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Chapter 6 – Bella POV

For the next few days things went quiet between me and Edward. I didn't want to make things any worse between him and his family and I was still in the doghouse with my own family so as far as anyone knew Edward and I were still mortal enemies. We passed each other in the hall a few times but a half-second glance was all that was exchanged. During class I kept my eyes diligently on our work despite secretly longing to reach out and touch his hand. 'stop it!' I told myself. No good would ever come out of a relationship with me and Edward and that was even if he wanted me anyway! He could get any girl in the entire school and thanks to my damsel in distress theatrics he probably just thought of me as some poor helpless girl who needed his help. So I would concentrate back on my work and try to ignore him sitting next to me as he was with me.

That all changed however late one night, I was lying in bed when my phone bleeped loudly indicating I had received a text from him.

So you've been avoiding me?

I frowned and typed back

No, of course not! Just things are a bit weird with both of our families at the moment. If they knew we were even texting, I'd be dead!

I waited for what seemed like hours until my phone bleeped again

Who says they have to know? Besides you owe me a date!

My heart was beating wildly in my chest. I had to compose my thoughts for a few moments before I could reply

So you're saying we could be friends in secret?

I tried to calm myself down. He probably didn't mean a date date. Just two friends meeting up. The word friend burned on my tongue like acid. I thumped my pillow angrily Edward Cullen was turning me into a giggling teenage girl and I hated it. Finally he replied

Yes, friends of course, remember Mr Banners sanity relies on it lol :) We wouldn't be able to speak in school but we could still hang out in secret and text.

I read the text breathing deeply. Keeping it light-hearted was making it easy for me.

Yeah it'll be good talking to someone not obsessed with the colour pink :)

I wrote the text thinking of my best friend Angela, she was a fantastic friend and person but we were like chalk and cheese.

Hey! Don't diss my favourite colour. Pink is ALL the rage this season.

It was about this time I began to relax and we fell into an easy banter. We spent half the night texting. We spoke about our friends, school and our ambitions in life. He told me he wanted to be a doctor and help people. I said I didn't know what I wanted to do yet but I wanted to travel the world. We stayed away from the touchy subjects, our families and pasts were out of bounds.

The next day I arrived at school tired but happy. I was never a morning person so Angela frowned at me when I smiled at her.

"Okay spill!" She demanded as I walked up to her

"What?" I asked distractedly as Rosalie brushed past me throwing a dirty look my way

"Who are you in love with?" She said matter of factly

"What are you going on about? Have you been reading those teeny bopper magazine star charts again? I told you not to waste your money on them!" I rolled my eyes

"No, actually I haven't" she replied stung "I have known you ten years Bella Swan and never have you had a smile before midday. You need at least two coffees to function AND that is a crazy in love smile. I would know one anywhere"

"Angela, I am not in love!" I laughed at my crazy friend bouncing around on her feet excitedly

"You so are!" She grinned. I rolled my eyes again beginning to walk towards the school trying to avoid her questioning. Was I in love with Edward Cullen? It was just over a month ago I hated the guy. I knew I had a crush on him but the guy was handsome, caring, funny and had helped me out loads of times! Who wouldn't have a crush on a guy like that?

I arrived at my locker and was brought out of my thoughts by seeing the familiar tousled brown hair walking a few feet in front of me. He stopped at the locker of one of his friends clearly waiting for him. As I opened my locker he shot me a dirty look and I stood back in surprise, It was his usual face of hatred that he had before we had become friends. We had just spent the night texting, Was he angry at me? Trying to figure out his motives I grabbed my stuff out of locker on autopilot and began to make my way down the hall not listening to Angela who was still chattering on next to me. Suddenly he winked at me and I suddenly realised, he was playing the game! 'Stupid!' I scolded myself. We had both made a pact the night before to keep our friendship a secret. I had totally forgotten!

"Bella are you even listening?" Angela tapped me on my shoulder

"Sorry Angela, what?" I apologized keeping my eyes on her as we walked past him

"I was saying that I've read this article and it says that pink is ALL the rage this season" She announced happily. I nodded stiffly trying my hardest to keep my face straight determined not to look at Edward who was laughing behind us having heard.

"What's his problem?" Angela frowned back at Edward who was still chuckling loudly. I coughed, trying to cover my own laughing.

Later that day I headed into class distractedly searching my bag for my homework, Flustered I sat down at the table grumbling loudly and threw my bad on the floor.

"Err Hello" I turned around to see Mike Newton sitting in the chair next me

"What are you doing?" I asked loudly frowning. A few people at the surrounding tables turned around.

"I'm supposed to sit here now, Mrs Norman said so" Mike shrugged turning around. Right on cue she came bustling through the door. I stood up and walked straight to her desk.

"Er Mrs Norman, is Mike Newton supposed to be sitting next to me?" I asked. She sighed

"Well, these past few weeks you've done so well without Edwards help that you really don't need him anymore. You're very advanced and as Mike's a bit behind I felt you could help him along a little"

"Do I have too?" I groaned not very kindly, I heard some snickers from the other side of the classroom. Mrs Norman's face hardened

"Yes you do Miss Swan!" She said harshly. "I needn't remind you that you have been kicked out from every other Junior science class this year and if I see fit I will have no problem banning you from this one as well! And as you'll be graduating next year that could cause some problems! Now kindly go and sit down in your assigned seat please and let me begin this class!"

Silently fuming, I sat down and moved my chair as far away from Mike as possible. After drunkenly kissing him at a party last year, he had gotten it into his head that I wanted to be with him and had been relentlessly pursuing me ever since. I was also angry that she had moved Edward. I barely got to see him outside of this class and as he was no longer my partner we had less of an excuse to hang out together now.

"So what does this word mean?" Mike asked pointing to the textbook, without even checking I rolled my eyes and turned around. I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket and checked it

Boo! I looked across the room at Edward who had his phone underneath the desk. I smiled and my phone buzzed again.

So finally the incredible sulk smiles!

I am NOT a sulker! I just know what I want I texted back enjoying the banter

Oh? And what is it you want? My heart was thumping loudly in my chest as I read his text. Him was of course the obvious answer but I decided to kept it light-hearted

Not to have to carry spotty dorks through the semester

Awww poor Mike, he's not going to have it easy with you this year is he?

And what do you mean by that? I replied in fake-shock

Well just saying…your people skills could do with a bit of tuning! I looked up at Edward who was writing notes but still had his phone underneath his desk, He looked up and winked at me, I stuck my finger up at him

"ISABELLA SWAN!" Mrs Norman shouted, I looked over "You are really testing my patience today! If you are going to act like a petulant child then I will treat you like one. Detention tomorrow night!" I nodded trying to seem scolded and she seemed to calm down

"Now kindly sit down and let me continue teaching" She continued talking to the class and my phone went again

That was seriously the funniest thing I've seen in ages! I looked over to Edward again and he was silently laughing while looking at his phone.

Get lost asshole, It's your fault I've gotten detention anyway!

Well then let me make it up to you and take you out on that date then! I read his text and nervously replied back

Ok, go on then

Saturday, 1pm. I'll pick you up at the end of your street so your family don't see. Don't worry it's in Seattle so we won't bump into anyone! I frowned, Seattle?

Where are we going? I texted him curious

It's a surprise! I frowned, I didn't like surprises

Better be good, Cullen!

Despite feigning nonchalance I was incredibly nervous, normally I'd phone Angela to get help and advice but as she still thought I hated Edward I was on my own and so I found myself in my bedroom surrounded by my entire wardrobe scattered all over the floor on Saturday morning panicking. Edward was due to pick me up in less than two hours and I had no idea on what to wear, my hair seemed to have taken on a life of it's own and overnight I had gained a large spot on the edge of my chin. I was on the verge of faking being ill and cancelling the date when my mum knocked on my bedroom door.

"Bella, are you in?" She opened the door and stopped surveying the mess "What's going on here then?"

"I've got a date in less than two hours and nothing to wear" I declared throwing myself on my bed

"You've got a date, Who with?" She asked shocked.

"Nobody important and why is that so shocking?" I sat up and raised my eyebrows offended

"Well sweetheart you're seventeen now and you've never brought a boy home! I was beginning to think you'd be coming out to us soon" She shrugged

"Mum, A. I'm not gay, B. Would you bring a boy home to dad and Jamie? And C. It doesn't matter anymore because I'm cancelling"

"Oh no you're not! Missy!" She frowned walking over to me and sitting on the bed next to me

"Do you like this guy?" She said softly putting one hand on my shoulder. I nodded shyly

"Then, you're going. Life is too short to be scared sweetheart. You need to follow your heart. Go to this guy and tell him how you feel"

"and what if he doesn't feel the same way?" I asked, voicing my fears for the first time out loud

"Well then that will be his loss! And well at least you'd know! Save all this time wondering!" She nudged me affectionately. I looked up at my mom and wondered not for the first time how someone who was so caring and loving towards me could let her own husband and sons cause so much pain and suffering and even take part in it herself occasionally.

"But I don't have anything to wear!"

"Oh well that's easily solved!" She smiled "Come with me, by the time I'm done with you, he'll be head over heels!" She declared

An hour and a half later I looked at myself in the mirror happily. She had curled my out of control hair and tamed it with some lotion that made it shine. I had minimal make-up on but as I rarely wore make-up anyway it was effective. She had covered my spot with concealer. I had dressed simply wearing flat shoes with a blue flowery shirt and skinny jeans that my mum said showed all my curves.

"Thank you, Mum!" I squealed hugging her tightly

"You're welcome sweetheart!" She laughed "Hey maybe sometime soon, I can meet this mystery guy" she asked. My stomach flipped and I stepped away

"Oh..I dunno…He's very busy!" I mumbled looking at my feet suddenly realising that the guy I was going on a date with was Edward fricking Cullen and that my family would never in a million years accept him

And that broke my heart.

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