Everybody threw popcorn at Emmett's head as he talked along with the movie. It's our first Christmas with our kids and I am really glad that everyone is getting along with each other, well except Emmett who insisted we watch Home Alone after we opened presents. Maxy was sitting on the floor in front of the tree with Alice, Rose, Esme, and Leah. They were going through all of the clothes she got for Christmas. I smiled as I watched her play with the locket that Edward and I gave her.

One day while helping Kevin look for his base ball Edward came across a picture of the biological mother. Later we snuck the picture out of the room and made copies of it. Maxy got a locket that would hold three pictures. We placed one of ourselves and one of her mother in the locket. We also got Kevin a three panel picture frame that held the same pictures; he hugged us both so tightly I thought I was going to pass out.

"Dad, I REALLY don't like this movie."

I looked over to my son and husband tried to contain my laughter as he glared at the back of Emmett's head. "I know Kevin I dislike this movie too." I could see they were both very uncomfortable so I went and grabbed Kevin's favorite gift, "Edward, why don't you and Kevin go upstairs and hook up his Wii?" Kevin jumped from his spot on the couch and grabbed the box and Edward gave me a quick kiss before following Kevin upstairs.

"That was very kind of you Bella." I shrugged at Carlisle and watched the rest of the movie.

After the movie was over Edward and Kevin were back downstairs and it was time to watch the parade while us women helped Esme out in the kitchen. None of us understood why Esme had started cooking dinner the night before but it all made sense when we got our gifts from her and Carlisle. Along with several other little things they got all of us reservations at different hotels for tonight. Rose and Emmett were given the Deluxe Rose Suit at The Plaza, Alice and Jasper got the Atrium Suit at The London, and Edward and I received the Orient Suit at the St. Regis. They agreed to watch all the kids for us all to have alone time together. When I asked Esme about it she said it was a selfish act because she just wanted to be with her grandchildren. I have learned that everyone's kids are her grandchildren even if they really aren't.

Dinner was eventful. Emmett kept grossing the kids out by opening his mouth and showing them his chewed up food. He only stopped when Esme threatened to make him wait to eat after everyone else had finished.

We thought it would be Maxy who would give us a hard time as we were leaving but surprisingly she just gave us a quick hug and kiss before going back to finish up the gingerbread house she was working on. Kevin was waiting at the door for us to leave. I gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek which he returned but after Edward hugged him and we headed towards the door Kevin grabbed his arm. "You're coming back right?" Edward kneeled down in front of him and pulled out his cell phone and a business card. "Kevin this has my cell number on it and if you ask grandma Esme she will write the hotel number on the back of it. If you need anything even just to call and check on us, call and I promise one of us will answer." Kevin played with the card in his hand staring at the floor before he launched himself into Edward's arms.

"I love you guys."

I kneeled down and wrapped my arms around my guys who both wrapped one arm around me to include me. I swallowed thickly when I looked at them and saw tears in both of their eyes. Esme came around the corner and called for Kevin but stopped when she saw what was going on. When we finally separated he ran off into the kitchen to help with the gingerbread house. Esme gave us a huge smile as we walked outside.

When we got into the room there was champagne and strawberries waiting for us and there were lit candles all over the suit. I left Edward to pour us some champagne while I went to change into his last Christmas gift. I had spent the beginning of the week shopping with Alice and Rose. For once it didn't take long for me to find exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something sexy but still cute.

I found the perfect thing by Jessica Simpson at Nordstrom. Everything I purchased appeared to be made of denim but was really cotton. The bra had a single pink button, for looks only, placed in the middle between my breasts and across the top of the cups was a floral trim. I bought the matching thong and garter skirt and wore ivory colored stockings.

I took a few moments to apply some lip gloss and mess with my hair before I emerged from the bathroom wearing a house coat to cover me until I was ready. Edward handed me a glass and held out a strawberry for me to take a bite of. It was the most amazing strawberry I had ever had considering that it was December. We sat on the couch drinking our champagne and eating the strawberries just enjoying the silence of the room.

When Edward reached over to pour himself another glass I stopped him and dragged him into the bedroom. He quirked his eyebrow up at me but he followed. I pushed him down on the bed and he fell willingly. "I have one last gift for you before today is over." I undid the belt of my house coat and slowly let it fall from my shoulders to the floor. I stood there waiting for his response and was completely surprised when he moved faster than I thought possible to get me down on the bed underneath him.

"You look fucking amazing."

I giggled as he tickled my stomach with the little bit of facial hair that he didn't shave off this morning. He kissed all my stomach and dipped his tongue into my belly button causing me to moan loudly, "Edward." I looked down to see his cocky smirk on his face but I was too caught up in the moment to call him out on it. His hands slid down from my hips to my thighs but he didn't unclip the garter from my stockings like I thought he would. Instead his hands roamed up until he was rubbing me against the fabric of the thong. My body took over itself as I bucked against his hand causing more of the friction I needed. I felt his tongue on the fabric and groaned in frustration that it was getting the attention I wanted. Edward chuckled at me and before I registered the sound of fabric ripping I felt his tongue on me and I screamed out in ecstasy.

He was driving me crazy he would get me right up on the edge almost ready to fall but then he would back down leaving me hanging. I growled like a wild animal when he plunged three fingers into me sending me soaring into the best orgasm I have ever had. I panted as he worked his back up my body only to stop at my chest pulling the cups of my bra down so that he could attack my breasts with his mouth and hands.

He spent equal amounts of time on each breast until I pulled him up to my lips. We both moaned as the kiss deepened and my hands roamed down his body quickly removing his clothes. Once every scrap of his clothing was removed I locked my legs around the back of his knees pulling him to me. Even with my eagerness he was determined to make it romantic. Every kiss, touch, and thrust had a meaning behind it and that meaning was to let me know that he loved me.

By the time we both settled into the bed, exhausted from our nightly activities, the sun was coming up. He clicked a button on the remote next to the bed and it opened the curtains. We laid there holding each other watching the sun come and enjoying the time we had left before we had to go back home. Honestly if I wasn't so tired I would have suggested we go home then because I was really missing both Maxy and Kevin but when I looked over to Edward he was already asleep.

It was almost checking out time when Edward's cell rang but we weren't able to find it before it went to voicemail. Almost immediately after it stopped ringing it started again and we both knew who it was. When Edward turned the phone on he put it on speaker and my heart broke when I heard Kevin crying.

"Kevin come here I told you he would answer see they're fine. Edward Bella please tell him you're ok."

"Hey buddy, your mom and I are perfectly fine we just couldn't find the phone when you called, but we are great. We are actually coming home in a few minutes."

"OK you just promised to answer and when you didn't I got worried."

"Don't worry Kevin me and dad will be home in less then a half hour. Why don't you go play with your Wii until we get there?"

"Yeah Emmett is already up there with Jasper and Seth. Hurry back."

Before we could say goodbye he hung. I looked at Edward with a worried look on both of our faces. We had talked about it before and I guess this phone call just made it clearer. Something bad has happened in Kevin's past and only he remembers it. I remember the first time Edward and I had a fight after they moved in with us. We were yelling over something stupid like him getting home late from a meeting and when Kevin heard he came in and stood between us and looked like he was ready to try and beat Edward up. We said then that he might need counseling and recently he starts to freak out if we are away from the house for too long.

I wrapped my arms around Edward's waist and he kissed the top of my head. "Come on sweetheart let's get home to our kids." I could see the pride in his eyes when he said our kids and I couldn't help but beam with my own pride. I had the perfect husband and we had two great kids. Sure we had our problems but then again what family didn't. I'm sure we still had a long hard road ahead of us but as long as we were together nothing would tear us apart.


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