushing toward them with Anko and Kurenai following.

"He trying to get his personal nature charka stop him" warned Kakashi as the clone's unleashed different elemental jutsu to stop them. They duck and dodged over large fireballs, small rapid fireballs, fierce spray of water that could cut them in half, earth spikes coming from the ground, razor winds, and jutsu that could freeze you with one touch. By the time they were half there the clones stopped their assault of jutsu and ran at them to engage them in taijutsu. Naruto and his two remaining clones had black charka wrapped around his hands by the time they reached the half way point. The clones put up a small challenge before being dismissed due to the fact that they were tired from the jutsu assault. But by then Naruto and his clones were flaring out with black fiery charka. Naruto closed his eyes and dismissed the two clones as the nature charka they were charging went straight to him.

"It's too late" said Kakashi slowing to a stop as Anko and Kurenai followed his example. Naruto opened his eyes reveal them now black with 5 white swirls in them as black charka came off of him and rot the ground.

"Out of all charka natures he could of have he has that one" muttered Kakashi

"What charka nature is it?" asked Anko

"What? You don't feel it. It's cold, mysterious presence, that's while it's everywhere it's also nowhere. He has the Darkness Nature charka" finished Kakashi

"I'll admit I can't hold this for long. Maybe a minute or 2 but that will be enough" said Naruto forming rapid hand seals

"Enton: Amaterasu (Blaze Style: Goddess of the Sun)" he shouted unleashing a wave of black flames from his mouth at them as Kakashi, Anko, and Kurenai looked at it in shock.

"Don't let it touch you or you are dead" warned Kakashi jumping away with the others. He landed on the floor next to Kurenai when Naruto appeared above him with his fist cocked back. Grabbing Kurenai he jumped away as Naruto fist hit the ground causing an explosion that made black fire rise from the cracks. Getting up quickly Naruto was out of breathe as he looked at them. Forming hand seals again he grabbed his right hand pouring the rest of his Darkness charka into his last attack.

"Kuroen kiri (Dark Blaze Edge)" he shouted as in his hand was a black ball double the size of his fist which was wrapped around black flames that destroyed the ground around him

"You're…finished" growled Naruto pulling his arm back

"I think he toke killing us to get the bells to far!" yelled a shocked Anko as Naruto in an amazing burst of speed ran at them with Kage level speed. As he was running at them the jutsu was tarring up the ground beneath and behind him. As he was approaching them the power in the jutsu was slowly fading away until it completely disappeared in his hand. Naruto stopped to look at his hand as he tried to force the charka back into it. His eyes soon after went back to teal and 5 black swirls in it while Kurenai, Kakashi, and Anko watched him.

"You can't be fucking serious" growled Naruto holding his hand in fury while Kurenai blushed at his choice of language, Kakashi sweat-drop, and Anko grinned at him. Naruto eyes had then reverted back to their pure blue due to running out of charka.

"(Sign) I'm out of charka" said Naruto as the wind picked up wildly removing his hood from his head allowing him to scratch it. It revealed Naruto to be a spitting image of Namikaze Minato the Yondaime Hokage with a short blond and red pony-tail. (Picture Naruto as Minato but when he was younger; remember a spitting copy, Arashi looks like the Naruto from the anime). Looking at him Kurenai and Anko blushed at his amazing face while Kakashi was mumbling "Minato-sensei". From a gust of wind Arashi appeared throwing Shuriken at them and the bells catching Kurenai and Anko by surprise. The shuriken cut the rope holding the two's bell and two Kage Bunshin's of Arashi slid underneath and grabbed them before jumping into the forest. Naruto breathing heavily put back on his hood as Arashi sling his arm of his shoulder and jumped into the woods as well.

"Well that was something" said Kakashi putting his headband back over his eye.

"Yeah they now have 2 bells" said Kurenai looking at were her bell was suppose to be

"Nope make that three bells" said Anko pointing down at Kakashi waist were now only one bell remained

"What! When... (thinks back to when Naruto swiped down at him and smirked at he cut something else. His rope holding the bell before he had substitute!) Dammit" muttered Kakashi at the end

"Well we did get something out of this. We saw his whole face and my oh my is he cute" smirked Anko

"Anko, he's your student! Have some self-control!" shouted Kurenai blushing as she remembered his face. "Well by your face blushing that means otherwise"

"Well let's at least test the other students" said Kakashi as the two nodded at him and jumped into the woods

Secluded Section in the Woods

Naruto was leaning against a tree as Arashi was looking out for the teachers and Hinata had green charka wrapped around her hands and was healing Naruto.

"I can't believe I agreed to do that plan. I can just feel the fan-girl numbers rising" muttered Naruto

"But you were amazing nii-san. I'm sure you would have win if you token them 1 on 1-" "No I wouldn't" interrupted Naruto

"Kurenai I would be on even footing on because of her Genjutsu until she runs out of charka, Anko I would barely defeat, and Kakashi I would have lost to. Kakashi has loads of experience and is one of the strongest Jounin of Konoha" finished Naruto as Arashi nodded to. Hinata finished healing him as he toke a charka pill which gave him some charka. Standing up he dusted himself off as a voice spoke up.

"Well do we have here three gennin hiding from the big bad Jounin" said the voice as a figure landed down in front of them to reveal Anko smirking down at her prey.

"Uzugan, Byakugan" shouted the three assuming a stance with their doujutsu activated. Arashi had his eyes teal with 2 black swirls in it, Naruto had his 5 black swirls, and Hinata had her veins pressing out around her eyes.

"Where's Kakashi and Kurenai sensei" asked Arashi

"Testing Sakura and Sasuke" smirked Anko pulling out her Kunai as Naruto pulled back out his tanto.

"Where not going to give you back the bells that easy" said Hinata as Anko smirked.

"By all means make it as hard for me as possible. I love those who play hard to get" she responded back as Hinata dashed at her with a Gentle Fist attack which she jumped high over. Arashi and Naruto jumped forward creating a clone each. Naruto's clone jumped high meeting her in the air and brings his Tanto down on her which she blocked with a kunai creating sparks. Naruto dismissed his clone creating a smoke as Arashi's clone jumped from underneath her and kicked her kunai out of her hand and using the clone's back as a surface Arashi kicked and broke her guard that was now covering her chest after the kunai flew out of her hand. Appearing out of the smoke unguarded she saw Naruto on a tree branch with his right hand on his mouth. With no chance to react Naruto unleashed a fierce torrent if water catching Anko in it and sending her out of the trees and into the clearing in a roll.

Slowly getting up Anko looked up to see Kakashi approaching with Sasuke following and Kurenai had Sakura unconscious on her back. Seeing Anko's wet form Kakashi chuckled as it was now noon.

"So how are the three other students?" asked Kakashi eye smiling

"Those three brats having a good amount of teamwork" she responded getting up as Hinata, Arashi, and Naruto hanging off Arashi shoulder landed in the clearing with their doujutsu deactivated. Kurenai woke up Sakura from her Genjutsu as everyone now sat in the clearing near the three logs.

"So does anyone know the meaning of this test?" asked Kakashi

"Yes it's about teamwork. No gennin can take on a full season jounin" responded Hinata

"Correct! Anko please let go of Naruto" said Kakashi as Anko now held Naruto in a bear hug

"But he is so cute and handsome. I want him. I want him all to myself. Mine and mine alone, we are going to have so much fun together Bwuhahahhaha-"

"Anko!" shouted Kurenai blushing in shock "What! I'm about to take my plaything home"

"Put the cute gennin down" stated Kurenai glaring as Anko looked a pouted mumbling a "fine" as she reluctantly let go of him

"Well since half of you use team work I guess we can pass all of you. Starting tomorrow you are Team 7" said Kakashi putting his thumb up as Sakura and Arashi jumped for joy. Naruto and Sasuke just smirked as Hinata shyly smiled. Kurenai and Anko looked and chuckled at the scene.

"Well we still have a lot of work to do with this team so don't let passing get to your head. I want you to remember something. Those who don't follow the rules are thrash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than thrash. I'll meet you guys here at 8 tomorrow" said Kakashi as Arashi helped Naruto home and the rest of the students went their own ways. Kakashi, Anko, Kurenai seeing them go Shunshin to the Hokage tower.