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Bella –

"BELLA SWAN! GET YOUR ARSE DOWN HERE NOW OR YOU'RE GONNA BE LATE!" my father Charlie called up the stairs.

I sighed putting my latest book Romeo & Juliet on the bedside table and trailed downstairs. As I sat down at the table I looked at each member of the family and -not for the first time– marvelled at the differences between us.

To my right was my father. He was a man not to be messed with. He was one of the most feared men in Forks. He was basically a gangster. He owned a couple of clubs in Seattle and he dealt drugs from there, he also owned a brothel he was a loan shark, he provided protection for people who needed some muscle, I even overheard him talking about getting into people trafficking the other day … the list was endless You name it he did it (or he got one of my brothers to do it for him) As his only daughter plus the youngest in the family I was expected to be shielded from that type of stuff but it was pretty hard trying to ignore the screams coming up from the basement when you're trying to watch Desperate Housewives. He had black greying hair, a moustache and his face was scarred. I suppose he would be quite handsome without the scars and the evil glint in his eye.

Next were my three brothers, Mickey, Shane and Jamie. Jamie was 25 and the eldest of us all. He was my father's right hand man when it came to the main jobs that needed doing. He was very quick witted and smart, the golden boy of the family. He was extremely over-protective of me. He didn't live with us but he was always here. Jamie lived around the corner with his fiancée Kristen and their 6 month old baby girl Jordanna. I remember when Jordanna was first born and my parents where upset that their first grandchild was a girl.

Mickey was the youngest boy at aged 20. He was the calm, logical one in the family and wasn't really violent unlike Shane. He didn't really like working for my dad but he couldn't afford to miss out on the perks. He went to college in Seattle which my dad paid for, he lived rent free at home and also got $500 a week only for working a few hours a day for my dad. I secretly knew though he was planning on moving away as soon as his course was finished.

The final brother at the table was Shane. He was 21 and I could best describe him as a scrawny baboon. He was very very stupid and had an obsession with violence. He would hit first and ask questions later. He had shoulder length scruffy hair and thanks to his uncontrollable thirst for violence he also had a fake eye. Although I didn't hate Shane we weren't friends. We were complete opposites.

I also had three other brothers Adam who was 24, Andy who was 22 and Brandon who was 23 but they were all in prison and not due out anytime soon. So I was the youngest of 7 and the only girl. I was brought up to be rough even by my mother who was the last person on the table.

My mother Renee. On a first glance she looks perfectly normal. She has blonde hair and piercing green eyes and she is eating her cereal while reading OK magazine. She's wearing a casual black sweater, jeans and designer heels. Her make-up is done perfectly. But on closer look you will see she is just like the rest of my family. Her arms and back are covered in tattoos and she has a scar on her arm from an old stab wound. My mum has had fights with men twice her size and won and if anyone touched any of her kids they would not live to tell the tale. Feisty, Mouthy and loyal are the best words to describe her. However she recently was stopped from dealing drugs by my dad because she was letting them off on their payments and getting too friendly with the clients. I was happy when that happened because that was actually something that I would probably do in her position and it was something I had (Finally!) found that we had in common.

And then there was me. I was 17 years old, a junior at forks high school and I was completely different than all of my family. I had no interest in getting involved in my dad's illegal activities. I liked sitting down with a good book rather than going out partying. I loved soft classical music rather than the fast paced stuff my family listened too. I was friendly unlike my family and I wanted to go to college as soon as possible to study to become a doctor. Don't get me wrong I loved my family but I just hated what they did and I felt like an outsider in the family because of it. I never accepted a penny of my parents instead I worked hard at the local sports store to earn my money and drove a rusty old red Chevy truck rather than a Porsche or a Mercedes like my brothers.

I set off to school in my truck but halfway there it gurgled, spluttered. I just about managed to park it at the side of the road before it died. I groaned. It was raining, I was going to be late for school and I was going to have to ask my family for money to get the truck repaired. After a few unsuccessful tries of bringing it back to life I gave up and got out ready to walk the remaining miles to the school. After a few minutes I turned around and saw a silver Volvo drive towards me. I groaned again. Not the Cullen's. Not today. Fate was really punishing me today. The car drove right past me but not before deliberately splashing me with a muddy puddle. Eurgh the Cullen's were the snobbiest kids in school and they thought they were better than everyone else. There family and our family have a big history and they have always hated each other. Dad refused to tell me why I was supposed to hate them and I was fully prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt but they started calling my family vermin before I said anything to them. On the first day I got into a fight with both Rosalie and Alice. They came in the next day with black eyes and broken noses. (I was brought up with 6 older brothers so I knew how to defend myself) and since then we have just hated each other.

Finally an hour later I arrived at school freezing cold, soaking wet through, covered in mud and in a bad mood. I signed myself in late at the office and trudged through the corriders. I saw Edward Cullen at the end of the corrider walking down with his back turned to me

"Oi!" I shouted to him he turned around and when he saw me he grinned

"What happened to you Swan?" he mocked grinning smugly "you look like a car just came up and splashed you"

"Don't you dare push me Cullen, not today!" I snarled taking a step towards him. He did the same.

"Or what?" he sneered. All traces of laughter now gone from his face

"You don't want to know" I warned losing my temper. He laughed and I lost it "YOU ARE A SPITEFUL ARROGANT POMPOUS GIT CULLEN WHO THINKS THAT BECAUSE HE'S GOT MONEY HE RULES THE WHOLE DAMN SCHOOL! AND YOU JUST DON'T LIKE ME BECAUSE I DON'T BOW DOWN AT YOUR FEET AND WORSHIP YOUR SLIMY ARSE" I shouted taking another step towards him so we were toe to toe now


"YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME! YOU JUST THINK YOU DO COS IN YOUR MIND YOUR SO PER-" I began to shout back but we were interrupted by Mr Banner our science teacher who had came out of a classroom down the corridor and was now making our way with a frown on his face

"Bella Swan, Edward Cullen what on earth is going on? You two are disrupting my class. The one that you Miss Swan are supposed to be in"

"I'm sorry sir it's just my c-" I began to explain but he cut me off

"I don't want to hear it" he said "This is the third time this week I have interrupted you two arguing. Now I know that in a school there are bound to be arguments and people falling out and so forth as there are so many people here but you two are at each others throats every five minutes and I am sick to death of hearing it. You have both got detention tomorrow night and it is compulsory" he said. We both began to protest at once but he cut us off again "I don't want to hear it" he repeated "you both will be serving detention tomorrow whether you like it or not" he said the tone of his voice told me I shouldn't push it.

"This is all your fault" I hissed to him.

He turned around "my fault? You were the on who practically jumped me in the hall. You crazy psycho" he hissed back

"ENOUGH" Mr Banner shouted. "Bella go into my class and Edward you go to yours. I turned to walk down the corridor with Mr Banner but not before I could get a sneaky dig in Edward's ribs. I grinned and whistled cheerfully down the hall where I could hear him cursing me down the hall.

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