"A Holy Night"
by: Setsuna-X

Christmas is coming up and no matter how much Shido wants to fight it; he'll always spend that time of year with Cain.
Cain x Shido
Contains hints of boy x boy, rating may go up considering content.
A/N: This is to be a Two Shot. I meant to finish the story by Christmas, but failed to do so. Ending should be up at the latest by Sunday night.

The cold December air clung to the inside of the dark office. Shido sat on his chair, a hat covering his face while his feet were planted on top of his desk.

"It's freezing in here!" exclaimed Yayoi as she entered the detective office. "And dark," she added, flicking on the light switch on the wall. A groan was heard from Shido's general direction. "Don't tell me you're sleeping," sighed out Yayoi as Guni came out of Shido's hair.

"He's been like this for days already! Do something!" exclaimed the small fairy.

"And what exactly would you have me do?" questioned Yayoi as she went to the wall with the thermostat and cranked up the heat. Guni floated over to her as she took a seat on the couch.

"Guh awwway," mumbled Shido.

"What was that?" teased the long-haired beauty.

"I said, 'Go away'," repeated Shido as he took the hat off his face and placed his feet onto the floor as he rubbed his eyes.

"And why should I? This place is dark, cold, and dreary, and according to Guni you've been in this condition for several days now. Are you hungry?" sultrily added Yayoi as she unfurled her scarf.

Shido hummed in contemplation. "Why don't you remove your coat too?"

"Because it's still freezing in here. Anyway, where's Riho?"

"She went out to buy some coffee. Something about how the coffee maker became a frozen mess."

"And she leaves you like this? Honestly, Shido," sighed out Yayoi. "What's going on?"

"What makes you think anything is going on?" questioned Shido right back as he swiveled his chair and peeked through the blinds, looking into the city below.

"Need I repeat myself? Dark, cold, dreary room? There is obviously something bothering you. Is it the lack of Nightbreeds? Should I and N.O.S. be concerned?" worriedly asked Yayoi as she stared at Shido's back fiercely.

"No, nothing like that," whispered Shido. Yayoi was about to question the lavender-haired vampire further, but the door opened at that moment.

"Mr. Shiiiido!" exclaimed Riho as she bursted into the room in a flurry of snow, bags, and coffee. "Oh, and Ms. Yayoi too! What are you doing here?" said Riho as she placed the bags on the ground by the couch and placed the coffee on Shido's desk.

"Well, both you and Shido haven't fed in a while. I figured it was time to make an appearance. And what do you have there, Riho-darling?"

Riho finished removing her coat, gloves, and scarf and placed them on the empty couch across from Yayoi. "Here you go," said Riho as she handed Yayoi a small latte. She grabbed the bags and sat atop her coat. "Well, it's almost Christmas and the office looks so barren, I thought that getting a few decorations would liven up the place," continued on Riho as she unpacked the bag. There were some candy canes and bows and even a string of lights. "I know it's too late to get a Christmas tree, but I figured we could place the lights around the edge of the ceiling," explained Riho when Yayoi gave her a look after she pulled out the lights.

"Well Shido, aren't you going to help? Riho went and got the ornaments, it's your job to put them up."

Shido turned around slowly, his eyes sad and thoughtful.

"Mr. Shido!" exclaimed Riho upon seeing her Master's face. "What's wrong?" The young secretary got up from her seat and rushed over to Shido's side.

"What do you mean? Everything is fine."

"It doesn't look that way to me, Shido," cut in Yayoi.

"It's just this holiday, that's all." Shido rubbed his face with his palms and instead of the sad, dead look he was sporting before a small smile now adorned his face. "Alright, hand me those lights then," said the vampire as he extended his hand toward Riho.

Riho, still a bit confused over Shido's changing emotions and muttered reason about the season rushed over to where she left the heap of lights and brought them back to Shido.

"Riho, why don't you come over here and feed while Shido puts those lights up," Yayoi proposed, sensing the awkwardness of the situation.

"Uh, sure," replied Riho as she climbed onto the couch beside the long-haired N.O.S. agent.

Shido easily strung the lights around the office. Nails had been strategically placed around the room, as if the previous owner had strung up lights as he was doing now. He found an empty outlet and plugged in the lights. The lights were not the multitudes of color he expected, but ended up being a simple, enchanting white.

"So do you have any plans for Christmas, Shido?" asked Yayoi as soon as she caught her breath. The rush of having her blood sucked still hadn't faded.

"Huh?" responded Shido, his thoughts still on the glowing white lights.

"Riho told me that you two have not discussed your Christmas plans as of yet. Got anything special going on?" teased Yayoi.

Shido's eyes grew distant, his mind thinking about years past. Riho and Yayoi looked at each other worriedly. Shido had been acting strange for a while and neither of them had a clue as to why.

"I won't be here for Christmas," said Shido, his back to the occupants in the room, his eyes locked onto the strung lights.

"What do you mean, Shido?" questioned Guni as she sat on Riho's shoulder.

Riho knew that if her heart still beat, that it would be beating harshly at the moment. How could Mr. Shido not have told her this sooner? She was looking forward to the winter holidays for several days now, to spend time with the other vampire, and to be close to him. And now it turns out that Shido wasn't going to be around for Christmas at all! It hurt her to know that there was another place other than her side that the lavender-haired vampire would prefer to be. That he had already made those plans without talking to her at all about it. He should have known that she was looking forward to spending this time of year with him.

And it hurt.

Yayoi glanced at Riho, noticing how her head was bowed, her bangs covering her obviously teary eyes.

"I have somewhere I must be."

"Hmmm..now that I think about it, you always did disappear somewhere around Christmas time, Shido," commented Guni, placing her small finger on her chin in contemplation.

"Where are you going, Shido?" asked Yayoi, curiously. She also wanted Riho to hear his answer.

"Somewhere far from here, that is all you have to know," responded Shido as he turned to look at the company gathered at his office. "A word Yayoi, in the kitchen?"

Yayoi looked at Riho, but then got up and followed the male vampire.

"What is it, Shido? And how could you do that to poor Riho," she scolded.

"You know that she can hear you, right?" said Shido as he pointed to his ear. "Enhanced senses, remember?"

Yayoi blushed.

"So then, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Nothing really, just thought I should grab a bite to eat since you're about to leave," responded Shido as he sunk his fangs into Yayoi's uncovered throat. Warm blood flowed out of the wound and Shido lavished it up. After feeding he leaned toward her ear and whispered lowly, "take care of Riho during Christmas if you can. I'll probably leave on the 23rd and come back in a few days after Christmas."

Yayoi, face red and blushing, just nodded. Shido wiped the blood that had trickled down his chin and walked out of the kitchen first.

Riho was still sitting on the couch, Guni patting her cheek in pity.

"Riho, I'm sorry about not telling you about my plans. This is the first year I had to explain my actions for this holiday and it just escaped my mind to inform you. Forgive me?"

Riho knew that she couldn't stay mad at her Maker and Master, and so she forgave him with a tight smile, tears held stubbornly in her eyes.

Yayoi left soon afterward, wishing everyone a happy holiday season and invited Riho to stay over at her place if she liked while Shido was away. She agreed happily, not wanting to spend the time alone.