Oh, I got bored. Wanna do this one shot... Don't own TAF.

It was 12 A.M., Percy couldn't seem to fall asleep. He looked around, the other engines were still asleep.

What can I do to try and sleep? he ask himself, then he heard this: a sigh and then a voice: "Percy, you awake?" It was James. Out of all the engines who was now awaken was that bossy boiler...

"Can't sleep." Percy answered, "You?"

"Nope." replied James.

This was too weird, this was the first time he and James was awake... together. "Thinking about tommorow? I heard there's going to be lots of work and all..." James asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Maybe, but I was thinking about those mail cars. Have you even noticed that there's more mail in them lately?"

"I don't know that Percy, I don't pull mail cars." James rolled his eyes, then he said "Percy, I'm sorry for tricking you with that single..."

"That's ok," Percy replied, "I was angry for a while, then I realized that you and Gordon were trying to teach me a lesson."

Then there was quietness, although there were the only sounds of the rest of the engines sleeping. "Getting tired yet Percy?" James asked, yawning. Percy sudenly returned the yawn, "Yeah, I guess I was really tired after all."

James smiled and then began to close his eyes, then he heard: "You know James? You may be a bossy boiler and all, but you are still my friend. Good night." Then Percy fell asleep, leaving James smile at the little green engine.

"Good night Percy."

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