Memory Vials

Scorpius' First Day At Hogwarts

After the war, Hogwarts decided to start conducting interviews with families with prospective students. It was a way of reassuring parents that the school was ready to take on more students because the population had taken a hit during the war. All the families also included those that may not have been welcomed at all. The list came out in alphabetical order and the interviews were conducted at the age of four because that was the age that most wizarding children were starting with at least preschool.

The Malfoys were sent a letter of course to come in for an interview. By then Scorpius had turned from a snowball with a peach head to a very active four year old. He was quite a dynamo who exasperated and amazed his parents all at the same time. He was cute, so very cute and one pout away from almost anything he wanted. His grandparents spoiled him whenever his parents allowed it, but his dad had a tendency to foil their efforts at every turn.

Scorpius was playing with his stuff lion that he had insisted on having from the toy store a year ago. He had named it Nigel and loved it. Currently, he was dressed for going out. He was dressed in green and blue rugby shirt with a pair of pants. He was cuddling with Nigel. His dad got it for him as a present because he was good when his dad was away for a business trip. Scorpius' daddy went away once a month and it made Scorpius very sad when he did. Nigel kept him company as he waited for his dad to come back.

Draco watched Scorpius playing with Nigel and a train set on the carpet in the living room. He watched them while drinking a mug of coffee. He had developed a taste for coffee while he was traveling a few years ago. Astoria was busy using her wand to finish cleaning up. "Tori, do you think he should bring Nigel with him?" he asked his wife quietly.

"I don't see why not. It would keep him happy and behaved," replied Astoria. She turned to face her husband after lowering her wand. She smiled. "You don't want him bring Nigel to school, do you? You're worried what they'll think."

"Of course not," said Draco hastily. "I'm just concern about his attachment to material objects. It's not health."

"Then, you tell him he can't bring Nigel with him."

"I was hoping you'd do it, love. You're so much better at talking to him than I am."

"You mean I have a resistance to the pout."

"That, too."

"You're the one who has a problem with Nigel. Your father does, too."

Draco tried not to smile, but when Lucius had attempted to take Nigel from Scorpius a few months ago, he walked away empty handed with a bite mark on his hand. Scorpius was punished by having Nigel taken away from him for an agonizing hour. It got easier though as he got older. Draco got up and joined his son in the living room.

"Sweetheart, we need to put away your toys before we go to school," said Draco.

Scorpius looked up at him with his big gray eyes shining. "Okay," he agreed readily. They put away the toys without using any magic to do so. Scorpius liked helping out, so there was little magic used.

"We're going to school today, which means that you need to be a big boy. You are a big boy, aren't you?" asked Draco.

"Yes, Daddy," nodded Scorpius as he carefully stacked the tracks into a box. He did it one handed with Nigel in his arm.

"Big boys go to school without toys, Score," explained Draco. Scorpius put the last track away and then folded his arms over Nigel. Draco sensed that stubborn streak rearing its ugly head. Of all the traits his son had to get from his mother. It had to be that one. "Nigel has to stay home."

"No, Daddy," objected Scorpius immediately as his bottom lip pushed out. Draco looked away for a moment. "Nigel will be all alone."

"Nigel is a brave lion, Score," said Draco. "He can guard the house while we're gone."

Scorpius shook his head. Draco used to wonder how he got so spoiled as a child, but if he was half as cute as his son was he didn't have to wonder anymore. He looked at his wife for help. Astoria looked a bit amused at Draco's discomfort. She didn't budge though. If Draco wanted Scorpius to leave Nigel at home, he was going to have to convince him. She looked at him expectantly. Draco decided to employ a standard Slytherin parenting technique, as his wife liked to call it: he was going to have to lie. "Toys aren't allowed in this school, Scorpius. Nigel can't come or he'll be taken away and you won't get him back at all."

"Oh," said Scorpius. He had no reason to question his father. "Nigel can stay." He pouted even more.

Draco offered his hand, and Scorpius handed Nigel to him after a tight hug. He put Nigel on the sofa on top of the cushions. "It's okay, sweetheart," said Draco soothingly as he kissed his son's forehead. Draco was far more giving in kisses than his father ever was with him.

"I have to potty," announced Scorpius.

"Go ahead," said Draco.

Astoria walked up to him as soon as their son had left to go upstairs to his own bathroom. "Nicely done, Draco. But I don't like you lying to him."

"It's still kinder than those Ravenclaw logic games you make him play, Tori," said Draco ruefully. "He forgets what he asks for when you're done."

"Which is the reason why they're so effective," said Astoria smugly. "You should try it rather than lying or just saying no straight off."

"I'm not as brilliant as you and the day will come when he's smart enough to know better," said Draco.

Scorpius returned and they went to the school. They went through the fireplace and arrived in the Great Hall. Scorpius' eyes were wide with wonder as he looked up at the ceiling and at all the tables. The banners from the houses were hung with pride.

"Let's go to the library," said Astoria immediately.

Draco groaned, "Why? Shouldn't we just wait for the person who is meeting us to come?"

Astoria wasn't listening. She took her son's hand and Scorpius trotted alongside her, forcing her husband to follow them. Draco caught up to them and took Scorpius' other hand, who was happily hopping. Draco thought it odd that the boy's feet never seem to fully touch the ground when he walked.

There were several questions of "What's that?" over and over again as Scorpius asked about the things in the castle. There were a lot of things to see in the castle. His parents answered the questions patiently; his mother was far more indulgent than his father. They went into the library. Scorpius freed himself from his parents' grips and quickly vanished from their sight.

"Scorpius!" called Draco immediately.

Madame Pince was there and she gave him a sharp look for shouting. Scorpius' hair was platinum blond like his dad's, but not completely smooth in the back. It gave him a bit of a cowlick in the back, but it was an antenna that made it easier for his parents to track him.

"I loved coming here on Sunday mornings," said Astoria nostalgically. "I would bring those Muggle novels that I'd buy used at those shops in London. My mum never knew about it. She would have been appalled, saying that nice girls like me shouldn't be reading Muggle rubbish."

Draco knew that his wife was a fan of Muggle literature. She loved Bronte, Austen, and du Maurier. She had even named their home after one of the houses in those books, which he let her. His father never knew about the origin of the name of the house. "Why am I not surprised?" murmured Draco, still trying to locate their son.

"You don't remember, do you?" asked Astoria rather playfully.

Draco gave her a querying look, asking, "Remember what?"

"My favorite chair was right over there near that window," said Astoria, pointing to the window that was closest to a corner. "The sun was just right and it was cool enough to read. You could see the outside from that angle."

Draco smiled. He said, "You know that was my favorite chair, too."

"Yes, I gathered that," said Astoria. "I remember Sunday I was here, trying to read Rebecca. It was my fourth year. I looked up because there was a shadow casting over me. It was you. You said I was sitting in your chair."

"I don't remember this," said Draco sincerely.

"Of course, you don't," said Astoria. "You grabbed the book right out of my hand and flung it clear cross the other side. I had to go and get it. It was one of my favorites." She crossed her arms over her chest. Her hair golden blond hair caught the light. It looked like a halo, but there was a pout on her lips.

Draco grimaced. "I was very troubled that year. I was under immense pressure. I was pretty nasty to everyone. By the end of that year, hardly anyone in my own house would talk to me," he explained. Then he sighed and said, "That's no excuse. Would it help if I apologized now?" There was a hint of teasing in his voice that made him less than sincere.

"It was ten years ago," said Astoria. "And considering that you've given me a house where I can put all my books in a library, I suppose I can forgive you now."

"If it helps, the chair is all yours now," offered Draco.

"Thank you," said Astoria. They walked over there, but the chair was already occupied. Scorpius had climbed into it and snuggled against it. He seemed to like it.

Draco said, "He really is our son. Sorry, I guess it's not yours or mine anymore."

"It's all right. I had it for two years after you left," said Astoria.

"My chair," said Scorpius, further staking his claim.

It was then that someone came for them. "Hello Astoria Greengrass," piped up a voice. It was Professor Filius Flitwick, head of Ravenclaw.

"Professor Flitwick, it's wonderful to see you," said Astoria with a smile that lit up the room.

"Thank you for sending me your latest album. I've been playing it all the time," said the professor.

"You know my husband, Draco Malfoy," said Astoria. "And our son, Scorpius." Scorpius jumped off the chair and ran forward. Draco tried to smooth down the back of his hair.

"You're short!" exclaimed Scorpius.

"Scorpius," said Draco as he shook his head.

The professor laughed instead. "You are an observant child." Scorpius giggled. "Well, this way, Mr. Malfoy. Astoria."

Draco noticed that people had a tendency to do that a lot. His wife was wonderful and everyone knew it. To most people he was the devil incarnate and his wife was the poor angel who was forced into marrying him. People regarded him with a formality because they were cold towards him, unfriendly even. It didn't bother him as much as it used to. Scorpius ran up ahead as Astoria took Draco's hand.

Scorpius made faces at the paintings as he walked by them. The professor was quite amused by this and answered Scorpius' many questions. Draco and Astoria were walking quietly, holding hands. Draco from time to time looked as if he wasn't quite there. He was far away. He was back to his last two years as a school boy. Astoria knew that it would be hard for him to come back to the school after all this time. She was his anchor, keeping him in the moment.

They came to the entrance of the Headmistress' office. They climbed onto the moving steps and it was then that they ended up at the entered the office. The professor bid them a good day and left. The headmistress was at her desk. Draco looked around, seeing the portraits on the wall. There was one of Professor Severus Snape, which struck Draco as odd.

Draco had been in the office when Snape was Headmaster. He hated every second of it. He had accused Snape of being a murderer to his face and he was afraid of it. The Headmistress brought him back to the moment, when she spoke, "Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy. You must be Scorpius."

"Hello Professor McGonagall," said Astoria. They took their seats. There were three chairs in front of the desk. Draco and Astoria sat on the sides, while Scorpius took the middle chair. His legs were dangling over the edge.

The Professor looked at the child and then at his parents. The child looked like his parents, but she could see that there was a spark of intelligence his eyes that his dad didn't have when he was her student. The child was handsome like his parents.

"Thank you for having us here," said Astoria politely.

"I should be thanking you, Astoria, for taking time off your busy schedules to be here," said Professor McGonagall. She looked to Draco, who hadn't said a word since he came in.

Scorpius had gotten bored and was looking around. He started to kick the desk in front of him. His parents came down on his knees at the same time. "I think that we maybe wasting your time, Professor McGonagall," said Draco quietly. "I don't know if our son will be attending Hogwarts when the time comes."

"I can understand," said the Headmistress. "Your reluctance, but Draco, your family has been part of the school since its inception. Even your ancestor served as Headmaster."

Draco could feel the eyes of Headmaster Black upon him. "I have long decided that some traditions are best left in the past, Headmistress," he said.

Scorpius wasn't paying any attention. His dad could be so serious. He pulled his arms into his shirt and pulled his head in to do what his mum called "the turtle." Astoria said, "Scorpius, please stop that." He shook his head from under the shirt.

The Headmistress almost smiled as she said, "Scorpius, why don't you go to that table over there and play. We have some toys and some crayons with paper."

Scorpius' head popped up. "Yes," he said as he jumped off the chair and ran for the table.

"Don't climb anything," called Draco after him as he moved to the middle chair to be next to his wife. "Now back to what I was saying, I don't know if Scorpius is a good fit for this school. He's…well….I'm not sure if I have the right word to describe him. He's—Tori, what's a word to describe a child that is both annoying and brilliant at the same time? She's a Ravenclaw. A walking thesaurus."

"Precocious," provided Astoria as she laced her fingers with Draco's.

"Ah, that's the word," agreed Draco. "He's precocious. Sometimes very precocious. Sometimes overly precocious. Then, he can be maddeningly precocious."

Scorpius had abandoned the crayons and paper. He looked up at the shelf. There was something on it that he saw. It was an old wizard's hat. Scorpius wanted to try it on. He decided that he could easily scale it. He had been able to get out of his cot when he was about two years old, much to the exasperation of his parents. Scorpius started to climb the shelf.

Professor McGonagall was about to say something. But she saw something that made both Draco and Astoria turn at the same time. "Scorpius! What did I just say?" demanded Draco unable to keep the anger out of his voice. Scorpius had managed to climb over one shelf. "Come here!"

Scorpius jumped off the shelf and ran up to his dad. Draco looked mad, but instead he let go of his wife's hand. "Come here and sit down. This might be the only way to keep you out of trouble," said Draco as he gathered Scorpius into his lap. Draco attempted once again to smooth that lock of hair.

"This school has seen its share of trouble makers," said the Professor. "I think that Scorpius would do well here. Has he shown some magic?"

"Yes," said his parents in unison. Astoria elaborated, "There have been a few incidents of accidental magic. We're trying to curb it as much as possible."

"No magic!" exclaimed Scorpius. He had heard it so many times.

Draco looked wearily at the Headmistress, who looked even more amused. Scorpius sucked his thumb at this point, which his father put a stop to. He kissed the back of his son's head. Scorpius curled up more against him.

"Do you know how much he's costing me in accidental magic?" asked Draco. "He's already worked his way through pocket money we haven't even started doling out yet. He'll be lucky if he gets any for Hogsmeade, if he goes here."

Scorpius didn't like it when he was being ignored, even if they were talking about him. The adults went back to boring talk that he paid no mind to. He couldn't move with his dad holding him. He started to look around more, but focused on the Headmistress'. They were nearly done when he chimed in, "I have a question."

"Yes?" asked the Headmistress, looking at him over her glasses.

"How old are you?" asked Scorpius curiously. "You look older than my grandfather and he's old."

Astoria gasped out of mortification as Draco dipped his head down to conceal his smile and he snorted. He could barely contain his laughter. "Scorpius, you do not ask a woman her age," snapped Astoria.

"But people ask me how old I am all the time," said Scorpius.

"That's different," said Astoria.

"I think this meeting is over," said Draco, recovering slightly. He got up, still holding Scorpius in his arms.

"You are a very spirited child, Scorpius Malfoy," said the Headmistress as she really smiled.

"Spirited?" said Draco. "Thank you for putting it so kindly, Headmistress."

"Thanks for having me," said Scorpius with a smile just like his mother's. She was still trying to pull herself together.

"I'm so sorry," Astoria muttered. "That was very rude, Professor. I'm so very sorry."

"It's quite all right," said the Headmistress. "Have a good day and feel free to explore the rest of the school."

As they walked out, Scorpius cried out as his dad carried him pass the bookshelf, "I wanna try the hat!"

"No," said Draco stiffly. "Absolutely not."

As soon as they left, Draco put Scorpius down, who had started squirming. He happily skipped in front of them. "That went better than I expected," remarked Draco.

"That was horrible," said Astoria. "And you sitting there snickering only encourages such behavior."

"It could have been a lot worse," insisted Draco. "Scorpius, stay where we can see you."

"For once I would like to go out as a family without having to apologize for something," said Astoria.

"Tori, we used to do that. But it was before he learned how to talk and move about," said Draco. He put his arm around her waist. "It's okay. You're taking this too seriously."

Scorpius came back to them. "Daddy, I have to go potty," he announced, tugging on Draco's pant leg.

"I could take you," said Astoria.

Scorpius pouted as he shook his head, saying, "No, I want to go to the Daddy WC. The one that the Daddies use."

Draco shrugged as he released his wife and said, "Come on."

"I could drop by and see Professor Flitwick before we go," said Astoria. "Try not to take too long, all right?"

"Yes, Mummy," said Scorpius.

Draco took Scorpius to the nearest toilet. They were finishing up and had gotten out just as another father and son were coming in for their interview. "Mummy, will meet us here before we go see Professor McGonagall," said the father to his son. "She has to wrap up something at work."

Draco's body tensed at the sound of the voice. He knew who it was. He'd know that voice anywhere. The man stopped as well when he saw him. They looked each other in the eye. The little boy who was with him looked just like him as much as Scorpius looked like Draco. "Potter," said Draco.

"Malfoy," said Harry Potter after a moment.

Scorpius on the other hand, didn't sense any tension. His eyes lit up when he saw the other little boy who was his age. "Hi!" he greeted enthusiastically.

The little boy didn't make a sound. Instead, he retreated behind his father's leg. He had a toy dragon his hands. A Hungarian Horntail. He let the dragon's head peek out at Scorpius. "Sorry, he's a bit shy," explained Harry.

Scorpius gave Harry a winning smile. Harry was unable to resist, like most people, and returned with a smile. "It's okay, Al," he said as he patted his son's black locks. Draco could see a pair of green eyes peeking out.

"It's all right," said Draco. "He's overly friendly." He stepped forward to put a hand on Scorpius.

Scorpius gingerly stepped forward towards the Potter child. He thought it was some sort of game. "You have a toy dragon? I don't really like dragons. They're scary," said Scorpius. "I got one for my birthday, but we didn't take it home. It was too big."

The other little boy stuck out his toy dragon a bit more. He peeked around just enough to see Scorpius just a few feet away from him. Then Scorpius' eyes lit up again. He turned and said to his dad, "You said toys weren't allowed at school."

"Um…I said that? I did say that, didn't I?" said Draco carefully. It was already too late.

Scorpius' eyes grew wider than they already were. "You fibbed! You fibbed!" he exclaimed. "You made me leave Nigel at home all alone! You fibber!"

"Oh God," muttered Draco as he raked his fingers through his hair.

Harry and his son looked on with confusion as Scorpius' started crying. Meanwhile, Ginny Potter had just arrived and had run into Astoria as she came out after saying goodbye to Professor Flitwick. "Astoria Greengrass?" asked Ginny, who was a year above Astoria when they were in school.

"Ginny Potter?" returned Astoria. "It's good to see you. You are looking good."

"Loads of exercise, chasing three kids around," said Ginny. "You just had your interview. How did it go?"

"It went all right," said Astoria. "So, which child are you here for?"

"Albus," replied Ginny.

They came upon the scene just as Scorpius started in on his dad. They both glanced at each other and their jaws dropped. Both women assumed something was happening between their husbands and raced forward to them. "Draco!" called Astoria.

"Harry!" called Ginny.

"This is going to be just like at the park, isn't it?" said Draco as his face turned red. Scorpius was sobbing incoherently.

"What is going on?" asked Astoria as she joined Draco who was crouching down on the ground, attempting to calm Scorpius.

"Daddy is a fibber!" declared Scorpius tearfully. "He made me leave Nigel at home. That boy has his toy."

Astoria put her arms around Scorpius and cradled him. "Hush now, Sweetheart," she said softly as she kissed him. She gave her husband a meaningful look. "Let's get home, so we can see Nigel."

"I'm sure he's fine," said Draco. Scorpius gave him a full on pout that made his dad avert his gaze. "Let's go now. Please." He was gesturing with his hands as Astoria took Scorpius' hand and started to lead him away. "I swear it's like he hears only every other word I say."

Astoria said to him, "No, I think he hears every word you say, but he only listens to every other word."

Albus came out from behind his dad's leg and waved, exclaiming, "Bye!" Scorpius turned around and waved back, "Bye!"

Draco rolled his eyes to the ceiling at that point, sending up a silent prayer. Astoria gave him a smug look and whispered to him, "This is what you get for not backing me up with the Headmistress." Scorpius trotted ahead of them.

Harry wore a grimace as he looked at his son, then at Scorpius. He shook his head as Ginny elbowed him with a meaningful look. "You said he needed to make friends outside of the family, Harry," she reminded him sweetly. Harry sighed.

After lunch, the Malfoys went home. Scorpius made a beeline for Nigel on the sofa and cuddled. "I missed you," he cried. Draco sank into the armchair. He was exhausted as Scorpius proceeded to twirl around with Nigel. Astoria sat down on the sofa as she looked at him. "I know why you didn't want Scorpius to try the Sorting Hat," she said.

Draco raised his eyebrow at her. "Whatever do you mean, my love?" he drawled.

"Don't you talk to me like that," said Astoria. "You didn't want him to try the hat on because you didn't want confirmation of what everyone is thinking just by looking at him."

Draco licked his lips. Then he said, "I don't see it."

Astoria stared at her husband for a moment, then looked at her son, and then back at her husband. "Draco, I really didn't want to be the one to break it to you, but I don't think Scorpius is really Slytherin material," she told him.

"Of course not, he's entirely too cheerful," said Draco.

"Oh, you have noticed," said Astoria. She then went on, "And as much as it breaks my heart, I don't think he's Ravenclaw material either."

Draco nodded, "He can't sit still. It's a perquisite for you lot, isn't it?"

Astoria let that one go, and said, "I don't think he'd be a good Hufflepuff either."

"Are you joking?" asked Draco with a laugh. "He'd eat them alive."

"You do realize that leaves just one house, Draco?" pointed out Astoria.

Draco gave her a pained expression as Scorpius stopped twirling to join his mother on the sofa. "Please don't say it," he pleaded. "I've been in denial for a while now, and I would just like to stay there a while longer."

Scorpius announced, "I'm tried. I'm going to nap now." He got up and ran for the stairs. He stopped at the bottom. "Daddy, please read me a story."

"All right. Go and get ready, and I'll be up there," said Draco. Scorpius ran up stairs. Draco eventually stood up. "Astoria, on second thought, I like the school too much to inflict Scorpius upon it. He may take it down from the bottom up." He paused at the stairs. "And you are not to make any play dates with any spawn of Potter's."

Astoria said, "It's not like you're here all the time to stop it." Draco glared at her. She laughed.

Author's Note: The daddies aren't thrilled at the prospect at least at this point. I thought that Scorpius would be spirited child, but things happen that change him drastically. Of course, this chapter couldn't have been complete with a cameo by the Potters. This short story has been ready for a while. It was just something that had to be done. Currently, the main story is still on going and I was distracted by Mockingjay.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. Him and all of the original characters belong to J.K. Rowling. Please use this story with my permission.