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"Good morning" Katara smiled. Aang had just woken up. He opened his eyes and saw Katara's beautiful and happy face. He remembered the last night.

Her groaning, her body, her saying his name in soft groans, the sweat.

As if she thought about it at the same moment she bended down to him and pressed a soft kiss against his lips that could've turned into one of those passionate ones like yesterday, but someone knocked against the wooden door and they quickly parted.

"Katara?" a voice asked. It was Sokka.

Their eyes widened. Sokka didn't know - like everyone else- that Aang had slept in his girlfriend's room for the first time. They knew that her older brother didn't want him to do that so they were very aware of that they should better not let Sokka find out what had happened.

"Yeah?" Katara nervously answered. "What do you want, Sokka?" While she said that she stood up and walked to the door, leaning against, but not opening it. Meanwhile, Aang quickly took his pants and got dressed and grinned at Katara who was still trying to draw off Sokka's attention.

He spoke up again. "Katara, I want to ask you something. Could you come outside? I need some... advice because of Suki. Uhm, yeah."

"Of course. I'll just have to get dressed."

"Oh, did I wake you? I'm sorry."

"No, you didn't, I alr- WAH!" Katara suddenly winced. Aang stood behind her and put his arms around her waist. An evil grin played around his mouth. Katara gave him a deprecating stare.

Sokka's voice sounded from the other side of the door. "Katara? Is everything alright?" He sounded a bit worried.

"Y-yeah, everything's okay. So, what did we just ta-AANG!"


"N-nothing, Sokka! I just sneezed."

She didn't really sneeze; Aang had let his hand walk up to her chest. She breathed a sigh.

"Sokka, give me five minutes. Is Suki out there? What is it aboout?" Katara asked when she had kept herself under control again. The airbender's hand stopped.

"It's... Suki and I had kind of a fight because I said something that upset her... Anyway, you're a girl, so you know what a girl thinks, right?"

"Right, brother. Really, five minutes and I'll be-AAAH..."

"Katara! Did you sneeze again?"

"That's what I did! I think I caught a cold." Aang's hand squeezed her left breast. She suppressed the desire to groan loudly.

"Oh, well, then... Bless you, I think. At least it's not that far advanced. You should come now and drink some tea. And you could give me your advice."

"Yeah, it really isn't that advanced. It could be worse." She shouldn't have said that, because right when the words left her mouth, Aang's hand squeezed again. And this time, it was harder.


"Katara! It seems like you caught a really bad cold! You should stay in bed."

"No, it's ok. I'll just drink some tea and-AANG!" Her breasts were both squeezed now.

Sokka tried to open the door to look for his younger sister, but she pressed against it. "Sokka, go away, I'm getting dressed! Go to Iroh, I'll come in five minutes! See you!" she quickly said and tried to sound annoyed so he wouldn't risk to upset her. It worked. The young couple heard him go away.

Then, there finally was silence and Katara could relax. She turned around with an evil eye to look at a very amused Aang. He grinned.

"Aang! If you dare to do that again, I'll kick your stupi-". She suddenly let out a soft groan again. His hands were massaging her breasts.

This time, she just shrugged. Did it really matter? They had five minutes.

Time enough for making Aang happy.