"He was my pride, not that I'd ever tell him."

I am the father who's never hugged his son because he's afraid.

-Lucius Malfoy

"She's now something I cannot get used to."

I am the mother, who can't look at her daughter because she's ashamed.

-Molly Weasley

"I would not have to worry any longer over whether or not my father would accept the fact that I had a boyfriend, or loved a man."

I am the boy kick out of home, because I dared to love a man.

-Severus Snape

"Two women, holding hands and leaning in to kiss each other. I don't understand."

I am the little girl who looks disgusted to see two women holding hands.

-Lavender Brown

"If he couldn't accept who I am, why should I want to him to be in my life?"

I am the politician's son who cared more for love than fame.

-Barty Crouch Jr.

"He's just going to bring the guys home instead of the ladies."

I am the girl who can't look at her best friend the same.

-Hermione Granger

"I never even learned his daughter's names."

I am the uncle forbidden from his nieces, because his boyfriend wanted to meet them.

-Charlie Weasley

"And he didn't like it when he did find out."

I am the grandson taken from the will until I promise to never see him.

-Dean Thomas

"I'll always stand up for him, because that's what family does, of course."

I am the sister, who still stands by her brother, despite the discrimination and disgust.

-Ginny Weasley

"I never got around to telling my best friend I'm hopelessly in love with him."

I am the grandfather, raised with old fashion views, who's afraid to show his love.

-Albus Dumbledore

"I did not expect her to be so...unaccepting."

I am the mother, who's not allowed to see her children anymore.

-Rita Skeeter

"I cannot hope for love, who would love a stupid whore?"

I am the male prostitute, forced to walk the streets and labeled as a 'no-good whore'.

-Blaise Zabini

"I died. Alone. Because of a stupid law, that no one in their right mind would agree with."

I am the woman, who died alone in hospital because my partner was refused entry to my room.

-Nymphadora Tonks

"And now he's gone. They all are."

I am the man, star-gazing instead of sleeping, praying life gets better soon.

-Remus Lupin

"I love my dads. A whole lot. But...now I just don't know when I'll get to see them again..."

I am the foster child, taken from my parents because they were the same sex.

-Teddy Lupin

"I'm terrified; I thought the police were suppose to protect me from people who were frightening me."

I am the lesbian, brushed off by the cops because I'm being stalked by my ex.

-Cho Chang

"I've never been hit so hard in my life."

I am abused by my partner, but ignored by the law, because we are both women.

-Pansy Parkinson

"I'm not asking for the world's permission, so why do I have to wait for it?"

I am the man, outside the club, sitting by the curb, kicked out because I dance with men.

-Sirius Black

I am all around you, in your family, in your life.

I refuse to be silent, I demand my equal rights.