She knew something was wrong when he didn't come to see her as he always did. She had been waiting in the Gryffindor Common Room for over an hour. And still there was no sign of him. Pulling a big, fluffy sweater over her head, she exited the Gryffindor tower to look for her boyfriend.

Gosh, boyfriend. It sounded so wrong, especially associated with Draco Malfoy. Even Luna had commented on it. But Hermione had brushed it off. It was just something she had to get used to; after all they had only been dating for little more than two week. It had only been two week since they had escaped death together. Hermione shuttered as she buried the bad memory. No need to dwell on those things.

She turned a corner and found the stairs to the Slytherin dungeon. She had never liked this place. Having a boyfriend who lived down there hadn't taken away that fear, but it had made it easier for her to endure. She just had to remember that at the end of these stairs were a warm, loving embrace waiting for her. Instantly she felt braver as she envisioned herself enveloped in his arms.

Reaching the wall that hid the Slytherin Common Room she said the password Draco had given her. When the wall permitted her access she stepped in and had to use a moment to get used to the dim, green light that filled the room. As her sight returned to her, she could make out a very familiar shape on the black, leather couch.

"Draco?" she said fearfully. He didn't look good, his head in his hands and his back bended. When he heard her gentle voice, his head snapped to attention.

"Hermione," he said weakly and a little smile appeared on his lips, but it only staid for a few seconds before it quivered and was replaced by a painful grimace. Forgetting all about the dim light and the cold of the stone floor, Hermione ran to Draco and wrapped her arms around him to pull him against her chest. He clung to her arms and pressed his head against her neck to inhale her soothing scent.

"What's wrong?" she asked as she stroked his hair gently.

Draco didn't answer in words, he just picked up the days issue of the 'Daily Prophet' and handed it to her. Still holding onto Draco with one arm, Hermione took a glance at the front page of the paper. It sported a large picture of Draco's father, the man who had been willing to kill them both, and the words 'Lucius Malfoy finally behind bars in Azkaban'. Hermione didn't need to read the rest to know what was troubling Draco. She dropped the paper and held him close once again.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered into his ruffled, blonde hair.

"I know I shouldn't feel bad," Draco whispered in response. "He threatened my life. And even worse, he threatened yours. But he's still my father and I love him."

"I know you do," she whispered and pushed a stray lock of hair away from his forehead. "It's only natural."

Draco nodded and lifted his head a little to watch her face. Hermione gasped for breath at the sight of his beautiful face and trusting, adoring stare.

"I love you, Hermione," he sighed and smiled at her.

"I love you too," she whispered and dipped her head down to claim his lips. She couldn't imagine ever kissing someone else, and the realisation scared her profoundly. When she pulled away she was surprised to see a little tear sparkle in the corner of Draco's eyes.

"What?" she asked confused and he laughed at her ignorance.

"You love me," he laughed and brushed her cheek with his thumb.

"Yes, of course I do," she said, still confused.

"You've never said that before."

"Oh." Of course that was what was wrong. "Well, it's true."

Draco straightened up and looked deep into her eyes. Softly he cupped her face in his hands and planted a sweet, chaste kiss on her lips. When he pulled back he smiled happily at her.

"Hermione," he whispered and fingered a stray, hazel curl, "my love, Hermione."

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