Okay, here is the first chapter of my newest story! Yay! Alright, if you haven't read Bloodbath, the story before it, then I advise you to read it or else you'll be completely lost. I am still working with the Elfen Lied storyline in a way, as I am using some characters. However, I have written up a new storyline to work off of how the last story ended. I also developed OCs to replace the character deaths in Bloodbath. I'll try to re-explain things along the way so that you won't get lost and can somewhat remember what the hell I'm talking about, haha.

Red Rose

Chapter 1

Director Kakuzawa impatiently tapped his pen against his desk, a glower clearly written on his face. It had been nearly two weeks since the collapse of the bridge, and he was still waiting on the final body count. With an annoyed sigh, he pressed the button to the intercom.

"Miki, report to my office at once! This is your last warning!" He growled, then released the button. "Impossible to find good help nowadays...."

Seconds later, his young assistant, Miki, burst through the door. She was panting and trying to catch her breath as she made her way to her boss's desk.

"I'm sorry, Director Kakuzawa. I was caught up-"

"I don't care what you were doing," he interrupted her harshly. "Don't ever make me call you more than once again. Do I make myself clear?"

The woman fearfully nodded, adjusting her glasses. "Yes, sir."

"Good. Now where is Professor Itami? I've been looking for him along with Professor Silverman," Kakuzawa told her. "Where are they?"

"They are on their way with the two new subjects," Miki told him. "They should be here any minute-"

Just then, the phone rang. Kakuzawa picked it up, an anxious expression on his face.


"Director Kakuzawa? It's Sam Wilkes," the man on the other end told him.

"Ah, I've been expecting your call. What is the latest update?" He demanded.

The man sighed. "Well, we've finally cleared all of the wreckage. The bodies are being calculated as we speak-"

"I don't really care about that at this particular second," Kakuzawa hissed. "Did you find the girl?"

There was a brief hesitation, then yet another tired so. "No, sir."

Director Kakuzawa chuckled. "I didn't think so. Thank you Wilkes. Call me back when you get the final tally."

"As you wish," Wilkes responded before hanging up.

Kakuzawa sat back in his chair and laughed softly. "How did I know that they wouldn't find her? I had known that the entire time that she had gotten away."

"Are you referring to Zoe, sir?" Miki asked meekly.

"Yes, you half-wit. That is exactly who I'm talking about," he replied impatiently. "Now that I am positive that she's alive, all I have to do now is track her down...."

"Do you plan on using the new subjects to help find her?" Miki inquired.

Kakuzawa smirked. "Yes, how else would I find her? She could be anywhere, though I don't think she went very far..."

A voice beeped into the intercom. "Director Kakuzawa? It's Itami, and I'm with Silverman. We have the two new test subjects. Could you buzz us in?"

"Of course." Kakuzawa pressed a button to open his steel door, allowing the pair of scientist to enter. They were followed by four security guards, who were in the process of wheeling in two gurney-like contraptions in.

In each contraption there was a figure, their bodies completely covered by full-body strait-jackets. Both subjects' heads were encased in a thick, metal helmet. They were strapped to the gurneys and were kept at a position where they were almost standing up straight.

"Give me their information," Kakuzawa demanded.

Professor Touya Itami, a man in his mid-forties, stepped up handed his boss two separate sheets of paper. His black hair was graying at the temples, and his mustache was spotted with gray specks as well.

"We've compiled as much information about them as possible," Itami told him.

Kakuzawa scanned his eyes across the first sheet of paper, a thin smile on his face.

Subject Number: 51

First Name: Kanae

Last Name: Sarumara

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Date of Birth: January 16, 1992

Height: 5'5 (165 cm)

Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)

Eyes: Amber

Hair: Pink

Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan

Backround: Was born at Aiiku Hospital on January 16, 1992. Daughter of Michio and Arisu Sarumara. Was found at her parents' house at age three with her parents both dead in their bedroom. They were dismembered, yet no suspects were ever convicted. Was sent to live with relatives until the age of eleven, when her aunt and uncle were killed under mysterious circumstances. Sent to the Odiba Orphanage where she stayed until the week before her seventeenth birthday. She ran away, and was not found for almost a year. Was finally located in an abandoned house by the Special Assault Team, who captured her and sent her to the facility.

Director Kakuzawa grinned and looked at the smaller figure.

"I'm sure you'll find yourself feeling quite at home, Miss Sarumara. Or should I say, Number Fifty-One?"

"Fuck you," the girl hissed through her metal helmet. "Get me out of here before I rip you to shreds."

Kakuzawa laughed. "Don't be silly, my dear. As long as that mask is covering your head, your abilities will be rendered useless."

"Screw you...." the girl mumbled.

Kakuzawa moved the piece of paper away, and looked down at the second sheet of paper.

"We found considerable less information on the second subject," Itami told him. "We did the best we could."

Director Kakuzawa grunted in reply and scanned the paper.

Subject Number: 45

First Name: Masaki (may not be his real name)

Last Name: Unknown

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown, appears to be around 21 years old

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 6'2 (188 cm)

Weight: 182 lbs (83 kg)

Eyes: Navy blue

Hair: Dark blue

Place of Birth: Unknown

Backround: Little is known where this young man has come from. He has no records or birth certificate from what we have tried to find. His only known information is his first name, as well as a lengthy list of crimes. Has twelve counts of known murder, six counts of theft, eleven counts of breaking and entering, four counts of arson, and over fifty counts of assault and battery. Was found in Detroit, Michigan, after one of the soldiers saw the young man's hood fall off, revealings. The soldier quickly managed to subdue Masaki, then immediately shipped him to the facility.

Kakuzawa looked at Masaki, the larger of the two subjects. "You are a man of mystery, huh? Not for long."

Masaki didn't reply, instead remaining completely silent.

Unfazed, Kakuzawa continued. "You seem to have an extensive history of crime from what I see. You will be very useful to what I need done."

"And how do you plan on doing that?" Kanae asked icily. "We'll kill you the moment you release us."

"I doubt that," Kakuzawa replied. "While you two were unconscious, I took the liberty of having my men install a few...devices in you to ensure your loyalty."

"What do you mean by that?" Kanae snapped. "What devices?"

Director Kakuzawa grinned. "Just a few explosives. The moment you dare to defy me, you'll be blown to smithereans."

For the first time, he heard a soft chuckle coming from Masaki.

"Yes, you could do that," Masaki said in a low voice. "But then you'll have to go through all the trouble of finding more subjects like us. And I'm sure you don't feel like going through that again, now do you?"

The director's smile faltered as he tried to keep his composure. "Let me assure you, I won't hesitate to blow the two of you up if you so much as hesitate to follow my orders."

"Hmm, go ahead," Masaki replied.

Kanae cursed from under her helmet, yet made no objections.

Kakuzawa gritted his teeth at Masaki's defiance. "I will. Trust me, I don't mind going out of my way to find another killing machine."

"Killing machine, eh? Now what exactly did you have in mind?" Masaki asked with amusement.

The gray-haired man pulled out a picture, then walked over to the gurneys. "This is your target. She is just like you, a Diclonius."

Kanae snorted. "Is that what we're called? A Diclonius? What exactly is that?"

"A species that are evolutionary branch-off of normal humans. The only physical difference between a human and Diclonius are the two horn-like protrusions at the top of the head. As you know, you have telekinetic abilities and the usage of invisible arms, what we like to call 'vectors'. Your vectors can cut through anything and rip your enemies to shreds within a matter of seconds," he explained to them.

"Are you supposed to be showing us a photograph of the girl?" Masaki asked him with chuckle.

Kakuzawa frowned. "Yes, I am holding one up. Do you not see it?"

"Actually, no. These helmets don't have transparent visors, you know," he replied.

"Dammit," Kakuzawa cursed at his foolishness, pressing a single button to unshield the visors covering their faces. "And don't try anything. Your powers are still disabled."

Kanae's amber eyes glared at him, then lowered down to the photograph. "So, that's her?"

"Yes," he said. "I want you to find her and bring her back to me."

"What? I thought you said we get to kill," Kanae demanded.

Kakuzawa smiled. "You will. I have a very strong feeling that she is not alone."

Masaki's navy blue eyes glanced at the picture of the girl. She was about eighteen years old, with long blond hair and piercing emerald eyes. Though completely emotionless in the photograph, the girl was undeniably gorgeous.

"It would help to know what her name was," Masaki said. "Or is she only known by a number?"

"Her name is Zoe. Like you, we don't know much about her, other than her first name," Kakuzawa told him.

Kanae scowled at the man. "So when are we getting out of here? Anytime in the near future?"

"You will be released the day after tomorrow, after we run a few simple tests on you," he replied. "Your task is to track her down, find out what her status is, and then bring her back to the facility."

"How strong is she?" Kanae asked.

"Before the accident on the bridge, she was my second strongest Diclonius in the facility. The strongest one was killed in an explosion, and Zoe disappeared shortly after. My assault team closed in on her to take her out, but the bridge collapsed, killing all of my men who were present. She may have been injured, for we found a single horn lying amongst the debris. Zoe may be weakened, but we are not sure," Kakuzawa explained.

Kanae stared at the photo. "What makes her so special?"

"She is the only Diclonius known to have the ability to reproduce," he said.

"We can't reproduce?" she asked, surprised.


Kanae smirked. "At least now I don't have to worry about getting pregnant by someone and can fuck whoever the hell I want."

"Yes, great," Kakuzawa said monotonely, uninterested. "Now as I said, I want you to find her and report back to me when you get more information about her. I want to make sure I know her strengths and weaknesses before I send you to retrieve her. There is another subject missing, though I am not concerned about her. If you should happen to see her or notice her, just kill her. I won't bother showing you a photograph of her, so if you see a young girl with short purple hair and horns, then kill her."

"As you wish," Masaki said with a quiet laugh.

"Fine," Kanae added with a sigh. "Now can you get me out of this damn thing? It's uncomfortable."

Kakuzawa signaled to one of the scientists. "Loosen her jacket only slightly, then take them to the experimental chamber."

"Yes, sir."

Erin Silverman stepped forward and loosened the straps of the jacket. She was an attactive woman in her early thirties with smooth, chocolate skin and onyx eyes. Her sleek raven hair was pulled back neatly in a bun.

"Good, now get them out of here," Kakuzawa said. "I have more business to attend to."

"As you wish," Silverman replied.

She left the office, followed by Itami, the guards, and the restrained Dicloniuses. When they were gone, Kakuzawa looked back down at their information.

Miki, who had remained quiet during the ordeal, finally spoke up. "Why are they given numbers? And why so randomly? Wouldn't their numbers be consecutive?"

Kakuzawa gave her an annoyed look. "Don't waste my time by asking foolish questions. Now go. I will call you should I need anything."

Miki timidly nodded. "Yes, sir."

With that, she left the office, tugging gently on her black, braided hair. Kakuzawa looked back down at the picture of Zoe, then gently tugged his gray wig off. He idly began to trace one of his tiny horns with his finger, all the while staring at the photograph.

"You'll be mine soon enough," he muttered. "And together, we will rid the world of the human species....."

Okay, that wraps up chapter one. So yeah, not only do we have two new scientists, but now we have two new Dicloniuses who are gonna be sent after Zoe! Dun dun dun! Haha, ignore my stupidity. I hope you liked this chapter and I'll try to get the second one out as soon as possible. Instead of opening the story with Zoe, I chose to do it this way, and I'm happy with my decision. Don't worry though, she'll be here soon enough ^_^ So on that note, please review and let me know what you think. And below are the deaths from Bloodbath so that you know why these characters won't be in this story, unless it is a flashback.

1. Chief Daichi Kurama- Head scientist of the facility that was holding Zoe captive. Was killed with his daughter, Mariko.

2. Mariko- Daughter of Chief Kurama. Was a Diclonius (the most powerful one of all) who was orderd to eliminate Zoe. Was killed when the explosives in her body were set off.

3. John Bando- Psychotic and violent Special Assault Team soldier sent to elimate Zoe. Was decapitated by her near the end of the story.

4. Courtney- Bitchy OC who was in love with Takuya and hated Zoe. Tried to drown Zoe, only to be impaled to death by a falling tower (caused by Zoe).

5. Miss Shirakawa- Chief Kurama's assistant. Was sliced in half by Zoe on the bridge.

6. Professor Yu Kakuzawa- Son of Director Kakuzawa, kidnapped Zoe and tried to rape her. Was decapitated by Zoe before he could succeed.

So there you have it, the deaths from the last story.