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Ichigo took a deep breath before lifting the lid once more, he could do this. Staring at the items in hand he proceeded to shed himself from his clothes.

Grimmjow wouldn´t admit it but he was curious to see what Ichigo had planned for the night, as he climbed up the stairs to their room. Stopping at his and Ichigo´s room door he shook his head before twisting the knob and going into the room (remembering to close the door behind him).

He never in his thirty years of life expected to see what was in front of him.

There standing in the middle of the room was Ichigo in his semi-nude glory.

Grimmjow´s mouth went dry with what his lover was wearing. Fishnet white thigh high stockings were adorning his long sun kissed legs with red garters that connected to an equally red garter belt, a pair of one of the most sexy red lace panty´s he had ever seen and on his feet red high heel stilettos. To top it all he had tied a red ribbon in a bow on his neck making him the perfect Christmas gift.

It was a fantasy come true.

Grimmjow couldn´t get his eyes of his lovers lean form, he just looked so fucking…fuckable.

"Grimm, lock the door." The orange heads voice made Grimmjow look up at his face, was it him or had his voice lowered a couple octaves making it sound more sultry?

Walking a few steps back he pressed the doors lock hearing the soft `click´ noise, satisfied he walked back until he was in front of Ichigo (he noticed the heels made the orange head male as tall as him). Not being able to wait any longer he swiftly pulled one of the ribbons end unmaking the bow in the process. He grinned maliciously.

"Time to open up my gift…" He murmured. Ichigo merely let a sly smile mark his face, before taking Grimmjow´s hand off him, seeing the blue haired man about to protest at his actions, he put a finger on his lips effectively silencing him.

"Nuh uh, this gift is not only for unwrapping…" He started to trail the finger down his lips, chin and neck; stopping at the first button of the black dress shirt. Smiling he undid the first button and the next until there was no more left to be undone. "…It´s also for pleasuring." Marveling Grimmjow´s perfect scarred six pack torso he took of the suit jacket let it fall carelessly to the ground.

Passing his hands over ever contour of his lover´s scar he heard a hiss of pleasure come from Grimmjow when he lightly passed his nails trough his abs in a fiery manner. Lowering his head Ichigo caught a nipple and flicked it with his tongue loving the feel of it hardening in his mouth, he had to admit it was a nice change making Grimmjow squirm as he did every day.

Biting and sucking softly he continued his ministrations on the older male´s nipples, moving Grimmjow as he did so, high heels making a sound every time he took a step. The teal eyed man didn´t even know he was being moved until he found himself thrown flat on his back over the mattress.

Pouting slightly at the miss of the warm nipples in his mouth, Ichigo didn´t dwell much on the thought he had other things in mind. Grabbing a leg he quickly took of Grimmjow´s shoe and sock before doing the same with the other.

"Tell me Grimm, liking your gift so far?" He slowly crawled on to the bed, movement's feline like.

"Fuck yes." Eyes trailed on Ichigo´s kneeling form on the bed he could now see the outline of Ichigo´s hardening erection on the panty´s he was wearing. Unconsciously he licked his lips.

Biting his lip in what he hoped was a seductive manner the orange haired teen crawled over to where his lover was lying and straddled him in one swift move.

"So Grimm…" He passed a finger through his chest in a coy manner. "…where you a good boy this year?" Grimmjow snorted at the boy part. Looking at his berry´s stocking clad legs he passed his hands up them before stopping at his lace covered ass.

"Never been a good boy in my entire life." He confirmed his statement with a squeeze at the firm globes he was holding.

Ichigo smirked. "Good." And with that he leaned and captured Grimmjow´s lips in a hard lustful kiss. The blue haired man tried to dominate like always but Ichigo was having none of that, today was his time to dominate and control and time for Grimmjow to feel the pleasure of foreplay Ichigo usually felt. Grabbing the older man´s jaw he made himself clear, passing his tongue on the outline of Grimmjow´s lips before coaxing his mouth open and tasting his lover, effectively leading the kiss.

Getting away from his lips, Ichigo admired the slight puffiness and redness of them; and of course the slight trail of saliva hanging from his chin. Dipping his head he licked of and trailed his mouth over his neck and pulse point, he could feel Grimmjow´s rapid pulse beneath his lips as he sucked on the spot making the man under him moan.

Trailing his lips upwards he stopped at his ear, taking his sensitive lobe into his mouth. "How does it feel Grimm…like the pleasure?" He blew softly as his lover answered him with a buck of his hips letting Ichigo feel the hardening length he was straddling.

"I´ll take that as a yes." Grabbing the long forgotten ribbon he took Grimmjow´s hands off the contours of his ass and lifted them to the bedpost and tying them expertly between the metal railings. He still had no idea what he was doing but Grimmjow seemed satisfied so he simply let his instincts take over.

"The fuck? Never knew you were this kinky berry…" Grimmjow lifted a brow. "…have to admit it´s fucking hot as hell."

Those simple crude words left Ichigo with a happy fluttering sensation inside him. He smiled down at his lover. "Shut up Grimm or I´ll blindfold and gag you too."

That shut the blue haired man up.

Placing a last chaste kiss on Grimmjow´s lips he trailed down his torso until he was straddling his legs, hands stopping at the outline of his white dress pants. Un-hurriedly he unbuckled the black belt and slid it of the hoops, throwing it on the other side of the room.

"Aww, and here I was thinking you would spank me with that." Grimmjow´s teasing voice made him halt his actions.

Crawling towards him once again, he stopped until his face was inches away from Grimmjow´s.

"Say one more word without my permission and I will stop and leave you here without release." And with that he returned to his previous position on his legs leaving a grinning Grimmjow to his own thoughts.

Damn berry was really getting into it, not that Grimmjow was complaining but he never thought Ichigo would have the balls to tie him up, much less feel him up while at it.

Letting out a hiss of pleasure he looked down to see his berry trailing fingers up to his fly (which had a large tent already), with practiced ease he unzipped the pants and soon Grimmjow found himself lifting his hips so Ichigo could slip of the garment. As the pants slipped slowly of his legs, the orange head passed his hands down strong well formed thighs leaving a hot trail of desire on his way.

Letting the garment fall by the bed, he stood up and admired the view, Grimmjow´s heaving body clad in only tight black boxers and his ebony opened button up shirt. Life could not get any better than having a lust filled Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez half naked tied to your bed.

Placing his hands on the azure eyed mans ankles, he slowly trailed his hands up his legs, nails slightly scratching on the way, making Grimmjow growl in delight. Stopping on the boxer´s waistline, he took them off almost violently letting his erection free at last.

Lowering his head towards his crotch, Ichigo slowly kissed the man´s thigh, hand kneading the other. Nudging open his legs wide, he kissed a pale inner thigh savoring his skins taste, lightly biting and sucking until a bright red mark was seen. Smiling at leaving his mark on his lover he moved his hands upwards towards Grimmjow´s aching cock that was standing proudly and leaking with precum.

Holding the hard shaft in his hands he moved his wrist up and down, loving the way the cock in his hand pulsed vividly and Grimmjow´s moans were heard.

Tracing a large vein with the tip of his finger he fondled Grimmjow´s balls with his other hand, confusing the blue head in weather he wanted Ichigo to stop teasing him with his finger or keep touching his balls in the way he was doing.

"Fuck Ichi." He grunted, although it sounded more like a growl.

Tangling his finger in the light blue pubic hair he pulled at it lightly making the blunet arch his back.

"Shit!" Grimmjow had closed his eyes as a wave of pleasure passed through his body stopping on his cock.

Lowering his head towards the erect shaft he Ichigo ignored it for a moment as he sucked softy on his lover´s balls, licking them until he went lower and found the man´s perineum, biting softly he heard Grimmjow try to untie himself.

"Fuck Ichi as soon as I´m outta this I´m gonna fuck you so fucking hard your…Arghhh…WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU´RE DOING?!"

Ichigo who was still licking his perineum and balls paused with the finger that was probing the outline of Grimmjow´s tight entrance.

Lifting his head only a few inches enough to see the blue haired doctor in his face, he cocked an eyebrow.

"What do you think I´m doing?" He continued to pass his finger around his entrance.

"Fuck, stop doing that!" He would never in his life admit it, but he liked the feeling of berry´s finger on his asshole, still if berry thought he was going to fuck him…well he had another thing coming, he did the fucking, not let himself get fucked.

Ichigo let out a sigh. "Grimm…do you trust me?" Blue eyes met hazel.

"Of course I fucking do."

"The trust me on this, I won´t do anything you don´t want me to, now shut the fuck up and moan."

"Tch you little bitch." But otherwise he shut up.

Opening Grimmjow´s legs the widest they went, he went down until he was head level with his ass, cock and balls; grabbing his ass in hands he separated his cheeks leaving him a good view of his puffy hole, licking his lips he dove forward and passed his wet muscle around his asshole.

"Holy fuck!" Grimmjow sure as hell did not expect that.

Ichigo had to admit every little humiliating moment with his family was worth it if he could have Grimmjow like this every day, sure it wasn´t easy to rim his ass like this but he doubted that the older male would get on all fours and bend down. Passing his tongue around a few more times he suddenly slid his tongue inside his entrance effectively fucking his ass.

"Aghhh." Hearing those groans were better than any melody he had ever heard, Ichigo had come to that conclusion.

Feeling that his entrance was wet and dilated enough, he brought his head up and without warning took his cock in mouth, bobbing his head up and down; tongue sliding along with the rhythm.

Grimmjow didn´t know if he was in heaven or in hell, the feeling was perfect, ever single cell in his body screamed of pleasure, on the other hand Ichigo was taking his sweet time exploring his body that it was torture.

A finger being introduced in his entrance drove him out of his thoughts.

"Oh fuck." Were the only words he was capable as Ichigo slid his finger in and out, curling it around trying to find his prostate all while he kept on sucking his cock.

Licking the slit of his shaft Ichigo slid another finger inside Grimmjow feeling the way his muscles clenched around the digits, curling them he heard a gasp come from the blue heads mouth and in the moment he knew he had found his prostate.

Licking up his hard cock he kept sliding his fingers curling them around making sure to hit his sweet spot every time, taking him full in his mouth he relaxed his throat before sliding all the length in.

"Shit yes!" As soon as the words had left his mouth, he had come hard inside Ichigo´s mouth. Not wanting to waste one drop of his seed the orange head drank the entire load, licking his shaft one last time, he slid his fingers out of his asshole and looked at his teal haired lover.

What a sight it was indeed, Grimmjow was panting hard, what was once a nice ironed black shirt was now a wrinkled one, body flushed and a sheet of sweat covering his face and torso, a small almost inexistent red tint to his cheeks, and his hair unruly from all the shifting he had done. He also noticed red marking on his wrists from struggling with the bonds.

Until that exact moment he had forgotten he was hard as hell, and the sight of his normally cocky bedmate flushed and tied had just about remembered him.

"Fuck that was…"

"The best orgasm you ever had?" Ichigo finished up for him.

"I was gonna say the best Christmas gift, but your phrase is good enough…now take of those fucking skimpy panty´s slowly…I like to see a good show." He ginned showing Ichigo a set of perfect white teeth.

Getting up Ichigo complied with his mate´s wish, tauntingly he slipped his hand inside the skimpy cloth and touched himself, hissing as his fingers made contact with his hot throbbing cock. Pulling the waist band down enough to only show the small patch of orange curls, he teasingly passed a hand over his slightly smaller abs (compared to Grimmjow´s) enjoying the look of hunger in those blue pools of lust people called eyes.

Slipping a bit more of the undergarment down he let his hipbone´s be seen and a slight portion of his hard length.

Grimmjow growled at the sight, Ichigo was going to be the death of him one day.

A few more inches down half his length was now seen, Grimmjow could feel his own shaft reviving. He had slipped the panty´s off and now his whole cock was in view, sliding them down his stocking clad legs he lifted one and slid out the garment before doing the same with the other.

Panty less Ichigo was now completely naked except for the garter belt, fishnet stockings and his high heeled stilettos. Grimmjow had no idea if it was the fact that Ichigo was wearing women´s undergarments and high heels or if it was because he was with such an innocent expression on his face while he had his cock hard and erect, hell it could be both combined, he really didn´t give a damn as long as Ichigo moved that perky little ass of his over to him.

"Ichi babe, get over here." His soft words made something inside Ichigo swell with excitement.

Walking towards the bed once more, he was about to take off the heels…

"Fuck no, leave them on." Looking up at him, he guessed Karin was right when she had said he would be thrilled to see him in the clothing, shoes included.

Getting on the bed he wasted no time in straddled him cock bumping with Grimmjow´s revived one making them both hiss in pleasure. Leaning forward he once again captured his lips in a dazzling kiss, full of tongue teeth and a battle of dominance. Grimmjow taking the lead, bit Ichigo´s lower lips savoring the whimper he made, sucking his tongue he caught a vague taste of the red wine they all drank earlier in the night.

Grinding their hips and cocks together they groaned in delight at the friction.

"Ichi, prepare yourself…come on." Moaning as Grimmjow thrusted his hips upwards, Ichigo put three fingers on his lover´s lips. Getting the idea Grimmjow took them in his mouth sucking on them making sure they got really wet.

Taking the digits from the doctor´s mouth, he leaned forward and slipped the first digit inside his puckered hole, moaning at the feeling. Not wasting any time he added another digit, scissoring and stretching himself before adding his third and last finger.

After a few moments he took out his fingers and aligned himself on Grimmjow´s throbbing shaft. Lowering himself he let the mushroom head slide inside, stretching him more than he was; a feeling of fullness filled him as each inch slid in him deeper and deeper until he reached the hilt.

"Ride me Ichi." Those three little words almost made him come then and there, the sound of Grimmjow´s lust filled voice held that power over him.

Legs folded at the side´s of Grimmjow´s hips, he raised himself a bit before going back down. Pouting at the unbalance he had, he set his hands on the hard chest under him and raised his hips once again until only Grimmjow´s tip was in then slammed himself down again, both moaned at the feeling; feeling happy at his new rhythm he bounced up and down on his lover´s lap in fast movements, the sound of flesh slapping flesh was rough in the room combined with the heavy breathing, moans and grunts.

"Untie me." Grimmjow couldn´t stand not touching his berry, he needed to pass his hands over that beautiful body, but first fuck his brains out, after all the teasing berry needed to learn his lesson.

Reaching for the ribbon which was tied in a strong knot, with a little difficulty he undid it and finally Grimmjow´s hands were free. A soon as he felt movement on his limbs, he got up (hissing as he slipped out of the warm tightness of his berry´s ass) flipped him over and tied the ribbon over his mouth gagging him.

"Mmmmhhhmhh." The muffled sounds that Ichigo was making were all but understandable.

"What? I don´t understand you Ichi." He ginned as he lifted Ichigo´s ass in the air and slapped it, a moan was heard from his gagged mouth.

"Shit, I´ve wanted to do that all night." Pressing Ichigo´s thighs together he separated his ass cheeks and slid inside in one smooth buck of his hips.

"So tight." He continued thrusting his hips forward in a almost savagely manner as he pounded inside his berry, hearing the muffled screams he was sure every time he was hitting berry´s prostate.

"Shut it Ichi, you had your fun, now it´s time for the big boys play." He smirked stopping the pounding. Slipping of the black dress shirt, he was left in nothing but his cocky smirk.

Sliding out one more time, he grabbed Ichigo´s arms and hauled him up making him stand on wobbling feet. As soon as he looked up he was slammed into the wall with much force and was forced to wrap his legs around the blunets waist as he was lifted by his thighs. Ichigo stared at Grimmjow whose eyes were placed on his body sizing him up, that stare kept on making lots of tingling around his body to happen.

"Hold on tight Ichi, it´s gonna be one fucking hell of a ride…this´ll make fucking you in the hospital nothing."

Ichigo felt a shiver go down his spine with those words and his skin felt on fire. Holding on Grimmjow´s back he wrapped his hands around his back tightly knowing his lover was anything but jesting with his words.

Placing his cock on Ichigo´s entrance he thrusted inside with ease, grabbing a tight hold on his thighs fingers looping on the fishnet stockings holes he started his erotic dance within his body, hips moving in and out feeling the way Ichigo´s muscles loosed up and then tightened around him.

"Mmmmm." Muffled words, moans and grunts were the only things berry was capable but even like that Ichigo still looked sexy, mouth gagged with the ribbon only made him more fuckable.

"I fucking told…" Thrust. "…you that I was going to fuck…" Thrust. Ichigo´s inner walls clamped tightly on him. "…you so fucking hard…" He hauled Ichigo higher the feeling of the holes on the stockings stretch were on his fingers (not that he gave a damn) and pushed him more into the wall. "…that you ancestors will feel it!" He pounded with all the force he had, legs slipping a little as he got out of balance for a moment.

Grabbing a better hold on Ichigo, he made sure his berry´s legs were wrapped tightly around him, feeling the stilettos high heels digging on his ass made him grunt in pleasure, his skin was way too sensitive and the stinging sensation made him almost sight in relief.

"Mghhmmmmghh." Ichigo had clamped his eyes shut as he rested his head on the wall, the burning on his back from where it was rubbing on the wall made his muffled moans and screams increase their volume with every thrust of Grimmjow´s hips.

"What´s the matter Ichi…too much for you?" Not being able to do anything Ichigo merely nodded his head in response, as he twitched when Grimmjow´s warm hand surrounded his cock, squeezing and pumping it in tempo with his hard pounding.

Clawing on his lover´s back wildly, Ichigo hoped Grimmjow got the message that he needed his release now, the tight ball of heat that was pooling on his stomach was about to explode.

Everything happened at once, Grimmjow pressed Ichigo on the wall even tighter as one hand went up and ripped the gag of Ichigo´s mouth kissing him with much need and desperation as soon as it was off, while his other hand passed a thumb over his over sensitive slit making him moan loudly on his lover´s mouth as his orgasm came hard, squirting his and Grimmjow´s stomach with his seed, the red lace garter belt turning white in various places.

Grabbing a hold of Ichigo´s ass Grimmjow managed a couple of more thrusts before the feeling of the clamping warm muscles around his cock was too much and he found his own release inside his berry.

Not being able to hold Ichigo´s weight any longer for every single bone in his body seemed to be made of rubber, he carefully slid themselves down the wall until they were safely on the bedroom floor.

"Crap that put the hospital to shame." Ichigo was the first to come down his high, as he said those words still trying to even his breath out.

Grimmjow merely snorted as he rested his head on Ichigo´s shoulders.

"That´s a fucking understatement, hospital fuck was worth shit compared to this little act."

Ichigo rolled his eyes, as he threaded his fingers through the now sweaty and disordered soft blue locks on Grimmjow´s face.

"Come on Grimm, let´s take a shower before we go to bed." He said trying to get up, the weight of his companion preventing him from doing so.

"Tch, I just gave you the best fuck of your life and you want me to go shower? Cut me some fucking slack Ichi, I´m not a fucking fuck machine that goes 24/7, I do need rest you know?"

Removing the blue head from his shoulders he gave a slight push to Grimmjow´s chest so he could get the message and get up.

"I´m not asking you for shower sex idiot, It´s just that I´m really sticky and sweaty and so are you…some come on, shower and then bed."

"Tch fine." Lifting himself on his feet he gave a hand to Ichigo before hauling him up and watched him kick of the red heels before walking on wobbly feet over to the dresser, stocking clad legs never looked that great in Grimmjow´s opinion.

Looking at himself Ichigo noticed his disheveled state and the now sticky with cum garter belt, making a face at the garment he unhooked the garters from the stockings and slipped off the belt.

"Gonna have to wash this if I´m ever gonna use it again." He mumbled mostly to himself.

Seeing the now ruined stockings (thanks to Grimmjow´s insistent pulling through the holes) he sighed as he took them off as well and threw them in the trash can, for they had no remedy whatsoever.

"Oii!" Hearing the call, teal haired doctor turned in time to catch the white towel Ichigo had sent flying his way and tucked it around his waist.

"Come on." Wrapping his own towel around himself, Ichigo led the way to the bathroom for a well earned hot shower.

"Tch, who in their right mind showers at four a.m.?" Grimmjow muttered as his lover rolled his eyes.

No soon they had shut the bedroom door behind them they were shocked to find see a blinding flash in front of them and a giddy looking Isshin Kurosaki with a camera on his hand.

"Ichiiiiigo I just had to take a picture of your first night as a man, your mother would have been so proud." He cried.

Ichigo swore he saw red before attacking his father.

"Then again who waits till four a.m. outside our door so he could take a picture of us after we´re done fucking?" Rolling his eyes at Isshin´s antics he ignored the death battle between father and son and went straight to the bathroom.

As expected their shower did not last long, Ichigo had managed to kick at Isshin´s gut and send him rolling down the stairs (not before grabbing the camera in his hands) and soon the couple found themselves clean and in bed, Grimmjow staring contently at Ichigo´s mass of bright hair.

"I never did give you your present did I Ichi?" he passed a hand over his lover´s orange locks.

"I thought this was my gift." He mumbled into his chest.

"Tch, Ichi I fuck you every day, this isn´t a gift…take it more like a little extra in the package." He hauled himself up and sat, making Ichigo do the same.

Bending over to the side of the bed he grabbed his pants and took out a small black box with a blue bow.

"Holy shit! You´re not asking me to marry you are you?" Ichigo´s eyes widened at the sight of the box.

Grimmjow merely rolled his eyes. "Shit no, and even if I was…would it be so bad?" He lifted an eyebrow.

"No it wouldn´t, but you just caught me off guard."

Shaking his head he handed Ichigo the box as he lit a cigarette.

"What have I told you about smoking in the house?" He was tempted to take the cigarette out of his mouth, but the little black box in his hands was taking most of his attention.

Taking off the blue bow, he opened the box only to find a key…a car key.

"What the fuck?" Ichigo turned towards Grimmjow. Said man just shrugged.

"You´re always taking the bus or cab´s everywhere thought you needed your own pair of wheels." He said off handily.

"So you bought me a car."

"Not just any car…" He smirked. "…I bought you Zangetsu."

Ichigo´s eyes almost popped out of their sockets at the mention of his dream cars name.

"You did not!" He was breathing heavily.

"I did. I got you a Hummer H2 SUV in black…Zangestu your car. Well not exactly, still needs your design on it…but I thought you´d like to customize it yourself."

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Grimmjow soon found himself on his back again with an overenthusiastic Ichigo hugging and kissing the living daylights out of him.

"Thank you so much, you know you didn´t have to waste so much cash on me… He was cut off.

"I wanted to and you know money isn´t an issue, plus Pantera needs a break…" Blue eyes twinkled with mischief. "…Think we could give Zangetsu a welcome party?"

Ichigo smirked. "Oh I can think of many things we could do on my new baby…" He paused to think. "…and I´ll have to take it to the shed so I can work on the…" A pair of lips crushing on his own eventually shut him up, he could think about his new car later.

Ok, before you ask Ichigo works half time (for he´s in the University) in a Auto body shop, he usually paints cars with creations of his own (except if the client has his own design), that´s why Grimmjow told him Zangetsu was his to `decorate´.

Pantera is obviously Grimmjow´s Mustang Shelby.

I already started a sequel to this. :)

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