Ch 1

"Isabella, wake up already!"

I heard my brother Jasper banging on my door. If I ignore him long enough he will go away.

"Isabella come on you swore you'd help me clean up and shit for tonight!"

I opened my eyes and thought about it. I was hung-over, I didn't want to even move, but I did promise I'd help him with his friend's welcome home party. Some guy he went to school with named Emmett had joined the marines when they graduated. I never knew any of his high school friends because I lived with my dad in New Jersey most of high school. As soon as I graduated, I moved back out here with my brother. If I would have know he would be so over protective of me I would have probably stayed out there.

"I'm up Jasper ok. I'm up!" I yelled at him, sitting up on my bed.

"Finally, it's already 2:30 and people are going to start coming at 4:30 for the BBQ."

I didn't say anything back; I just went into my bathroom and shut the door. After my shower I went downstairs and started cleaning. Jasper came in from outside and got a bottle of water.

"So, who all is coming tonight?" I asked him, wiping down the kitchen counter.

"Mostly just some old friends," Jasper said smiling to himself. "Well they're more than old friends. We were all really close. You know after Mom died and you had to live with your dad they sort of became my family. My dad was too busy with his new family to even notice me. Alice and Edward's mom and dad kind of adopted me and Emmett."

I don't think I had ever seen Jasper so excited to see anyone like this before.

"So you guys all hung out a lot? What happened?" I asked him, taking the water from him and taking a drink.

"Well, Alice moved to L.A. for some fashion school then to New York for a job. Then Edward went to college in England. I was going to join the Marines with Emmett, but changed my mind last minute. I guess we all just grew apart. We all called each other and I wrote to Emmett, but that's about it."

"You were going to go to the Marines?" I kind of laughed. I could totally picture Jasper as a Marine. He used to play war in our backyard. I remember because he used to hold me captive.

"Yea I was. Why is that funny, punk?" Jasper playfully punched me.

"Why didn't you go?"

He looked at me for a minute then answered.

"Remember the night you called me crying because you missed Mom, and how you said when you turned 18 you wanted to come home?"

I stared at him as he explained to me his decision.

"That night, Emmett was at my house and we started to talk. We decided my baby sister needed me more then my country did."

I was dumb founded. That was six years ago. I never knew Jasper gave up something that big for me. If he was ever destined for anything, it was the military.

"Jazz I had no idea," I couldn't even speak I was in such shock.

"That was the point, Bells. I knew if I told you, you wouldn't come home and the truth is, I was only going 'cause I didn't want to be alone. It's all good; don't sweat it. I have a great life here."

He gave me a big hug. "Come on loser girl, we've still got a lot to do," he said, grabbing my hand and dragging me to the living room.

"Finally, we're done. Can I go get ready now?" I asked Jasper, throwing my gloves away.

"Yeah, I'm gonna jump in the shower too. They should be showing up soon so try your hardest not to take 3 hours to get ready!"

I flipped him off and ran up the stairs. I was about done getting ready when I heard the doorbell ring. I looked in the mirror and went downstairs. There was a small pixie-like girl jumping up and down on Jasper and a tall guy with bronze hair and green eyes standing behind her laughing. I stood on the last step watching them. Jasper turned towards me.

"Hey guys, this is my sister Isabella. Isabella this is Alice and her brother Edward." I went to shake Alice's hand when she pulled me in for a hug. For someone so small she had a strong hard grip.

"Oh Isabella, Jasper used to talk about you all the time," she said in my ear, squeezing me. I laughed and hugged her back. Jasper didn't really talk too much about them. I remember hearing their names from time to time, but that's it.

"It's nice to finally meet you guys too. You can call me Bella."

She let go of me so I could shake Edward's hand.

"Hello Bella. It's nice to meet you."

Edward's voice was very smooth and velvety. I bet he got girls left and right.

"So Jazz, where is Emmett at?" Edward asked Jasper walking into the living room.

"Fuck, I don't know. Who knows with him? Wanna help me with the grill real quick?" Jasper slid open the backyard glass door. Edward followed.

"So Bella, Jasper tells me you can sing." she said following me into the kitchen. I started to cut up lettuce.

"Yea I like to sing. I'm not too serious about it though. It's just a hobby." I looked at her and smiled. 

"Yea he told me you sing at his club like twice a week."

I laughed. Jasper told everyone I sang there. It took him almost two years to get me to sing at his club. And once I did, people started to ask for me so I started to sing there every week. I do it for business, people like live performances. I'm not as great as most people say but if it helps bring in the cash then so be it. 

"Yea, just for fun though." I got kind of shy. "You know he sings with me every now and then?"

I tried getting the spotlight off of me. 

"WHAT? REALLY?" Alice gasped out in shock. "He never told me that! I never knew he could even sing." 

"Well he does. He is really good too. You should come by sometime and watch."

Maybe I shouldn't have invited her. There was probably a reason he didn't tell her. We both looked over at the backyard because Jasper and Edward were both laughing really hard. I walked out and Jasper was holding his phone out—someone on speaker was freaking out.


Edward took the phone from Jasper. 
"Dude you're a marine. How are you lost on civilian land? Aren't you trained to not get lost?" Edward said, trying not to laugh. 

"FUCK YOU EDWARD! OK I'M GONNA CALM DOWN." He cleared his throat " Now I'm on Cook Street. Where do I go?"

I could tell it was taking a lot out of him to keep calm. I went back inside and finished getting everything ready. About five minutes later, someone walked in the house and yelled out: "DADDY'S HOME BITCHES!"

Jasper and everyone else were still in the backyard. I walked around the corner, "Whose daddy are you?" I asked, trying not to laugh.

His face dropped. "FUCK! Am I seriously in the wrong house? Fuck it you're a hottie anyway. What's your name? I'm fresh from Iraq, I'm single, and ready to have fun!"

I laughed nervously. He was definitely hot. His muscles looked like they wanted to rip through his shirt. Ok, maybe I wanted them to. You could tell by how he talked he was a marine.

"What's up Emmett?" Jasper and his friends ran in the house laughing. Emmett grabbed Alice first.

"I thought I walked into the wrong house. Is that your girl Jazz? She is fucking hot!"

I turned bright red and looked down.

"Fuck you man. That's Isabella, my sister!" Jasper said, annoyed.

"Ohh! Hey Isabella, I'm Emmett," he waved at me.

I smiled and waved back. Emmett was tall and all muscle. He had short black hair and the cutest dimples. I stood there in awe, taking in his face. I haven't been this attracted to a guy in a long time. They were all standing around him talking and catching up. I caught myself staring before anyone else did. Two more people walked up to the door—a tall man with blonde hair who looked really young. I have never seen him before. Then next to him was a shorter lady with brownish red hair. Her hair fell around her face and almost made it take the shape of a heart. She had a warm smile on her face.

Alice turned around a squealed, "MOM, DAD! I'm so glad you're here!" She hugged them both. Everyone took turns hugging. I went back into the kitchen trying to keep myself busy. Jasper came in the kitchen with the couple.

"Bella, this is Carlisle and Esme. They are Alice and Edwards parents." I shook their hands.

"It's nice to meet you," I said, feeling a little out of place.

"We're so glad to meet you Bella," Carlisle said after shaking my hand.

"Fuckin' SHIT I'M STARVING. IS THE FOOD DONE?" Emmett's voice echoed out. 

"Emmett, do you have to yell about everything dear?" Esme said to him.

"Sorry Esme. Bad habit." Emmett said sitting down.

"The food should be done soon." Jasper yelled from outside.

Everyone was sitting around talking, catching up. They were reminiscing about things they did together and the trouble they got into. I actually learned a lot about Jasper by listening to their stories. When everyone was done eating, Alice and Esme helped me clean up while the guys sat outside drinking.

"You guys should go outside and catch up. I can finish in here. It's almost done anyway," I said as sweetly as possible. The truth is I felt kind of awkward not knowing anything about them when they seemed to know everything about me. They insisted on finishing with me. I kept involved with the conversation, but I kept looking by the sliding doors to catch a peek at Emmett. For just meeting him I felt really drawn to him. Maybe it was just how he talked, or his carefree, easy-going personality, but he definitely made an interesting first impression.