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The Obscured Galaxy

The year is 2099 Macross Frontier 1 have been re-launched from Vajra Homeworld and is en route to a new colony planet discovered by advance explorer group at the far end of the Norma Arm near the 'Obscured Section' of the Milky Way Galaxy, an area 45 percent of it block from view by the Galactic core.

For the past century, the people of Earth and their Zentraedi/Maltrendi allies have established new homes and encountered many alien races living in the galaxy, but the most populated sentient life is near the Obscured section.

Now with strategically placed observation bases been established to give a complete view of the galaxy and not being block by the galactic core, the N.U.N. Spacys stellar cartographers are able to map the whole of the galaxy completely, helping them navigate far better than before.

Deepspace Explorers found more alien races and civilization thriving in that area near and within the obscured section.

The Spacys found quite a number of interesting alien races like the,

Their Homeworld is Abbai 4 called SsumsshaA, which orbits the Star Beta Pictoris. A peaceful, matriarchal society, the Abbai is also the central force behind the formation of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

Brakiri are primarily night dwellers, and have a reputation amongst the other races as being pack rats and scavengers

Centauri Republic
The Centauri are a humanoid race similar in appearance to humans, are a proud and aristocratic people governed by an emperor and a nobility-driven senate called the Centaurum. Centauri males wear their hair in fanlike crests, the height and style of which displays the male's rank in society; females are traditionally bald except for a long queue or ponytail.

The Centauri were the first alien race that the New UN Spacys made First Contact in 2065. The Centauri initially tried to convince the humans that they were a long lost colony of the Republic. This ruse failed once human scientists got access to Centauri DNA, but Centauri-Human trade and contact led to tremendous technological advancement yet some of the tech was declined by the Spacys like the Jump Gate technology used by most of the alien races in the area.


The Dilgar are or were an aggressive, warlike species who began a massive expansion of their empire when it was discovered their sun was about to go supernova. This led to a bloody campaign to capture territory and assure the survival of their species between 2069 and 2072. Believing all species that were not Dilgar to be nothing more than potential slaves at best, the Dilgar quickly began attacking and destroying the outposts of many alien worlds.

With the help of the UN Spacys in 2073, the Dilgar were pushed back all the way back to their homeworld. After the war ended, the Dilgar sun went supernova, wiping out almost the entire species except for a few colony worlds now protected under the UN Protection of Endangered Species Act.


The Drazi are reptilian in appearance, with blue skin, thick skull bones, and no nostrils, although they are otherwise humanoid. They were a member of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.


The Gaim are an insectoid race and were a member-race of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

The Gaim are ruled by six hive-queens who dictate the behavior of all Gaim. The Gaim never believed that anything existed outside of their home planet, N'chak'fah, for centuries due to their thick atmosphere that prevented Gaim astronomers from seeing the stars properly. The Gaim slaughtered Narn explorers immediately after they landed there in the early 2040s. When a Narn assault fleet showed up some time later, planning to conquer the planet, they met a similar fate as the explorers because for the first time in their history the Queens united to stave off the invasion.

Realizing that they faced alien enemies as well as each other, the Queens began making contact with aliens in an effort to ensure their species' continued survival. Upon appearing in the galactic scene, the Gaim quickly joined the League of Non-Aligned Worlds to gain protection from the Narn. The Gaim queens generated a new caste of workers, a diplomatic caste, able to interact with other species, although they still had to use an electronic translator since the Gaim speak in a series of clicks and chirps like many Earth insects. The Gaim, for their part, set about procuring as many starship hulls and other parts as possible to begin constructing their fledgling navy. The queens of the Gaim were able to generate "boutique" chemicals and biological goods, which were used to help purchase technology.

The UN Spacys found the Gaim boutique of chemicals as the prime sources for their pharmaceutical needs, which they sell as medicine to races they trade.

Narn Regime

Another race, the Narn, were a previously occupied and enslaved by the Centauri, and bears them deep ill will because of the brutal methods of control employed on them. Narns are widely perceived to be primitive and barbaric, a stereotype the Centauri engendered during their occupation.

The Narn are led by the Kha'Ri council. Their religion venerates philosopher prophets, and most Narn draw strength from various different holy writings, the most noted being The Book of G'Quan. Narns are tall and have a stocky build; they are bald, with a yellowish complexion, mottled with brown and/or green spots. Although they appear reptilian, they are in fact marsupial and at least presumably mammalian, in nature.

In 2070, a Narn fleet made contact with the Macross Frontier 7 declaring the space they entered is Narn territory and then attempted to seize Macross 7 when it tries to leave. However, the Narn fleet ended looking up to the nozzle of a Veritech Gunpod and got front row seats in seeing the insane amount of weapons fire of unbelievable power and range aimed at them.

The Narn would later on apologize to the 'Misunderstanding' and would later on begin trade with them especially in trying to gain their weapons systems, which the spacys refuses to sell.


The Vree were one of the first races to make contact with humanity. The Vree had visited Earth fairly regularly since the 1940s. They had decided not to make formal contact, but to simply observe the humans for a time. They used to kidnap humans from time to time to do further scientific studies on them.

In the Year 2010 the Vree observe the arrival of countless millions of giant ships surrounding the Earth and watch them commit the 'Rain of Fire' that they believe that the humanity was annihilated.

In 2067, the UN Spacys caught a Vree saucer ship attempting to board Macross 8 using their dimensional slip technology. Macross scientist and engineer reverse engineered the captured tech, improved and develop countermeasure against such means travel or a weapons system.


Another member of the League are thePak'ma'ra. Loosely humanoid in form, the Pak'ma'ra have tentacles around a mouth cavity containing an inflexible beak, somewhat reminiscent of the mind flayers or Cthulhu.

For religious reasons, they are dedicated carrion eaters, partly because the Pak'ma'ra consider themselves superior to other races. The Pak'ma'ra are generally considered stupid and lazy by members of other races, who are also generally disgusted by their eating habits. They have the reputation for scavenging not only their foods but also technologies.


A long-lived humanoid race from the planet Pa'ri, the Yolu civilization came into existence about 5,000 years ago. It combines a group-oriented structure with individual growth to provide balance in all things. Yolu society has virtually eradicated crime and poverty.

Diversity is considered a hallmark of Yolu society, they revel in their differences as proof of their basic spiritual sameness. Males and females are equals and there is no discrimination based on cultural, social, economic or physical differences. This respect for diversity also extends to all other races.

In 2087, N.U.N.S. Survey teams discovered a Yolu colony planet dying of a viral epidemic. Macross 6 sent a medical team to help the people and discovered a cure from one of humanity's oldest antibiotic, Penicillin.

Grateful for saving their colonist the Yolu government, the Ingyo, they rewarded the Spacys with a thousand tons of pure Quantium-40 along with technology, trade and treaties, which benefited the Yolu and the Spacys greatly.

Today Macross Frontier 1 is heading to a new planet to colonize but has to skate close to an area known as Minbari Space. Macross Frontier 1 had to traverse this strip of space to get to their colonization site; space here is the shortest route to their new home.

The Macross Frontier 1 and 450 ships left Vajra Homeworld in 2089. They left along with a fleet of Vajra ships shadowing them in foldspace. Humanity and the Vajra have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with each other and many people possess a psychic link with them thru to the descendants who are V-Infected like the "Galactic Fairy" Sheryl Nomeand the Vajra 'Little Queen' Ranka Lee

Today a group of four ships scouts ahead about twenty light years from the main fleet in order to make sure no threat blocks their way.

One Guantánamo Class Stealth Carrier the Prometheus leads the scout groupwith three Northampton Class Stealth Frigates names theNina, Pinta andSanta Maria are the ships composed of the Prometheus Scout Group.

The Prometheus (Guantánamo Class Stealth Carrier) commanded by Captain Michael Jankowski is looking at the tactical screens that shows space of 5 light years in all direction shows no threat to the fleet for now as his orders is to survey only.

Suddenly at about five light seconds ahead, Commander Alan Chafin called from his sensor station as he detected something from his Hyperspace Fold or HF radar. The radar can see thru hyperspace dimension or Jumpspace used by the local races and no other races can do.

For the past six hours, they have detected several vessels that are known and vessels that are unknown in a range of over two three light years away in hyperspace and realspace, and right now they are watching twelve unknowns jumping from jumpspace to realspace.


Hyperspace Fold Technology is a Macross technology based on the use of the Fold Crystal to create their Fold Drive and the development of a new form scanners and communication systems far better than old radio and tachyon waves.


"Alert, detecting Jump point formation at five point five light second ahead of us," he reports "detecting twelve unknown ships matching. Computer library matches silhouette data from Centauri file on Minbari vessels"

"Have they seen us?" Captain Jankowski asks

"Not yet Captain, our stealth field is holding" he replied, "Reading tachyon based scanning on a search pattern," he said as the Minbari scanning field pass them by three times and two light second closer and still the Minbari did not detect them.

"They haven't seen us yet captain"

"What's our reading on their ships especially on that big one?" the captain asks

"Sir, were detecting, twelve hundred humanoids on board, possibly the flagship, reading multiple weapon emplacements, a lot of Gun ports probably CIWS and missile launchers, the hull is some kind of crystalline mass several dozen meters thick and, hello," Alan scans have caught his interest "Sir I am reading a quantum singularity reaction on those ships"

"Another race that uses a Blackhole to power their ships, like the Yolu"

"Sir, they are turning towards our direction, I don't think they have seen us yet"

"Probably saw us thru visual since we are close enough to be seen" the captain said

"Alan, send out a universal greeting in standard interlac. Let's do this by the book people," he ordered,

"Aye Sir,..Arrgh!" Alan felt a sudden surge of emotions and images from the Vajra. Alan is a native human born in the Vajra homeworld and one of many connected to the Vajra and he has never felt such anger and rage from the Vajra before.

"Alan, what's wrong?" he asks

"Captain, a swarm of incoming Vajra soldier drones just came out of foldspace and are heading towards our location!" he yelled as he still feels a pinch in his stomach and quickly, images coming from the Vajra is filling his mind

"What did you say?"

"Sir, they are agitated by something in those ships, that there is some kind alien enemy of theirs on board those ships…I can feel their anger"

Right behind the scout group are multiple fold reentry and came out hundreds of Vajra soldiers on an attack vector towards the Minbari Sharlin and its horrifying Jankowski of the consequences of what will happen

"Alan!" he called knowing that he could talk to the Vajra and using Hyperspace Communication Link

"They will not listen to me captain because they are too angry to even listen to me," he said, "its something about protecting the queen from being…violated again by some… they called the Vorrins. He said,


"They did something really bad…like what Grace o Connor did"

Jankowski just watch as the Vajra Soldier drone came in striking distance of the Minbari vessel and was about to attack when the Minbari open fire first. The Minbari first fired on the Vajra and then on the scout group.

Several fusion beams damage one of the frigates (Santa Maria) but not destroyed as one pinpoint barrier disk absorbed most of the damages. Jankowski then ordered his ships to open fire as Variable Fighters and the QF-4000 (AIF-7S) Ghost fighters engage the Minbari fighters called Nials.

Nials or Windstar class heavy fighters are the workhorse fighter of the Minbari Navy for hundreds of years and regarded to be the most advance fighter in known space.

The Minbari deployed two hundred Nials to fight against the Spacys 30 Variable fighters and 40 Ghost fighters in patrol.

VF-171EX Nightmare Plus have been in the service since 2059 and for the past 40 years. The primary fighter of the UN Spacys has undergone many improvements and upgrades alike. The development of the heavy pulse cannons that replaces 2 machine guns (mounted left/right of cockpit in Fighter/GERWALK modes, forward torso in Battroid mode) and the optional 8-barrel GU-40 55mm Gunpod hard point with 35mm heavy pulse cannon at the center of the gatling.

QF-4000 (AIF-7S) Ghost Fighter is the current unmanned aerial combat vehicle utilized by the New U.N. Spacy and other agencies such as the Strategic Military Services. They are the support craft for every Variable fighter like an armed drone.

The Minbari pilots confidence of their Nial fighter's superiority, push their fighter head on to a group of VF and Ghost firing their neutron guns for an easy kill and one or two Ghost did get a direct hit, however, a pinpoint barrier absorbed them and also analyze the kind of weapon used on them.

To their shock, their preys twist and turn into odd angles that could kill a pilot to avoiding their beams. A second later, the Nials was ripped to shreds by hard point and armor piercing rounds, hailstorms of pulse cannon and a rain of missiles that are to numerous to avoid. Twelve Nials died on the first round of the engagement and now come a single engagement but the VF and Ghost are still outnumbered.

Two Nials got behind a Ghost and began firing neutron beams on the fighter for an easy kill, but the Ghost fighter did a number of maneuvers no pilot could performed except for a preprogrammed computer. The Ghost came back from behind the Nials, fired its 25mm pulse beam machine guns, perforating one Nial with its pilot and then unloads two missiles destroying the other Nial.

Another squadron of four Nial is chasing a VF-171 thru an asteroid field. The Nials thought that the VF is trying to loose them by getting behind a big asteroid and out flank them.

So a not get outflank, the four Nials separated to surround the four sides of the asteroid and when they got behind the asteroid, they found no one.

The VF 171 was in Battroid mode, on the asteroid with an SSL-9B Dragunov Semi/Fully-Automatic Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle, ready in wait for the Nial to pass by and when they did, the Battroid unleashed a hail of bullets that went thru their crystalline armor like cardboard killing destroying the Nials and its pilot.

The Minbari Nials found themselves shot down one by one and in the course of the entire battle. Only five Ghost fighters destroyed and disabled two VF are the only ones they were able to achieve before every Nial succumb to a fiery death by the hands of the N.U.N.S.

Jankowski scout group move into high-speed combat maneuver in order to attack the Minbari, firing their arrays of antiship weapons against the massive vessels three times their size. Of course, fighting ships bigger than theirs is no big deal since they have dealt with ships three times bigger, with meaner guns and more numerous ships than the Minbari could deploy.

Alan is still trying to psychically attempt to get the Vajra Soldier drones to pull back as they viciously assault the biggest Minbari ship and claw their way into it in order to get to the one they called Vorrins.

"No use captain" he shake his head in disappointment "They are refusing to leave"

"Then forget about them for now, and concentrate all our firepower on the rest of the Minbari fleet!"

As the last of the Nials were been shot down the VF and Ghost now turn their attention to the Minbari ships and vigorously attack them, and despite the meters thick crystalline armor, it cannot stand up against the numerous attacks of pulse cannons, armor-piercing rounds, and the devastating, quantum beam guns and reflex missiles.

Minbari gunners tried to shoot the VF and Ghost as best as they could but could not get a proper shot. Their targeting scanners could not get a proper lock on because of the VF are sending a form of ECM or Electronic Counter Measures. Even worst, visual targeting proved difficult because of the VF and Ghost fast chaotic flying dance that the gunners resorted to indiscriminate firing just to get a lucky hit and even if they did get a lucky hit, a pinpoint barrier disk absorbs it.

Ten minutes into the battle and six of the twelve Minbari ships immediately jumps into hyperspace leaving four Minbari ships sunk in battle while two ships remained to stand guard at the jumpoint entrance to make sure that the enemy will not follow.

Michael Jankowski watches six of the Minbari ships departing the battlefield while the Vajra are still on their hull. Two ships stayed to keep the Spacys from following the others which is not gonna happen because Spacys don't have jump engines.

The two remaining Minbari ships are desperately trying to fend off the Spacys fighters and against the two Northampton ships now concentrating their antiship guns and antiship missiles at them. The two ships soak so much damage that it will be a matter of moment until they succumb to Spacys firepower.

A minute after the others fled, one of the two remaining ships exploded when its quantum singularity reactor failed. The explosion threw debris unto the second ship beside it and crippling it.

The battle is over

"Ceasefire and recall all our planes for an immediate fold exit on my order" he ordered "Comm, tell the Nina to get a towing beam on the Santa Maria and head back to Macross Frontier immediately"

"Aye Sir"

"Captain, what about the Minbari ships" he said "I'm reading three hundred lifesign on four of the damage Minbari vessels, there may still be survivors"

"Leave them," he ordered 'I can't risk a boarding party for a search and rescue if the Minbari sends reinforcements here while we are doing that"

The scout group made a Spacefold out from the area leaving one stealth satellite to observe the battlefield once they are gone.

Fifteen minutes later, about two dozen Minbari Warships arrive at the area and the stealth satellite sent images of their arrival to Macross Frontier HQ

To Be Continued…?