I Am Legend:

The Legend of Me

"It's O' Connor meets Kerouac in this strange, grotesque tale of revenge, redemption, blindness and self-discovery." -- Houston Chronicle


Robert Neville was him the last man of Earth.

He was standing in his house, which was like a place but not all that way, and now him was lonely but luckily his dog, Samael, which is a name taken form that Silent Hill games or maybe Jewish. (But we will just call it the dog Sam b/c it is for the simplicity).

Now he was driving in a Mustang that was fastly even though gas goes bad after 2 year and he still have some left with special chemical additions.

"Look out Sam," he shouts. "There is a dear."

Some deer were eating on grass in the midle of New Yirk City.

He did a spin in the car and the tires screeched like tires that are screeching on a asphalt. He pulled out him gun and fired through the windshielf and the bullets got threw and struck the deer, killing them deathly.

Sam jumped out with a bark, and ran off to eat that deer.

"Good job," Will Smith said. "That will be our dinner, so do not eat it all."

He laughed, but after the laugh, the laugh went quiet through the city emptiness and made him lonelier then ever...


Him went back to his house which was fortressfied, and strong even though still a house. He had mulitple guns hiddene verywhere just in case.

And the case, it was an important.

Nightfall dropped down over the day like a dark darkness, and the vampires were had to be out. It happened because was an incredible viral that sickened people into vampires, many years before, and Will Smith knew he had to invent a cure.

So he went into his laboratory to scientist.

"This is it," Will Smith shouted long later timing, the happiness in him voice sounding happier than ever.

"I have succesfully isolated the cure but it will need a human trial."


But he never got the chance, because the vampires exploded on his house and smashed a hole in the fenbce.

"NO!" shouted Robert Neville and pulled out a machine gun and started blasting the vampire horde as they came bolting at him with anger and torrenti along their pallid face.

After they were dying, he start to a running. He knows Sam will not be safe in her room.

But by the time he got to sam, it was too late, she already....

a vampire.

"No sam" he said and cried forth. "I am so sorry but I have to do it."

He puts gun to Sam head and shot out a whole bunch of bullets.

He cried and held Sam in his arms forthright.

A Bob Marlie song starting to playing in his mind and it made the sorrow all that much more intense.


Now Will Smithe was anger. He got all of his guns and shot at vampires in their hideout.

"Why!" he shouted as he blasted more and more. "Did you take her away form me! My life!"

But now a thousand vampirism were there and they all angered and requesting his blood, but he ran out of bullets.

"We are new world and you cannot be part of it."

"You. Are the legend," they explauned.

Will Smith laughed at the humorous, but then realized and then he knew he could not live any longer. There is no point, in this new world.

"Let it be he said," and detonated the bomb that not only killed the vampire city, but himself as well.

The legend of me, he though as the fire swept over him and everything went away as white.