TT Story: Trial and Error

Chapter Two: In Too Deep

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"Please…do this," the non-creature murmured. There was so much pain already; nothing could be added to it that could make it become any worse than this. It wasn't even an ache from a body anymore – there was simply nothing left.

Nothing was worth it.

Quiet…. Dangerous Quiet….


The pseudo-Robin closed its eyes in desolation; it should have known Slade would never agree to do as he asked – pleaded – begged.

Suddenly, the rain was gone from its face, its borrowed body, but the sound of blades splicing into the rough concrete remained constant and aggrieved within the ears. The eyes were allowed exposure to the liquefied air once more, if only out of habit to being implanted into a peculiar situation, not because of true curiosity or, as was supposedly the original choice, suspect concern whenever Slade was involved in a matter such as so.

But above was no masked monster – such a strange word!was it ever even used before on another not itself?who?

It knew perfectly well "who". It didn't want to believe it, though.

"Wake. UP." Those words escaped immaculately created lips beneath a sharp, hooked nose, and the single eye was hard and precise, seemingly made from silver itself. Hair of pearl was quickly being drenched with the icy water, drips of it sliding down a chin to a smart, short-cut beard of the same beautiful color. But it was an order, and Quiet refused to listen.

Again, the eyes closed, agreeing to be habitual no longer.

Its shoulders suddenly began to shake roughly. "WAKE UP, ROBIN!" Slade – so beautiful! – but how? – shouted, fear laced and weaved into the words cried.

It ignored the command again. Quiet simply repudiated him.

Lips pounded onto its own, and that's when he woke up.

Eyes snapping open like the lightening cracking above, Robin nearly jumped out of his skin. But Slade didn't stop, he never stopped, and for once, Robin didn't want him to. With the fervor of the gale, he lunged his response into the man, his tongue seeping into his mouth just as Slade was maneuvering his.

'Thank God,' Slade's thoughts muttered. He'd the notion that the boy had given up completely. The fever…the kiss was so heated, it was a fever. Hands roved down the boy's sides, slowly, slowly warming them up from the cold. Nails dug into Slade's back, and the assassin arched into it like a cat. The little bird truly had awakened….

"You…taste like sky…" Robin whispered mysteriously as they broke apart, his eyes half-lidded as he stared at the frightening grandeur before him.

"Because you look like rain…" Slade finished. The thunder rolled deep and magnificent around them, and he stole his advantage over the teen once more.

The man's fingertips ripped the cloth on Robin's back, practically shredding it as he dragged his hands across. The fabric was of no flimsy material; he'd had to grip hard for it to cleave so easily, and he would almost pride himself on the fact if his mind hadn't been so busy.

More, Robin wanted more – he desired something! Such a striking change, and it was wonderful! He pushed himself off the concrete, feeling grounded no longer, if anything, he felt more alive than he ever had before. His lips and tongue pushed gruffly into Slade's as he sat up, rushing for dominance in a game he would never win, but was pleased to play in at the least. Fists gripped waist at the movement, the mercenary didn't want him to go.

But the boy wouldn't leave; he would never leave if he always felt like this! Instead, his fingers tugged at the seam of his brightly colored shirt, pulling away slightly as he pulled it up. Slade didn't understand what he was doing at first, was this a trick? Was he a fool? Was this not what Robin wanted? It had seemed so, but perhaps he was wrong?

At the sight of pale, bare flesh being pierced by rain, he knew he was right and all doubts were erroneous. The boy stared at him out of shy, inquiring, astonishing blue eyes; he wanted this, but did Slade? What had he meant by the kiss, then, if he didn't? Oh, questions, questions, questions, what did they all mean? He was confusing himself all over again, just as Quiet had, the Questions were almost as debauched as Quiet–!

And then the Questions were gone. Slade had him again, holding him tightly and tenderly all at once, as if he would never let go. Then, leaning back, he unclipped his breastplate and wrenched the black Kevlar over his head and away from his body, pushing straight into the teen ever more. Their tongues returned to their dance, teeth grazing against the other's muscle, roughly driving towards a newer goal. Robin's tights were being tugged at, belt already gone, just as Slade's was. The man's mouth moved onward towards the Titan's throat, making him gasp into the volley, breathless. This was euphoric – but how could this bête noire of his nightmares take him on such a high, like an addict on a new form of morphine? He was seeing stars in the colors of the rain, the massaging palms of the enemy arresting new intrigue into his body. He struggled to fully disrobe himself and the devil now grinding his hips dangerously into his frame, but his efforts were futile as, with a growl of frustration, Slade tore the younger man's pants away before doing the same to his own.

Smoothly, gently, the calloused yet amorous hands worked Robin onto his back again. It was all about his hands – large, pale, rough, careful, beautiful, caressing, they were everything. They were his high, they created this god of hell and sex above him. What couldn't they do? They were givers of pain and now love – but – was this –?


This was not love.

This was possession. This was sex.

Nothing. More.

It didn't matter to Robin, though. He would deal with it. He didn't care.

He didn't.

He couldn't.

He did.

Intense agony filled his body, and he almost screamed into the downpour because of it. Slade buried himself deep into the petite Boy Wonder, reveling at every inch and squirm he felt. Robin was flushed, hating but lov– enjoying the feeling that was being rushed into him. His lithe structure couldn't handle such power and ferocity, but he took it in stride, rubbing and grinding to the rhythm. Slade rocked into him, trying to be temperate but failing, the tight teen feeling like a high to the man. Surely this was a vision from some hallucinogen? This form of rapture could not exist outside the mind!

Warmth coiled within the young man's belly, tensing up like a knot and constricting still. He wound his long legs around the murderer's torso, trying to find a way to release the building, unknown strain. His nails dragged down Slade's back like claws as sudden pleasure tightened the knot ever more at the change in position; the man now pounded into a spot he never knew he had. He bent into it, growling and hissing and moaning, in no way having felt like this before. If anyone were to see him in such a state – the Titans, Batman! – but none of that mattered right now. He was in too deep to give a damn anymore.

His virgin body shuddered wildly, polished with the water that dripped from the man above. Slade grunted, his eye shut tight in concentration. Robin couldn't help but stare: he…he loved this man, didn't he? Nobody else mattered to him when he was in the vicinity, nothing created an image in his mind like this fiend did. His hand, of its own accord, reached up and ever so softly touched the face of the fallen seraph with the starry eye, wondering if he was really there or if it was all just a dream. It was in surprise that the man in question looked at the bird beneath him. He had been pondering just the same thing, but he worried that if he chanced to see, then the salient fantasy would disappear like morning's last light. But it didn't, and he could esteem the tint of the rain on his skin, some style of colorless color. His mouth stormed the one below, needing to feel the truth of the situation, just as Robin's needed to. Their atmospheres were combining, catching up to a speed race that challenged each other to the extent of existence that no one could possibly withstand but them.

"S-Slade…." he whispered as the animal licked his neck, trying to taste the salt of his era. He needed to tell him, he simply had to, there was no way he could keep this within himself and not spontaneously combust from the insanity and honesty of this lightning secret. "I've just realized that…I'm…in love with you…." He tried to chuckle it off as if it were nothing, but it came out as a choked down sob. He hurt so much with anticipation that he couldn't breathe.

The new pulse within him never quickened, never slowed, but merely remained steady as the tension grew and grew to the breaking point. It was then that the killer leaned down near the hero's ear and whispered one single word: "Don't."

Liberation. They released their forces together like a cataclysmic star breeching into super nova, and tears flew down Robin's countenance as if they were the resulting star dust of the event. It was the highest high he'd ever had, and yet the boy felt so stranded from that damn word that murdered his entire world.

One last kiss upon a cheek, and the man was gone with his clothes without a trace, leaving behind nothing. Nothing save the boy.

He must have lied there for an hour upon that rooftop, naked, just listening to and feeling the shadows' rain that he wished could wash him away. But it didn't, and it was with brine and free water lining his façade that he dressed and headed for "home."


The torrents began to die as he struggled into his tower, disabling the security to enter and reactivating it upon entry, just as he always did. But no more would he search the dark for the wicked beast of his imaginings. From now on, night after damnable night, he would lie in his bed and ignore the sleep of necessity and the hunt of desire. He simply prayed that his heart could find quick solace in his lone bedroom.


No such luck.

"What, Raven?" he growled lowly, not turning around. He didn't want her to see his face.

No words were spoken as her tentative hand reached out and touched the palm of his.

An instant later and the girl broke down crying, shaking, eyes wide, landing on her knees on the floor in shock. The emotions, the beauty, the pain she felt from his heartbreak!– it was too much for her to handle alone. "R-Robin–!"

But her leader, her brother, her best friend, was already gone.

And Raven, the emotionally detached and ignorant, was left to weep at the love that was lost.


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