OK this is my first time doing a cross over so please bear with me here. The idead for this one came from a night of watching movies with the girls. Twilight and The Little Orphan Annie with a Pretty Woman twist I hope you all enjoy but a warning there probably won't be any lemons for a while but I do promise to have at least one.

If it weren't for the fact that this woman has raised me since I was eight I would choke her with her own fake pearls. My aunt Agatha Hannigan is one of the city's most successful escort service owners. She owns Lady Hannigan's which is where most of the upper class men come for a secret nights of fun. My name is Bella Swan and I have lived with my aunt for eleven years now and I know it is only a matter of time until I will need to leave. Luckily for me she refuses to have me work for her in the traditional sense.

Lady Hannigan, as I call her, has me do the cleaning around the private rooms and brothel. I do the laundry, which is disgusting; I clean the windows, floors, and walls on a daily basis. Lady Hannigan always claims she gives me special treatment but I believe it is the other way around. Being that I am blood family she feels obligated to keep me from the evil of the world, but in my opinion she is the evil she speaks of.

In the line of who is the most important around here I fall nearly last in line. It goes Lady Hannigan, all the girls, the book keeper, the cook, me and then the house cat, which I might add I am allergic to. Even though I am very grateful that I don't have to do the things the other girls do I wish I had some more freedom.

The only times I am allowed to leave the brothel are when I am grocery shopping or taking the cat to the vet. I am currently working on the windows in the girls' rooms while they get ready for the night. I wish I was brave enough to just leave this awful place but I have seen the people out on the streets and I am far better off here, even though I hate it here.

Just as I walk down the stairs I see an older woman in a red dress suit walk into the office to speak with Lady Hannigan. I ignored them until ten minutes later they came out and she yelled for all the girls to come join them in the hallway. "Ladies this is Grace Farrell the personal secretary of Edward Cullen. She is here to find him a suitable escort for a special event next week. Now if you would please line up and let her get a good look at you?"

The girls lined up and Miss Farrell looked at each one shooing away the ones she absolutely couldn't use. A few moments later the only ones left were Jessica, Lauren and Angela. I was trying my hardest to wait but I really needed to get the money for me to go grocery shopping.

"Excuse me Lady Hannigan, but I really need to get to the store if you want me to get back in time for cook to make dinner." I know I wasn't supposed to interrupt her when she was with a customer but this was necessary. "Just wait here Bella I will be right back with the money for the groceries."

She left me standing there with Miss Farrell. "Well Lady Hannigan I think any of…" She was staring right at me when her jaw literally dropped, "I must have missed you earlier." "Actually I don't work here; I mean I do just not in that way. I'm Lady Hannigan's niece I just do the cleaning around here." She immediately silenced me by walking away and disappearing into Lady Hannigan's office.

It took an hour before they came out to speak to me. "Isabella, Grace Farrell wants to ask you to join Mr. Cullen for two weeks. I of course have informed her that you are not one of my girls and that this is entirely up to you. And according to her it would be strictly just escorting nothing physical. Of course if you do this you will either have to continue and give me my cut or you can take all of the money and leave this place to be on your own. The choice is yours."

Either choice would change my life forever but a chance to get out of this hell whole wasn't something I could turn down easily. Looking out the window and seeing what I could possibly have helped me make my decision. "Aunt Agatha I think its time for me to start a new part of my life and this will give me the perfect opportunity to do just that."

Miss Farrell was smiling at my decision while Lady Hannigan gave me the evil eye, "Well go and get your belongings so that we can get going." Agatha stepped in front of my path blocking me there, "Everything of hers was bought by me so she has nothing of her own." I would be lying if I said that didn't hurt a little but she always was a bitch. "No matter I'm sure Mr. Cullen will need to buy more appropriate clothes for her anyway."

We walked out of the brothel not even looking back but I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the stretch limo waiting for us. "Come on we should get going Mr. Cullen will be home in nearly an hour and I would like to show you your room and let you get used to the house. I will send Cecille out to get you some suitable clothes while you get ready to meet Mr. Cullen."

I just nodded hoping I wasn't missing anything important as I looked in amazement at everything in the limo and everything around the city. I hadn't been to the better part of the city since I was little and it was quite a different place from where I was living. There were no people wearing crappy clothes asking for money and even the outsides of the buildings looked clean.

We came to a stop out side of a gate and Miss Farrell spoke to someone but I paid it no attention. Before I knew what was happening we pulled up to the biggest house I have ever seen. You would think that a hundred people lived here but as far as I knew Mr. Cullen, the billionaire, lived alone with the exception of his staff.

I wasn't even in the mansion for more than a minute before they were escorting me upstairs and into the bathroom and I was forced to take a shower. After fifteen minutes of enjoying the wonderful heated water and the expensive strawberry scented toiletries I got out only to find a black dress and a pair of black heels waiting for me.

It amazed me that they knew my sizes perfectly; someone had a really good eye. The dress went all the way to floor, before I put on the heals, it had a v-neck and short sleeves. The heels weren't too tall for me but they still made me nervous. As soon as I stepped out of the bathroom Miss Farrell was standing there waiting for me. "Isabella this is Mrs. Greer she will be helping you with your hair and make-up."

I spoke up before she could leave the room, "Please Miss Farrell call me Bella; I hate being called Isabella it makes me feel like I am in trouble." She smiled, "I will as long as you call me Grace." I nodded and then she left me alone with Mrs. Greer who dried and straightened my hair just in time for Grace to return letting us know Mr. Cullen was home.

We quickly headed down the hallway and down the grand staircase where Grace instructed me to wait until I was called for. The wait was nearly unbearable. I tried my hardest to not fidget but that was impossible. Grace walked by and nodded for me to go in without speaking a word.

I stepped into the dinning room and waited at the end of the table. He finally looked up at me and I felt like I was being auctioned off and he wanted to look me over before purchasing me. "Who are you?" The voice that I heard was so soft that it sounded like an angel but yet it held such authority that I felt like I had no choice but to answer him. "I'm Bella."

He stood from the gigantic dinning table and walked to me. He circled me looking me up and down and I stood there feeling even more like something he was about to purchase. Once he was in front he smiled and stuck his hand out to me, "Welcome to my home Bella." I shook his hand before he led me to the table and pulled a chair out for me to sit beside him.

Neither of us spoke until the food was placed in front of us. "Bella, my family is coming to town in two days for the holidays. You are here to play the part of my long time girlfriend. During the next two days we will learn as much about each other as possible. You will call me Edward and in return I will call you by your preferred name of Bella. You are a guest in my home so feel free to act as one. The only thing I ask is that you please avoid my office when I have meetings. This is strictly a platonic relationship even if we have to pretend other wise in front of my family and friends.

"In return for your services I will pay you five thousand dollars at the end of the two weeks. Grace will act as your personal assistant during this time and I also ask that you behave as a woman of the class you are going to be in. Grace will help you with this by giving you etiquette classes. Now if you agree to these terms lets please enjoy this meal."

I placed my napkin in my lap and reached for my fork before I placed my hands in my lap forgetting about the fork, "May I speak?" He waved his hand waiting for me to continue. "I know it may be hard to believe considering where Grace found me but I do know how to behave in high society. My family was once well off until my parents died in a car crash, so the etiquette classes will probably not be necessary."

When I finished speaking he snorted at me. In response I sat at the table eating with perfect manners and half way through dinner I corrected him, "Edward it's rude to have your elbows on the table while you are eating." Out of the corner of my eye I saw him roll his eyes at me but there was also a smirk that caught my eye as well.

The rest of the night was spent in silence after the table was cleared we separated to go to our separate rooms where I was told by Grace that I would be woken Drake who would bring me breakfast in bed. I slept like a rock and dreamed wonderful dreams that I hadn't dreamt of since I was a little kid when I thought I could be anything I wanted to be. The difference now was instead of dreaming about being a star on Broadway my dreams were surrounded by Edward Cullen and that smirk I saw on his face at dinner.

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