The majority of the police cars had left, with only about four remaining. P and Augustus had been taken to the hospital, and the Hatts had followed soon after. Daisy and Mavis took the passengers to Toryreck, and Percy and Toby took the vehicles home. Flora took Henrietta and Victoria home with the volunteers, but Rosie remained with Thomas, who was now back on the rails after a lot of man power.
"I think that we should head off now." Rosie said, and she rolled forwards.
"Ok, great." Thomas muttered. Rosie rolled her eyes, and was coupled up to him. Rosie blew her whistle, and the two began to move backwards. Thomas was very quiet as they left, but Rosie wasn't going to have a bar of it.
"One day you're going to have to admit it." The pink engine said.
"Admit what?" Thomas grumbled.
"Your feelings." Rosie replied, smiling. Thomas looked appalled, but he could see some logic in it.
"You are a good friend..." Thomas began, but Rosie cut in.
"Deny it all you want, but I know how you feel, and I plan to prove it." She said. "Annie and Clarabel have been talking to me about it, and they agree. All the coaches agree."
"And, the coaches like to gossip." Thomas said, and Rosie chuckled. They continued their journey in silence, watching as the snow fell down onto them.

08:04 A.M. Christmas Day

The engines at Ffarquhar all slowly awoke, but as soon as their eyes were open, they were shocked at what had happened.
Red, green and gold decorations hung above them, glistening from the early morning sun glowing from through the windows. Four small Christmas trees were in stands in the four corners of the sheds. One had tinsel wrapped around it, another had a collection of angels and small plastic people. The third had plastic snow attached to all the branches, and the final one had small present shaped decorations around it. Each one had a star on top, and fairy lights that blinked all the colours of the rainbow. Reeds were attached to each door, with the names of each engine and a respective stocking hanging underneath. Tinsel was also attached to the engines, draping from their funnels to cabs, and buffer to buffer. Daisy and the coaches had tinsel attached as well, along with stockings, reeds and decorated tree at the front of the shed. The engines all started to chat to each other, excited about what was going on, when the doors all opened. Their crews walked in, smiling to their engines. Then, they noticed Mavis was there, along with the Pack. Tinsel was hanging on Mavis as well, and she had a Santa had on. She came to a halt, and The Fat Controller stepped down, his arm in a blue cast and a bandage on his head.
"Merry Christmas to you all!" He said, standing between the sheds and the others. "I just wanted to come and thank you all for your participation in the rescue of myself and my wife." The engines all cheered, and Percy looked at Toby.
"I knew we'd celebrate Christmas!" He cried, and they all laughed.
"Ok guys, time to get your gifts, then you will have to go to work!" The Fat Controller boomed. They all groaned, but gifts were soon distributed, which the crews and operators opened for them. Annie and Clarabel were having new upholstery opened by some workmen, which was promptly installed.
"Look at them." Annie muttered. Clarabel looked, and they could see Thomas and Rosie, Percy and Flora, and Kelly and Isabella talking.
"Love is in the air." Clarabel chuckled.
"Who do you think is going to hook up?" Annie asked.
"I don't know what the New Year will hold." Clarabel replied, and the two coaches giggled girlishly.
"You're new upholstery is in." A worker said.
"Thank you, Merry Christmas." The coaches said in unison, and went back to their gossiping, leaving the engines and machines to enjoy Christmas in their own way.