Here is my first Christmas special. I hope you enjoy a slightly darker twist on the holiday, I am sure you'll enjoy it.

10:14 PM Christmas Eve 2009

Snow was falling heavily across the Island of Sodor. The rails and roads had all been covered, making it nearly impossible to move along them. Ice was adding to the problems, and people were choosing to stay off the roads, preferring to sit by the fireplace or watch the Christmas movies that channels insisting on playing year after year.
However, along the roads near Thomas' branch line, a little blue car was driving smoothly across the frosty roads. Sir Topham Hatt, aka The Fat Controller, was driving back from a Christmas party, with his wife, Lady Hatt, in the passenger seat, looking very grumpy.
"What is it?" Topham asked, trying to focus on the road.
"That party was very boring, surely Jenny could have put on a better gathering." Lady Hatt huffed.
"I thought it was alright." Her husband replied.
"Well, we all know you have no taste." The socialite scoffed. The Fat Controller was about to reply, but his cellphone started to ring. He quickly snatched it up, ignoring his wife's scowl.
"Hello, who is it?" He said. The snow was getting worse, and the widescreen wipers were struggling to beat it away.
"Hello sir." A deep voice replied.
"Who is this?" The Fat Controller asked, puzzled. He didn't recognise the voice, and it sounded very sinister, sending a chill down his spine that snow could never do.
"You don't need to know that." The voice answered. "I just needed to give you this call as a slight diversion."
"Diversion?" The controller said, but his wife answered his question.
"The car is out of control!" She shrieked. The Fat Controller threw the phone onto the floor, and quickly tried to stop his car from skidding across the frozen tarmac. But the brakes weren't working, and they smashed into a pothole. The left front tyre burst, and the car spun wildly.
"AAAAAHHHHH!" The two yelled, as their car plunged off the road and smashed into a bank of snow near the railway lines. More snow landed on them, nearly covering the car. The airbags had activated, but the husband and wife were unconscious. The man on the other end of the phone had remained on to listen to the crash, but let out a slight chuckle and hung up, his work done for the evening.