Albus Dumbledore hurried towards Tickle Trout Cottage, the home of Marlene McKinnon and her best friend Emmeline Vance, eager for the meeting to begin. Earlier in the week, he had discovered something that he thought would be of great importance to the cause, and although keen to read what he had found himself, he wanted to share the adventure with his fellow friends and followers in the Order of The Phoenix.

He had been visiting a bookshop in the search of a book concerning rare Hobgoblins, when he had found his eye drawn to a series of books beginning with the words 'Harry Potter'. He had immediately thought of the newlywed James and Lily Potter, and so had bought he books without a seconds thought. After reading the blurbs, he was sure that these books would be of great importance.

Reaching the cottage, he rapped impatiently onto the door. A single eye peeked out.

"Who is it?" asked the unmistakeable voice of Marlene.

"Albus Dumbledore"

"What do you see yourself holding in the Mirror of Erised?" she asked. Dumbledore chuckled slightly, during the Mirror's brief stay at Hogwarts, Marlene had found the Mirror, one thing led to another and the end product was this question.

"I see myself holding a pair of thick, woollen socks." He answered. The door swung open and he ducked inside, swiftly entering the dining room and slipping into a seat at the head of the long highly polished table. He pulled the books out of his robes and laid them down.

"What on earth are they Albus?" asked Minerva McGonagall.

"These books are a muggle series about a wizard named Harry Potter." Here, a few people gasped, and James spoke up.

"Harry Potter. Who on earth's he?"

"I think we'll find out if we read these books. I have a feeling that they could hold the secrets to the death of Voldemort. (Several people flinched and Dorcas Meadows let out a small scream). Now then, the first book is entitled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (A/N American Title, only copy I have as my dad bought it for me when he was in America) Who wants to read first?"

"I will" said James immediately, and Albus handed him the book. Minerva narrowed her eyes.

"Are you sure that's wise, Albus? James isn't the most serious person."

"No, that's me!" piped up Sirius immediately, to groans from the rest of the people around the table.

"We shall all take it in turns, Minerva. Now, James, shall we begin?"